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Okay I have no idea if anyone else came up with anything remotly similar but this one just happened to have poped into my head and since people have in one way or another expressed that I can be funny, and honestly I have made people life, seriously it was never any of those fake laughs because they would fall on the floor in laughter. And so here we go...

My right foot has a vaginal yeast infection because she had been cheating on me with my left foot. Aparantly she can't keep her shoe and sock on, especially around my left foot, more so give the fact that my right foot has literaly has every possable v.d. and s.t.d know to man kind and then some. (Sigh) I worry about my left foot, especially after he was molestered back in the eighth grade.

thejefffrye420 Dec 21 '16 · Comments: 2 · Tags: humer
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