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Thanks everyone for the messages and friends reque... more
Darkest Cain
I live in Missouri, I am looking for Satanist who ... more
Universe Feels Zero Connection To Guy Tripping On ... more
AK Mar 1
Dark Archon
For Her. You mean everything to me. I don’t kno... more
I need help on how to sell my soul for money and r... more
slimink Feb 26
Ok soo......I am just gonna start off by saying th... more

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Sad Satan
2 hours ago
"The upcoming Full Moon in 0° Libra on March 20th is not only the completion of an old cycle, it's the beginning of a brand new one. 0° is a critical degree signifying new beginnings and fresh starts. This Full Moon is paradigm shift bringing major ending and new beginnings" Hail!"The upcoming Full Moon in 0° Libra on March 20th is not only the completion of an old cycle, it's the beginning of a brand new one. 0° is a critical degree signifying new beginnings and fresh st...See more
3 hours ago
sit on my face.
3 hours ago
Enjoy the full moon and equinox. All power, full throttle, activate.
4 hours ago
If you choose to label yourself, stay within that branding. A Christian is not a Christian when they cherry pick, same goes with Satanism.
Sad Satan
5 hours ago
Hail Satan!
Nick218 Chapter Head
Yesterday, 03:13PM
Hails to all
Mar 17
Hail Satan!
Mar 17
Embrace the darkness. Let it consume you, & never look back. Sure, I peek out from my abyss sometimes, but the cold, wet comfort of the Void always pulls me back.
Zach Black Owner
Mar 16
I see quite a few new users registered this week. Welcome and I hope you bring something to table in the way of discussion, topics or even comments on topics already from the past you find interesting.
Tom Satanic
Mar 16
Because that's what Barney and Jesus said to do. Duh.
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The groups are intended for geographical regions. Exceptions do apply but be sure not to duplicate without asking.
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Tom Satanic
There's always a crusade mind. What I was referring to in "human nature", is that whether it is... More
Tom Satanic Yesterday, 06:32PM
Hail Satan, Hi friends I wanted to share my photography/dance projects with you all feel free to... More
link not working, how can i get this book
darknode Mar 14
Eat that watermelon. 
AK Mar 14
EdMenonymous Member
Inspektor Shamuus... with you my brother there is a whole lot to be said about the bottom of a... More
EdMenonymous Member
"Issac Newton discovered that he could not resist the value of having a nice hard apple shoved up... More
Dark Enlightenment
Lets just go ahead and call myself out.    From several TJ residents: The Caravan was... More
AK approves. https://www.tekgnostics.com/home.htm
AK Mar 10
Brother Shamus
No one is going to respond because you don't post on facebook or want to truly socialize with... More


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