Suspiriorum, Lachrymarum, Tenebrarum, and apparently, Divinorum from T.Volt's blog

Fuckin' what the fuck.

So I can't put this into words, the post I link to, I quoted and copied here. I made bold the parts that are most important to me.

Not to be taken lightly. Fact is, this drug, Salvia divinorum, is highly potent and no warning, like, nothing that says you should probably avoid your things and belongings and high up places where you could fall off, break your shit etc., and if anyone wants to kick your ass, they totally can because you will not be in reality anymore kids.

Or like, someone can take Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects", put a fake little happy clown cartoon on the front and call it "Captain Spaulding's Funhouse" or some shit, put it in with the Disney movies, and any kid could nab it up and watch it. About as close to an equivalent as it gets to what they warn you when selling this shit in the smoke shops. Just sayin'.

 Taken from a Reddit post

"Salvia is an extremely powerful hallucinogen and much of it's effects are very difficult to put into words. To no one's fault, many trip reports are just all over the place, hard to follow or understand. Many of salvia's more minor effects are never fully explained or put into words. I'll attempt to explain this fascinating drug with the most realistic idea of what somebody might expect when taking the journey. Everybody is different and may experience different things. What i'm describing in this post are core effects that many people experience similarly. I've experienced well over 100+ trips on salvia from the lowest of doses, to the highest. All via smoking. I have no experience with alternative ROAs.

Keep in mind: When dealing with salvia extracts, the smallest change in the size of a hit, can make the absolute biggest difference. Salvinorin A is active in micrograms and just an extra wisp of smoke could sometimes mean the difference between a threshold experience and a high intensity trip.


  • Sensation of a small drop in temperature

  • Peculiar skin sensation described as "static electricity", "sandpaper", "pins and needles", "disintegration", and a sensitivity as if one's clothes are abrasive and uncomfortable

  • Sudden change in atmosphere, as if the world or oneself has "paused", "buffered", or become quieter

  • Heavy sensation of some kind of gravity in one's body, heavy limbs, downward pulling force, or sweeping rotational pull

  • Loose or slippery feeling to one's body and joints. Lethargic body high that may make the muscles feel weak, heavy or very loose

  • Spontaneous confusion and slurred speech

  • Spacing out, staring off into space, look of stupor

  • Daydream like thoughts that seem to be superimposed over reality like as if one is having visual hallucinations in their mind, with their eyes open.

  • Change in color and clarity that appears vivid, but lacking in hue and shadow. A solid appearance to everything's color


  • 2D, flat, or cartoon like appearance to everything, colors become simple as if every shape is filled in with one solid color like clip art from windows 98.

  • Gravity sensation intensifies and becomes very strong, and powerfully spinning, rotating, wheel-like

  • Confusing lapses in timeline of events, like all the cut scenes have been rearranged, spliced, repeated, looped, and distorted

  • Sensation of feeling very stuck as if repeating a series of thoughts or events

  • Choppy splices of the world being lifted or ripped away from one's eyes that may correlate to the rotation of the gravity effect. Like a deck of cards thats spread out, or the pages of a book being flipped.

  • Audio hallucinations that may come in the form of white noise, waves, laughing, music boxes, random movies, TV shows, characters, people's voices, circus music, etc. that all carousels around one's head, and as if trying to reach a loud crescendo that's never reached

  • Dissociation becomes more intense and begins to completely detach one from all reality. Forgetting what is happening or that one is even on a drug, where they are, or how long they have been feeling the effects for

  • Anxiety and panic, unsettling feelings of having made a mistake, being trapped, helpless, stuck forever


  • Bizarre dream-like hallucinations that are completely unlike the visuals of any other hallucinogen. Random objects that seem like bottles, accordions, toys, clothes, etc. vividly appearing and morphing and as if one is becoming these objects or some mechanistic process that involves the objects.

  • The hallucinations move through space in a manner that cannot be explained by the geometry that we know and one may feel swept up along with it all like a tornado.

  • Shift in familiarity that may feel very familiar, nostalgic, dejavu like, OR extreme unfamiliarity, alieness. May also feel like both of these effects simultaneously occur.

  • Gravity sensation has become so intense that one's body is now travelling, moving, or being pulled into a different location or away from earth/reality

  • Themes of rotating wheels, conveyor belts, infinite loops, books, fluttering pages, rapid cycling and layers that are incorporated into the hallucinations that one sees


  • Rapid breakdown of reality that may feel like one is being astral projected or ripped away from everything at high speed. This may be disorienting.

  • Feeling of terror and complete panic. Often this feeling paralyzes you in a hopeless commitment for what lies ahead.

  • Total ego-death

  • A shaking vibration just moments before the onset of effects

  • Becoming completely detached from all reality as the hallucinations don't just takeover the field of view, they become everything and replace the world with 100% new, alien landscapes

  • Entities and presence of some character that may seem taunting, aggressive, and otherwise malevolent.

  • Being thrown into strange scenarios and processes like becoming an inanimate object for what seems like eternity or existing as the groove in the rubber of a conveyor belt

  • Feeling as if one has to move through many layers of events to get back to reality in processes involving suffering, fear, learning, and respect.

  • As salvia wears off, some people may feel as if they just snapped out of a dream, but with lingering sensations that feel stuck to you, and as if you got to wipe or brush it off of you ASAP because you're just thankful that you made it back to reality.


  • Strong black out memory. At this dose you may awaken to find yourself in a different location then you remember or surrounded by concerned friends. Many people report zero recollection of the effects at doses these strong but other people will see the user acting strange and unresponsive.

  • These doses are dangerous to do alone as you could easily hurt yourself"

Yeah, hurt happens, but I'll live, thank you very much. I don't know if I'd advise this shit, but if you want something a little less "touchy feely lovey dovey", and want to take a trip to the wild mind fuck part of you that tells your regular part of you to go fuck itself in ways you can't imagine right now, and then come to suddenly like you just ran physically out of a fucking nightmare in your own mind back into the real world, still dizzy and stumbling over sweating like a squealing terrified pig, then yeah. This shit about does it. Feelin' a little like Neo, for about 19 min.

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Jul 21
Jul 21
Scariest part, is like, waking up to a new reality, where it is saying to you in some way, not exactly in words, but saying something like "hey, this is your reality and this is all you are, all you've ever been, and all you're going to be!" and its a completely painful and weird thing where you say no, say it isn't so, and desperately try to escape and can't, because other than your current experience, there's just a black void of nothing to go to beyond, that is, until you painfully come back to this world, where the teeth of whatever has you finally unclamps from your mind, and lets your major consciousness merge back with whatever was left behind that kept you on your feet during that short hiatus, something I think akin to a baby brain or something that has lost complete connection with it's parent mind, and can't make memories or distinctions, let alone make words, but knows to move it's mouth and run around and try to communicate something along the lines of "something very fucked up has happened to me help".

It's like your brain captures the major consciousness and sends it to a dream state, while leaving the baby brain able to use basic motor functions, so your body can get the fuck away from whatever you just inhaled. Well you kind of merge back with that baby brain and are suddenly reborn back into this world. Five min. after that you feel like normal. Extreme.
Scariest part, is like, waking up to a new reality, where it is saying to you in some way, not exactly in words, but saying something like "hey, this is your reality and this is all you are, all ...See more
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