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If ever satan needs me to do something it will be done. I think that goes with believing in something. It keeps phoney people out for example how christ you just have to repent or baptized but people do the same things over again and it makes a weird congregation of people who most likely would only meet at church. I think I can feel satan though on a more spiritual feeling at first I thought I was crazy but I use to have stomach problems that have mostly gone away and this is stomach problems for years ago. I guess from stress but since changing my name and being more active I been feeling better as time goes. Sometimes I think I should do things faster and I would if I knew what to do. I hear a voice saying I should "leave" and I'm thinking like leave who/what and how. I hear these voices all the time since I was 18 it's also lately been talking about killing theirself. I'm not sure who it is but it all started (the voices) around the time I started dating this Asian girl I met at a has station where I use to work by in Washington state. We dated for like 3years I loved her but the more I'd be around her the less I could stand being around her. Not relationship wise but it felt like my soul was afraid of her and I don't know why. It felt like she was gonna try and have me killed (maybe we were associated with gangs) now this was long before I changed my name and I had a regular Christian name but was atheist at the time. I don't think I would be Satanist if I stayed with her though that's for sure so maybe it was all for the better.
80sbb Jan 9 '23 · Tags: life, religion, satanism, relationship
Im not the best writer but this is just some shit i been thinking about. I would be down to kill i have the training for it and i did read some of anton laveys book. I think one day it will come to that cause nothing else far as i tried works. No matter where i go they end up coming from somewhere. After my military career i plan on doing mercenary work what id teally like to do is work for satan but thats more of a he finds you type of job. I been feeling anxious lately for something to happen and i dont know what but i do have some personal things to take care of in the future im just tired of dealing with these motherfuckers. Im not scared cause they arent real to me i just would feel better with some type of team. Ima keep training though and follow the right path. I started watching more stuff about satan and less about the other shit cause when i think about it all we got as far as satanist is us. We need to find out more about satanic names i believe we have names and a language lost. When we find our name and language then we can separate ourselves from haters and non believers 
80sbb Dec 15 '22 · Tags: religion, satan, war

I've railed against many things on this site, but it's this one I have always hated the most. To me, the psychologist is a bastard child of religion and modern academic dogma. He or she fills a role in society that is niether earned, nor understood by them in the slightest. Many long years ago, in your local village there might have been a shaman, or a wise man or wise woman. They practiced the hidden arts with benevolence and love, and helped their neighbors solve problems in a healthy way. They also used many techniques almost completely lost to us, to predict important weather patterns that would have a good or bad effect on crops. 

The catholic church sought to erradicate this person in the late medieval period and replace them with a priest, who takes orders from and reports to the bishop, who reports to the pope. This way they could affect complete control over every province/people who converted, and even to this day it allows them huge influence over countries and governments.

With this in mind we can see how, the academites, in their never ending quest to dominate thought and discourse in modern nations, sought to replace the priest with their psychologists. You may ask then, what is the difference between the priest and the therapist? Which is worse? I say they are the same thing.

Just like the priest goes to seminary to learn the bible, the psychologist goes to college to learn the DSM. Academia is the same as organized religion in the sense that it does not seek to solve problems as much as control people's thinking in such a way as to prevent them. Therefore, I believe that Academia is not a huge step forward from religion, save for it's respect with the regards to objective science. But is it really that objective?

Why should I believe some 34 year old manboy whos only experience outside mom's house was college/seminary/other bullshit factories and controlled environments, when our real elders and the people we should be listening to/getting counsel from are left to die in bland nursing homes? This is a fucking crime against humanity that keeps getting perpetrated every generation in worse ways.

Real science is simply not firmly grounded. What you were sure was true yesterday might be proven wrong tomorrow. And maybe, after a few years, THAT might be proven wrong again and you might be right.  The key to having an open mind is true and unfiltered scepticism, and acute self awareness. You have to constantly ask yourself these questions to be truly scientific:

Am I biased?
Why am I biased?
Does this just feel good, or is it real?
Why does this feel good if it isn't real?
Is this fake because I don't like it?
If it's real why do I not like it?

Many people will disagree with me, but I believe mankind was doing some things right back in ancient times. We need to return to a decentralized, self sufficent, and individually self reliant species. How then, collectivists, can we be a community if the members of the community have no individual value? Today we are a dependant, domestic society. Our churches and our schools don't want us to think. They want us to all be mindless sheep. That is why all free/healthy thinkers live lonely lives. But let the sheep wallow in their own filth under the crook of their negligent and cruel sheperds. When they call me crazy I just laugh harder. Whats crazier than surrendering your personality to become a cartoon character?

TheblackestBart Feb 9 '20 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 12 · Tags: dogma, history, psychology, religion, spirituality
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