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Welcome to the most active and popular social networking site for Satanists.

This network was designed for Satanists and other LHP practitioners, but all critical thinkers of any faith and philosophy are invited to participate here.

Enjoy your stay and make the most of it. This is the place to be if you are looking for comradery with fellow Satanists on the path.

To join all you need to do is register. The network is free to all users but myself. Should you wish to toss some coinage we certainly would certainly appreciate it.

We hope to serve as a networking hub for like minded individuals. A loosely structured cabal stretching around the world is what you see here.

Many have forged friendships both on a causal and intimate level here. The possibilities are only limited by your abilities. Be on your best game. We expect no less.

Stratification is in full effect here, so hold your own, or you may find yourself being crushed under the wheel of satanic progress.

This network is free to use. If you are interested in the organization please go HERE.

Failure to read and obey site policy is grounds for your termination without warning.

It may take up to a week to approve your account.

Satanic International Network was established by Zach Black in 2010.

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3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or els... more
Zach Black 5 hours ago
I caught a taxi in Oslo.. Normally the drunken pr... more
Hello Lilith... Fuck I have been so weak... I hav... more
Deflowering the sensibilities is, whether intentio... more
AK Mar 13
A few days ago a family friend had his birthday an... more
David Mar 10
bi polar co dependancy.. wtf ever they want me on ... more

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3 hours ago
The Arc of Noah or The Arc of Solomon
5 hours ago
:( he left me
5 hours ago
Adil you're sooo cute!!!
6 hours ago
See you around Cannis ... just not here. 3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.
8 hours ago
10 hours ago
How many of you are naked? one.. two three GO!
Yesterday, 08:09PM
Uncanny! It's exactly that... only on repeat 2-3 times a day.
Yesterday, 07:51PM
Yesterday, 07:45PM
He is also an Enochian wizard specializing in afflictions of the anus for some perverse reason.
Yesterday, 07:18PM
Lol. Careful, buddy. He's dangerous. He's going to file a Rip-Off report.
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The groups are intended for geographical regions. Exceptions do apply but be sure not to duplicate without asking.

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I applaud the efforts being made here. As one who works with the community on a regular basis, I... More
InfinitasX 26 minutes ago
Normally, I do not get into these sorts of things because it is pure troll bait. However, you... More
InfinitasX 32 minutes ago
@me - thank you! yes I have both, and they are great books indeed!
Seth 11 hours ago
I'll leave the giving head part to you.
Chiron 11 hours ago
"souls come cheap these days, my friend" -ZB
AK 17 hours ago
This interests me a lot.  I was going to attend the one in Atlanta... BUUUUTTTT, due to... More
LuciferCrow Yesterday, 11:50PM
Quote from Albert Hail Satan! Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy... More
Zach Black Yesterday, 05:39PM
Well I been following the filthy flowCause filth's the only way I'll ever knowYou look at me and... More
AK Yesterday, 05:05PM
Inevitably it comes to existential solipsism... I cant do with unknowns. I'll give you the... More
DarkEnlightenment Yesterday, 03:11PM
Great book.
Edwizzzard Yesterday, 12:02PM
then we learn about the death and spend our lives walking into it's embrace (the second part -... More
EdMenonymous Yesterday, 02:59AM
Zach got that pic off FetLife
APC speaks much truth!
My name is Michael and it's a pleasure to be here on this site, I am happy to chat or shoot the... More


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LuciferCrow Mar 30, 08:00PM


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