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13 hours ago
Be back in a few days.
Yesterday, 11:21AM
Take a look at the events at the bottom of the page. All in California. Hard to believe on this network of thousands only 3 people are attending.
Yesterday, 11:19AM
Seems we are getting hit by a new spammers. They made it through the filter. If you see one point them out. I usually catch them ahead of time. But, not always.
Oct 3
My bad... I fucked it up. We will try again at 6pm PST https://www.blogtalkradio.com/...ner-of-vital-remainsMy bad... I fucked it up. We will try again at 6pm PST See more
Oct 3
We are live with the radio show now. Satanism and Death metal- ft Brian Werner singer of Vital remains 3pm PST https://www.blogtalkradio.com/...ner-of-vital-remainsWe are live with the radio show now. Satanism and Death metal- ft Brian Werner singer of Vital remains 3pm PST See more
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True story. With that said... While otherwise min... more
Shawn Yesterday, 01:24PM
I ventured into the past and found an interestin... more
Padowan Oct 5
It's a lot easier to understand the wider implic... more
Shawn Oct 2
*Originally published on my blog on the old SIN si... more
Testing to figure out where the blog goes if you s... more
Codependency, also known as the disease of the los... more
Padowan Sep 29
(Post originally published 5 years ago at the orig... more
Shawn Sep 29
Occult ism. Hmmm. That's a very mysterous word. ... more
Shawn Sep 28
Photos need to be limited to 10 and need to be of yourself or your original artwork. No internet photos.
Should you wish to add a video make sure it is relevant to Satanism. NO music videos unless they are your own original music.

Upcoming events

Vital Remains Show, Petaluma, CA
I will be attending this show in support of the band and as a representative and Chapter Head of SIN...
sonofject Oct 29, 07:30PM
Ghost BC - San Diego CA
Ghost BC is performing at the Northside Theater in San Diego Ca 10/30/31. I and hopefully others, wi...
Halloween SIN meetup Long Beach CA - Vital Remains show
Alas the time is upon us again. Halloween.  San Diego chapter and Los Angeles chapter have deci...

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I remember now. Wow, that's been a long time. As you were, soldier!
Shawn 6 hours ago
No , it was not. This mess was written by  a second grader with two fingers. Satanists... More
berardo Rodriguez 11 hours ago
What is your view about LaVey's idea on destruction rituals?Should it be used if magic is real?
FraterLuciferi Yesterday, 04:14PM
1) I love keeping exotic pets, even though some can be more trouble than they're worth. 2)... More
Jorōgumo Yesterday, 10:54AM
Weak :  A state of  inferiority , lower than, lesser than ,etc. ,  it includes all... More
berardo Rodriguez Yesterday, 04:00AM
These Baphomet statues are 15x7 inches. They are made of high quality silcone / resin compound.... More
Bump. Any takers? Limited edition gold plated SIN medallions? Only 20 bucks?
Dransik was the original version of Ashen Empires, it was in 8 bit before it updated to the game... More
My wife and I made a covenant before we got married, that was when we used to believe in heaven... More
I have an app in my Android  is called  "Satanic  International..." it is a little... More
We maybe able to rock this last one Shawn. Although it still needs to be fade more. Still to...
Frater Luciferi, it looks like you were exiled from the Imalayan Mountains  and you are... More
Check out the ' World Map ' on the 600 club. I think you need to be signed in to view it. I want... More
I comand you  "STAND UP ",  I order you "WALK FORWARD ", " DO IT", if you  don't... More


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