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I tend to find excitement and entertainment taking the road less traveled. Specifically here in San Diego ( Mission Beach ) California. It is very congested here on the beach. Many alley ways that whined and intersect with each other for several miles.

Most people walk down the beach ( boardwalk) ,the street or the Bay side. I walk the alleyways between them. All the interesting stuff happens in the alleys. You have your hookers,drug dealers/addicts ,drunks,thieves and a general variety of deviants and social misfits.

I kinda look at life the same way on a more philosophical level. Your life maybe less complicated if you head bob with the majority. But, if you are looking for something interesting and a unique perspective stick to the alleys and the shadows. Who knows what will happen..
SIN May 30 '11 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: zach black
Trolling is all about lying, tricking and manipulating… We all know that God did these things but like most people. No one was able to explain why. Well according to the Trollie Bible, it explains why and how.

First off in gen 3 God admits being a sexless low life liar in front of everyone, but still no one notices it.

“thus telling the first lie and actually being the father of all lies” This cunt labels himself the “father” Yeah right, the father of bullshit. This sounds like a fucking troll to me. The second lie is when “God” in gen1 it says “in the beginning GOD” His name is even a lie. The “God” in the Bible means Elohim which is plural aslo encompassing the female nature, which makes him a big huge cross dresser!!! Meaning he makes fake sock accounts in heaven. Since “God” means Elohim which it’s plural. You see everywhere in the Bible that says “lord thy God” Making it sound more singular, which makes this cunt sound like he has bad grammar. Thus making him look more like a troll. I have reported God to the CCS.
therejectedprodigy1 Mar 4 '11 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8
The ancient Greeks had the idea that all things had an ultimate purpose or design, they called this teleology.

The teleological view of the knife was that it cut things, this was its ultimate purpose. A good knife to the Greeks, was a sharp knife, a bad knife was blunt, since sharpness enhanced, and bluntness diminished the ultimate purpose of the knife.

The teleological purpose of SIN is a forum for Satanists for the exchange of ideas and to network. It is okay to ask questions, since SIN is about the exchange of ideas. It is okay to ask for mentors, for SIN is about social networking.

Some Satanists fail to see the purpose of SIN, perhaps influenced by other Satanists forums, and think (wrongly) that SIN is like other forums. SIN is unique, there is no other like it, this is why all the great names in Satanism come to SIN, and not to other sites.

That is not to say that other sites are unimportant, just that those other sites have a different teleological purpose, and cater to a different mentality. There are only three Satanist social sites of note, SIN, 600Club and MySatan. MySatan is like your average high street coffee shop, you come in, you have a coffee, you have a conversation, and then off you go to do the shopping. 600Satan is like your average Friday night pub or bar, there are random and regular fights, and the clients tend to be ones who like to fight a lot. SIN is like your high class wine bar, where the patrons are of a more refined nature.

The problems that I and others in SIN note is that there is a number of clients from 600Club who fail to appreciate that the teleological ethos of SIN is rather different from 600Club. A look at the 600Club rules shows why 600Club is very different from SIN:

"The majority of members on this board are Modern Satanists of LaVeyan philosophy."

They go on to say:

"All we ask is to RESPECT the majority of the board as we are Satanists."

The majority of course being Lavayen in nature.

600Club take a highly restrictive view to what can be posted to their forums, no "one liners"; they dislike "stupidity" a rather subjective term - what is stupid?; they like rationalism, so no going "spiritual" on these guys, and they dislike promotion of outside causes or groups, so networking is a no-no there. 600Club have an outlook to humiliate those that they disagree with, by creating titles in the member profile like "Troll" or "Idiot", thus creating a restrictive atmosphere of subjectivity that undermines the free exchange of ideas. Darwinist ideas apply, and 600Club use the stick to beat those they dislike, and if you run then you are "no Satanist". I have had no trouble with 600Club, but I dislike their teleological purpose, which does not reflect my Luciferian outlook.

600Club mentality has come into SIN, and all those guys need to take a step back, and realise that when they enter SIN, we do things different here, we are upmarket, we are of a higher standard to the bear pit that is 600Club.

It irritates me when a Satanist asks a question on SIN, and a 600Club Satanist, or of like mentality, comes at the Satanist with a stick and beats them. Hold on, SIN is a forum of exchange of ideas. It irritates me that certain people hit the jargon button, this happens a lot in 600Club, but for a forum like SIN that promotes an exchange of ideas, elitism like that is against the spirit of the teleological purpose of SIN. If a Satanist asks for a mentor, okay not good for 600Club, okay for SIN, this site promotes social networking.

Those that desire to hit out at Spiritual Satanists, or against things they feel are irrational, or are against minimalist one liners, or of the view that every discussion must turn into a personalised fight, think again, this is SIN, not 600Club.
Deleted user Dec 4 '10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: mysatan, networking, sin, 600club, ideas
Of course the US was founded on the key principles of freedom of speech and religion but I highly doubt that the founding fathers took Satanism into consideration when they were coming up with all of this. I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps which, so far, has been one of the best experiences of my life. It is as much of a job as it is a lifestyle and needless to say I have everything going for me that I can. I live a very successful life, more so than what can be said of the rest of those who are from my same graduating class. I laugh silently in my head at them when I hear that they are still stuck doing the same old things with nothing exceptional happening whatsoever.

The military is, of course, not without its drawbacks. We all have that one boss at work that we absolutely loathe to have them tell us what to do but we simply cannot avoid it. The military is no different in this light. In order to get ahead and on top of your game in whatever job you have, you need to do the best that you can do as well as sucking up your pride. As far as how Satanism is tolerated in the military? There really is nothing that can be done against it. Impressions are made anywhere you go. If someone that I work with in the military asks: "What religion are you?" I state, "... a Satanist for the most part." but I do not go around advertising that I am...

Life itself should not be spent going and looking for war but if war finds you then by all means subdue your enemy before he can incapacitate you.
Sassav Sep 13 '10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
For the Satanic there are only two states. Free or Dead. It's one or the other and once it's over, it's over. As long as we're breathing, we're free. If we're not free, then we're dead.

Dead men can't speak, or complain that they live in a prison.

Being Satanic, I freely walk through the illusion of 'societies standards'. Just like the borders of countries, societies standard's are illusions. They only exist for those who agree they exist they only have power if you give them your power.

The only rules that matter are the ones I can't break.

When the sheep move in a herd, I move as I please. If we're alive, then we're free. Dead men can't complain about sheep jostling him around. For some reason, these same people tend to think that getting a bigger herd of sheep together is the solution. A sheep thinks like a sheep. The Satanic is free, or dead.

I've slept on the floor like a dog, lived in a closet, eaten nothing ramen noodles for weeks and wiped my own blood off my face. But I was free the whole time. Dead men can't complain about how bad their life is. The Satanic is either free, or dead.

If I found myself in a prison I'd be still be free, or dead. The Satanic is the kind of person who escapes Alcatraz. People have died trying to escape Alcatraz.

The Satanic is free, or dead.

To die escaping a prison is to die free.

Dead men can't complain about a prison they're not in.

No prison can hold me. No prison can hold anyone Satanic.

Someone who complains that they don't have enough freedom believes they are not free.

Dead men can't complain about not being free.

The Satanic is either free, or dead. One, or the other.
Deleted user Aug 14 '10 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: satanism
Some of this was originally written as a response to another user's blog, but when I noticed all the I's and me's, I figured it'd be better suited as a post of my own.

Few things will turn me off as quickly and thoroughly as self-deceit, and constructing your self-image based upon thoughts and possibilities rather than experience is just that.

I think we all do it to a point, and not always on an entirely conscious level. For the longest time I thought that if I were ever in a situation where I had to use physical violence against someone who intended me harm, I would make the choice to do so and not hesitate. (I had been in one situation before where I nearly broke someone's nose, but it was a startled reaction more than a deliberate response.) I had considered this from the perspective of someone who dislikes violence and hurting people, and in my oh-so-rational and logical mind, an attack would most certainly justify a counter-attack. Simple enough.

A situation occurred not too long ago and I did hesitate. I have rationalized it half a dozen different ways and while they all have a flavor of truth, the simple fact is that I froze. I was scared, small and overpowered. I was told that if I tried to fight back, my throat would be crushed. Fortunately enough for me I found my balls (and my wit) and maneuvered myself into a position where I could take action. It ended well for me.

As exceptional as some of us are, we still have weaknesses and blind spots. Even those of us who strive towards personal excellence and are capable of being brutally honest with ourselves sometimes miss a thing or two. It's an easy trap to fall into when you look around and see that most people couldn't be introspective if their lives depended on it... but it's still a trap.

Praxidike Oct 6 '11 · Rate: 5
  After a two week migration progress SIN is finally back up. SIN is on a new host. Same oxwall platform. In the near future SIN will be offering more features. Most everything should be the same. If you run into any issues please let me know. So far as I can tell everything ( blogs/ are all still here.

And for the trolls, haters, naysayers ....   BU-HAHA  Kill yourself. We are back bitches.

48 registered users online. Not bad for the first day relaunch.

SIN Jan 24 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: satanic international network, satanic networks, satanist online

Man tends to sugar coat science, manipulate and formulate philosophy, and dogmatize truth. This is because he is being mentally lazy and cannot adjust to the progressive struggle of daily living.

This lack of expansion is because he is horribly afraid of the unknown. He is slow to initiate changes of habit or redefine thinking and improve techniques of living because of this fear. 

Revealed truth (I call this personal or self-discovered truth), is the joint creation of the material mind and our indwelling self-perception. There is never a conflict between true knowledge and truth. There IS however conflict between knowledge and human BELIEF. These beliefs are painted candidly with prejudice. They are routinely distorted by fear, and at times dominated by the dread of facing new facts or mental progression that may instigate discomfort. 

But truth can never be found without the man exercising 'faith' according to many. This is partly true because man’s thoughts, wisdom, ethics, and ideals will never rise higher than his faith, his sublime hope. Yet HOPE is a word that needs to be dissected here. Hope, wishes-this is what 'faith' is!

We do not need to base our actions and decisions based on this do we? I hope that I can walk nude someday in public without recourse, but do I do this already? No, because I know the difference between reality and hope for change. This means faith has no place in my natural world, it is only a guiding force behind my study and recollection behind the scenes. 

Faith is nothing more than predicated and profound reflection. But the unbiased ability to engage in healthy self-criticism, and uncompromising moral consciousness is the true power behind our deeds and success. Faith is merely the inspiration of the creative imagination. Imagination...yes, this is all it is. 

I choose reality over fantasy because of this realization. Hopes, dreams, and wishes are wonderful! But they are not reality in the present moment. This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest reasons why the religious are so confused. They simply have not sat down and defined faith in its entirety to themselves, or looked past their fears of examining it. 


BlackRoSePersephone Feb 12 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9
There's something that comes along on here in fits and starts, and it's starting to het my goat; people coming on here looking specifically to date other members.

And before you say it, yes I have made a satanic singles post in the past few months (of which subsequently got deleted after I started dating someone outside of SIN), and yes I have gotten romantically close to one or two people on here in the past, but I never joined this site with the express intention of looking for love. I came here to seek like minded peers to discuss philosophical shit and random bollocks. Not only that, but to come and relax amongst said peers.
Coming on here specifically looking for an e-relationship is pretty pathetic. As much as romance is awesome, it's not the be all and end all to life. Seems to me that a fair few peeps on here need to go sit in a dark room and have a quiet word with themselves.

That's my little rant out of the way on that matter

On an unrelated note, black metal sucks big floppy donkey dick. Grow a taste in music (aimed at those who eat sleep and breathe the sub genre).
Demanufactured Mar 27 '12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4

I find that one of the biggest issues with organized religion is all of their unique concepts of being all good and all holy. Christianity specifically, preaches that one should be all good with the lack of any evil whatsoever. Now I understand this is basically the concept of my last blog, but I wanted to touch on why preaching all goodness does not fit properly with the natural human psyche. Because we cannot identify ourselves as just "all good and all holy" because we have far to many emotions to simplify them into one simplistic concept as such. It was a method ancient kings and preachers used to control the masses in biblical times, but is beyond irrelivent now.

When someone is preached that all good is required and that all "sin" demands repent or punishment, that complicates the way people respond to natural human emotions such as anger, confusion, or lust, and when one is faced with those emotions at a specific intensity, they may tend to lash out. A good example would be the multiple incidents of priests molesting children. Now I'm not blaming all of these incidents in general on religion, but the way religion goes about their teachings is not a proper or healthy way to summarize the existence of the human psyche. It's just too simplistic and dull of a walk of life.

My main point here is that human emotions are 3D and complex. Nobody can be just happy all day one day and all sad the next day. Emotions overlap and counteract. You may find yourself feeling glorious at the sight of an enemy in despair. Or feeling angered or saddened when something rather selfish didn't go your way. This is merrily the natural reaction of the human brain.

What needs to happen in order for the holy rollers and the left hand path to find a common ground is we need to grasp the idea of the vastness of the human mind, accept it, yet still live as a peaceful and rational nation without idiotic folklore tapping in to almost anything it can and generating wars, debates, and legal inconviniences, leading to only complicating things even more. We all have common morals, we don't need your religion to support them.

TheSinnerMakes3 Feb 26 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 18 · Tags: good-bad
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