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Leviathan and Mammon are inextricably linked. Leviathan is the macrocosm to Mammon’s microcosm. Leviathan is man writ large, the species as a whole, swarming the earth like technological locusts, whereas Mammon is man writ small, the individual talking ape, exploiting Leviathan at every turn. I am Mammon; you too are Mammon if you live by the truth of money and greed; but only all of us together are Leviathan.


As Leviathan grows by human reproduction and in certain areas by immigration, Mammon (by which I mean anyone who lives by the truth of money and greed) exploits the megatrends of population increase. As Leviathan grows by the colonization of physical territory, Mammon exploits the business opportunities to be found in the need for new infrastructure, new venues for consumption, and new warehouses and other hubs of operation. As Leviathan grows by the proliferation and refinement of broadband communications and processing power, Mammon exploits the geometrically increasing ubiquity and universality of the internet. As Leviathan grows by the emergence of whole new kinds of markets, Mammon exploits the initial absence of competitors for the exact new product or service it sees a niche for, and gets to market first.


Exploit – exploit – exploit – EXPLOIT! This is Mammon, along with such insights as, “Money is the name of the game,” and, “In Greed We Trust.” Money and greed rule politics, rule war, rule diplomacy, rule science, rule the arts, rule scholarship, rule journalism – Money and greed rule every aspect of our lives – so the only sensible thing to do is to grab hold of the levers of money and greed and pull them in ways that benefit the self. That sensible attitude, and you and I who live by it, are Mammon. The more of us there are, the faster and more relentlessly Leviathan will grow. Money and greed will bring more immigrants to our shores, and population will increase – and Leviathan will grow. Money and greed will increase the demand for real estate, and new territory will be colonized – and Leviathan will grow. Money and greed will increase the demand for online products and services, and the broadband network will increase in scope and power – and Leviathan will grow. Money and greed will create the demand for categories of products and services we don’t even have names for yet, and the forces of supply will inevitably respond – and Leviathan will grow.


Never has there been a more perfectly matched pair of lovers than Leviathan and Mammon, though one is a titan, and the other just a sharp-and-strong-minded little ape.


This is the last of my fourth wave of postings. I have fully expressed my philosophy as of August 17, 2021. HAIL MAMMON! ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

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From the perspective of Hyperborea, what shall we say of war? It enables colonization, motivates commerce, drives industrialization, calls forth innovation, and forces civilizational selection. What’s not to love?


Hoof and Grass – Wood and Wind – Steel and Fire – every age of migration and colonization relied on the making of war, for more likely than not, when an invasive population first touched its feet to new soil, they were not the first humans to do so. Previous inhabitants had to be displaced, exterminated, or subjugated. Nor did Leviathan suffer from this. Quite the contrary. The more advanced civilization inevitably won, unless it had grown soft in its doddering old age, and either way, the losers were expendable, grist for the mill, to the victor the spoils. All was right with the world.


Meanwhile, the makers of war require the implements thereof. First came swords, knives, shields, and armor, and the metal for forging them - and also horses, those noble beasts who carried warriors into the fray. Tradesmen and merchants supplied the hordes with what they needed, and wartime commerce had its genesis and began its evolution. Next came guns and cannons, for destructive capabilities had to advance. Merchants supplied these as well. The march of progress brought forth ever more terrible engines of destruction, and always there were merchants to provide them. Commerce! If Leviathan could smile, surely it would have, nor would its good cheer have been marred in the least by the mounting piles of corpses, young and old alike feeding the flies, for every person and every community is expendable, grist for the mill, to the victor the spoils. All was right with the world.


Where at first the business of war had relied on tradesmen such as blacksmiths, these eventually gave way to industrialization. The sheer number of weapons, ammunition, and war machines required was staggering. Efficiency was needed, and economies of scale, and division of labor, and centralized control. Humanity was equal to the task. Factories were built and equipped, and products were churned out at dizzying speeds. Industrialization soon became the factor that decided the outcome of military conflicts. Whoever had (or had access to) the most and the best factories, won. The United States did not become mightier than other nations because it had more soldiers or because its soldiers were braver. No, it became mightier because its armies and navies were better equipped, and this in turn was because it could harness the tremendous power of the military industrial complex.


Nor is it sufficient to have merely the most weapons, ammunition, and war machines: it is also necessary to have the best. Innovation! Nothing on earth is more beautiful or more deadly. Physicists, chemists, engineers, mathematicians, all are recruited by the military industrial complex, and all do their part to continuously improve man’s ability to slaughter man. To shoot farther, straighter, faster; to demolish more totally; to carry more people and things from point A to point B and do it more quickly so the killing can begin without delay; to better enable communications and the analysis of information so better command decisions can be made and more of the enemy neutralized: the appetite for innovation is voracious, ravenous, never satisfied, and Leviathan gobbles up its daily meals with gusto, excreting corpses with as little concern as a man has for his turds.  


From the making of total war comes civilizational selection, for total war is a zero sum game: either you win or you lose, and if you lose, you are either displaced, exterminated, or subjugated. In recent decades we haven’t been witnessing total war very often. Instead we see governments toppled – and then the victor, usually the United States, rushes in to try to rebuild the place in its own image, and lo and behold! They repeatedly fail. They win the war and lose the peace, over and over again, because they don’t understand what war is for. It’s a contest of civilizations, and the loser is supposed to be made to vanish, either by genocide, or by exile, or by being absorbed into the victor and rendered irrelevant as a discrete entity, its useful attributes assimilated and its useless ones buried and forgotten. Chase, kill, eat, excrete: these are what the victor is supposed to do to the vanquished. When it does it, civilizational selection takes place, Leviathan is strengthened, and all is right with the world, for the victor has proven itself the best at commerce, industry, and innovation, and these are the principles by which Leviathan rises and expands.


Can the individual exploit all this? Of course. Be the merchant. Be the industrialist. Be the innovator. HAIL MAMMON! ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!    




Leviathan has been maturing like an organism these last few thousand years – just not uniformly in all parts of its body. Different pockets of the human race have advanced at different paces, though in modern times uniformity has been spreading, thanks to the unifying power of technology. I divide the stages of advancement according to the evolving modes of transport that characterized migration and colonization, the two principles that play the largest roles in Leviathan’s maturation. It’s by studying these stages that we open the mental door to what I call Hyperborea.


The first stage of migration and colonization was the Age of Hoof and Grass. The hooves in question were of course on the feet of horses and oxen, which got their energy to move by eating the grass they found on the way. Examples of such migrations were the Mongol invasions of present-day Iran, Iraq, the Caucasus, and parts of Syria and Turkey; the Proto-Indo-European migration westward from the Pontic steppe in present-day Ukraine and Russia; and the Teutonic and Celtic “barbarian” invasions that swept across Europe during the days of the Roman Empire.


The second stage of migration and colonization was the Age of Wood and Wind. The wood in question was used in the making of great ocean-going ships, which got their energy to move primarily from the blowing wind. These migrations were westward from the various nations of Europe, across the Atlantic ocean to the shores of North and South America and nearby islands, or else south from the various nations of Europe, down into Africa, and sometimes back north again along Africa’s other coast, sailing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


The third stage of migration and colonization – the one in which Western Man currently finds itself – is the Age of Steel and Fire. The steel in question is used in the making of modern vehicles, all of which are (and always have been) powered by fire, be it in coal furnaces (heating water into steam) or in the carburetors of internal combustion engines, or still more advanced technologies, such as nuclear, in military ships, icebreakers, and submarines. The iconic migration via steel and fire was the building of railroads, either across the United States or across Europe. Some think the mass production of pistols and rifles defeated the American Indian, or else maybe small pox and other microbes, and these of course played major roles - but also key was the locomotive, which brought more white men out west than the indigenous tribes could hope to contend with (especially after the ravages of European germs).


Today the most iconic steel and fire transport is the airplane, by which man can cross oceans in hours. But this mode of transport will one day be eclipsed by something still greater: the rocket ship. Today, the Age of Steel and Fire has yet to express its full potential. Trains, cars, trucks, and airplanes cross continents, yes, and jets, ocean liners, and oil tankers cross oceans, but continents have been crossed since the Age of Hoof and Grass, and oceans since the Age of Wood and Wind. The frontier that only steel and fire can cross is cislunar and interplanetary space. Man has sent expeditions out into this great expanse but has not yet built settlements on lunar or Martian territory. The day for that is rapidly approaching. I hope to see it in my lifetime and have a reasonable shot at doing so.


Reading at length on the foregoing and deeply contemplating it will open your mental door to Hyperborea should you care to join me there. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!  




In this, my 50th blog post, I introduce the concept of Hyperborea, by which I mean a state of mind that is characterized by the principle of awe in the face of Leviathan, that earthly titan who is man writ large, subordinating all space and matter under the dominion of commerce.


The name, Hyperborea, is intended to evoke an image of the frozen north, buffeted by blizzards and blanketed in snowdrifts that could swallow mere men. Here barbarians make their home, ply their trades and spill their blood. Such as these, in the days when deities seemed responsible for the world, would have told their sons and daughters of Odin, or of Conan’s Crom, both of whom had this in common: they were indifferent to human suffering, and equally indifferent to human joy, caring only for their own vast and inscrutable plans. Leviathan is much the same. Not a deity, nor supernatural in any way, but vast and inscrutable, and as cold and indifferent as the killing storms of winter.


Worship is wasted on Leviathan, as is prayer. Sacrifices on smoking altars will go unnoticed, and chalices of wine or whiskey will go untasted. Pious service in Leviathan’s name will win you no favor, and in fact makes no sense as priestcraft, for to live in the modern world is to render service daily to the Gogmagogian superbeast of human commerce - whether we mean to or not, and whether we like it or not.


One facet of what some would call “religious experience” remains available to us: the principle of awe. Tremendous is Leviathan and stupendous is its power! Like a juggernaut it strides forth into a future that will not be denied it, crushing under its heel all the forces of inertia or anachronism that stupidly oppose its greedy and rapacious progress. All will be devoured; all, metabolized; and all that is useless, excreted. A spectacle such as this has not been seen on the earth since the early days of insect genesis, when the first six-legged swarms brought continents under their sway. Leviathan will surpass even this, for what are mere continents when there are whole new planets to colonize?


Join me in Hyperborea if you dare. Let us stand on the blustery peaks of frozen mountains and scan the horizon for signs and portents of Cyclopean enterprise.


I will, of course, have more to say on this. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


“Blessed are they who stand alone, for Leviathan has a place for them.”


What, then, of family, friends, co-workers, allies, or even pets? I’ll use the term “associates” to refer to all of these. I contend that even while encircled by my associates, I stand alone.


First, let’s consider how protective my associates really are in practical terms. My cat flees at the first hint of danger, leaving me to die if the danger is real. (A big dog would be the polar opposite of that, of course, but I’m dogless, because dogs require too much effort, with all this taking them for a walk, giving them baths, the list goes on.) My allies would drop me like a hot potato if my strategic position devolved. My co-workers would feed me to the wolves to save themselves without a second thought. I no longer have friends with whom I keep in touch, because maintaining the connection became more trouble than it was worth – so yes, I suck as a friend, primarily because I never depended on friends for anything important to begin with. Only my family would protect me when the chips are down, and lest you think otherwise: I would return the favor, as I’m not a complete asshole. Yet how often are my family in any real position to save my ass? Only very occasionally, in very special circumstances. On a daily basis I generally stand alone for all practical purposes, despite having people who care about me. And here’s the thing: I like it that way. I don’t ever want to sink complacently into the narcotizing delusion that the universe has my back. Even family can die, move away, become incapacitated (rendering them useless), or turn against me if they catch a glimpse of my Devil Inside. The safest course is always to have my own back: “to watch my own six” as I might say if I were a military man, which I’m not, partly because I don’t want to be responsible for watching somebody else’s six.


Second, let’s consider what psychological strength I draw from my associates. Short summary: I don’t draw any at all.         


Some draw psychological strength from their associates by virtue of the philosophical echo chamber they all live in. I don’t. First of all, I’m a staunch empiricist, materialist, carnality enthusiast, animality enthusiast, egotist, misanthrope, individualist, retributionist, libertine, schemer, and cutthroat - and of all my associates, only my cat is like me in every regard, with most of them unlike me in nearly every regard. (And my cat doesn’t speak, so the echo chamber potential is limited at best.) But more importantly, I reject echo chambers on principle. I do my own thinking.


I can’t emphasize this enough. Most people aren’t thinkers at all. They have thoughts, but that isn’t the same thing. The thoughts they have are whatever bubbles up from the collective. Examine their ideas and those of their associates: You’ll find an almost perfect homogeneity. Same epistemology, same metaphysics, same anthropology, same moral philosophy, same theory of happiness, same strategy for living. They draw comfort from this sameness. Intellectually, they feel safer in a group: they put their trust in having strength in numbers. I don’t do any of that. I draw comfort from the fact that my ideas are my own. I feel safer as an intellectual free agent, a philosophical lone wolf. I put my trust in my own mental abilities and disciplines, my own intellectual honesty and ruthless self-examination.


Does Leviathan – by which I mean the human species as a titan on the earth – have a place for me? Of course it does. Regardless what associates I have or don’t have encircling me – regardless what “isms” I carry or don’t carry in my mental apparatus – every dollar I earn or spend; every product or service I buy or sell; every idea I receive or distribute; these together simply can’t fail to provide Leviathan with oxygen, food, water, and body heat, and Leviathan likewise simply can’t fail to put money, products, services, and ideas into the physical or virtual spaces I inhabit. My mutual assured entanglement with Leviathan is unconditional, ending only when I die or wander off into the wilderness, never to be heard from again.


I am Homo economicus and a self-directed cell in the body of something Brobdingnagian. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


There is still one “Bad Attitude” from WOLFISM XIX that I haven’t yet discussed.


“Blessed are they who stand alone, for Leviathan has a place for them.”


Many people are frightened by the prospect of standing alone. They tremble at the thought of having no crowd to protectively encircle them. I vomit such people out of my mouth.


Some feel comforted by racial encirclement. “I’m white, and the great white army surrounds me.” Or: “I’m black, and my African forebears encircle me with justice like steel.” I reject all that. I’m Italian, but I take no solace in that. My strength and my cunning, and they alone, are the source of my inner peace.


Some feel comforted by religious encirclement. “I am a member of the Body of Christ.” Or: “I am of Israel, God’s chosen people.” Or: “The Ummat al-Islam contains me.” I reject all that. I could have decided to wrap religious Satanism around me like a blanket, to keep the bogeyman of aloneness at bay, but I chose instead to put the bogeyman to the sword.


Some feel comforted by national encirclement. “Stars and stripes forever!” Or: “Rule, Britannia!” I reject all that. Sure, I live in one of the world’s two superpowers (China being the other, whether anyone wants to admit that or not) but that doesn’t mean that I myself have super powers, and I have never known how to take pride in anything other than my own capabilities and accomplishments.


Some feel comforted by gender encirclement. “I’m a man like my daddy was.” Or: “I am woman – Hear me roar! Girl power forever!” I reject all that. My strength and my cunning do not derive from my Y-chromosome. And to all the women who roar: I admire you and I applaud your claiming of your power, but it is not your pair of X-chromosomes that make you elite amongst the beasts of the jungle: It is the steel in your spine, and the razor sharpness of your wits.   


Some feel comforted by philosophical encirclement. “I’m a Conservative.” Or: “I’m a Liberal.” Or: “I’m a Fascist.” Or: “I’m a Communist.” Or: “I’m an Objectivist.” Or: “I’m a Satanist.” I reject all that. I have declined even to name my philosophy Satanic, for two reasons: (1) arguing over what is or is not Satanic never ends and never bears any fruit; and (2) any such naming of my philosophy might imply I accept the authority of some prior thinker, and I do not: LaVey, for instance, is an influence, yes, a muse, yes, even a kind of mentor, yes – but never an authority over me. I make my own meaning and I am a law unto myself.


Standing alone is my freely chosen destiny and I happily take it up. That I do so is perhaps my greatest pride.


That said, there is an encirclement none of us can escape, short of wandering off into the wilderness and never being heard from again. Leviathan, by which I mean the human species as a titan on the earth, devouring all things, metabolizing all things, excreting all that is useless to it – this encircles us whether we like it or not. We’re part of it. Every dollar we spend is oxygen for it. Every product we produce is food for it. Every service we render is water for it. Every idea we circulate is body heat for it.


I don’t ask what I can do for Leviathan. I don’t need to. Everything I do, I ultimately do for Leviathan whether I like it or not, even if my conscious purpose is utterly selfish. No, what I ask is, what can Leviathan do for me? I don’t ask this question as an Italian; nor as any kind of religious adherent; nor as an American; nor as a man; nor even as a Satanist. I ask this question from a place of total individualism and complete egotism. What can Leviathan do for this unique biological organism that I perceive myself to be? Nor is it ever difficult for me to get my answer. Money, products, services, and ideas swarm all about me. I need merely be strong and cunning enough to be able to get my hands on the things I want or need.


Leviathan helps those who help themselves. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

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The love of money is the beginning of wisdom.


The fear of God is the root of the poisonous tree.


Blessed are the rich, for they stand at the helm.


Blessed are the greedy, for they would possess the earth.


Blessed are they who take the biggest portion, for because of them, the meek will go without.


Blessed are they who laugh, for they know the great truth.


Blessed are they who lust, for their senses are alive.


Blessed are they who love food, for the world is their oyster.


Blessed are they who work smarter, not harder, for by sloth they conquer.


Blessed are the vain, for they adorn the best subject.


Blessed are they whose arrogance makes them walk like kings, for the earth knows its master.


Blessed are they whose envy elevates their ambitions, for they will have the last laugh.


Blessed are they who make their own meaning, for they prove they have no need of God.


Blessed are they who are laws unto themselves, for they shall be called Lords of Order.


Blessed are the strong, for they can bear the brunt of an attack.


Blessed are the cunning, for they set traps their prey will not escape.


Blessed are they whose malice is a thing of beauty, for theirs is the highest art.


Blessed are the buyers and sellers, for they make the world go round.

Blessed are they who take ACTION out in the world, for the world is vulnerable to them.


Blessed are the selfish, for they have their hands on the throat of God.


Blessed are they who stand alone, for Leviathan has a place for them.


Blessed are they who honor the name of Mammon, for they prove they are fearless of God.


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“Greed is the subconscious of the super-beast.”


How can we exploit the third great Mammon-truth?


First, we must understand that there is only a subconscious in relation to an ego. The entire function of the subconscious is to press against the ego. Yet I've said the super-beast's ego hasn't yet emerged, and this is true. It's in the process of coalescing out of unconscious chaos. All we have right now are pockets of pre-ego or proto-ego, the most obvious being the central banks. Notice I didn’t say governments. The ego is the reality principle in an organism, and governments are decidedly not in the realty business. In fact we specifically want to look at central banks that function independently of governments and their bullshit.


The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. It wasn’t always as independent as it is today, but in recent times, the Federal Reserve has flat out refused to become politicized, and has managed to stick to its guns and yield nothing of its power. For that very reason, the economy of the United States has proven far more resilient than many expected it to. It has had its ups and down, but it hasn’t collapsed or spun out of control, and we have the Federal Reserve to thank for that. What’s more, the politicians know it. President-elect George W. Bush, in the year 2000, had this to say: “One of the things I'm certain that I should not do as president-elect is to try to put words in the mouth of Alan Greenspan.”


This, then, is what we as a species can do at the present time to hasten the emergence of the ego of the super-beast: We can push for the creation and preservation of independent central banks in every country.


As the macroscopic ego continues to coalesce, so too does the macroscopic subconscious. They're each pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, from out of the chaotic miasma they currently float in. They're doing this in tandem, like two lovers awakening the life force in one another. The rhythm of their lovemaking is the intricate percussion of the global economy. Money changing hands, goods and services being bought and sold, this is the one thing, the only thing, that unites our species across oceans and continents, and that's why the macroscopic ego will perceive reality through an economic lens, and the macroscopic subconscious will press hardest from the perspective of greed.


When macroscopic greed has fully emerged, humanity will have finally put Plato and his cerebral values to death. Will have finally (again and for good) put Christ and his “Blessed are the poor” to death. Finally put the Buddha and his “Suffering is caused by desire” to death. Finally (again and for good) put John Lennon and his “All you need is love” to death. Finally put Billy Bob Butkus and his “It’s OK if I’m poor if niggers are poorer” to death. Love of money – not fear of God – will be seen as the beginning of wisdom. Spiritual pipedreams – not love of money – will be seen as the root of all evil. The great motto of the Planetary Federation will be, “In Greed We Trust.”


Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, I name thee Antichrist, in whom I am well pleased. This is the last of my second wave of writings. I have fully expressed my viewpoint as of July 20, 2021. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

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“Money is the blood of the super-beast.”


How can we exploit the second great Mammon-truth?


One way is by applying this wisdom to the stock market.


First, we must ask ourselves: What is the super-beast doing? Answer: It is growing. In four dimensions – human population, the global computer network, physical territory, and economic territory – it is growing, and so it makes diabolical sense for us to invest in these four areas. Leviathan’s relentless advance and expansion is the Dao, what some might call an “invisible hand,” which is not a metaphysical concept, but rather, is a macroeconomic statistical hypothesis which can be tested quantifiably by experts. Leviathan is the Übermensch, the ultimate aim of all power, and make no mistake, money is power.


The way to invest in human population growth is to invest in all forms of infrastructure, for without the latter, the former is doomed either to failure or to the useless multiplication of useless human bodies. Roads, bridges, sewers, electricity, natural gas, potable water, food, telephony, the internet, education, medicine, cars and trucks, and mass transit are all essential to a growing human population that isn’t going to just wallow in miserable poverty. Companies that contribute to the advance and expansion of infrastructure will ride the current of the Dao. Consider investing in them.    


The way to invest in the growth of the global computer network is to invest in (a) those companies who are building or improving the internet backbone and (b) those companies who are exploiting the internet backbone in new, innovative ways. The latter category includes streaming companies, gaming companies, and the makers of smart cars and smart homes. Companies in both categories are riding the current of the Dao. Consider investing in them. In particular look for companies who are pushing the frontiers of artificial intelligence.


The way to invest in the growth of physical territory is to invest in (a) undersea colonization and (b) outer space colonization. These are not pipedreams, nor are they boondoggles. The will to power is the will to eat, reproduce, and colonize. Living things have been conquering new territories from the dawn of intentional locomotion in the invertebrate kingdom. Vertebrates doubled down on this imperative. Mighty indeed was the will to power in the first proto-amphibians who boldly went where no animal had gone before: dry land. Humanity, meanwhile, has invaded every terrestrial niche we laid our eyes on. The bottom of the ocean beckons, as does the surface of the moon, and of Mars. Companies engaged in these grand expeditions are riding the current of the Dao. Consider investing in them.


The way to invest in the growth of economic territory is to invest in companies who are creating whole new markets. The cell phone was an example of this, and the smart phone took it a step further. Anti-perspirant was a supreme example. Before advertisers taught them to, consumers didn’t fear the stink of their underarms. Superhero movies have been a triumphant example. Companies who teach consumers to want things they never wanted before, or to fear things they never feared before, ride the current of the Dao. Consider investing in them.


I, of course, am not a financial adviser, and this post is for entertainment purposes only. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

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Here is the third great truth, which, as I did with the first and second, I name Mammon: “Greed is the subconscious of the super-beast.” (Read my blog post numbered X to get grounded in this concept.)


You may have noticed I employ elephantine images when I post about Leviathan. Isn’t he a sea serpent? I made the decision to subsume Behemoth into the concept of Leviathan. Behemoth is widely thought to be a hippopotamus, but Egypt, in biblical times, did have elephants, and since I find their faces less comical than that of the hippo, I went with the pachyderm with the prehensile proboscis. But I haven’t discarded the sea serpent archetype. Take a look at the image at the bottom of this post.


What you’re looking at is one of William Blake’s masterpieces, which the famous mystic created in 1825. There’s a definite yin/yang structure to the image, which Blake titled, “Behemoth and Leviathan.” I’ve decided to perceive the two beasts as heads and tails of the same coin, so for me, the title would simply be, “Leviathan.” I choose to perceive the land creature as holding the yang position, which makes it the light of day, activating, ego aspect. I choose to perceive the sea serpent as holding the yin position, which makes it the dark of night, reactive, subconscious aspect.


Leviathan, in this symbol, is the Dao, the sum of day and night, action and reaction, ego and subconscious, land creature and sea serpent.


The sea serpent is the reactive subconscious of the super-beast. It’s the will to power of all the individual members of Homo economicus: the sum of all human greed. The land creature, whose approximation in real world zoology is for me an elephant, is the activating ego of the super-beast. It has not yet awakened. It will continue to slumber until something momentous happens, perhaps the Singularity. Remember: the global computer network has been completely coopted by the forces of human greed. The Singularity, if it emerges, will be Machina economicus. Its design will be founded on economic imperatives.


If Machina economicus emerges in our lifetimes, the sensible question for us to ask about it will be: How can we exploit it? ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


Here is a second great truth, which, as I did with the first, I name Mammon: “Money is the blood of the super-beast.” (Read my blog post numbered X to better understand this concept.)


What is blood? Blood is a constantly circulating fluid that provides the body with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal. Consider money. Does it constantly circulate? Yes. Does it provide the body of the super-beast with nutrition, oxygen, and waste removal? Yes, as potentials to be actualized. Nothing constructive gets done in human civilization except via the medium of money. Nothing gets built, nothing runs, nothing gets pushed out of sight and out of mind so building and running can continue, except by the stupendous power of filthy lucre.


I have called the super-beast Übermensch, toward which the will to power relentlessly climbs. Now you’ll get a better understanding of what that means. In Homo economicus (economic man) the will to power manifests as greed: greed in all its forms and all the permutations into which it enters. Homo economicus (together with its global network of computers) is the nervous system of the super-beast, even as money is the blood. As each individual member of Homo economicus pursues its will to power, which is greed, it inevitably contributes to the growth and maintenance of the Übermensch, which is the super-beast, whom I have also named Leviathan. Even theft keeps the money flowing, as what was stolen will either be spent or sold, or, if it’s some sort of collectible, it will appreciate in value so that someday it can be sold. Meanwhile, most likely the victim of the theft was insured, and the insurance company will have to pay out. Even black-market transactions, such as the drug trade, or human trafficking, keep the money flowing, enabling potentials within the body of the super-beast, which grows, and grows, and grows, until one day it will stretch out its leg and place its titanic foot on Mars.


This is reality, and reality is everyone’s higher power. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!


Mankind is a super-beast, straddling the earth like a colossus, ingesting and excreting in metric tons measured in the billions, and awaiting the day it can stretch out its leg and place its titanic foot on a new world.


The Devil Inside does not deceive itself, and therefore it sees the super-beast, looks it in its Cyclopean eye, perceives its Gogmagogian appetite and its ever-pressing need to empty its Brobdingnagian bowels – and then the Devil Inside decides for itself how to respond. Don’t jump to conclusions as to what that response will be.


I call the super-beast Leviathan. What better name for it? But if you think me blasphemous, I thank you for the compliment.


“Mankind, I name thee Leviathan! Woe unto your enemies. Woe even unto your friends. For you must devour all things and shit it all out in the end.”


Leviathan is the Übermensch. I know a thousand neo-Nietzscheans will rise up to dispute me, but I tell you, Leviathan is the Übermensch. Those who deny this are choosing to handwave away all the parts of Nietzsche that played into the hands of the Nazis. I don’t handwave anything away. I see Nietzsche for what he was: the herald of the dawn of Leviathan’s awakening. The Third Reich was also the herald of this same thing.  


What else would the will to power ever have been aiming at? Remember, Nietzsche saw it in all living things. What do all living things, from the bacterium to the baseball player, have in common? Very little, except this: They all are driven to eat, and then to reproduce, so their offspring can eat, and then reproduce, ad infinitum, and the better they are at it, the larger the territory they grab. Eat, fuck, eat, fuck, colonize. That’s the will to power, if we’re going to say it exists in both the fruit fly and the frog. It exists in Leviathan supremely. Now we’re just waiting for the super-beast, mankind, to stop denying its true nature. In the meantime, other heralds will rise up.


How will I respond to this? In whatever way is most suited to my appetites and pressing needs. Will I serve Leviathan? I serve nothing and no one by choice, but it’s difficult to do much of anything that doesn’t serve the super-beast. Will I worship Leviathan? I worship nothing and no one. Will I ignore Leviathan? I will if I deem it irrelevant to my appetites and pressing needs, but this is unlikely. Will I exploit Leviathan? I will if I see a way that I can. Will I oppose Leviathan? I will if I want some territory for myself and the damn thing won’t let me have it.


Working and taking a paycheck is a two-edged sword, for even as working serves the super-beast, taking a paycheck exploits it. To come out ahead, one must receive the largest amount of money for doing the least amount of work. Thus do greed and sloth emerge as a Devilish response to the Übermensch.


See things for what they are. ISCHYROS DIAVOLOS!

Dominic Cross
In the underground Cabals of Classical Satanism that I have had the good fortune to work with on my journey the power of Leviathan is very different from its concept in some Magickal Orders where it is seen as a Sea Serpent of sorts or a Demon.
Leviathan in truth is an energy, Serpentine energy, a current which runs through the heart of creation and starts within the Black Flame of Satan.
It is a current of power which traverses all realms of existence forming an Energy Matrix of Infernal force throughout creation ~ this current runs through the Ley Lines within the Earth and is utilized in the Arts of Demonic Alchemy and also within the mortal form as what the Tantrists call the Kundalini Serpent, the base energy which can be summoned through sexual stimulation and/or meditation.
Leviathan is not a Demonic Sea Serpent, it is not an entity, it is a power ~ a sustained force emanating from Our Lord Satan, it is the creative current of Satan’s force, in essence Satan’s Spiritual Bloodline and this is why it is so powerful.
The aspect of it being a creature of the Sea is a misinterpretation, it is indeed a Demon of the Sea, but the Sea of the Abyss and the Subconscious, the vast vista of the Abyss from which all originally gestates.
This Leviathanic Current is the foundational power behind the Satanic Black Arts of Sex Magick and Demonic Alchemy for they tap into the energy source directly on physical and elemental levels and through this to the Bloodline itself and Satan.
The Leviathanic power which runs through the Ley Lines is integral to the practices of Demonic Elemental Alchemy, in truth the Ley Lines are the veins of the planet stretching out across its lands and forging a matrix, a web of intricate currents, it is these veins that channel the Spiritual Blood and Energy of Satan and His Demons.
Crossroads, Mounds and even objects of human invention often occur at power points of this Infernal Matrix (where a number of Lines cross or interconnect) and these places have long been Sacrosanct to the Magician and Witch.
Understanding the utilization of Leviathanic Energy currents and the methods to harness, block, channel, energize and blacken them are a specific kind of Infernal Magick which you will be unlikely to ever see in published works for knowledge of these Arts (certainly in the wrong hands) could be catastrophic when merged with Demonic Sorcery.
The Leviathanic energy within the human body (known as Kundalini energy in the East) is equally as powerful, for when the Leviathanic Serpent is unleashed from the base of the body to climb the Infernal Pillar it can rejuvenate, empower and enhance the Magickal abilities of the Satanic Initiate.
When used for Healing the Leviathanic Serpent is visualized as empowering each of the Demonic Centres along the Infernal Pillar (these in Eastern Traditions called Chakras) . . . these Power Centres are connected to Seven of the most powerful entities in Hell as follows:

The Muladhara Chakra is connected to Naamah ~ the Svadhisthana Chakra is connected to Asmodeus ~ the Manipura Chakra is connected to Rimmon ~ the Anahata Chakra connected to Beelzeboul ~ the Vishuddha Chakra is connected to Agaliarept ~ the Ajna Chakra connected to Lilith and the Sahasrara/Crown Chakra is connected to Satan.

In Satanic Sex Magick this Leviathanic Current is summoned by the Infernal Priest and then during the act of cunnilingus upon the Infernal Priestess the tongue of the Priest is symbolic and – on a Magickal level – the actual tongue of Leviathan stimulating the Dark Grail of Lilith symbolized by the Vulva of the Priestess, the Serpent of Wisdom within the Grail summoned by the Priests stimulation . . . this is the highest and most powerful form of Infernal Sex Magick.

Infernal Benedictions
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