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Attention super-sleuths, would you like to solve something that could be funny if found?  I mean you have no reason to, but I decided to offer a monetary reward.  This is bugging the shit out of me.


In San Diego, CA in 2010 I saw a bizarre interview on local TV.  It was at the end of the broadcast and the local station prefaced its airing by including three points of consideration.

• They were only ONE OF THREE outlets to broadcast this interview.
• They picked it up from an East Coast network affiliate. State unsure.
• Because of FCC regulations concerning independent news channels, McKinnon Broadcasting (KUSI) were allowed to air this network affiliate's (unknown) interview.

The time frame was early 2010 (Jan - Mar)

Interview synopses:

A self decribed "diminutive woman" was causing controversy for her unorthodox version of proselytizing.  This woman saw all the problems of society as caused by Satan. Satan was the reason she was something disreputable (salacious probably) and experiencing Satan was the cure.  The crux being Satan needs to be driven out of society by any means necessary.

To protect her identity she blurred her face and spoke through a voice modulator. She explains she receives many death threats for the work she does. But still stated unequivocally her mission was to save people by showing them satan. Sort of like aversion therapy in intent.  She decribed using "Satan as a vehicle or vessel to show people back to god" (sic).

They noted that some sang her praises as doing god's work while even more called her dangerous. She also noted she had  "very important" friends that will see to her protection. Whatever the fuck that means.

That's about it.

These are the facts I am sure of. I figured maybe some one might be able to dig a little deeper than I can using a smart phone. 

Please help me figure out this mystery only important to me.

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The Wall

AK Mod
Aug 1
Check into "Discerning the World" - internet Discernment ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa.
AK Mod
Aug 1
Deborah Ellish
Dark Enlightenment
Aug 1
Right type of people, especially the ethereal holy war bullshit.
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