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The Human mind is a playground of the subconscious. Minds, like cantaloupe on a tropical island, show their flesh to the sun. The "sunconscious".

Sun reverence is as old as worship itself. The first religions were all sun related. Note The Eye of Ra and then compare it to other eyes that have been important to historical cultures.

How much fun to be approaching a Dark Star it is. 

Dark Star Capricorn.

It is a time of madness. A time of evil. A dark midway of decadent godless pleasure at the death of the sun and arrival of Dark Star Capricorn.

It will be the undoing of all. Up will be charmed. Down will be strange, and the epoch of Di Caprio Diavolo will begin.

The Aether

The aether is divided into levels of access. One can be reached directly, one needs to be reach through a temporal displacer programmed to the opposite spin. The final level is superinterdimensional, not planetary. That means there is a level above you and below It.  It is spin -2 to the +2. You need a superpositional reality modulator to gain access. 


DSC will not not cancel out the sun but oppose it in the same space time only phase shifted to inverse polarity of direction. In analogy it is like taking an ostrich to the carwash.  

The Point of No Return

As the points of redundancy existing simultaneously it carries an auto-destruct clause it it's core directive in the event of entropic cascade failure among each oppsed universe's inhabitants. This would mean the undoing of all.

Bring it on, I say. I will survive the dark star eclipse of all that is, was, and ever will be. 

I am well prepared, as I have a shack in the hills ready to go and also some spoons and consumables. I have the Jade Touchstone as well. 

So let it be so.

It's gonna keep on raining too. 

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By Aborior Translatione
Added Feb 21


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