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Name is Andrew. I am an asshole. You could say Assholistic. It's a 100% organic form of orthodox - assholism. It all natural. Enjoyable and not troll like at all.

I have built a reality - Video game called Weoponized Spirituality. It the latest in child care development. It's more of a maximum security child care facility. You might already be playing. Its occult, so if you don't get it then, no spoon.

It like our resident Agent, AK says, "what do spoons have to do with spooning?" I do not spoon because I believe spooning is good for the relationship. I spoon to get a bonner. And I Satanism for lulz without harm. 

Thank for letting me in and take a look at the game. If you get it play. If you don't call me at 503 666 3218. Would love an argument for shits.



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The Wall

Dark Enlightenment
May 29 '18
Don't you always end up in jail shortly after you deploy you're "teddy bear fortresses?"
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By Warden
Added May 29 '18


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