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If ever satan needs me to do something it will be done. I think that goes with believing in something. It keeps phoney people out for example how christ you just have to repent or baptized but people do the same things over again and it makes a weird congregation of people who most likely would only meet at church. I think I can feel satan though on a more spiritual feeling at first I thought I was crazy but I use to have stomach problems that have mostly gone away and this is stomach problems for years ago. I guess from stress but since changing my name and being more active I been feeling better as time goes. Sometimes I think I should do things faster and I would if I knew what to do. I hear a voice saying I should "leave" and I'm thinking like leave who/what and how. I hear these voices all the time since I was 18 it's also lately been talking about killing theirself. I'm not sure who it is but it all started (the voices) around the time I started dating this Asian girl I met at a has station where I use to work by in Washington state. We dated for like 3years I loved her but the more I'd be around her the less I could stand being around her. Not relationship wise but it felt like my soul was afraid of her and I don't know why. It felt like she was gonna try and have me killed (maybe we were associated with gangs) now this was long before I changed my name and I had a regular Christian name but was atheist at the time. I don't think I would be Satanist if I stayed with her though that's for sure so maybe it was all for the better.
Idk what it is but I feel lately like something is about to happen idk if it good or bad (I think good) maybe cause most of the people I'm cool with is leaving the military soon. They taught me some stuff about different things about Magik and tarot. When they leave idk anyone else that are into these things. It might be cause I need someone to be with but I want to be with someone that is satanic and it's kinda hard to find people like that. If I ever get enough money I'll try a con that's the best way I suppose. Weird thing about the dudes that taught me about Magik and tarot is they don't seem to think to highly of lucifer. I remember telling one of them I'm changing my last name to baphomet and he said that baphomet lead his people to die or something like that. I still changed my name though even if it's true may as well take another shot at it. 
80sbb Jan 8 · Tags: life, magik, anxious
EpicFail TITS
The human mind seems nearly incapable of accepting that one day we will return to oblivion. Perhaps it's that survival instinct we all have-- that natural drive to cling to life even when we know death is imminent.

Maybe most of us can't grasp the probable reality that this is all there is. Certainly there must be some kind of meaning.. most people grow up, reproduce have mundane jobs and expire. 

life in and of itself is void of meaning.  Human existence in its entirety has no core significance. So yes, this is it.

However, meaning can be created.  One must focus on him or herself. Finding their own little piece of secular paradise.  

Fuck the idea of an uncertain at best afterlife. No speculation on the reality of here and now is necessary. we need to focus every moment possible on things that are significant to us-- make the most of each minute. We have choices. The three obvious ones are, pretend this life is only a bridge and put your faith in a likely imaginary entity, or live a life void of meaning ..a life of simply existing or make the most of it and enjoy.

End of rant

My name is dallas and I'm from New zealand.

Through my 18 years of living, I have discover alot about the world. This is my Point of view from all the experiences though out my life.

There is a common factor with religion (excluding satanism) that it is all used to bring people hope because they are afraid to die or scared of the unknown. Satanism is not about going to heaven or being judged by sin, its about enjoying what you have in front of you and exploring new things in life that's exciting. Rather than placing your hope in a book that Thousands of years old that was written by who knows. That why I choose satanism.

Life hasn't been fair to anyone and anyone would agree with me. Life has given me the chance to see the bad and the good but mostly Ive seen the worst. A few years back I nearly killed myself due to self guilt and believing I could do nothing to make anyone happy. And that my most hated thing as a human that is making mistakes and then repeating the same mistake. Well I am saying that is life has put me to the test. I have come to see there is not such thing is a heaven or a hell because we are living in them all in one now..

And here's my favourite Quote from the movie. Blood Diamond: 

" God Left this planet a long time ago".

DallasJH Mar 6 '18 · Tags: life, meaning, satanism, blog, my life
Wicked Resistor
   My name is Chloe, I'm 21 and live in the Sacramento valley in California. I'm a transgender female who is just beginning my transition and i want to share my experiences, struggles and successes throughout my journey. And another reason i want to make this is so that i have something to look back on and track my mindset and progress. And as a satanist I'm inclined to believe that most satanists on this site share my view of being yourself and value personal happiness above all else. And that's what I'm doing. I know there's plenty of assholes everywhere, even here. But even so i feel like this is a safer environment than most to talk about and share my experiences. I will also occasionally rant about random things. I am horrible with keeping a schedule or dates, so this will most likely be spur of the moment and not regular.. But i will try!
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