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Many have forged friendships both on a causal and intimate level here. The possibilities are only limited by your abilities. Be on your best game. We expect no less.

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Mr. Pickles666
Bette Doom OG
Daemon pellem lupinam88
Bad Bapho
Damien Christian Browne



Infernal Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Satanis... more
It's extremely hard to meet like minded people her... more
Darque Jan 13
Hmmmmm. This is a touchy subject because when you ... more
So for the most part as many of you that know me a... more
Zach Black Owner
Here are some of the various versions of modified... more
T. Volt
Thought sauce just for fun: I'm sure this has been... more
T. Volt Jan 5

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Dark Enlightenment
Yesterday, 08:44PM
I thought it was german for bar. Yes, it's a german pun.
Edited Yesterday, 08:46PM Show edit history
Rantej Ascon
Yesterday, 04:33AM
Diamons made in Balkans. By The Way "Balkan" Means "Blood and Honey"! Not Everything, Euh? i don't know?
Edited Yesterday, 05:27PM Show edit history
Dark Enlightenment
Yesterday, 04:03AM
It was watches last time.
Rantej Ascon
Yesterday, 03:45AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G6ba6_XuKQ This is what i'm about to feel
Rantej Ascon
Yesterday, 03:39AM
Just Feeling Isolated.....
Dark Enlightenment
Jan 15
A real one if I had my choice... with blood and everything.
Brother Shamus
Jan 15
And this is how "Tranny bitch" made you the next Noah. Only you wont kill your family, and it will be suicide by cop. Have fun.
Dark Enlightenment
Jan 15
I dont care just kill all bitches who call themselves or get called mother... even wig having tranny bitches with sock accounts.
Jan 15
All for that which Jews are blamed has its roots jus canonicum.
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The groups are intended for geographical regions. Exceptions do apply but be sure not to duplicate without asking.

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01-10-19 ( Anna )

Forum Topics

Zach post that Scent of a Woman scene. After that post one of these... please,
Pusher 38 minutes ago
That heaven and hell album was incredible. Neon knights was the best
Aakron 4 hours ago
Dark Enlightenment
It really does laugh in moonlight, or whatever cliched metaphor you want to use.  You may... More
Dark Enlightenment
You cant teach inserting such Irony into an otherwise banal conversation. Most cant even identify... More
Dark Enlightenment Yesterday, 06:48PM
Dark Enlightenment
"Art is no damn good"  - Jessie Helms.  You all like trollish white crooked... More
I expand the cult mentality to slave morality. You first have to break the need for direction... More
AK Jan 14
T. Volt
When I was a kid and there were group disagreements we did it the old fashioned way: Rock Fights
T. Volt Jan 14
OP that up.  *the video, btw, is worth unpacking and worth retaining even if a...
AK Jan 12
Zach Black Owner
Hmm... okay well if you leave this up to me then I shall choose the first one.
Zach Black Owner
I do not think you can. I can try for you. What would your new name like to be ?
Ha! Mention it? I am doing the Carlton to it exactly right now. Out of sheer spite! "We built... More
AK Jan 9
We'll get together and listen to black metal or AC/DC and drink piss and smoke smokes until you... More
Orobas Jan 9
Dark Enlightenment
But it's funny when a person who read a facebook post once tries to educate Troll Towelhead. 


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