empathy.. msg from RAW from EdMenonymous's blog

So taday.. I read this by RAW.. and then he popped in my head..and atsrted talking to me..

He told me ok ok.. yea yea yea.. you hate the pretty people and they make you sick..

But where is your curiosity.. 

Go ahead look at that woman right there and tell me.. 

What does she care about?

What makes her mad?

How is she feeling inside?

Um but before we started getting my power back 

He also said, look... 

so you are sure that this is all wrong and everyone is wrong and annoying unreal full of shit full of themselves uncaring and trippin on their own self image...

and now that Ive written this.. It is truly how I see myself...

serving no noble purposes makes me so angry at myself... 

consumption and walking and talking and working along with acting nice and looking passably pretty even though its fake is my Normal..

Fair enough... 

I feel disappointed in myself..

I am angry at myself, that I have known longer than most about the fuckness of what humans are getting up to and I have done absolutely NOTHING about it thus far...  

I am twisted between surviving taking care of myself and just letting go and saving some fucking animals..

I am lost to my purpose and I feel as though I should have one because I am a very powerful person.. and I allow mediocrity stupidity and apathy to infect my very soul...  

So tomorrow.. more of the same then.. ask ask ask ask ask ask ask!!! 

why does she wear so much makeup and dress like and smell like a fukkin BARBIE? no more hating them.. It doesnt help and I fukkin know better.. 

even if im right there is always Mors to learn!

Im fukkin seriously retarted!

when am I gonna fukkin get THIS!?  

the short bus never gets to the party in hell..


93 and 23 SKIDOO!

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The Wall

T. Volt
Jun 15
Empathy... always praised, but do you really want to know life as others do? Many are depressed and hopeless.
Jun 17
Yes, many others are depressed and hopeless...But, can you really have an interpersonal relationship with someone without empathy? The key is to be strong enough to empathize but not let it affect you on a personal level.
T. Volt
Jun 18
Then you don't have empathy.
Jun 23
I disagree. You can absolutely have empathy for someone.. Understand and feel bad for them... But not let it affect you personally.
T. Volt
Jun 23
That's just sympathy.
AK Mod
Jun 23
If it is possible to feel pain and sustain injury without allowing it to affect oneself, surely it is possible to feel the pain of another without allowing it do so.
AK Mod
Jun 23
for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6tV1yfEPTk "The genius. The will to do that. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we. Because they could stand that these were not monsters. These were men… trained cadres. These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love… but they had the strength… the strength… to do that."for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6tV1yfEPTk "The genius. The will to do t...See more
Yesterday, 03:02AM
@T.Volt. Actually, cognitive empathy without sharing someone else's emotions is possible and can be used for manipulating other people.
Yesterday, 12:26PM
Thank you.
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By EdMenonymous
Added Jun 9




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