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LuciferiousRex Jan 11 '12

I would imagine that most of us on here have heard of the "(in)famous" number 666 and what/who it's supposed to represent. It has been mentioned in the Bible, the Quran and the Hebrew Bible (Torah). Supposedly, this number of the beast is the number of man or a man, depending on the translations of various bibles, eg: New International, King James Bible, Aramaic Bible, etc.. . In most cases, the number 666 is portrayed as a number of something "evil", apart from those of Kabbalistic Judaism. It is also seen as the imperfect number, since 777 is "god's number", (6 days for the creation and 1 day rest, the threefold is meant to be the perfect trinity). Though I may stand corrected since I read something about people believing there was 7 planets in those days and the third 7 represented something else.

Now back to the topic at hand, it is said in the bible and I quote, "This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666." The key word being calculate, and why that specific number? Why not 555, 374 or something else? Unless the (presumed) author John the Apostle had the 777 number in mind and chose 666 to accentuate the evil of that "beast"?

I personally think it's a whole lot of bullshit and the author just got a moment of "enlightenment" and decided he would put that down in his prophecies so as to scare people into following the word of god. Now my question is, what do some of YOU think? Do you have any theories or thoughts on this number 666? Do you maybe believe there's something to be "calculated"?

*I've included a link that I found rather funny (in a facepalming way) when it comes to "theories" about who the number 666 is supposed to represent*



Deleted user Jan 11 '12

666 is just an ordinary number, there is no evil magic to it. However, in the Bible it is chosen to represent the Beast. Nobody knows why. It could be any other number. It is a symbol. It is the number of man. 777 is a perfect number, a symbol of God. 666 is imperfect. 7 - 1 = 6. There is something lacking in man, a thing that makes him a bit worse than God. It's natural. we are only humans.


The worship of the Beast is the worship of humanity. The sign of the Beast is the sign of the man who worships himself instead of God. Antichrist is not a person but a symbol of evil, as Christianity understands it. And evil in Christian sense is making yourself greater than God.

Deleted user Jan 11 '12

@Everyone in this thread (minus Dan)

In Judaism, every letter of the alphabet is represented by a number. Words are also represented by numbers based on the letters.

Here on these forums, there is a thread that postulates the names that might correspond to 666 and 616. You can start your search there. Have fun.

LuciferiousRex Jan 11 '12
@EM: I assume you are speaking of the gematria system? If so, I actually have looked into it and the various possible people to whom the number 666 might refer to. So do not make assumptions that no-one else knows of what you mentioned. The question I put forward was simply this: What other theories or thoughts do people have towards the number 666...And NOT who do you think the number 666 refers to. "Have fun"
Deleted user Jan 11 '12
Whoa there, LuciferiousRex.  Don't get upset that you didn't give any indication you knew anything about it in here.  I don't know you, and I have no way of knowing what you've studied based on this thread alone. I'm so sorry I didn't comment on your thread in a way that pleases you.
LuciferiousRex Jan 11 '12
Nothing to do with "pleasing" me, it's simply the assumption that you made towards people on this thread (minus Dan). Though your input may interest those that are into finding out the "who" when it comes to the number 666, I was curious as to what theories other people may have as to what the number 666 could represent or if there was some relevant "calculation" to be made out of it (as per the bible's word of "calculate").
indyanakin4 Jan 18 '12
Supposedly, 666 is symbolic of the Age of Aquarius when Satan will rule again. According to some Satanists anyway. Other than that, I think that the writers of the bible came up with that number as the "imperfect" and "evil" number, drawing from Kabbalistic Judaism or the older Pagan beliefs and then formed those obscure connections in order to seem as though God had given it a huge hidden meaning.
IMO these days it has so many different interpretations that it's all really up to each individual to see their own meaning in it. And whatever meaning you take out of it, kudos for you.
dvlhmslf Jan 21 '13
the number is what people have given it meaning for... and because it symbolizes that i am an anti christ to them... I accept it as a bran or a banner. 
skullz_n_bones Jan 21 '13
666 or 999. I've heard stories which SEEM valid on both. To me, being that it's a biblical number, it accredits an actual Satan being, and an existing god. Being more traditional, it's all about a state of mind for me. Still, as I've said before, whatever trips your trigger. After all, you're hearng this from the man who's motto (one if many) is, "I'm here for the beer and the bitches."
Deleted user Jan 22 '13
666 was a Greek alphanumeric cipher (read: gematria) for "Nero Caesar". That's it. Period.

999 is just happy scriptwriting by whoever was fortunate enough to get a studio to give End of Days a second thought. 

616 is more interesting, but at the end of the day, it was merely a copyist error.  


evilclown Jan 22 '13
Well, just off the cuff, Iron Maiden used 666 for the title song off their album 'The Number Of The Beast'. Kick ass album. However, it has been documented that when the band was recording the album, alot of freaky things happened in the studio. And the producer Martin Birch had an accident with his car. The price for repairs? 666 pounds (British currency). But regarding 777 as 'God's' number? Nonsense to me also - Crowley used 777 on the cover of one of his books.
GodisnotGreat Jan 22 '13
Because 666 sounds cool, and it's below God's 777. 
wagthedog Jan 22 '13
So if you are all 666 and I say I am 777 does that make me 111 times better than you or only, 111 in addition to the sum of 666 better. I was always confused on the point. 
Kemble Jan 23 '13
666 in the Quran and Torah? Boy are you off on your religious trivia.
LuciferiousRex Jan 23 '13

@Kemble: Boy are you quite right about that.

Actually, I intended on doing an "edit" back then, but through pocrastination and a thread that didn't gain any momentum, I simply didn't bother. Since the initial focus was on: "What other theories did people have on the number".


Nonetheless, as you pointed out, the Torah doesn't specifically talk about the number 666, what I had in mind was Kabbalistic Judaism.

As for the Islamic part of it (Qu'ran), what I actually had in mind was some verses that mentioned that some will be "marked" (on their foreheads?) to either go to hell or heaven. I don't have any link for this, but I know I read it and some Islamic acquaintances mentioned it too.

Deleted user Jan 23 '13
Quote from JasonKing 666 was a Greek alphanumeric cipher (read: gematria) for "Nero Caesar". That's it. Period.


616 is more interesting, but at the end of the day, it was merely a copyist error.

In the Greek version of his name, it comes out 666.  In the Latin version, it's 616.  It may be a transcription error, or different results based on different starting material.  But the fact that both numbers seem to derive from the same identity just reinforces that it's a reference to Nero.

Quote from LuciferiousRex The key word being calculate

Calculate is an iffy translation of the Greek term "psefisato," which is something closer to "determine," "discern," or "figure out."  The phrases "number of a man" and "his number is" indicate it's a reference to a person alive at the time.  There's really only one conclusion that makes sense, which has been expounded already, by ChrisA, EntropicMomentum, and JasonKing.

"Antichrist" just refers to anyone who denies that Christ is God incarnate.

Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the Antichrist.

2 John 1:7

So there you go.  Anyone who denies Christian doctrine is an "Antichrist."  You, me, Richard Dawkins, millions of non-Christians worldwide.

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