Welcome to the most active and popular social networking site for Satanists. This network was designed for Satanist and other LHP practitioners, but all critical thinkers of any faith and philosophy are invited to participate here.

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To join all you need to do is register. The network is free to all users. We hope to serve as a networking hub for like minded individuals. A loosely structured cabal stretching around the world is what you see here.

Many have forged friendships both on a causal and intimate level here. The possibilities are only limited by your abilities. Be on your best game. We expect no less.

Stratification is in full effect here, so hold your own, or you may find yourself being crushed under the wheel of satanic progress.

This network is free to use. If you are interested in the organization please go HERE.

Failure to read and obey site policy is grounds for your termination without warning.

Satanic International Network was established by Zach Black in 2010.

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Yesterday, 07:48PM
Sorry for the porn spammer. He is gone..
Feb 9
Welcome all. Make the most of it .
Feb 8
Got approved early this morning, I think around 2:39 it said on the email. Excited to join this site.
Jan 26
I just approved about 30 new users. Brace for impact.
Jan 26
English is not her first language. Do not be a dick.
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Limit 10 please. Preferably of yourself or art. No google images.
Should you wish to add a video make sure it is relevant to Satanism. NO music videos unless they are your own original music.

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You are not on my level little men
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I would continue living my life, as lived after abandoning other ideas I had before.
Yup, forgot about ICP. :)
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