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Here is a second great truth, which, as I did with the first, I name Mammon: “Money is the blood of the super-beast.” (Read my blog post numbered X to better understand this concept.)


What is blood? Blood is a constantly circulating fluid that provides the body with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal. Consider money. Does it constantly circulate? Yes. Does it provide the body of the super-beast with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal? Yes, as potentials to be actualized. Nothing constructive gets done in human civilization except via the medium of money. Nothing gets built, nothing runs, nothing gets pushed out of sight and out of mind so building and running can continue, except by the stupendous power of filthy lucre.


I have called the super-beast Übermensch, toward which the will to power relentlessly climbs. Now you’ll get a better understanding of what that means. In Homo economicus (economic man) the will to power manifests as greed: greed in all its forms and all the permutations into which it enters. Homo economicus (together with its global network of computers) is the nervous system of the super-beast, even as money is the blood. As each individual member of Homo economicus pursues its will to power, which is greed, it inevitably contributes to the growth and maintenance of the Übermensch, which is the super-beast, whom I have also named Leviathan. Even theft keeps the money flowing, as what was stolen will either be spent or sold, or, if it’s some sort of collectible, it will appreciate in value so that someday it can be sold. Meanwhile, most likely the victim of the theft was insured, and the insurance company will have to pay out. Even black-market transactions, such as the drug trade, or human trafficking, keep the money flowing, enabling potentials within the body of the super-beast, which grows, and grows, and grows, until one day it will stretch out its leg and place its titanic foot on Mars.


This is reality, and reality is everyone’s higher power. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


When I call Mammon forth into consciousness by uttering the great truth of macroscopic human relations – “Money makes the world go round” – I blaspheme, and wantonly.


For if money makes the world go round, then God does not. There is no right hand of Providence. There is only the left hand of commerce and finance. There is no heavenly grace. There is only supply and demand. And to Abraham’s three flocks of bleating sheep, this is blasphemy most foul.


Furthermore – and this is a more subtle point – if money makes the world go round, then neither the rise of the capitalists nor the rise of the proletariat has the final claim on history’s trajectory, for the two are the heads and tails of the same coin (a particularly apt metaphor). Money is the master. Capitalists and the proletariat are merely vassals. Let them tussle all they will, at the end of the day they bend the knee to the same lord. And to Adam Smith’s disciples as well as to Karl Marx’s zealots, this stinks with the stench of blasphemy.


Additionally, if money makes the world go round, then political systems do not. So-called democracies have no defense against the hegemony of money. Nor do dictatorships. Nor do single-party technocracies like China or oligarchic thugocracies like Russia or repressive theocracies like Iran or corrupt kleptocracies like Somalia. Money rules them all and with an iron fist. All of them throw their vaunted principles or megalomaniacal ambitions out the window when the laws of supply and demand come knocking at their doors. But don’t say this out loud on the streets (of at least some) of these countries. It’s blasphemy!


Finally, if money makes the world go round, then culture does not. Literature is a commodity to be bought and sold. Philosophy is a market for college textbooks and professorial tenure. Music is a vehicle for selling ads. Art is a collectible. Theater is for putting butts in seats with buckets of popcorn on laps. All of these can only really be understood from the perspective of supply and demand. Let the historians of literature, of philosophy, of music, of art, of theater, ground all their treatises in economics, or else spout lies. Oh, to say this in the halls of academia! Such exquisite blasphemy.


Money, money, money, money, money. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


Whether you think so or not, whether you like it or not, reality is your higher power. Reality is everyone’s higher power. It sets the rules for every minute of our lives.


This higher power can’t be served, because it has no agenda. It can’t be worshipped in any meaningful way, because it has no self-awareness. It can be ignored, but only at our peril. It can’t be opposed, because everything we do is part of it. But take note: it very much CAN be exploited.


What’s the reality of human social relations? At the macro level, it’s this: “Money makes the world go round.”


I give great truths demonic names. This may seem odd at first, but the more you do it, the more natural and even obvious it begins to seem. To the great truth in the previous paragraph, I give the name you’d expect: Mammon.


Demons don’t exist except in our minds. Yet in our minds their existence is potent. Attaching them to great truths enhances their potency while simultaneously giving dimension and color to the great truths.


Old time occultists had the right idea regarding demons. They didn’t want to serve or worship them. They wanted to exploit them. They cast their circles and spoke their magic words to bring the demons under heel and master them. This is the attitude we should hold toward any great truth. In modern parlance, we should be looking to make that great truth our bitch.


Mammon was never a Goetic demon, so he had no seal. In modern times a few people have proposed their own designs for a seal of Mammon. Instead of adopting theirs, I’ve designed my own. It adorns this post. You can use it as a visual focus for meditation. If you do, your mantra can be the great truth to which I’ve given Mammon’s name: “Money makes the world go round.” This will open your consciousness (“your third eye” if you like that imagery) to all the subtleties of money’s role in every facet of our lives. This is wisdom, and by this wisdom we can begin to exploit the latent possibilities all around us.


As the Beatles originally wrote but the Flying Lizards refined, “The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees, I want money.” ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


The Devil Inside invariably blasphemes, first because it enjoys it, and second because it detests being hemmed in by the thorny thickets of groupthink.


Religionists: Fuck your tribe. Fuck its avatar. Fuck its folklore. Fuck you.


Christ and Buddha: Fuck your monks. Fuck their prudery. Fuck their asceticism. Fuck their penitence. Fuck you if you have ears to hear and holes to penetrate.


Bleeding Hearts: Fuck your tolerance for the weak and stupid. Fuck your heroic protection of them. Fuck your insistence on their equal rights. Fuck you.


Bleeding Hearts: Fuck your tolerance for freeloaders and parasites. Fuck your heroic protection of them. Fuck your insistence on their equal rights. Fuck you.


Platonists: Fuck your preference for abstraction over carnality. Fuck your veneration of spiritual love. Fuck your denigration of the senses. Fuck your atrophying muscles. Fuck you.


I-Theists: Fuck your ritualized megalomania. Fuck your pompous pseudo-enlightenment. Fuck your ludicrous expectations of apotheosis. Fuck you.


Corporate Fatheads: Fuck your mission statements. Fuck your insistence that either we marry the company or we stagnate. Fuck your glorification of the CEO. Fuck your toeing of the company line. Fuck your preaching of the company gospel. Fuck you.


Blasphemy is a great way to eject all the poisons from your system.


This marks the culmination of my first wave of writings. I’ve fully expressed my viewpoint as of July 15, 2021. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


Mankind is a super-beast, straddling the earth like a colossus, ingesting and excreting in metric tons measured in the billions, and awaiting the day it can stretch out its leg and place its titanic foot on a new world.


The Devil Inside does not deceive itself, and therefore it sees the super-beast, looks it in its Cyclopean eye, perceives its Gogmagogian appetite and its ever-pressing need to empty its Brobdingnagian bowels – and then the Devil Inside decides for itself how to respond. Don’t jump to conclusions as to what that response will be.


I call the super-beast Leviathan. What better name for it? But if you think me blasphemous, I thank you for the compliment.


“Mankind, I name thee Leviathan! Woe unto your enemies. Woe even unto your friends. For you must devour all things and shit it all out in the end.”


Leviathan is the Übermensch. I know a thousand neo-Nietzscheans will rise up to dispute me, but I tell you, Leviathan is the Übermensch. Those who deny this are choosing to handwave away all the parts of Nietzsche that played into the hands of the Nazis. I don’t handwave anything away. I see Nietzsche for what he was: the herald of the dawn of Leviathan’s awakening. The Third Reich was also the herald of this same thing.  


What else would the will to power ever have been aiming at? Remember, Nietzsche saw it in all living things. What do all living things, from the bacterium to the baseball player, have in common? Very little, except this: They all are driven to eat, and then to reproduce, so their offspring can eat, and then reproduce, ad infinitum, and the better they are at it, the larger the territory they grab. Eat, fuck, eat, fuck, colonize. That’s the will to power, if we’re going to say it exists in both the fruit fly and the frog. It exists in Leviathan supremely. Now we’re just waiting for the super-beast, mankind, to stop denying its true nature. In the meantime, other heralds will rise up.


How will I respond to this? In whatever way is most suited to my appetites and pressing needs. Will I serve Leviathan? I serve nothing and no one by choice, but it’s difficult to do much of anything that doesn’t serve the super-beast. Will I worship Leviathan? I worship nothing and no one. Will I ignore Leviathan? I will if I deem it irrelevant to my appetites and pressing needs, but this is unlikely. Will I exploit Leviathan? I will if I see a way that I can. Will I oppose Leviathan? I will if I want some territory for myself and the damn thing won’t let me have it.


Working and taking a paycheck is a two-edged sword, for even as working serves the super-beast, taking a paycheck exploits it. To come out ahead, one must receive the largest amount of money for doing the least amount of work. Thus do greed and sloth emerge as a Devilish response to the Übermensch.


See things for what they are. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


The Devil Inside, its predator’s instincts awakened, indulges noble envy and noble arrogance, not vile envy or vile arrogance.


I will define two terms: a “cur” is someone weak and stupid; an “apex” is someone strong and wise.


I will also state my assumption: All have the right to compete for the prize. None have the inalienable right to win it.




On losing to an apex, noble envy will seek to increase in strength and wisdom and compete again with renewed vigor. Vile envy will lash out like a little bitch or else wallow in misery and despair.


On losing to a cur, noble envy will investigate the flaws in the game that allowed such a topsy-turvy outcome, and then will devise a new strategy, as ruthless and crafty as befits the situation. Vile envy will lash out like a little bitch or else wallow in misery and despair.


On defeating an apex, noble arrogance will instruct the bystanders, by word and example, in the proper etiquette of never shaming an apex. Vile arrogance will mock the apex to whatever extent it can get away with.


On defeating a cur, noble arrogance will take pleasure in all being right with the world, and then will set the matter aside, not to be thought of again. Vile arrogance will bully the cur.


Win or lose, be noble, not vile. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS! 

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The Devil Inside wants to feel alive in its flesh.


Death is coming for you. When it arrives, you in your entirety will feed (metaphorically) Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. But until then, your blood is pumping, your lungs are filling and emptying, your intestines are conducting their relentless chemical and zoological experiments, and your brain is producing a holographic, multi-sensual movie in the theater of your skull, for no audience at all except itself. Why let all of this go to waste? Find the activities that make you feel alive in your flesh – and do them!


You have five senses, hopefully all functional. To the extent you can - Drink the world of phenomena like a fine elixir! Feast your eyes on all the world’s splendor. Treat your ears to all that is musical. Indulge your sense of touch with every shape and texture. Exhilarate your tongue with every delicacy. Breathe into your nose all the fragrances of life. And get out from under your own roof! The chaos of crowds is a sensual kaleidoscope. Boardwalks, bazaars, malls, avenues, museums, zoos – seek out the commotion of living things in motion! Even if part of you doesn’t want to. Even if it’s hard. I promise you – You’ll come to enjoy it. I did. And I was always the bookiest of worms.


I dearly hope you have functioning arms and legs. If you don’t, I hope you have other ways to navigate the world, perhaps by the gifts of technology. Try to make time each day to move around! Do whatever you can do that gets your pulse rate up. Don’t do it as a punishment or a self-flagellation. Find a physical activity you can accomplish and tailor to your own enjoyment – and do it! Even if you have to do it in a wheelchair. You evolved from creatures who survived through agility and strength. Your biological legacy is one of movement. Make dynamism a centerpiece of your day! Movement is life. I promise you – You’ll come to enjoy it. I did. And I was always the couchiest of potatoes.


Incorporate sexuality into your existence. You might be surprised at how many on the Left Hand Path are basically celibate. If you’re one of them – as I am myself – then you may choose to make use of what has long been the internet’s killer app: porn. Or you may choose to engage in very casual hook-ups. Or frequent the local go-go bar or strip club. Or take part in some fetish scene. Find what works for you, be mindful of your safety, avoid unwanted consequences, protect your health – and get frisky! Every cell in your nervous system wants you to.


Live until you die! ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

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The Devil Inside lives by jungle justice.


First, whatever dares to interfere with me, must be interfered with. Even that which is more powerful than me, must be brought to heel. I once became convinced an executive was preparing to scapegoat me. I immediately began talking to key individuals about how this executive was making himself an obstacle to the success of a major initiative. In short order, the executive was transitioned out of the program, rendering him irrelevant to me from that day forward. He never saw the hand that dealt the blow. He didn’t even know a blow had been struck. One day he was there, and the next he was gone, one of those random mysteries of life.


Second, I give my help only to those who acknowledge debts of gratitude. I actually look for opportunities to help such people. I see it as planting seeds for future harvesting. Nor do I limit myself to helping the rich and powerful. Many’s the poor man who has his finger on a lever in some mechanism that keeps the world running. All that matters is that the poor man be the type to remember his debt to me. Meanwhile, the rich man who wants something for nothing will get precisely nothing if he comes to me for help, as will the poor man who tries to manipulate me with guilt.  


Third, I acknowledge my own debts of gratitude and pay them. This is how ecosystems remain balanced. What takes must also give when its turn rolls around, else the food chain, at its weakest link, will snap. But also there’s my reputation to think of. If I become known as an ingrate, those who might have helped me in the future will turn away from me. Better to be known as one who never forgets a kindness. And then there’s pride, one of the primal appetites of the Devil Inside. The ape man feels as tough and regal as a silverback when he repays a favor.


Fourth, I don’t allow so-called family or so-called friends to mooch off me or otherwise take advantage of me. A long-term relationship can certainly serve as legitimate currency for procuring time or resources, but only on occasion and within reason, and only if what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The plundering hand of the freeloader must be bitten. The parasite must be made to flee for its life. I don’t live for the sake of others. Not even for family or friends. My time and my resources are mine, not theirs, and no relationship is sufficient currency to procure my slave labor or turn my kitchen into someone else’s food pantry.


For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

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The weak and the stupid smell like prey to the Devil Inside.


Consider the pack of wolves giving chase to a herd of deer. Invariably the hunters will zero in on the weakest or stupidest of the fleeing animals. These canine instincts have evolved over millions of years. Simian instincts are no different. What sets humans apart from many other beasts is that we aggress not only toward other species but also toward our own, though in the case of our own we aren’t generally motivated by cannibalism, but rather, territory, resources, or status. Also our aggression toward one another is usually indirect: we normally aren’t trying to kill or even rob our adversaries, but rather, to outcompete them. (Of course killing and robbing aren’t entirely unheard of.) Unsurprisingly, we choose as our targets the weakest and stupidest among us. This is especially true when we are in fact looking to rob, swindle, blackmail or exploit someone. It is always open season on weaklings and cretins.


In the jungle it’s commonplace for the lion, when no longer hungry, to pay no attention to creatures it would otherwise make a meal of. The creatures themselves are actually aware of this, and will venture much nearer to the king of the jungle than they would ever otherwise dare to. This indifference on the part of the carnivore does not progress into any sort of congeniality. The lion, even a satiated one, has absolutely no desire to lie down with the lamb. The predatory Devil inside the simian is equally indifferent to the weak and the stupid when they have nothing it wants. But if pushed into proximity to them, or dragged into interacting with them, the Devil’s indifference will devolve into disgust, irritation, and spite. This is the misanthropic impulse. The Devil does not, by any means, suffer fools gladly, or let mice make a nest in its beard. Prey belong on the dinner plate or else out from underfoot.


Most intolerable of all, to the Devil, is the realization that it, itself, has exhibited weakness or stupidity. This of course will happen from time to time, as no one is perfect, but when it does, the Devil’s disgust and irritation with itself will far outstrip what it feels toward others. What could be more humiliating to the lion than to look in the mirror and see a lamb? Its gorge will rise. Its spite toward itself will veer to the murderous. Pride is an appetite and humiliation is rancid meat. For this reason, the Devil, and especially the Devil in coitus with ego, will take pains to train itself in strength and intelligence. Much of the Great Work is the never-ending battle to grow stronger and wiser.


Finally, there is the flip side of misanthropy: the mutual respect of fellow predators. This is the “little more to the story” that was alluded to in the previous writing. This is the closest thing to moral restraint the Devil ever experiences. You are strong and you are wise, a tiger to my lion, and therefore I will respect your territory, your resources, and your status. I will restrain my appetites. I will look elsewhere for other prizes. I do this not because I fear you, but because I respect you. Even though I might legally target your share of the world’s good potentials, I will not. You may keep what is yours. I smell your markings on the trail and I do not venture past them, though I know I could safely do so. This is the true meaning of honor among thieves. This is the Robber’s Code. Be forewarned: it does not apply to weaklings and cretins, for on them it is always open season. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

Wolfie Jul 12 '21 · Rate: 1 · Tags: devil, ischyros diavolos!, wolfism

All treats and treasures in my sight, I claim by right of appetite.


Prudes, ascetics, and penitents smell like prey to the Devil Inside. No social sanction is authoritative. No self-denial leads to power or glory in heaven. No cosmic guilt demands joylessness as recompense. No pope or potentate, in gaudy robes of church or state, can induce the Devil to foreswear its insatiable nature.


Now within you is also the ego, which, when operating as natural selection has bred it to, applies a sensible degree of prudence in the face of unyielding force, strategic checkmate, dwindling resources, or unsustainable losses. The ego, uncorrupted by neurosis, is not the Devil’s adversary, but rather, is the Devil’s trusted consigliere. As the song says, “Just call me Lucifer, ‘cause I’m in need of some restraint.”


Ego and Devil in coitus give birth to a newborn self both voracious and wise, a combination to be feared and respected. When opposing forces may still be induced to yield; when strategic options are still available; when resources are still abundant; when losses are still sustainable; let prey run for their lives, for the hunter is on the prowl, licking its lips in anticipation, sniffing the wind for news it can use. Flee! Gaping jaws approach.


There’s a little more to this story, but it’s best told in the next writing. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

Wolfie Jul 12 '21 · Rate: 1 · Tags: wolfism, ischyros diavolos!, devil

Faith, religious belief, the Devil Inside cannot abide. What it can’t hold in its hands or put in its mouth is alien to its reality. It relates to what it can slay, eat, fuck, possess.   


Not for the Devil are religion’s castles in the air, built of abstract imaginings. Bone and blood are what the Devil relates to. Iron and oak, breast and buttock, fish and fowl, fist and elbow, sapphire and gold, linen and silk. Guns and knives, the Devil knows. Cars and boats, highways and bridges. The real world of stone and dirt.


Nor is the Devil itself anything other than portions of the brain. Look not in some imaginary Hell for the Devil. Look instead in the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the thalamus and pituitary and pons, and the medulla oblongata.


Nor was the Devil put on earth by anything other than evolution. Look not to scripture or myth for the origins of the Devil. Look instead to the fossil record and the analysis of genomes. Look to the dinosaurs and their Mesozoic contemporaries.


Not one drop of self-deceit is promoted by Wolfism. Not one speck of unreality. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

Wolfie Jul 11 '21 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 1 · Tags: devil, ischyros diavolos!, wolfism

Psychology, philosophy, and poetry are the three pillars of personal power.


The Devil Inside lusts after the ego. To submit and surrender is to activate integration and achieve the unification of your mental powers. The legion of forces in your brain unite under one general and mount a coordinated assault on life.


The technique I use to bring Devil and ego into coitus is basic ritual, for example a curse like this one.


Alone in a dark room at night, light two red candles.




“[Name]! Hated One!

The ruin of your reality cannot be fled.

The reign of my wrath is in your head.

Order, sanity – dead.

Cthulhu! Cthulhu is in your head.

Dread dread dread dread dread.”


(Repeat as many times as desired.)


Extinguish the candles.


The Devil Inside lusts after the ego. Ritual is how the ego “spreads its legs.” ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

Wolfie Jul 11 '21 · Rate: 3 · Tags: devil, ischyros diavolos!, wolfism
The Devil Inside rejects all faith or religious belief, insists on indulgence as an inalienable right, despises weakness or stupidity in self or others, and wants to integrate with the ego.

That's Wolfism in a nutshell. I've stopped calling it "Satanism" because I'm tired of debating the meaning and history of that term. Wolfism is what I say it is because I say so. If you align with it, feel free to join me in it.

Each of us has a Devil Inside. I don’t know why or whence it comes, but it never fails to be present in the psyche. Some of us just bury it under a ton of excrement. You can call it the ape man, the dark force, the shadow, or the Id. It’s too concrete for abstractions like religion to find purchase in it. It’s too ornery to let anything stand between it and what it wants. Its predatory instincts see the weak and the stupid as natural prey. And it lusts after the ego the way a rooster lusts after a hen.  ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!
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Zach Black Owner
I decided to re-post my reply in a different forum as new forums get more replies. Also I get asked this all the time. 

Luxes orginal is this  


Sep 5

What's a "purist" Satanist believe?

By "purist" Satanist, I mean one who doesn't get their ideas and beliefs from other religions.

Strictly staying within the precinct of each of the major schools if Satanism (LaVeyan, Theistic, Self-described, ONA) is their an afterlife of any kind?

The ONA does teach of a "beforelife" which is the Acausal, to which we return when we sacrifice a male human to Satan, or committed acts of terrorism to kill a lot of mundanes in public. 

Zach Black -
Zach Black5 minutes agoWell coming from a self-styled Satanist what I personally believe that there is no actual afterlife. I believe that we and all living things have a life force. Kinda like Yoda when he talks about the force. 

I believe that or ' life force ' leaves us at death and gets put back into the whole to be redistributed back into the ' one '.. 

Although I also realize I can not prove this so....I could be wrong. Which is why I live my life as if this is the only life I will ever have. I DON'T believe in a afterlife or that our consciousness exists after the flesh dies.

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