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ol' grimey

In the Satanic Bible, under the infernal names is included the name of a Indian god, called Shiva as a transcultural variation on the Devil/Satan representation.

In order to understand this, we must first look at who Shiva is, or rather his role in Indian mythology. Shiva is commonly/relatively known as the third person in a sort of Hindu trinity, called Shankara/Rudra, or the "destroyer", what Shiva destroys is the old, while at the same time creating the new, particular in the case of the Universe, where one universe is destroyed, while another Universe is created from the ashes of the former Universe- the Big Crunch, followed by the Big Bang; the reducing of the phoenix to ashes in the purifyingly destructive "Fire", out of which the phoenix is arisen anew. So like Shiva, Satan represents that principle of ultimate destruction from which comes ultimate creation.

In order for Satanists to be masters, they must first demolish  themselves, only to rebuild from the rubble a new structure. This is what Satan-Shiva represents.

The infernal names overall are keys to understanding a glimmer of that "many faceted key to the unknown...that Satanists choose to call Satan".

If you ask me, I would tell you that the SB is written on, or can be interpreted on many different levels at once, in true fashion of occult literature. Though let me say this, the writ is there for putting a name to your experience, to act as a stepping stone and as a beacon, so ultimately by your very nature as Satanists you don't cling to nor get hung up on the writ, after all is said and done, you come to the realization that it all; everything comes down to you. You stir and things respond to that initial stirring. You project your own ego, hang ups and maps on to the Universe and the environment responds by tricking you into being convinced that what you believe to be the case actually is, only appearing as the case.  A true Satanist, that is to say a Satanist that is known to be so by his fruits; his understanding of his inner nature as an individual, as a human and as an Earthling, as well as beyond, also his capacity to understand things non linearly... is one who deconstructs things, only to reconstruct them; we do microcosmically what the Universe does macrocosmically, as the Universe goes through the cycle of expansion-contraction/big bang-big crunch, so too do we go through the process in miniature. Satanists stand above the universe, but also he stands below it, yet at all times outside of the universe, also representing the mental universe. This is further reflected in the aura/vibe of the Satanists and people can pick up on that otherness, because when it comes to a non Satanist's encounter with a dye in the wool Satanist, there will always be 'something about him, I can't put my finger on it, but it's just something about him'.

Satanists by nature embody nine parts respectability, to one part outrage- I instead replace outrage with rascality. To be outside of the Universe is to position yourself as it's destroyer and designer. Satanists flow with the Process spontaneously.


ol' grimey Apr 8 '16 · Comments: 3 · Tags: satan lhp left hand path philosophy
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