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Chapter Head
For health reasons I am stepping down
I wish this life on no one.But, until you have li... more
Chapter Head
I have a fundamental, deeply held belief that all ... more
Shawn Aug 16
SIN medallion are here. Gold plated steel. 1.75 i... more
Dear Satan (and Eris and everyone else), Thank ... more
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Satanism is a philosophy based on stratification, ... more
Joker Aug 2
Photos need to be limited to 10 and need to be of yourself or your original artwork. No internet photos.
Should you wish to add a video make sure it is relevant to Satanism. NO music videos unless they are your own original music.

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Witby Goth Weekend - UK
So I thought we could try to do a UK meetup and I thought Witby Goth Weekend would be a good excuse....
Kat Oct 31

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Cheers from San Diego.
Owner/Admin 18 minutes ago
It's predation, but it's not instinctual predation. It's an adaptation in the software rather... More
Shawn Yesterday, 10:02PM
OK, another hint: the term "ego defense mechanism" is a Orwellian term. Orwellian:The use of... More
Shawn Yesterday, 08:42AM
And the favorite word of the smug is 'should.'  Point taken. Frustration is understood. My... More
Padowan Yesterday, 06:31AM
This is an excellent point from the first link:  "Don't sustain any situation or... More
Shawn Aug 27
Publisher response. re Blood Sorcery BibleHi Zach, Thanks for your quick and courteous... More
" Since there are allot of people who want to be famous artists and famous musicians there... More
Shawn Aug 26
Quote from Zach Black Looks cool. Another place to get good satanic bling bling is... More
Just thought I would take a moment to introduce myself. I`m new to this site and I do look... More
Hey Tina, Welcome to SIN. I've been a Satanist for years, but only just joined the online... More
Kat Aug 23


LHP Conference - Atlanta 2016

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