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My answer is Yes.

I see a lot of "money doesn't bring you happiness" or "possessions doesn't make you happy". In these posts I see what "actually" brings you happiness in life. Stuff like, travel, eat good food, meet new people and so on.

With money you can buy a train, bus or plane ticket to anywhere in the world.

With money you can do stuff to meet new people like, go to concerts or get a cup of coffee or whatever you want.

With money you can afford to go to a resturant and eat good food (or go to the grocery store and get stuff you like)

With money you can buy that cool shirt or outfit that makes you feel like thousand bucks. That, my friend is a possession and if you feel good about yourself, that's happiness. Therfore that possession makes you happy.

If you enjoy watching movies on a big ass flat TV, play videogames or enjoy gardening or whatever. You need money to buy that. Yes even if you want to plant a flower.

So yes, money and possesions do make you happy.

It's what you DO with the money that matters.



David Jul 30 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: blog, thoughts, money, possessions, thinking, posts, travel
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