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You have heard the word Machiavellian used as a tainted label with an odious stigma deeply sown into it by the religiously fervent and the convictions of humanists alike, however I am here to tell you that if you were to utilize the methods of Machiavelli in your own life that you will prosper and find it much easier to exert power and influence over others. For those who only posses a shallow understanding of what I’m talking about I will illustrate some of the core tenants Machiavelli advocated in his masterpiece; The Prince.

Initially, the reader must understand that Machiavelli was more concerned with stability than he was morality. In that time of his administration, Italy was a war-torn cluster of conflicting interests and quarreling provinces consisting of republics, dictatorships and principalities. Those being Florence, Rome, Milan, Naples & Venice as the main powers installed in Italy at the time. Although, Let us not delve into the history, but rather focus on how the lessons in this book can benefit our own life and I dare say tantamount (or close) to LaVey’s book; The Satanic bible.

Machiavelli urged his readers to never be afraid of using duplicity to achieve ones’ goals. People judge on outside appearances, and seldom look at the deeper picture - so he encourages those who aspire to gain power to maintain a facade of virtuousness, to display false acts of kindness, compassion, altruism, loyalty, honour, sincerity… since faithfulness in religion will harm you more than help you these days, I will say exercise a false tolerance of all belief systems. While in reality be prepared to break all these attributes whenever you are required to, you must learn necessary cruelty, ruthlessness, parsimony, guile, et cetera. 

I will tell you that Machiavellianism & Satanism (or any left hand path philosophy) can go hand-in-hand, and that you will benefit in your own personal agendas much more quickly and efficiently if you hearken to the words of this long-dead renaissance cynic.  If you have the time to read him, I suggest that you give him a try, I do not believe it is in our interest to divulge to the whole world that we are Satanists – as morally-inclined people judging with their limited vision will think that we are “evil” and not to be trusted. This will cause our influence over them and all society to wane. Only those you feel are worthy, those who do not subscribe to the fables of "good" & "evil". Secrets are a method to power as honesty will only serve to ruin you. 

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Satanism; being Satanic; being a Satanist; everyone on the intellectual spectrum has had their hand in one of these titles, and the topic has been discussed, scrutinized, misrepresented, misunderstood, and misused ad nauseum for the better part of the last sixty years or so. These terms have become so incredibly over-saturated that the prospect of a universally accepted definition is impossible to fathom.

Is Satanism open to definition and interpretation by just anyone, are all definitions subjective, will there ever be a “true” Satanism? There are many who would love to answer these questions for you, I’m not one of them. There are Satanic Churches, Temples, Houses, Covens, Blogs, Vlogs, and the ever popular Mom’s basement. I’ve been down many roads on the Left Hand Path, and the only truth I can offer of any substance is, there’s a lot of shit on the pavement; be careful where you walk.

Why bare any title at all; why don’t you just call yourself [insert your name]-ist? What makes Satanism, or being Satanic a more defining term, since it’s a term so loosely defined it could mean anything? Is it a Devil Complex; is it some kind of childish affinity to a fictional character or abstract idea? I could answer those questions; but like all other paradigms, mine is subjective. Allow me instead, to answer these questions with another; why should it matter to you?

What is it you seek, when you type “Satanism” into a search bar? Are you looking for some hidden truth behind pop-culture, are you trying to “sell your soul” for fame and power, or are you the more seasoned type, looking to ridicule the new wave of Satanists, who are little more than Atheists using Satan as a meme? Perhaps you’re looking for like-minded individuals to check for compatibility and form a bond, a friendship, or partnership of some kind. Whatever your reason might be, I personally don’t give a nutsack; please excuse the rhetorical questions.

There are, of course, those who seek to continually redefine Satanism; they’re the types who love to answer questions. Their goals are usually to formulate their own branch philosophy, and additionally, entice others to adhere to their repackaging. Often times, they’ll even replace the term “Satanist” with something else; Luciferian, Setian, etc., in an attempt to separate their “new” perspective from their base understanding of Satanism. If you’re one who enjoys chasing your own tail around and fighting over titles, by all means, take that path.

Disregard my title as a Satanist, disregard whatever denomination you think I might fall under, and I’ll show you an equal regard. There is no, “I” in “Team” and I’m certainly not playing for one. My standards are based in merit, not who wears the shiniest merit badge. My approach to truth is through conflict, not calm, friendly discussion. My morality is not codified by a collective, but a personally defined code of honor, developed over many years of breaking taboos and social norms. Define this approach objectively as you will, I’ve chosen to call it Satanic.

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