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Coming up October 18th will be Sarah birthday. Sarah is not only a close friend of mine and user of this network. But also a member of Satanic International organization. And when I say close friend I do not mean that lightly. I have very few close friends. I have known Sarah and her husband Justin aka JustinJect for years. They are also my roommates here in Portland.

 Some of the veterans here will remember the many hours she spent in the chat room. Sarah and Justin met on SIN a few years ago and they got married to each other. And now are expecting a child in May.

Well, money has been tight around our house this month. We had some unexpected expenses come up. I would really like to see Sarah get to go out for her birthday to a nice restaurant with he husband Justin. Currently I can not provide that gift financially, which is why I am asking for your help.

So, what I am asking is that those who can please give a donation. Even if it is 5 bucks. My goal is to raise a hundred dollars. That would be enough to assure she has a very nice birthday with her husband. She is such a good woman she deserves it.

I know not everyone can afford to donate. I understand. I can myself only put in 20 bucks for the cause. But, for those of you that can afford to donate something it would mean a lot to me. And to her I am sure. If 15 users donate 5 dollars each in addition to my 20 dollars we will have reached the goal. Should we go over the goal whatever remaining money will be put towards her body jewelry or baby stuff. Like the latter.

Should you wish to help out with the cause you can send the money to my paypal. Via donation button to the right of this page. In the paypal note please say for Sarah so I know it is specifically for her and also include your user name on this network so I know who sent it. Might just get you a get outta jail free card one day :)

Here is Sarah profile. If you can not afford a donation please go over and wish her happy birthday.

I appreciate it.  So you can put a face to the name here is a recent picture of Sarah, Justin and I.

Justin, Zach and Sarah

                      Zach and Sarah

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