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Nov 23
Call me Ron. I can not fix the issue, which seems to be on your end.
Chapter Head
Nov 23
still unable to post videos fyi
Chapter Head
Nov 22
still getting a 403 forbid on posting videos
Nov 20
Ahh, feels good to be back... much catching up to do.
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Padowan Nov 13
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Hartnell Nov 10
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Contact me privately for more info and shipping de... more
Photos need to be limited to 10 and need to be of yourself or your original artwork. No internet photos.
Should you wish to add a video make sure it is relevant to Satanism. NO music videos unless they are your own original music.

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I do have D&D but i have to reinstall it
pyro Yesterday, 10:08PM
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pusher....are you an x-files fan by any chance?
Millsy Nov 24
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Heh Nov 23
It depends on how I feel that day, usually I am not very giving. I've noticed a lot of homeless... More
Heh Nov 23
I think the islamic problem is based on politics more than religion. It's about power,... More
Then I agree completely. I only have this to add: Blaming is disempowerment. Pointing the finger... More
Hartnell Nov 23


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