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So, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was...oh wait.

Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.

Everyone has a backstory. Or a history. Or a war story. Or an origin story. Something that fleshes out a person's character.

I've been bopping around online since about 2008 under the user name 'sonofject'. In early 2010, I created a youtube account with that name and haven't changed it since. To date, I've left a pretty concise online footprint of my persona that is easily researched on google, and there haven't been many intimations of my user name that aren't 'me' (well...I did run into another 'Sonofject' on an anime image board, whoever it was had a penchant for drawing FFX female characters as trannys with dicks...ya gotta love the internet).

 There was a time in my early youtube days when I used to be a bona fide trollhard. Though I can't say that I ever elevated my trolling into a true art form, I can say that I had some really great shits and gigs during that period. I had this routine where I would smoke ridiculous amounts of Cali good-good trees, then--I would go to youtube vids and try to wreck people in the comments section. No real reason to, I just liked doing things like that. A lot of it, I think, had to do with some anger projection issues along with a mild case of adult ADHD and just being high on weed. My primary fixation would be videos about Anton LaVey, Boyd Rice, Scientology, and a few obscure occultist groups like the Process (PCFJ), and the P2 Masonic Lodge. I would also, on occasion, peruse the odd christian fundie videos that bashed theosophy and new age mystery schools, but that shit got old real fast. It stops being fun when your target fails to see the humor and absurdity in religion. After that, it's like whipping someone with a wet noodle. Stupidity should be painful and all that, but I digress. I'm a grown-ass man with the heart of a carnival barker and soul of an entertainer. Life is carny, carny is life.

Somehow or another I managed to stumble across a little corner of the tubes with a small but vocal community of 'online satanists'. It was here that I met a youtube denizen by the name of Zach Black. Long story short, we became fast friends in real life and the rest is history. Suffice it to say, I've been down with Z's brainchild known as SIN since its beginnings, and through all its incarnations as a social networking site, I've run across many people I consider friends and whatnot. Those that know me know that I don't starfuck on people of notoriety, I don't like to name drop most of the time, and I don't like the limelight of online popularity. I've made a couple-few videos pertaining to satanism on youtube, but I'm no cult of personality by any stretch. It was Z himself that coined a nickname for me, the "Pimp-a-Pino" (a nice play on my filipino heritage and my love of all things pimpish) it seemed to stick and I liked it, although I actually prefer following my primal design of being a pragmatic learner with a strong carnal/adversarial nature that is sometimes hard to control. As I walk the satanic path, as a lone practitioner, these ideologies are distinguished by a more existential and practical reality in which to apply them.

But back to Tidus and why I chose him as a part of my online persona. It's quite mundane, really--I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy sagas, particularly parts 7 and 10 in the series. It would take me a long while to describe how I resonated with the protagonist Tidus and his pathei mathos, but to sum it up let me just say that if you played FFX and completed it, then you'll catch the feels of this epic archetypal story that I give a most prominent wink/homage to through my online persona. It's my 'final fantasy 'of sorts, a self-imposed psychodrama, if you will.

“What’s the point of pretending to be all grown up.... if it means the things I wanna say never get said? How am I supposed to change anything?” –Tidus (FFX)

by sonofject

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