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I wonder what darkness I’ll dream up tonight...
bl00dredr0see Nov 16 '17 · Comments: 11 · Tags: dark, dreams, demonic
So i wanted to write a Blog about the Paranormal and hauntings. Just to tell my point of view on some experiences i have had with normal, as well as demonic type hauntings before - and read about others, and their take on what they think about the Paranormal.

First to start off, i wanted to talk about my experiences. I have had a total of 4 experiences with "Hauntings" before. Once when i was a little kid, and 3 times during a Ghost Hunting session 2 years ago. My first experience, happened when i was 8 years old. My great grandfather was a WWII veteran, and served in Europe against Nazi Germany - he was Airbourn Infantry. He passed away a year after i was born, so i never got to meet him - to my memory. I remember seeing pictures of him alive, and pictures taken of him whilst in his Casket during his Funeral. He was buried in his Airbourne Retirement uniform - and this experience happened after getting home from School. I entered my house and went to my bedroom, and about 5-9 minutes after getting home, i looked through the hallway into my parents' bedroom, and i seen my GGF standing there looking at the wall. He appeared in his Retirement uniform. I looked at him for about 16 seconds, and there was no emotion coming from him. I looked away for 2 seconds to put something i had in my hand down, looked back, and he was gone. It freaked me out, but at the same time i felt a loving presence during the Experience.

My other Experiences happened in One place 2 years ago. Near me there is a famous haunted bar called Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder,Ky. I went there after seeing the establishment featured on TV. I wont tell the full story, as its longer then my first story - But, all the experiences i had, where sort of Demonic in Nature. We heard growls, screams, yells, and i even seen on 2 occasions, full figures of 2 men near the establishments Staging area. I was touched numerous times, and one full apparent touch, was on my arm, as i felt large, sand-paper like hand, grab my arm for 1 second. Which i was no where near anyone else at the time, and was completely alone. If you would like to read more about this establishment, just click Here.

With that being said, i wanted to get other peoples takes on what they think about the Paranormal, hauntings, and Ghosts in General - and also hear, if possible, anyone else's experience's in it.

Being a Chaos-Gnostic Satanist - obviously the type of satanism i follow, doesn't pertain to any worshiping of an Supernatural Entity - and i know some Satanists are either Skeptical, or neutral to these sort of things.

Xaroxeum May 17 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: demonic, possession, paranormal, ghosts, haunting, exorcism, demonic haunting
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