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Chrode Sep 11 '13
In a video about COS i saw a skull on their alter. What are the skull use to? What does it represent?
Nahemoth Sep 11 '13

"Memento Mori" (c.)


Deleted user Sep 11 '13
It depends on what kind of a ritual it was used for.
Deleted user Sep 11 '13
I just know I would be fucking pissed off if my skull was used on someone's altar!
Vilhjalmr Sep 12 '13
More than likely, as Nahemoth stated, 'memento mori'.  A thought to the finality of all.  I personally have a wolf skull placed on my altar...  They are very aesthetically pleasing to some folk, and a good way to channel and focus Will/Energy for destruction rituals.

I'd imagine the CoS uses such a skull for the aesthetic psycho-dramatic bend of it.  Though I have heard that lately the use of a white candle set atop a skull has replaced the standard white candle used for burning writings during ritual, so both my above statements could be valid.  In hindsight, I suppose they are pretty much interchangeable.
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