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1) The movers and shakers are all here, so test the waters, we expect no less.

2) Getting butt-hurt is the quickest method of having yourself removed, so handle your business.

3) Stratification is in full effect here, so back your shit up. It helps if you avoid pretentiousness.

4) There is a reason this is the fastest growing and most active Satanic Network on the Net EVER. We aim to keep it that way.

5) If you are here to troll, spam, scam, convert, preach or in general cause problems you will be removed. If you act like a fool you will be removed.

6) Although Zach_Black ( aka SIN) is the owner, founder, and visionary, we are all equals here . . . until we prove otherwise by our words and actions.

7) If you intend to post content on this network; you need to read the site policy.

8) If you delete other users comments/posts you will be deleted. Hold your own.

Enjoy your stay, and make the most of it!

9) If you post here, you need to use decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If you fail to do so, you will be warned and/or deleted. This is not a text to your bff from your cell phone. Do not dumb down the site because you are either too stupid or too lazy to use spell-check & decent grammar.

10) When using the ' Live Chat ' you need to sign in with your network user name you registered on the network with or you will be banned from the chat room. The majority vote rules in chat.
If the majority want you gone, you will be banned.

Live Chat is 18+.

11) There is a 2 day mandatory wait for new users to be approved on S.I.N.

12. If you choose to make an account on this network I would advise NOT to use bullshit information. We don't expect your personal real information. But, if your profile description is all obviously bullshit .... You may not get approved.

13. If you are a devil worshiper looking for ways to sell your soul, summon demons and such other nonsense you are at the wrong place.
We are logical and critical thinkers here.

Lex Talionis is the LAW of S.I.N. Adapt or be crushed under the Wheel of Satanic Progress.

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Recently a couple clowns by the name or Tom Raspotnik ( Tom ... more
Without mentioning any names or organizations, I've noticed ... more
As stated before, it matters not how many years you have in ... more
The Infernal Church is a cult dedicated to opening the gate... more
AmonKhan Apr 10
First blog ever, lets see how it works. I´ve been smoking p... more
I’ve had a vision recently which is quite dark, as most of m... more
Complex. Is Complex to explain, how magick works without a t... more
korgon Apr 8
Taking this cute quote from a member “I think you're just a... more
korgon Apr 8
Theres a place ahead Thaumiel…Some called it “The Grey Galax... more
korgon Apr 6
I have encountered a few trolls on S.I.N I will now be on th... more

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Yesterday, 12:05PM
Jesus rises again! And then something about hard boiled eggs and rabbits...
Yesterday, 08:52AM
Big Juicy Hard Boiled Testicles Painted Blue!...Pink and Yellow. Oh Brother. lol Brb gotta go color my balls.
Yesterday, 06:18AM
Jesus fucks a duck
Apr 15
A night under starlight, dark.
Apr 13
Satryd - Deleted for spamming the site with your blogs. Commonsense should tell you that it is not cool to blow up the site with your blogs. Most of them were shit anyways. If you want a blog go create one of your own.
Apr 11
If you can't form a proper sentence, you probably don't deserve to call yourself a Satanist.
Apr 11
Happy birthday LaVey :)
Apr 8
There is a lot of poor grammar flying around here. Step it up. This is not a cell phone. We do not expect perfection. Seriously I will just start deleting shit.
Apr 7
Guess I haven't really looked hard enough. It may depend on your location.
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Only upload pictures of yourself or your artwork . Please limit your uploads to 7 pics. DO NOT upload pictures you found on the internet. You can include internet pics in the blogs and forums but not in the photo Gallery. I gotta pay for the storage space here.
Only embed videos relevant to Satanism or your original art/music. No music videos unless it is your music.

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Have to admit, tried to move a crayon sitting on my table using mental telepathy. Concentrated so hard, I even farted in the process. But then I... More
bourbonfreak 2 hours ago
Welcome. I hope you enjoy this site to it's fullest.
Berzerker Yesterday, 04:08PM
I have major depression as well, to the point that almost nothing brings me any joy or pleasure anymore. I'm in a constant state of boredom and... More
Berzerker Yesterday, 04:07PM
Quote from Nith This is along the lines myself and a few others have been saying here for a while. To “follow” an individual and call... More
JasinElric Yesterday, 10:24AM
Satanism is a religion with the central focus on Satan. Since Satanism are none dogmatic there are various interpretations of this force known as... More
Chrode Yesterday, 08:51AM
I have read Luciferianism's goal is enlightenment, which to me seems great, however I would rather enjoy the material pleasures of Satanism. Indeed... More
Baalmot Apr 19
In my opinion he may have used Satan as a metaphor for the dark forces inside man, the ritual and magic has probably more to do with the psychology... More
Baalmot Apr 19
Use whatever moves you.  The Satanic Bible sounds formal but is more of a guideline than a strict blueprint.  Use anything that adds to... More
Doz Apr 18
Okay. Gonna toss my two cents in the ring. This site was created by an atheistic Satanist. Me. But, it was created to be a networking hub for all... More
SIN Nov 29 '13
Experienced satanists i have talkt with says that you shall create your own invocations so that is fine. 
Chrode Apr 18
I don't know anybody personally, but on LttD forum there are many CoS members. They are pretty dogmatic. The CoS clergy is regarded as some sort of... More
Anna Apr 18
To be honest i consider these "make-believe satanists" worse than most Christians...
AveNic28 Apr 14
Here are my recommendations: Malawarebytes; free, works wonders, not too resource intensive. Comodo Firewall; free, hasn't let me down, barely... More
The Black Shadow .. which is kind of the same thing
As someone in the health care profession I would like to add the phenomenom of patients on the table you see themselves from above. a dissociative... More
nikey Apr 17


  • Shroom_ edited their profile details
  • bourbonfreak replied in forum topic
    Anyone who claims having supernatural powers is full of shit.
    Yes, you read that correctly. It's bullshit, all of it. Faith healing, Spiritual Rituals, Mind Reading, Palm Reading, Tarot Cards, Levitation, Pray...
    Have to admit, tried to move a crayon sitting on my table using mental telepathy. Concentrated so ha...
     Discuss Replies: 98 
  • joniathan edited their profile details
  • JasinElric commented on their blog post
    Satanic Politics
    Without mentioning any names or organizations, I've noticed an influx of political activism under the banner of Satanism. "Do what thou wilt"...
    Yesterday, 03:54PM
    Unless you publicly voice your opinion forever more your voice will remain in the shadows.
    While those who listen to those speaking and standing in the fore front of society the ones with less intestinal fortitude will remain silenced by their own fruition of lackluster.
    Become or go away...
    Yesterday, 07:14PM
    The shadows is where Satanism belongs. I refuse to advocate for Satanism as a public speaker, because the public are the mundane masses which Satanism is indifferent to. That was more or less the point of this blog.

    To assert that I'm gutless in my disinterest in engaging the mindless masses as these organizations have, misses the point entirely.

    Become or go away? You can enjoy all the conformist methodology you'd like, that's your choice, but that isn't my interest, nor is it a Satanic standard last I checked.
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  • Berzerker replied in forum topic
    Ave Satanas from the UK
    Hi I am an Atheistic Satanist who is here to discuss, learn and debate. Nietzsche is my idol and Lavey's teachings are good too.
    Welcome. I hope you enjoy this site to it's fullest.
     Discuss Replies: 1 
  • Berzerker replied in forum topic
    Your veiw point on mental illness.
    What is your view point on mental illness such as autism and Bipolar Disorder?
     Discuss Replies: 16 
  • Berzerker » Berserker Excuse me man, but I just wanted to let you know I had no idea about your profile. If I had knowledge of it, I wouldn't have chosen a very similar name. Hopefully we won't be confused, and I'm sorry for any potential trouble it may cause in the future.
  • RevRonaldFrench commented on Zach_Black's blog post
    Coattail riders
    Recently a couple clowns by the name or Tom Raspotnik ( Tom Blackwood ) and his whipping boy Pope ( Robert ) Fraize bought my domain satanicinternatio...
    Apr 19
    I don't understand. Satanicinternationalnetwork.net hosted Into the Fire e-zine. It was bought for the second time?
    Apr 19
    Not sure Anna. They maybe sharing it.
    Yesterday, 02:42AM
    Never heard of either of them. But damn, that's a face.
    Yesterday, 02:12PM
    It's a bit bizarre. Some time ago when you clicked the satanicintenationalnetwork.net, it linked to Into the Fire. Both sites satanicinternationalnetwork.net and org are hosted on the same domain domaincontrol.com and they were registered: SIN.net on 17.01.2014 and SIN.org on 21.02.2014. Perhaps CoD had something to do with it too. Who knows? And who cares?

    The site has only 12 members and the most active user is the Pope Fraize who talks to himself and writes for himself. And yet you dedicated two blogs to him and Blackwood; here and on your blog. Why do you bother so much?
    Yesterday, 03:16PM

    Because the Satanic world is gradually becoming an extremely non-stimulating place.
    Yesterday, 03:36PM
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