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I am actually a long term in that life I was searching for answers about questions in that universe ....I lived in experience that I don't act it like an imaginary way ...I found that life answers about most of questions and I settled with conclusions that you must have your own philosophy and depend on your brain and thinking with critical thinker who can change negative to positive energy by his vital force I mean soul 

I believed that you can change humanity ethics because its something development so I was appreciate theistic views about nature because it was the history of philosophy until philosophy development and made atheism and another issues like satanism and then realize that nothing is purely adopted by nature I mean as philosophy of thinking 

I see people sacrifice for gods plans 

I see people pray to god for 10 to 1 and all have same philosophy but in different names of religious ex Muslim ,Christian ,Jewiand even satanism 

And it end now with 0 god which means atheism but people missed infinity symbol 

As mathematics universe began from - infinity to infinity 

Which means eternity all related to another like puzzle pieces we all complete picture buy it will never ends but it develop only

modwitch18 Feb 18 '17 · Tags: comparing ideas
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