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Welcome to the most active and popular social networking site for Satanists.

This network was designed for Satanists and other LHP practitioners, but all critical thinkers of any faith and philosophy are invited to participate here.

Enjoy your stay and make the most of it. This is the place to be if you are looking for comradery with fellow Satanists on the path.

To join all you need to do is register. The network is free to all users but myself. Should you wish to toss some coinage our way in a donation we certainly would appreciate it.

We hope to serve as a networking hub for like minded individuals. A loosely structured cabal stretching around the world is what you see here.

Many have forged friendships both on a causal and intimate level here. The possibilities are only limited by your abilities. Be on your best game. We expect no less.

Stratification is in full effect here, so hold your own, or you may find yourself being crushed under the wheel of satanic progress.

This network is free to use. If you are interested in the organization please go HERE.

Failure to read and apply site policy is grounds for your termination without warning.

It may take a few days to approve your account. If you do not get a email verification you can email us or just give it a couple days I will push you in.

Satanic International Network was established by Zach Black in 2010.

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Brian Goodsir
EsotericConjuration Chapter Head
Panick Member


This is my first post here, and I joined about a m... more
Jul 30
Greetings fam, how was your 4th of July?
Jul 4
So back when I was in school, I used to get fucked... more
Dark Enlightenment
I don't care if this was originally posted by The ... more
Zach Black Owner
From a friend of mine Mavis's website/blog Demons ... more

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Nick218 Chapter Head
Yesterday, 02:36AM
Nick218 Chapter Head
Yesterday, 02:26AM
Fall is coming .All most time for the Great Fire Fest..Hail Satan ...
Aug 9
Yes it is of course. Indeed, Brother Shamus. I'm even looking for the link of the game "Sad Satan" to download it!
Edited Aug 9 Show edit history
Brother Shamus
Aug 8
Isn't Sad Satan that one game with all the Scientologist Erotica in It? Or was that the clone game meant to discredit It?
Aug 8
"Take me to a place without no name." 《Safety House Guard.》
Edited Aug 9 Show edit history
Aug 7
The strange events can still be satisfying change of budgets.
Brother Shamus
Aug 7
Key to success there: "The dems are whiny liberal crybabies that are determined to destroy our country. 4 MORE YEARS!"
Edited Aug 7 Show edit history
Brother Shamus
Aug 7
I'm bored with that... but here's a site that never gets bored with Freemasonry and The Illuminati:
Aug 6
They say that Freemasonry is the true measure of a man, is that a true statement?
Aug 4
As I can see, that's called the awakening of living two lifes, as soon as anyone can open his eyes in the dark shadow of death and get lucky.
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The groups are intended for geographical regions. Exceptions do apply but be sure not to duplicate without asking.
Please only upload pictures of yourself or your art.
Should you wish to add a video make sure it is relevant to Satanism. NO music videos unless they are your own original music.

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Quote from hey i'm cool with any sex and race but they have to around my age women I don't... More
Aug 7
Quote from Well there you are (fnord)Shed my 600 Slave Name Hello Fnord. Good...
Aug 7
Sect is still alive and well. Thriving and growing. Still acting as the Instructor for the...
Aug 6
I was inclined to say you are wrong. But in all actuality, both of you are right by reason of a... More
Aug 5
Berardo Rodriguez Member
  The English translation is after the Spanish: Gracias demonio uruguayo o demonio charrua,... More
It is a shame as he was articulate and posed interesting ideas from time to time. Had few... More
Aug 2
Interesting take DE. One which finds solid ground when looking through religious history.... More
Aug 2
Quote from Zach Black Looks like the 600 club the oldest and first network for Satanists... More
Aug 2
I have listened to both, as a matter of fact. Not my cup of tea, sadly enough
Jul 31
r/satanism = satanism LARP Very surface level. 
Jul 23


  • I'm n Houston
  • joined group
    LGBT Satanists
    LGBT Satanists
    This group is intended for the LGBT satanic community. Although I am neither LGBT I figured I would make a group for the rest of you. 
    Total users: 187
  • Jedi_Jane
    Jedi_Jane commented on 's blog post
    Aug 9
    1 0
    Aug 9
    Hey, is it true that Nuts cause MSG allergic reactions?
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  • joined group
    Dallas/fort worth satanic magick
    Dallas/fort worth satanic magick
    This group is self explained...  Any satanist from Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas feel free to join my group.  I am looking to meet up with ot...
    Total users: 6
    Happy Spider
  • joined group
    Satanists of Texas.
    Satanists of Texas.
    For those looking for knowledge, and any sort of relationships in Texas.
    Total users: 14
    Zach Black
  • joined group
    S.I.N - Dallas Texas Chapter
    S.I.N - Dallas Texas Chapter
    A group for Satanists interested in networking and meetups in the Dallas, Texas area.
    Total users: 25
    Rob Graves
  • joined group
    Sexual Magicks-Satanists
    Sexual Magicks-Satanists
    for those who employ the use of sex magick in their rituals, or want to learn how.
    Total users: 216
  • joined group
    A group for those that wish to have some adult fun. 18 and older only and nothing illegal.  Post your favorite porn ( straight/gay ) or nasty pi...
    Total users: 45
  • replied in forum topic
    white satanic genderfluid omnisexual switch
    hey i'm cool with any sex and race but they have to around my age women I don't mind there age if there older they can be my dom an around my age it d...
    Quote from hey i'm cool with any sex and race but they have to around my age women I don't min...
     Discuss  Replies: 4 
    Aug 7
  • replied in forum topic
    Hello all. Name is Dimitri. Satanist since many years and associated with a variety of groups. I will be sharing my insights and takes on a v...
    Quote from Well there you are (fnord)Shed my 600 Slave Name Hello Fnord. Good seeing...
     Discuss  Replies: 5 
    Aug 7

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