Re: Quorum @FNORD from AK's blog

*I should hope you're reading this*

Why would anyone want to do that? Bring the best minds of today into a quorum? quorum? Do you know what that means in the corporate world? 

How diametrically opposed to Robert's rules "Satanism" by at least 9 out of its 10 definitions is?

Now, truthfully, how you managed to put up with me for___ years!___ is beyond me. 

And I saw what you tried to do for the site on the periphery. It can be said that your only fault was caring TOO much.

Though you and I are certainly not the best-of-buds by a long shot, the reality is "fuck m!" you were de-modded and basically told to kick rocks on account of what you thought to be (and rightly so) a solid maneuver. 

Why apologize? Why explain? It's just a DNS resolution to a service running on a server - nothing more. The people___ they know where to find each other___ it's probably only 40 of "us" out there, anyway. They'll turn up eventually.

Personally, I think the whole "going back" thing is___ well___ undignified. 

Who does that? If a mod bans me, I don't care if that mod gets de-modded himself, I'm not contributing to that site's SEO by one single byte ever - I'm going to work on projects that don't randomly kick me in gut when I get too far out of line. In fact! I'm going to work on projects that encourage me to get out of line!

Why would anyone do otherwise?

Why would you?

The way I see it, you did get burned. 

<Long rant redacted, concluding: what happened at 600C stays at 600C> 

And now you're contributing to forum that basically told you to go kick rocks with your initiatives and forward thinking! Explaining shit? And to who??? Even I know you're better than that. We all saw it. Everyone with eyes saw it.

Hey, I know you and I don't and probably will never see eye to eye, Fnord, but I can tell you one thing: I know you have heart, and I sure as fuck wouldn't humiliate you by demoting you for exercising your abilities over here.

Just sayin' - I "asked for" what you did to me - and I know this - I wanted it since I changed my avatar to that goofy yahoo emote: signifying that the endless and cyclical pedantry of the place was of the eye-spiraling variety.

You, however, did NOT deserve THAT. Not even by a long shot. That you would go back justifying it to THEM is as well beyond me as it is well beneath you. 

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The Wall

Oct 23 '18
It was more of a suicide by cop scenario, actually.
Oct 23 '18
Don't flatter yourself. He has never liked you.
Oct 23 '18
Flatter myself? You are one nutty creature
Oct 23 '18
You tell a mod who you *know* doesn't like you to "do it pussy" - what do you think I thought the outcome of *that* would be?
Oct 23 '18
He would have banned you anyway. And of course, I'm nutty. That you thought for so many years I was normal... what does that say about you? ;)
Oct 23 '18
I had thought maybe you had a sort of magic 8 ball of quips such as "don't flatter yourself" "talking to a wall" or "by all means" you indiscriminately consulted for quips to append to otherwise tangential points for some extra flare; no matter how out of place they may be. I still haven't ruled that out ;)I had thought maybe you had a sort of magic 8 ball of quips such as "don't flatter yourself" "talking to a wall" or "by all means" you indiscriminately consulted for quip...See more
Oct 24 '18
Anyway, what you need to do is attract new and quite intelligent users. For now on, it's just you, Canis and me but mainly you.
Oct 24 '18
I'm sort of bored of the whole Satanic intelligentsia yawnsville. What I'm aiming for here is a dash off that, heaping spoonfuls of irreverence, and liberal doses of assorted mental disorders.
Oct 24 '18
... mental disorders attached to tits.
Oct 24 '18
and it doesn't any simpler to understand than tits.
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