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Out working today I encountered a once in a life time experience with a hedgehog. It was bizarre. a hedgehog on its back, legs in the air, the legs twitching like crazy. A wasp was buzzing around the hedgehog which seemed to be irritating the hedgehog, so I chased it away. I was confused, not sure if the hedgehog was dead or ill, since I have never encountered one like this in broad day light, in the open and behaving the way it was doing.

I noted the hedgehog was breathing. I poked the animal with a paper and it was not aware of me, whilst its legs twitched on occasion. I have just learnt a new thing today, that hedgehogs dream. Encounters with nature like with this hedgehog has more impact and meaning to me than any religion.
Deleted user Sep 19 '10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: hedgehog, dreaming, religion
Good business is based in fair exchange of value. I give you some value and you give me some value back. In the end, we both profit because through the exchange we have created more value than we could have created on our own.

Let's go back to tribal and say that I am really good at making spears. I cam make them 2x faster as you and 2x better. You're really good at making axes and can make them 2x faster and better.

Then we exchange one axe for one spear. One for one. We've gained more than just the value of the products. We've gained time which we can use to continue to use our skill.

It takes me 2 hours to create an axe, you only 1 hour.
It takes your 2 hours to create a spear, while it take me only 1 hour.

By exchanging, we both save an hour and get products better than we could have made ourselves.

Cooperation is good business. Good business is profitable for both of us. We are in it for our own selfish gain -- yet good business creates more value for everyone involved than we could have created on our own.
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Reaching deep into me

Searching for some truth

Try to see this without rotting bliss

Blinded eyes...

Try to take my grey shades off

And remove my burdens from this

See it for it

Distinguish these dreams

From the scenes I seem to believe

Are real...

How then does this deliberation begin?

When it feels as though I am living

In a country that's language is purely alien to me?

When they speak to me it's as if all comprehension is lost!

And my words seem twisted and convey only nonsense...

...or worse! Confusion!

Truth be told! I don't understand the when or how this began...

Only that it is...

I'm never shaken of it... Cursed...!

...To never waken from it...

...this (halfdreamlife)...

Quietly turning these thoughts in my Head

Attempting to see

Just where they began... Curiously...

I could see no certain end

To the quest

...or question at hand!

Presently it was imposed upon me

...A certain uncomfortable awareness!

One I was not of full knowledge the extent ...

That it would most surely surpass ...

Plain sight..!

...this (halfdreamlife)..!


Sunday, May 06, 2007
niza310 Aug 7 '10 · Rate: 5 · Tags: sociology, depression, schizophrenia, niza310, psychology
many people (as i'm sure some of you have heard) have shunned me because i am an african american satanists. female at that (oh NO!). i'm the only one i know personally. but i HAVE met plenty of blacks that qualify. it really makes me laugh when my brother says to me "I REBUKE YOU DEVIL" and so forth. i then pull out my lighter and tell him he can set me on fire if he would be so inclined. which he dosent. but then he goes on to listen to his rap music collection, one song in which i hear Jay-Z say "middle finger to the lord, grippin my balls" HA! and he wants to rebuke ME?? I am not a self-rightgeous hypocrite. i'm sure that a lot of americans would find exactly what they've been craving if only they'd let go of that awful establishment called the church! but hey, if it keeps you feeling like you're better than everyone else, and the thought of being anything else makes you piss your pants, then continue. be my guest. but don't come to me calling me names and spitting on my boots because you're too uneducated to call me anything else but a demon! shit, my mother called me a crispy critter once (you know, hell fire etc.). I laughed and called her a slave. her countenance was one of confusion. she didn't get it. i am glad that i am who and what i am. and no one can really tell me shit about it. i've never been christian. never will be. i was raised in a household full of jesus pics and crosses. bibles upon bibles on the bookshelf (i thought they all said the same thing?? hmm...) as i'm sure a g ood deal of you did as well. but with all that, i still say NAY. i will not pay you (jehova) a lifetime of happiness today for a promise of eternal life tomorrow. that's going to happen anyway! i find no good in surpressing my wants and needs for the sake of some asshole who can't get his story in his OWN BOOK straight! ahhh. i feel better now. the rant is over.
manik_n_satanic Oct 16 '10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
I was reading something online (New Age shit) that said, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. This gave me some pause. I have changed so much over the past few months and that is from interaction with actual Satanists. I have learned alot about myself, how I think, what I really believe, because I have been receptive to learning. The teachers, have appeared at exactly the right times, and I have moved forward to a new sense of understanding. I have set the curriculum, so to speak, and these are the people that have taught me.

1.) Jason King. Postmodern Satanism is a hard read, but I'm glad I bought it. The world is adversarial. Learned alot about the current. Also, he taught me the meaning of the word hypostasis. Something I had never even considered in relation to Xianity.

2.) Michael616Jaoquin. He gives credit were credit is due. Also, Michael taught me that we should always seek more wisdom, up our game, and have a little fun.

3.) Zach. Who has taught me that Satanism is about living. Zach is himself and is confortable in his own skin. He also admits when he's wrong and apoligizes. That is a mark of a leader and something I will always remember.

4.) Beast Xeno. Gave me a link to his book on the fourth way. I'm still reading it, but had never even thought about the fourth way before (well not much).

5.) OrgasmicKarmatic. Always looking, always seeking, and always asking questions. People like Org remind me that the journey is never done.

6). WickedPup. Who asked me a questrion that made me pause when I first started here (What is magic). The answer I came up with, stunned me (intention+Action=Manifestation). Never gave it serious thought.

7.) Manik. In spite of all the shit being thrown at her, has kept her head up and is still smiling. That's my kind of girl and a character trait I wish I had more of.

8). Darkfool. The idea of unification, the idea of this movement becoming a force, is a lesson in and of itself. It is possible.

9). TheRejectedProdigy. First impressions are not always correct. He's went from a Xian troll to one of the members I watch for. I had to let go of my initial impression first.

The last one I can think of off the top of my head is obvious, DD. Someone who pushed at me from the moment I got here. Who asked, Why do you think that?, Why are you writing that?, What about this, From day 1. A man who dropped idea bombs on me at a rate that is unprecedented. Phrases like Occam's Razor, teological, autotheism vs. atheism,etc. I have been pawned, asked questions, and dragged by my hair kicking and screaming to a better understanding. I have been taught that honesty is better than being nice, loyalty is important, and to always ask questions. I miss the teacher but I'm glad I got the lesson.
Deleted user Feb 2 '11 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6
I messed up again when I tried
You spend all your money and I
And, oh! By the way,
With all you did nothing has changed
So lie like a waste by the side
As everything just falls apart
'Cause everything just fell apart for me
And I don't feel the need to go on
I was happier singing along the way
I had things, I need to say
But now it's like a swallowed tape
That holds up my face from inside
As everything just falls apart
'Cause everything just fell apart for me

Deleted user May 13 '11 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4
A very Satanic song and Video


She walks into the outhouse
The cold night breathes into her face
The flies are standing still now
The moon it spills through the place

And she starts wondering it's like to be liked by everyone
And like everyone be just like anyone
And just wants to be so just like anyone

She reaches through the darkness
Her fingers touch the porcelain seat
She spins and pulls her pants down
The cold air holds her like a theif

She starts wondering what they mean, do they just mean to be mean
And thinking about the scene, do they just want to be seen
And trying not to seem so just like anyone

The door comes screeching open
She walks into the evening air
She disappears in the darkness
All that's left's the faint smell of her hair

She's done wondering what it's like to be liked by everyone
And like everyone be just like anyone
And just wants to be so just like anyone
And wondering what they mean, do they just mean to be mean
And thinking about the scene, do they just want to be seen
And trying not to seem so just like anyone
SIN Apr 3 '11 · Rate: 5 · Tags: satanic international network
Here's a couple drawings from a new sketchbook I'm currently 'breaking in'.

Portrait of Yukio Mishima

Doyle from The Misfits
RevJimJones Mar 1 '11 · Rate: 5
About once a week some asks me how to put a music player on their profile. From now on this is my reply. Also dedicated to Jason King.

SIN Jan 6 '12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: jason king, zach black
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