Pale Blue Dot Syndrome from Dark Enlightenment's blog

Stolen from this youtube video, posted for future reference.

The time it will take Voyager to leave solar system 

Stellar Neighborhood

The reach of earth's first broadcast (yellow dot).

99% of what we can see.

54 local galaxies.

The arrow points out the local group.

Local group of superclusters

Many groups of superclusters

What it says. Everything not moving away from our relative position faster than the speed of light.

The rest of the universe put to a ratio comparison.

Winning powerball twice in a row = 7.89x10^16:1

Entire vs. Observable universe = 1.5×10^23:1

Fun Fact: Everything in all this vastness is subject to the same mythology. As it turns out everywhere in the universe there are anthropocentric winged bitches fighting chimeric monsters. 


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