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My existence is void. Vacant whims sometimes distract me from the truth. But the ubiquitous emptiness will always prevail. I think if I would let myself see me as I am, I would die. 
This black hole that will ultimately end my life, is ravenous to be whole but it cannot due to it's own nature. it feeds off me.  draining my ability to see the dwindling meaning of right and wrong. Soon I will be consumed, melting into a part of the greater picture.. empty, alone, and no longer of substance. Then nothing, nothing at all. No pain, no need to feel ugly, no need for anything at all.

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The Wall

Dark Enlightenment
Jul 1
Try trazodone. Works for my bipolar ass after everything else failed. It helps you sleep, and works as an antidepressant despite being a sedative/tranquilizer. If only there were still Methaqualone 714.
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By EpicFail
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