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As a 23 year old college student who is soon going to turn 24 this month, I will soon start attending University after finishing up community college. I understand that attending University in a conservative state outside of California is going to be a totally different environment for me. My parents on the other hand are hoping that I can be part of the "mainstream,"  once I start attending University. The simple answer that I have on that false hope is simply a "no, I have no interest in being part of the mainstream."  Satanic philosophy for me has always been about being yourself and refusing to bow down to the Herd culture. Satanism for me has always been about being true to your character. Now don't get me wrong, in any kind of environment I can play politics if I have to. But when it comes down to being complacent, that is something I will not bow to. In a workplace environment of course I would conform to my boss to keep my job. But outside from the work environment, I am who I am. What my parents do not understand about me, is I have no interest in being "accepted."  As someone who practices the Left Hand Path, I see "acceptance," as a form of weakness. To describe my analogy of the Left Hand Path is this, the Left Hand Path is about transforming oneself who fly's freely, who chooses to be unfettered from society itself. 

It is about you being a free individual. Some of us who are attracted to the Left Hand Path have had certain bad past experiences that got us there. To quote from Nikolas Schreck himself "If you are drawn to the left hand path, it's usually because you've had some kind of life experience that has shocked you, awakened you."  My parents have always hoped their son would grow out of Satanism. Like any parent, they assumed it was some kind of a phase. And they still have this false hope that I might one day change and dump what I practice and believe in. But that isn't going to happen. The quote from Schreck pretty much sums it up. 

I love the Left Hand Path and putting Satanic philosophy to practice. I have no interest in going back to being part of the docile sheep. My personal Life experience that has "shocked and awakened me," will never go away. That life experience was simply one that was a positive transformation for me. I acknowledge the Black Flame, that very gift of intelligence that man has ignored. For some of us that has had a bad life experience, we simply chose to acknowledge that Black Flame within us. We enjoy the sensations of this very gift of Freedom that this Black Flame holds within us. Why go back to conform to a persons wish, if that was a part of that Life experience that awakened you to tread along to the Path of Darkness? 

And finally I will leave a last quote from the man himself, "A Satanist should not allow himself to be programmed by others. He should fight tooth and nail against it, for that is the greatest enemy to his freedom of spirit."  That is where I stand. I can be a politician if I have to on anytime of the given day. But when it comes to dealing with someone who tries to dictate to me on what I should and shouldn't do in my own personal lifestyle, that is something I will fight tooth and nail against.

AlexTheTerrible Mar 20 · Comments: 4 · Tags: left hand path, satanism
A while back somewhere last November I was recently scrolling through Facebook out of boredom. I came across this video from Facebook. Its a pretty cool video on the Nietzschean view of things.

 You know it's interesting how so many people these days like to bash LaVey, by calling him a charlatan, a no good father, you name it. Whether or not some individuals are considered Charlatan's, every point of view that some of these individuals write can have a bit of truth, hell LaVey even states it himself "From every set of principles (be it religious, political, or philosophical), some good can be extracted." I personally think that LaVey was a genius on what he wrote and how he developed Satanism. Every now and then I occasionally go back to reading the Satanic Bible. Their is one particular chapter I like in the Satanic Bible called "Some Evidence of a New Satanic Age." Coming from a half Russian formerly raised Russian Orthodox Christian background, I find it interesting of what I hear about from different Christian Institutions. Such as how Catholics aren't as religious and maybe go to Easter mass or whatever you call it, once a year and that's it. Or how Russian Orthodox Christians barely read the Bible or put it to practice if at all.

The thing I most identify in what LaVey mentions in Evidence of a New Satanic Age, is why continue to hold on to a faith that doesn't work for you, while you identify yourself in that faith? It would be like identifying yourself as a Satanist and not practice Satanic Philosophy, but instead wearing freely your Baphomet T shirts or Necklace without any meaning to it. The way I see it is this. If something works for you as an identity and you practice the beliefs within that identity that you have, I can understand that. What I do not understand, is giving yourself a label as an identity but not truly practicing it. I feel that LaVey's questioning on that, is definitely something that one should think about and look at. I think that LaVey was one of the few western thinkers that questioned on what use is conventional religion for man? The thing that I like the most on what LaVey had to say in Evidence of a New Satanic age is on "why continue to grasp on to a dying faith?" When that faith decides to constantly change viewpoints to a more liberal or Satanic viewpoint in order to keep the flock in. That is something that one should keep in mind.
It's interesting that the in-person conversation's that I've been having with someone I know, ignores the acknowledgement of the past and still views parts of Christianity to be some sort of a teaching of one's humility or "humanity" you might say. We both tend to have the same acknowledgement on the negative feelings with evangelical Christianity. I myself have had my own past experiences of coming out of an evangelical school environment. The big difference between me and this person that I know is this, I don't hold on to the Christian indoctrination anymore. I regard Christianity as a whole to be a religion of slave morality. It has destroyed European culture, with countless atrocities. It has twisted the Aristocratic Nietzschean Satanic values of Pride, egoism, selfishness, Nobility, and its values of Elitism within man. It is simply a religion of the resentful who find these values to not coincide with their agenda, theoretically speaking. It is simply a poison that has been designed to bring mans own Satanic Nature down to their level. 

Now, as I have stated this before. I don't have any hate to those who practice Christianity in any shape or form. But I despise the religion that has been created in order to destroy mans true Satanic nature. It is not my goal to bring mankind into Satanism or Satanic philosophy. As a matter of fact that would be rather un-Satanic. It is only up to man to bring himself up from that slave morality. Man can choose to remain asleep and still hold onto that indoctrination by falling for that good guy badge. Or man can choose to further his Satanic awakening by ripping off that indoctrination of slave morality and by ripping off that good guy badge. The choice is simply up to you. 

I think that its important that if one chooses to bring back their Satanic nature, one must also never forget the negative past of Christianity. If one claims that they no longer follow Christianity and that they have fully "abandoned it" but are still clinging on to that indoctrination, they are either ignoring part of that acknowledgement through history by putting on that good guy badge which hinders their own Satanic nature. If one however fully Satanically educates himself and takes a look at society, acknowledges history, accepts that Christianity is of no use to mans own nature, then that's when mans Satanic nature is brought back. The Choice is up to you.

Their is nothing wrong on appreciating the thankfulness that your country provides (U.S.) such as freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, freedom to practice your religion etc. However, I get sick and tired of hearing the repetition's "that we are more divided than ever,"  "That we must be united" or something along these lines. It has gotten ridiculous to the point where I know this one individual in particular who has commented on my interests in Friedrich Nietzsche saying, "aren't you worried that you are reading a foreign import that's un-american?"  As someone who walks the Left Hand Path, I have no interest in Nationalism or known as collectivism. I have no interest in being a part of the non intellectuals which is the common man in America, who goes to his or her Christian church, has a beer belly, and who gets trapped under the false idealisms of both Nationalism and also to the far Left.  I refuse to worship the state as it's replacement from God.

Nationalism may had worked in the 1950's when it was 100% a Nazerene country, with so many indoctrination's among its flock. But it is no longer there, it has simply vanished. Those who carry the false dream that they want to enforce a collectivist/Nationalist state need to grow the fuck up, It's a little kids dream. This country is collectivist in a sense with both extreme side's of the far left and the far right, (maybe evangelical conservatives included). But it is not fully collectivistic. Collectivism can only work if you have both a religious/political cult flock in this country, that is it. It cannot work fully and never will. Any idiot can figure out that this country is all about making money, their isn't anything patriotic. It is all a figment of one's imagination. Idealism is a poison in the human mind. As a walker on this path I focus on what's real, I do not spend time bitching about the so called "division" about this country. My main focus is on myself, how I prosper on my own. I do not care about the state, nor do I care about its docile humans.

I refuse to embrace the so called status quo from other so called American idealists who are in the same boat on enforcing their fantasy of a traditional 50's Nationalistic country (or something along these lines.)  The only belief that I may hold is on the individual, his own autonomy/sovereignty. Politics/idealism has become the replacement of Christianity. I regard this country today to still be a Nazarene country even though others would say "Christianity is dying."  It might be dying, however the Christian slave morality is still in effect. 

AlexTheTerrible Dec 13 '21 · Comments: 4 · Tags: left hand path

I find it cringy encountering "Thiest Satanists" who would randomly post things, saying things like "work with Satan,"  "He will guide you and offer you succession," or something along these lines.  I also find it funny that critical thinking lacks in those who run left hand path communities, or who are even "practicing it," or not.  If you cannot critically think, or be skeptical on what you find and approach, then you are one of these people who have been weeded out of the left hand path.  As one who believes in the literal existence of the Gods of darkness, I do not use these conscious entities as an opiate to my everyday life.

As a matter of fact I might not really strike a person observing me to be a thiest at all, but someone who is smarter than your average religious American.  You see even though I may believe in the existence of gods/goddesses, that does not mean that I choose to be blind by my own beliefs.  If you on the left hand path want to be on the path, then its about time that you straighten yourself out.  Yes, I believe that the practice of Magick does exist.  But at the same time I know that practicing Magick, is not something that you can be dependent on.  What I am trying to say, is this path is not your office secretary or assistant.  Some people who claim they "practice" it, might have an entirely different take. 

But they are simply wrong on that.  In order to be on this path for all eternity, you have to accept yourself.  By that I do not mean on hugging yourself, but by accepting that you are simply ready to walk on the path, and that their is no turning back.  You see the reason why I like to call the left hand path a Social Darwinist system, its because it is one.  As I may repeat this many times, those who choose to go on this path but remain spiritually and intellectually stupid as a whistle, will simply remain outside of the path.

Let me try to explain what it means to be a critical thiest on the left hand path: I believe that Satan, Odin, and Lilith exist.  But even though I believe that these beings exist, I know that they do intervene with the practitioner himself, but in a different sense.  Even though the prince of darkness is able to communicate with you, that does not mean that he or she could make your everyday life work 24/7.  You as an individual are ultimately responsible in how you will yourself and your own life.  No gods cannot will it for you.  They can evolve you as a different person, but they can't evolve your life all the time.  As a critical thiest I believe in educating myself with different philosophies, whether it is atheistic or not.  In order to strive on the left hand path is to have an open mind by accepting ideas or disagreeing with them, which is the basis of being a critical thiest.  This is not the only basis, at all.  As a matter of fact their are more to consider upon yourself.

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