Inquiry Of The High Priestess(Part Eight) from Cornelius Coburn's blog

1. What is a "soul?"

2. What is a soul made from?

3. What or who or how did the stuff that makes souls come into being?

4. What exactly is meant by "spiritual?" Define that word/concept precisely.

5. Where is this spiritual realm?

6. Is this spiritual realm finite or infinite?

7. What is this spiritual realm made out of. It's fundamental building blocks. Like we can say that protons, electrons, and neutrons are the building blocks of the physical realm.

8. How did this spiritual realm come into being?

8. C knows what I'm going say here, and as a matter of fact, without checking, I'm pretty sure I already have. Not only here, but elsewhere on the forum as well. So I could just say 'acausal' and maybe post a music track, and that would be that, or, I could at least indulge a couple paragraphs while simultaneously steering clear of all but the slightest degree of redundancy. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

In order to formulate a reply here. The neat, tidy, and structural orderliness of this current reality construct must be vacated, following a descension into the chaos of which gods are born. So maybe a very brief descriptive loop of nothing : chaos : order : entropy(returning to chaos) : ad infinitum. It makes absolutely no sense how anything can emerge from a static eternal state of absolute nothingness, but in any event, these are the paradoxes of that which is, and that which is not, that require resolution - if that's your thing, you know, like maybe a side gig or something.

It's not necessarily trying to visualize a negative existence, because it's more like the absence of imagination, or any visualization. You can visualize the primordial Godseed, but a common error would be to visualize it within a spatial construct which is not the case. Probably the best route is just to 'say' that there was an eternity when nothing existed, and then something happened - to steal a quote from 2001 A Space Odyssey : something wonderful.

So, the spiritual realm, and everything else came into being via this mysteriously magical and wonderful 'saviour' from this dreaded eternal nothingness, this magic that forever, without cause, causes the wheels of eternity to be forever in motion, with music and whatever else, as opposed to an eternity of silence - ignorance may be bliss, but I still go with the former.

Thus, the cosmological constant has now been upgraded to an acausal element which is not a constant, constant, but more of a recurring constant in that all times past, and all to come, it...



I believe I recall that C said that she likes INXS, so this is a good wrap on this, plus I may do a supplemental follow-up here, just for the hell of it.

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