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sticksause Dec 18 '10
I have been doing some research these past few days, and from what I understand, blood pacts seem to be different depending on where you look. From what I read, it seems like a blood pact is you making an alliance with the dark forces (Satan or another demon) and in exchange, they look over you. Other sources go as far as to say that by acknowledging Satan as the true ruler of this earth, you will be granted what you have listed as your terms in your contract. The biggest confusion comes when I hear that atheist satanists have also made blood pacts as a way to "officially" become Satanists.

So which is it? Do you gain protection? Is it a negotiation between you and the dark forces? Or is it simply a rite of passage from your old life into a new one?

I am very interested in this subject. Your help is appreciated :D
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Well, I used my blood pact as an initiation, and as a mutual understanding between Satan and I. It was a personal and magical action that put me in a position of personal power. I did this in 2004. This was done to accept Satan as an ally, and to propose my own intentions for our relationship. I suppose the methods of pact making and the usefulness of them will depend on what intention is wanted, and if a pact is even considered to be necessary.

A pact isn't required and i wouldn't recommend it to people who are new to Satanism. It takes a while to know if the entity or force that you are working with is something that you want to make a commitment to, or even if Satanism itself is something that you want to live if it is only something symbolic for you

This is my video: A Pact with Satan
Visit to watch and to get additional references that may help lead you towards your own personal understanding
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Quote from sticksause

So which is it? Do you gain protection? Is it a negotiation between you and the dark forces? Or is it simply a rite of passage from your old life into a new one?

All of the above. It depends on the individual and what he/she seeks. It is a negotiation, and the terms of that negotiation (protection/alliance/allegiance/turning over a new leaf/request) are determined by you and the entity you make the pact with.

A pact can be many things, so I think it's best to focus on what it is not:

1) Pacts are not free wishes, and demons are not genies popped out of a bottle. When you negotiate, you both receive and give. Think of what you have to offer.

2) Pacts are not replacements for making efforts in the material world. You will be most successful if you give 100% in both physical and spiritual planes. If you make a pact with the hope of financial success, for example, don't expect money to fall into your lap after the ritual. Actively seek the opportunities that the pact makes available to you, and make the best of them when you find them.

3) A pact is not an offer to go to Hell after you die in exchange for living it up while you live. Xian stereotypes are probably the last place to look for serious information.

Good luck


In your video, you mentioned a pact you made in '92, and in your post, you mention a pact from '04. How did these pacts differ? Was it a renewal, or moving to the next step?
Deleted user Dec 20 '10
You are correct that pacts, blood-based or non, vary considerably. What might be included in such a relationship, and who, are part of those variables. Where Satanism and the LHP are concerned it does make sense that we're talking about the magician or occultist in question making the thing, and what might be described as 'dark forces' are a reasonable candidate for the alliance. Your specificity about what is offered is too restricted. Some offer more than mere 'alliance', such as service, or a (sacrificial) offering, some aspect of what they own, control, or are. Since Satanism is only less than half a century old you should not expect many conventions or orthodoxies to have grown up around it, especially given the predilection for atheism and materialism compounding the Satanic trajectory. Those appealing to 'Father Satan' or 'The Master' may have something to add to the description of 'having the dark forces looking out for their concerns', and demonolaters probably have a section with similar views.

Pacts per se do not necessarily include any kind of agreement document, or 'contract'. That is a facet heavily popularized by Faustian tradition, in which Christians attempted to gain from The Underworld Jailer Devil on a trade for their eternal soul. Granted the ostensible terms whereby this soul would be lost, usually some great sum, attainment of fame, or knowledge, was sought in these stories. In most, the 'moral' is that the sum or attainment count as nothing against eternal life (an endless afterlife experience that the God of the Universe could provide) which is available through their local ecclesiastic dispensor of forgiveness and 'Salvation'. Goethe turned the Faustian legend into a Christian Salvation story itself.

There are so many different stories that I suppose I am not surprised, though cannot specifically recall, a mention of 'acknowledging Satan as the true ruler of this earth'. Typical Christians don't always put things in these terms, but satanic Christians or Satanists might do so, and especially as part of some kind of Faustian contract. You should know that primarily those who engage these kinds of pacts are imbalanced, unstable, religiously-deluded, ignorant, and never receive or attain to the contracted terms. Religious confuse story and history, reality and fantasy, and so exaggerate the importance of rites, spells, and magical activities such as pact-making.

The 'official' aspect of Satanism has come into being almost immediately with the attempt to regulate and administrate it through cults, with dominating priesthoods duplicating Christian models of hierarchy and power-delegation. The attempt to describe 'real Satanists' began long before religious Satanism was conceived, in the fantasies of Christian subversion ideologists. They concocted heinous travesties of their religion in their mind and described all manner of immoral prerequisite to titillate in consideration of the 'evils' of their enemies. When religious Satanism was created in the latter part of the 20th century there was little more than a fee and a questionaire (if that) to gate the membership in the churches, temples, 'sinagogues', and cathedrals, many of which came to exist via the thin tendrils of computer networks. To 'officially' become a Satanist simply requires that you engage an ordeal that marks the transition to that modality or to actually achieve some minimum set of ideals which you designate. The fulcrum of leverage in Satanism is the individual.

Satanists, those who engage pacts or otherwise, are not provided superordinary or supernatural protection by our demon guardians or gods, by my understanding. We may receive internal bolstering and magical protection, for what it is worth, and may be shown new and important ways to view the world and our situations. 'The dark forces' is a metaphorical referent. It relates to uncommon, wrathful, demonic, questionable agents, intelligences, and entities as perceived by the pact-maker. All such relationships (as are those amongst humans) are negotiated in some way or another, even if within very limited constraints.

The method by which we engage such relationships would ordinarily be the kind of 'rite of passage' you are speaking about, but in combination with the Christian contextual culture and our proper engagement of the Mode of Martyrdom, rather than the Way of Whining, it may become a transformative ordeal for us even by virtue of having forged this adventurous and daring bond. The typical religious hasn't the head or heart for this steep an attitude, however, and the ordeals are usually restricted to social dramas of combat interior to the Satanic milieu, their immediate family, or to successive initiations wherein they may become puffed up and arrogant about it all. That 'old life to new life' thing should only happen once where Satanism is concerned, or it wasn't a very effective transition. People engage what is called Black Masses for this purpose (something you create as a travesty of your own former religion - see the Satanic Bible for a decent description of its purpose and ostensible form).

@Venus: Thank you very much for making that video and participating in threads such as these. I have offered a supplemental fatwa which is available via my SIN personal page on 'How to Sell Your Soul to Satan' - something which you recommend against, and while I can understand why you do so, I think it could be helpful to some satanic Christians and Satanists of the proper character and intelligence. :)

Troll Towelhead
Grand Mufti of Satanism
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