Sampling my YouTube into rave songs from Zach Black's blog

 You know Joe Rogan is one thing . But you know you really hit the big time when ravers all over Europe are sampling your voice from YouTube and laying it down in their songs.

Someone sent me a email asking if it was me and it was. I then started googling 30 hits LSD and 30 hits Acid ..   gotta be dozens of em.

Now if only I can get them to fly me out to Holland or wherever, give me a bunch of Extacy and party that would be dope.  You may never see me again . 30 hits of LSD guy got lost in the underground rave drug scene.

A few tracks from different people off google search

Can anyone advise me on how to rip these songs? I can rip video but mot tracks



30 hits LSD

30 hits of Acid

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The Wall

Discordia Member
Sep 4 '19
Yep, this is when you genuinely know you've *made it*. You're up there with the "cash me outside" girl and the "ain't nobody got time fer dat" lady.
Discordia Member
Sep 4 '19
Also Bill Hicks and RAW though, to be fair
Sep 4 '19
Hahaha awesome.
Zach Black Owner
Sep 5 '19
Sep 8 '19
This is so bad, but so funny, it makes it okay.
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