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I can't ignore what I see as an encroachment of pleb politics within Satanism. I see it more and more, the social justice warriors are setting up shop in our garage without permission. Some are already in the house somehow. Sure, I like the TST's sense of humor, and nothing particularly damning has been done that makes us look like morons. But look at the pieces of work they let in there.

It's inevitable they will have a bad influence. I can prove it.

Satanism is not a safe space
As a rule, every satanist is (or should be) a free thinker. Satanism is a thing because of the closed minded attitude on both sides of the spectrum in the US, that created a group of people who actually identify with the fucking devil in some way. I do not claim any expertise, rank, or intelligence. I am writing this in an informal style, because It's easier to not heavily edit things, if you want to police people's grammar go back to Reddit.

With the large influx of a new generation of satanists, those that have come before have the responsibility to be slightly helpful. Before we steal the freshman's lunch money and dunk their head in the toilet for being lame, Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. I put forward satanism is not a safe space, allow me to explain it as kindly as I can bring myself to. My ego says verbal abuse is a better idea but I'm going to try as hard as I can to not be "Toxic". I think I already failed

Does the SJW even follow the nine tenants?
1: Indulgence over abstinence
The Sjw ideology promotes abstinence from many things for moral reasons, including language censorship. It also promotes the over indulgence in whatever you want.
2:Vital existence
The Sjw believes in unproven and subjective new age spiritualism Including the use of crystals, and a mix match of any eastern philosophy that feels good to them.
3:Undefiled wisdom not self deciet
The sjw does not think critically. The Sjw believes what makes them feel better. This one is being directly violated.
4:Kindness to those who deserve it, Do not waste love on ingrates
The Sjw practices love to only their own group, The Sjw is a racist and a sexist. We should not waste our love on them, They just react to our hospitality by trying to censor our speech.
5:vengeance not turning the other cheek
The Sjw plays the victim, instead of attacking their opponents. They do not take revenge they simply complain and expect somebody to fix their problems.
6: give responsibility to the responsible
Leadership is earned not gotten freely in satanism. Sjws have no leaders most times, and the ones they have are inept.
7:Man is just another animal.
Many social justice groups still believe in the sanctity of humanity.
8:The celebration of sin
The sjw tries to shame others for commiting imaginary acts of moral impurity. They do not celebrate rejecting moral codes, but author them.
9:They are the church's best freinds because they are just like them, Not because they keep them in business.
So they don't follow any of them. Why are we letting these people hijack our brand? they aren't satanists. They go against what we teach and drag the name of our religion through political dirt for shock value.
I present to you brothers AND sisters, The SJW is exactly the same as the evangelical christian. I can prove it with a simple comparison:
SJW                                                            Fundementalist evangelical
believes naughty words hurt people             same
believes they are right no matter what        same
Follows leaders and needs them                   same
believes the ridiculous with no proof           same
Needs a group to feel validated                    same

This list could go on for another 40 lines. But the one line that is important more so than the others is the last one. Needs group validation.

As satanists, free thought needs to be our highest priority. We don't gather to feel validated. We don't group together because we want to all agree with each other and hold hands. We meet to challenge each other, to learn from each other and grow from constructive critisism. We aren't a herd, we are the pack. SJWs are the herd of this world. We are the people that dictate to them, because they are too mentally weak to make good decisions. But wait you just said "reeee freedom of speech" shouldn't they be included?

No. not in this forum. There is simply nothing for them to offer here. We have come to a level of awareness where most of what they could contribute we either already know, or blatantly disagree with. We simply aren't concerned with the same things most of the time.

Just like other groups they may be well meaning and even right at times. Much of what they believe is in line with what we do concerning christians for example. But our methods, our discussions, Are different from theirs. The SJW is a pleb. We should not allow plebs amongst our midst. What is a pleb?

Pleb (noun) meaning a person connected to the mainstream hivemind, not taking authority in their own life. IE members of curtain fandoms, SJWs and religious people. What I call "Tethered thinkers". We CAN work as a team, but we also work as individuals. The SJW rejects individuality while thinking she promotes it. The aggressive support of political parties is an act of collectivism, and it does damage to our cause. We are not here to invest our time and resources into political parties, they do not give back their support in a public way, therefore they have no place among our priorities.

The goals satanism seeks are personal, professional, and cultural. But not political. We are outside politics.

Satanists are indivualist, not collectivist. The satanist is constantly evolving in a hedonistic, humanist frame of thinking. We simply don't have time for the Pleb. The SJW pleb can't handle sex, drugs, or rock and roll without somebody holding their hand and guiding them through it. I am tired of seeing these people at our events, just as much as the neo nazis. They all make us look like idiots.

Satanists for example should never care about race or gender. Race or gender has never mattered to satanists, because it (actually) Doesn't Matter. The Pleb cares about these things because government propaganda and personal jealousy compels the Pleb to care. The satanist does not take mental direction from the media, or from the pleb. Therefore, the pleb is not and can never be a true satanist or enjoy the benefits of satanism while being a pleb.

The satanist can be anyone, but the satanist is in open rebellion against the destructive scam that IS religion and politics. If the satanist indugles in religious belief and political dogma, they are not practicing satanism. We teach that these things are bad, and are hurting society.

If your a satanist, you don't give two shits what color your fellow satanist is. All you should care about is how much this person has to devote to the group and their own abilities. Satanism is a selfish religion. We say that being selfish is not bad, but in fact wise at times. Why should we care about racial issues? As I said, the pleb will always find a way to divide himself and any organization they bumble into. We should not promote this crap. Not because the pleb ideology is damaging them and we are concerned, but because it damages our credibility as an organization.

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The Wall

Apr 15
@AK that would be true if we went on tv as much MMA does. We don't. They do. The highjacking of Satanism must be opposed and denounced by Satanists.
Apr 15
you right theblackesbart political stuff can kill any thing. i put a video up by thomas shardan, he makes a good point about never alowing politics in .
Apr 15
@tom satanic I have to relate to the pleb somehow. What if I wanna fuck the pleb? therefore I begrudgingly wear a label. I would like to wear mine with pride.
Apr 15
Must be? Here's the conundrum: by relegating Satanism to a group identity rife with shalts and shat nots, which is what you are doing, it becomes no different and no more remarkable than any other group identity you can name - its underlying mechanisms virtually identical to SJWs or even Christianity aside from the paint-job. A herd supposedly against herd-mentality can exist in name only. There is no "we" to speak of.

Besides, no one has really stepped up to the plate to define what Satanism is. Sure, LaVey defined something and called it Satanism but then so too did TST. Satanism here is just short hand for "the philosophical syncretism attributed to Anton LaVey that he decided to call Satanism" or "the form of social activism attributed to TST they decided to call Satanism".

The actual definition of the word per the dictionary (and what better authoritative source is there for what a word means than that?!) is:

"the worship of Satan, typically involving a travesty of Christian symbols and practices, such as placing a cross upside down."

Should we rally together to get the dictionary changed? Find a better word to describe whatever it is "we" are pointing at? or, more sensibly, concede that people use the word differently depending on the context and that's just how language works.

Not to mention, I can think of at least 1/2 a dozen reasons why it might even serve my interests to allow complete strangers to believe that I am totally on board with what TST is doing. For instance: I have a thing for Lisa Simpson type liberals. They are surprisingly great in bed on the whole. Alternatively, rather than have to drone on for the umpteenth time regarding what my own personal beliefs are to someone who doesn't even have the back-ground to catch a wiff what I'm stepping in, I can just shrug and point to some news paper article or Avon book with a "yeah, sure - that" and be done with it. 'saves trouble. In keeping with the "satanic" notion that my needs and purposes trump those of the collective, I'm somehow not bothered by things like brand dilution.

Brands are for cattle. At best I see "Satanism" as a nebulous and emergent strange attractor with a life of its own; totally independent of the whim of its individual aggregates.
Must be? Here's the conundrum: by relegating Satanism to a group identity rife with shalts and shat nots, which is what you are doing, it becomes no different and no more remarkable than any other gro...See more
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Apr 15
>nebulous and emergent attractor
Apr 15
Its actually very hard to argue with that.
Apr 15
Indeed. Of course, I don't disagree with your underlying premise. I find TST straight-up goofy, histrionic, and a total non-sequitur, but in and of themselves rather than in regards to what Satanism is or should be. To take the angle of "Satanism represents X, Y, and Z and they're out here representing the opposite of that" leads to an inevitable stalemate. Eventually the question is going to come up: "on who's authority does it necessarily represent X, Y, and Z in the first place?" and the objective and impartial answer to that is "well, it's in a book some guy named Howard wrote / plagiarized back in the 60s titled the Satanic Bible that resonates with me". This is fair enough, but it has roughly the same merit as asserting that Satanism is whatever some group founded by some guy named Doug a few years back named The Satanic Temple says it is.

A better approach, I think, is to take the tenets presented as-is and at face value and ask "if I had to apply a label to them, is 'Satanism' - of all the isms out there - the most apt one there is for these things?" Sure, with LaVey, there are a few better descriptors out there for what he's driving-at, but he manages to get a pass (some would argue barely). If we look at TST's tenets - just the tenets themselves:

-One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.
-The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.
-One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.
-The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend.
-To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one's own.
-Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.
-People are fallible. If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and remediate any harm that may have been caused.
-Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought.
-The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

If this were a game of word-association "Satan" would come to the forefront of the mind of exactly no one ever. One is very hard-pressed to come up with a sound reason - aside from histrionics - to, of all the possible labels out there, choose "Satanism" to encapsulate that gelatinous blob of anal lube and sparkles they call a creed. It makes sense on exactly one level - and just barely! This would stand even if there were no other competing interpretations of the word "Satanism" out there at all.

Moreover, one rightly questions how much they are actually "helping" the causes they claim to be behind by their endorsement. In the eyes of the unwashed masses, having Satanists back gay marriage or abortion just affirms what they've been saying all along: of course satan endorses it - in the minds of the over-whelming majority of the media-watching population that's never a "good thing". How exactly is this helping do anything but draw attention to TST?

Their motives are fairly transparent: "Notice me senpai" - which is as obnoxious and ire inspiring to Satanists, as it is to Christian, Jew, Muslim, and Atheists.
Indeed. Of course, I don't disagree with your underlying premise. I find TST straight-up goofy, histrionic, and a total non-sequitur, but in and of themselves rather than in regards to what Satanism i...See more
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Apr 16
@theblackestbart OK then, you are at the mercy of SJWs. I award you Zero points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
Apr 16
@Tom satanic, you make a point. The pleb does not deserve to be ravaged by the likes of me. Indeed I have always found the experience lacking. caught me slippin on number 4
Apr 17
I peed on the Satabic bible, for my birthday, because I don't even care about that bald headed nerd anymore. And I like KORN. And the game DOOM.
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