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Ayporos Chapter Head
What is the point in joining a Left-Hand Path or Satanic Organisation if Satanism is an individualist philosophy? Does joining an organisation undermine your Satanic Philosophical belief?

Firstly, I am an "official member" of both the Sect of the Horned God and Satanic International Network. Why did I join these organisations?

I decided to join/be affiliated with both the Sect and SIN because I would class myself as friends with Zach, Thomas and Mistress Babylon. I joined their organisations because I'm willing to support them with their endeavor.
I find it strange (and often laugh) when people state their memberships and claim that their affiliation with such-and-such a group makes them a Satanist or how they have more knowledge on a certain topic because they are part of a specific group. Those people make no sense to me.

Am I proud to be a member of the Sect or SIN? No. I am proud however, to be friends with Zach et al who run these organisations and am proud of the fact that I have the chance to help them when needed.

I like the tribal idea of looking after your own, that is why I support these organisations, that is why I am affiliated with them. Do I think I am more knowledgeable or more of a Satanist because I am part of these organisations? No. That is idiocy. Sure, organisations like the Sect and SIN can assist in helping you gain greater knowledge however, they are not required. One thing that defines Satanism to me is that desire to seek out knowledge. Some people will seek out knowledge through organisations like the Sect or SIN and there is no shame in that but, some people will take the hard route and search for the information themselves.

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Ayporos Chapter Head

I’ve seen far too many people ask and have been asked by far too many people how to become a Satanist or how to be a practitioner of the LHP. I will state this here, you cannot become a Satanist, nor can you become a practitioner of the LHP. You either are one or you aren’t, you cannot just wake up one day, read a book, say some ominous Latin phrases and become one just like that. Satanism and any other LHP philosophy are lifestyles and mindsets. Satanists are people who have innately got the personality traits and thought-processes that drive the Satanic idea and the LHP.

People of the Left-Hand Path are generally those who have always rejected self-proclaimed authority and demanded evidence and reason to believe something or give respect to people whom demand it. However, generally, those people whom demand respect are usually not worthy of it.

Practitioners of the LHP are born with the traits that make them practitioners of the LHP, whether they are consciously aware or not. A practitioner of the LHP simply realises that their personality and thought-process is not dissimilar to that of the various LHP philosophies. It is up to the individual as to whether they decide to use the LHP terms to describe themselves and their ideas or not. Some people may wish to stray away from using the names commonly used within the LHP for one reason or another. The LHP is a highly individualistic set of paths and philosophies however, the one thing that makes them all LHP philosophies are the core components of them which make them LHP.

Most, if not, all LHPs strive towards auto-deification, the act of turning oneself into a God. Be it literally or metaphorically.

Overall, the Satanist or LHP practitioner is not made, he/she is born and awakens to their true nature.

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