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Cornelius Coburn
So with existential origins and a complete negation of everything you end up with an unknown element, i.e. an unstable unknown as a cause for everything.

Cornelius Coburn Apr 16 · Tags: nothing
Cornelius Coburn
Only that which does not have a beginning does not have an end - that which is eternal. The continuous flow of nothingness to somethingness so elegant; pure magic the elegance fashions a hammer that smashes reason.

Cornelius Coburn Feb 27 · Tags: nothing
Cornelius Coburn

While this creation seems tantamount to an energetic electromagnetic  extravaganza; seductive in ways that transcend the corporeal - the incorporeal bitch; supernal feminine of a lesser density that my soul longs for.

The unadulterated feminine essence that completes me. Now I am a god and I shall proceed by forgetting all this, so that I may relive it, for all eternity.

Cornelius Coburn Feb 25 · Comments: 3 · Tags: nothing
Cornelius Coburn
To all it may concern.

Cornelius Coburn Feb 18 · Tags: nothing
Cornelius Coburn

So the term 'nothing' does not currently resolve to an absence of everything scenario, instead it refers an alternate, prior, and cyclic reality that transcends the conventional space/time continuum indefinitely.

A somewhat practical definition for this primordial nothingness would be that of an unquantifiable zero volume existence. A precursor to the four dimensional space/time medium; further isolating the primordial consciousness by stripping away its illusive properties.

While this is not absolute nothingness. It is a quantitative reduction that approaches it so as to isolate the true and core fundamentals of the eternal algorithm, rhythm...

Cornelius Coburn Feb 7 · Rate: 5 · Tags: nothing
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