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And now it’s dead. The following is intentionally overdramatic and fatalistic.

I refused to accept that I arrived in Seattle in 1998. I refused to believe I missed it all. I missed the assassins. I missed the gang rape. When I walked in a handful people were still about but mostly there were just dead bodies and that known annoying person that can only talk about themselves who had returned to bask in their self-adulation once again.  Hardly a cult of personality though.

Without polarizing figures to make people want to go to the party there is no life. Except for the ones who only believe they are the life of the party.

The party can revive it self in tiny after ripples, but the truth of the matter is things like that peak only once.  The wave that Hunter S Thompson saw break and roll back is indicative of the lifespan of an amoral memoplex. The world is still too saturated with a suggested morality for any countercultural movement to take hold unless they are endorsed by an influential body.  The hippies ditched the bus, cut their hair, and moved to Poughkeepsie to become ‘the man’.

Years later many of the concepts they supported gained support after it was taken out of the world of antiestablishment behavior and into one of proper activism and referendum. The difference being the hippies social aim was relatively nonexistent. It was Peace Love and What do we do now?  Without an appeal to authority it was just a waiting game for authority to be Jesus again.

But how to apply to the party?

Without the presence of Timothy Leary or The Beatles, who were for all intents and purposes bigger than Jesus, the ‘independent thinkers’ had no one to think independently like. Their concentrated version of opposition was an easy anti-authoritative elixir to for the average baby boom child to consume.  Neophytes are an easy mark. The example the key figures made, just like Jesus, influences others to participate in a certain way. When they become subject to object impermanence the world reverts back to its cultural preset.

The once rowdy party has died. And the once lively and devious behavior has fallen out of favor for inclusiveness. But the fun WAS exclusiveness. “You can’t be part of our loose association” was an irony in and of itself, but it was an irony that worked. Nails were hammered per the criticisms of the various Jesuses and various gang style attacks ensued. It was much more fun to be on the side hammering, but those were the rules of engagement. It wasn’t equal opportunity and that’s what made it great.

In the rearview it seems all a mesh of contradiction, conundrum, and hypocrisy but at least it was fun. For what it was, when it was. It is just a shame I wasn’t around for 1967. Or the party. Whatever the fucking metaphor is.

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