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Zach Black Owner
Something I coined the diabolical infestation. This video is shockingly accurate about many things..

So-Cal chapter head meetup in San Diego 8/02/2015 - Zach Black (San Diego,CA) and Shea Bilé ( Los Angeles CA) in San Diego. Thanks for coming down Shea and for the O'Douls . Great conversation and fun. I will hit you up next time I am up in L.A for sure.
Okay if you have not made a meetup for your area please do so. Check to make sure there already is not one.If there is join it. If not make one. If you are looking to meet others in your area this is the best way to do it. But, it only works if people use it. Even if you are not interested in meeting others, if you live close to a major city make one for others to join. I have met several people from my S0-CAL / San Diego group.

It does not matter if you are the only one in the meetup/group. SIN is averaging about 7-10 new users a day. They will come.
Welcome new registered members of Satanic International Network.

Blacklemuria - (Basstec)

This Saturday June 25th we are having  a meetup in San Diego ( Hillcrest) CA. It starts at 3pm. All are invited. This is a chapter meeting but it is open to those that are non-members of Satanic International Organization.

We will meet at the Vons grocery store at 515 west Washington st , San Diego CA 92103 at 3pm. From there we will pick out our food and drink and walk to the location ( 2 blocks ) to grill. The location is at my place so I am not gonna say exactly where it is. But, it is in Hillcrest.

After we grub we will hang out in our recreational center for discussion on varies topics related to the occult, Satanism and LHP. Even if you are not a Satanist or LHP you are still welcome to come. This is a lighthearted meetup. Kinda a meet and greet.

Private message me if you wish to attend.

Okay so I made a private group for Satanic International chapter leaders. I know I forgot some of you. If I did not ad you to the group let me know.
Actually she is one of the original admin. And next to Jon St are the only ones I trust. She is sharp, fair, friendly and beautiful. But, be respectful. Or she will email you your balls in a jar.

Official SIN shirts are in! They come in Man M,L.XL.2XL and women medium. They are high quality silk screen and shirt. I have washed mine from the first batch for over a year and still no fading or peeling.

This batch I got 30. The first batch I had 25 and they sold out in less than a month. I am selling them for 19.95 plus 4 dollars shipping in handling in the USA. People out side the USA 7 dollars shipping.

For registered members of Satanic International Organization ( not network users ) just 19.95 flat. Regardless of where you live.

They look the same as the ones in the pics, nothing on the back. 3X3 inch inverted pentagram that says SIN in it that I personally designed. Some of the pics are a little blurry. The pentagram is crisp and detailed. As you will see.

Mens are high quality 100% cotton. Womens are 100% cotton but kinda stretchy. Mens are regular T-shirts. Womens are fitted, tapered sleeves and V-necks.

Thanks again Danny Boss...

For those of you that pre- ordered a shirt please send me your shipping info again. Thanks.

There is only about 50 of these shirts floating around.

Zach Black Owner

Alright. Myself and other Satanists are doing a documentary about Satanism, Satanists couples and online satanic networks. This is a professional documentary that will be sold to history channel, CNN or MSNBC. I need to find a GF for the filming. The one I had lined up flaked. And when I say GF I say that loosely. This is acting. Minor acting but still acting. No strings attached.

Requirements are that you will get to Portland OR from the 14th-19th. You are attractive woman and not a dumbass . You are okay with being on TV as my GF for the filming. Mild physical affect such as hugging,holding hands ect is required to make this believable. Once you get to Portland I will provide living arrangements should you be comfortable staying at my place. Or you can get a hotel. I will provide food, drink and entertainment.

There is no financial compensation. I wish there was. I might be able to get the producer to cover the cost of getting you out here. But, unlikely.

So, bottom line if you wanna be on TV with us and can get to Portland on the 14th to the 19th ( 15th to 18th will work to ) hit me up. You will be on TV. You need not use your real name. But there will be a film crew in your face. The clock is ticking. We are gonna do this very soon. And I am gonna do it solo if need be. But, I would prefer to have a woman with me to do this. Same producer who got me on comedy central.. see video.

Welcome both Daniel Hünniger and johnEwalton! 


All cards and certificates mailed out today. Thanks for being patient. From now on I am going to send them out in batches of 5. Last batch was about 40. A little overwhelming. I had some technical issues and was unorganized. From now on staples will print them. Well now I know. Next batch will run a lot smoother and faster. 

When you guys get your certificates and cards please share pictures on SIN/facebook,ect. Not only does it confirm you got them but it will generate interest. If you can not for privacy reasons I understand. 

all members of Satanic International ( not the network ) all cards and certificates have been mailed out. Thanks for being patient.

Next time I will mail out batches of 5. And I will pay a little extra to have staples copy them. This was the first batch. There was about 40 of em. I got overwhelmed and had some technical issues. Now I know who to do this more efficiently.
Zach Black Owner
Bumped from the forums.

So, I need a new lap top computer. My original Compaq will not boot pass the red splash screen, had a broken hinge for the screen and a bad dvd drive. It is 4 years old.

My back up Sony Viao has this mysterious problem of shutting off whenever it feels like it. Even when it is cold. Well finally the old girl just will not turn on anymore.

Time to put both of em down. They have many miles on em. I will salvage em for parts.

I am looking to buy a second hand lap top at a decent price. If you are like me you probably have/had a stack in your closet. I just need to know the specs and if there is anything wrong with it.

Or, if you have one you are willing to donate I will pay the shipping. Actually I will pay the shipping on one I buy or a used one.

My other route is to go here for 229.00
Zach Black Nov 3 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: satanic international
Welcome Shawn Phelps and Paul Ross Fletcher
Welcome Shaun Phelps and Christopher Bridges!

Welcome Donny Darrko and Justin Jekt
Coming up October 18th will be Sarah birthday. Sarah is not only a close friend of mine and user of this network. But also a member of Satanic International organization. And when I say close friend I do not mean that lightly. I have very few close friends. I have known Sarah and her husband Justin aka JustinJect for years. They are also my roommates here in Portland.

 Some of the veterans here will remember the many hours she spent in the chat room. Sarah and Justin met on SIN a few years ago and they got married to each other. And now are expecting a child in May.

Well, money has been tight around our house this month. We had some unexpected expenses come up. I would really like to see Sarah get to go out for her birthday to a nice restaurant with he husband Justin. Currently I can not provide that gift financially, which is why I am asking for your help.

So, what I am asking is that those who can please give a donation. Even if it is 5 bucks. My goal is to raise a hundred dollars. That would be enough to assure she has a very nice birthday with her husband. She is such a good woman she deserves it.

I know not everyone can afford to donate. I understand. I can myself only put in 20 bucks for the cause. But, for those of you that can afford to donate something it would mean a lot to me. And to her I am sure. If 15 users donate 5 dollars each in addition to my 20 dollars we will have reached the goal. Should we go over the goal whatever remaining money will be put towards her body jewelry or baby stuff. Like the latter.

Should you wish to help out with the cause you can send the money to my paypal. Via donation button to the right of this page. In the paypal note please say for Sarah so I know it is specifically for her and also include your user name on this network so I know who sent it. Might just get you a get outta jail free card one day :)

Here is Sarah profile. If you can not afford a donation please go over and wish her happy birthday.

I appreciate it.  So you can put a face to the name here is a recent picture of Sarah, Justin and I.

Justin, Zach and Sarah

                      Zach and Sarah

Zach Black Owner

So a friend of mine works for a moving company. He asked me if I wanted to make some cash as a mover, Well, I did. What I did not realize is that it was a 5 story house two levers. Stairs going up to the house and stairs in the house.

This family had two kinds and two dogs that kept getting in the way.It was a well to do family and they had lots of very nice and very heavy shit. Holy shit it sucked balls. It took 3 movers from 830am till 2am to mover their stuff.

I was so fucking tired and exhausted But 10pm I had to stop. I could not take anymore abuse. The other two movers were not happy but understood. Heavy shit up and down stairs aint fun. 700lbs piano,washer/dryer,600lbs refridgerator. shitloads of heavy dresser draws and tables,

Never again. This is not like helping your friend move. Slowly over a beer. Totally different. I do not think even when I was younger and in better shape I could do that shit. Certainly not regularly. On top of it, I made less money than I expected. Although that was my fault. I did not realize that depends on the job and if the customer times you.

I certainly I am not as strong as I was in my 20's. But, I am not a pussy either. What got me was not moving heavy shit. That sucked, but what got me is the stamina. Doing it for 13 hours..

Oh well, hope my job interview goes well at a sushi bar on Monday. I get paid more and it is easy, well for me it is. Also you get to drink. That was another thing that pissed me off. My friend is a drunk to. I figured we would stop and get some drink and hide it. Nope.. fucking sucked.

Zach Black Oct 12 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: satanic international, satanic international network, zach black
Welcome Greg Belial and Ezrel Rex!

Zach Black Owner
If you should find yourself suspended here are a few thing you should know. We work on the majority vote here. This is not a democracy, but if the majority want you out you are gone. Most suspensions are temporary as a warning. If you get suspended twice you are out for good. The complaints fall on my desk. I do not always know why one gets suspended. But, I stand behind the admins choice. We are pretty fair here. Rarely does someone get bounced for no good reason.
Zach Black Owner
Welcome new members! We look forward to your involvement.


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