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Thought sauce just for fun: I'm sure this has been written about before, but here's my take on Satanism, in the allegorical sense of electric output, specifically that of voltage, hence my name.

The basics of Voltage can be found a video I linked in my profile.

The allegorical part: It comes down to power and progression. As an individual, I have control over positive and negative things in my life which push against one another, and I have resources, let's call this the conductor. As you manage these things and different levels, you move your "current" at higher and lower rates, depending on how much output you want. Your electric current won't be able to charge power without "electric pressure", aka, voltage.

So in terms of Satanism, one must deal with positive and negative ends, and with a conductor, that being "you", can charge your current to the effect of higher power. This means proper management of your positive and negative charges, which let's face it, if out of order, conflict and cause too much chaos in your life, which doesn't charge your output. *Or maybe that chaos of throwing it all out the window and back-flipping off the deep end is what you're all about.

Thing about people, is we all charge a specific current, many people on the lower and medium end, while as I've come to notice about myself and other Satanists, is that they have one label for their bottom default charge, which is always much higher than normal, and a lot more risky, so much more care must be taken. The label is quite familiar and always says the same thing, time and time again:


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By T. Volt
Added Jan 5


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