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EdMenonymous Member
SIRI?What did I forget today that was so important... more
I want to sell my soul. There's someone from Reno,... more
if anyone has any knockledge in kabbalah blood rit... more
Dark Enlightenment
Attention super-sleuths, would you like to solve s... more
My answer is Yes.I see a lot of "money doesn't bri... more
David Jul 30
So I'm shooting this black metal, satanic festival... more
David Jul 29

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Dark Enlightenment
Aug 12
No in Mexico i bought a stripper, in Canada I bought a hockey puck.
AK Mod
Aug 12
They were out of hockey pucks in Mexico?
Dark Enlightenment
Aug 10
I once went 3 blocks into Mexico and all the way to the Skylon Tower in Niagra Falls. I bought a hockey puck.
AK Mod
Aug 9
Absolutely. Along with counting the absurd amount of 0s on the currency and finding new and amusing ways to tell the hawkers that I do not in any way shape or form speak english.
Dark Enlightenment
Aug 9
Are you enjoying your 50 dollar a night 5 star resort and concubines?
AK Mod
Aug 8
They're the most "foreign" places, relatively speaking, I can think of. It'll have to do until space travel becomes an option.
Dark Enlightenment
Aug 8
why do you always go to the creepy David Carradine countries?
T. Volt
Aug 8
Sounds like you're havin' fun AK!
Aug 8
Don't worry. We will leave enough of fruit cakes for you to eat once you come back.
AK Mod
Aug 8
Greetz from Indonesia. Try not to let this place become a fruit festival in mean the mean time.
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AK Mod
If this is in reference to the recently suspended user "Missy" - all evidence suggested that she... More
AK 38 minutes ago
Dark Enlightenment
It's because Satanism is no longer edgy or authentic. It's another non-threatening subculture... More
Zach Black Owner
Well Hello from San Diego .
Zach Black 15 hours ago
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Wolves stop eating grass.
Berardo Rodriguez Yesterday, 03:55AM
T. Volt
Thing is, money doesn't care what you believe in, and neither do most people.
T. Volt Aug 11
Dark Enlightenment
So by "developed as a person" you mean you pushed yourself to the limits of what you can take for... More
Dark Enlightenment
Your talk style looks very elitism which shows how many words  I know and how much smart I... More
Safari browser (iPad mini 1st gen) cannot show the messenge field. "Send message"...
To the OP, I consider this kind of rhetoric to be the act of pushing the buttons. That doesn't... More
Anna Aug 8
Dark Enlightenment
Quote from roommates2018 People are being awakened now. This delusional evil religious... More
AK Mod
I totally agree. You should buy a shirt.
AK Aug 6
Dark Enlightenment
Originally I tried to post this as a sort of "outreach" to provide direction instead of just... More
AK Mod
That's a perfectly reasonable thing to have faith in. At the end of the day the shoulders of... More
AK Aug 5
Ok I have lots of brain candy,send it soon,you will know when it gets to you


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