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Nailed it. I have been trying to get back into working as a sushi chef. I kinda burned my bridges in San Diego. I have the reputation of being the drunken chef with a bad attitude. And I deserved that reputation. I was that guy. Well, I applied at a major Sushi joint and the dude who runs it and interviewed me was a former sushi chef I worked with a few years ago.

I thought I was doomed. I figured there was no way he was going to hire me. I just was honest with him and told him I am not the drunken chef I was before and to give me a chance. Chef and I got along fine when we worked together. He said ' when you were not drunk or hung over you were a good chef, I will give you another chance'.

I am stoked. Full time. Averaging 20-25 dollars an hour. Doing something not only do I enjoy but that I am good at.

Here are some pics of my work ..

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