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Sorry if there's any error on the words.

I am from brazil, and i need to know How to make a deal with my true master.

I may ask if any of you know any satanic cultists on my country, or even any spell and How to make it.

I would like it to be with ~belzy~ (belzebub, in other word. Don't blame me i... just love how he is), but if it's with another demon, i guess it can go.

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Dark Enlightenment
Throughout the biological kingdom every organism is subject to genetic mutation and behavioral change brought on by environmental influence. A dynamic environmental situation prompting constant adaptation..

Since Homosapian left the nomadic life and formed agrarian then civilized society the environment has changed from hunting in the bush to surviving in the city.

With that transition into an artificial environment came behavior born of that environment.  Much like a coyote exhibits a certain behavior in the wild, their canid counterpart succumbing to urban sprawl, sees their behavior change along with the habitat. Successive generations born with "the city" in their genetic memory. 

With that as an example of the idea, this short essay attempts to argue that greater intelligence and a habitat built artificially is related to the ideas and behavior exhibited by organisms within the habitat, up to and including social decorum, religious predisposition, and legal code.  Certain concepts only arose for regulatory needs. Likewise the dissent and opposition is also natural and necessary. 

Where would our species be without the defiant few to stand in Iconoclam? Throughout history The Jesuses, The William Wallace's, Joan of Arcs, and Malcolm X's have made the more significant change.  

Are they naturally defiant? Can you find evidence in the human genome for predisposition to oppositional behavior?

Not entirely. 

What you get is a mix of heredity and environmental factors causing it. (Link below)

But it is another 1/10 abnormality prevalent in the behavior of the population, as is about the standard clip with such regulatory deviations, like homosexuality.

But why does it happen?

The behavior serves a direct beneficial need. In the case of homosexuality it arises most in overpopulated environments. (See every Ape cousin in captivity, like chimpanzees).

But what of other behavioral traits? Breeding provides progeny but ideas regulate the social code. 

To use another dog example; wolves are orderly creatures with a "lucifer principle" pecking order and instinctual decorum.  Except every so often, and through socially aggressive behavior, this is challenged. New alphas elected, formers deposed. And not always the biggest or strongest.

Almost every mammal exhibits this tendency. This power struggle and caste system. 

That same aggressive order defiant tendency is medicated and called a disease in our civilized society. An attempted sequestering of Iconoclasm to administratable form. In human environments these "pack laws" take on an abstract and artificial form, civilization. 

Control mechanisms like government and god are the Alphas in our society, and lacking defined cohesive packs, the casting is through  overreaching ideas that eventually get woven into genetics as much as the pack behavior of canines. Most are complacent in "doing what is expected", and the society actually rewards this obedience.

But what of the defiant? The martyrs? Those who reject the reward and thrive through social disruption? Those who exhibit aggression towards authority?

They are prospective alphas. They are leaders and crazy people. Those naturally wired to exhibit disruptive behavior and challenge for control, if only for themselves. They prevent stagnation and promote the species through adversarial means. They get crucified, disemboweled, burned at stake, or shot by Plymouth Rock. As society will always attempt to reign in such behavior. Even things such as criminal justice and phrases like "civic duty" and "social responsibility" are things corrected like Grady's daughters.

It is my belief If everyone was drugged to block that chemical inhibitor with another chemical like antidepressants you'd likely see an resistence to the drug become more prevalent, like you see with current behavior modifying drugs  

While this is mostly speculative, I'm reminded of Jeff Goldbloom's character in the cinematic version of Jurassic Park's explanation of chaos theory, "life will find a way". 


Interesting articles or books on behavior and/or genetics of animals. 

The Lucifer Principle

Genetics and Aggression

Genetics of Bee Behavior

Animal Behavior In Urban Ecosystems

The God Gene

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Dark Enlightenment

Artist: Black Sabbath

Song: Symptom of the Universe

Lyricist: The Prince of Darkness


Mother moon she's calling me back to her silver womb
Father of creation takes me from my stolen tomb
Seven hundredth unicorn is waiting in the skies
A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies

Take my hand, my child of love come step inside my tears
Swim the magic ocean I've been crying all these years
With our love we'll ride away into eternal skies
A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies.

These are rather on point lyrics for a working class English catholic. 

These lyrics epitomize the essence of RHP attainment for me despite that take being consistently rejected by almost everyone. 

And in a way worth beating like a dead horse too. 

Abstraction: The quality of dealing with Ideas rather than events.  

In my opinion this is the line between "born v made".  The ability to have that quality.  In short: satanism precludes spiritual prediclection. The way of the godly and abstract serene is naturally rejected. 

In another one of my rejected opinions this is actually more accurately represented in the East in some might say an overly general way. 

In Hinduism you have a concept called Atman.

Ātman is a Sanskrit word that means inner self, spirit, or soul. In Hindu philosophy, especially in the Vedanta school of Hinduism, Ātman is the first principle: the true self of an individual beyond identification with phenomena, the essence of an individual.

In Buddhism you have the rejection of this called Anatta.

In Buddhism, the term anattā or anātman refers to the doctrine of "non-self" — that there is no unchanging, permanent self, soul, or essence in phenomena. It is one of the seven beneficial perceptions in Buddhism and one of the three marks of existence along with dukkha and anicca.

The first of these holds truth to concepts without proof. There is more to reality and self than what we can sense.  The second holds reality and form is only what we can sense and experience in our short impermenant lives    

And I believe this gets the ball rolling, and is more inherent to character of the individual than just rejection of transient status quo or imprinted philosophy.  As those in the anatta camp are more likely to be highly skeptical of those "spiritual pipe dreams" (faithful predisposition). This non-belief to the mystical translates into non-belief in authority or imposition. 

A practical example:

As Seen in a footprints poster.

Can the concept of God's whatever carrying you through your tough times do a damn thing for you? Can a belief in something abstract provide comfort to you?

Can The Symptom of the Universe and its sky unicorns do a goddamned thing for you?

Or do you need practical and observable materialistic solutions to bank any sort of hope? Does it need to be real and deal with what's real, what is phenomenal?

Can you light a few candles, chant some names and feel like cosmic forces will protect you?

Or does even the psychodrama fail to do you a damn bit of good without a consistent outcome you can affirm to experience?

Likewise can you accept that from any imposing authority figure?

If forced to be in the Atman camp under subserviernt circumstance, could you do it?

Or if ideological (or even real) inquistions forced you to kiss a papal robe would you take the metaphorical (or real) guillotine? .

Would an insolent fire burn within making you wary of such faulty epistemology? Could that trend towards self immolation in defiant protest of such an artificial authority?

At the heart of this (pun intended) is faith, or posessing an ability for its productive use in day to day peaceful attainment. 

If god is submission to ideas and protection through faith than the adversary must stand antithetical to these qualities, not appeal to divine protection, and naturally discard use for any "symptoms of the universe" in the process. 

Dr. Phil Analogy of the above: In the Satanic Bible if the first two books are like the first part of a sentence; than the second two books are the word "but" contradicting everything you said previously. 

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Alrighty everyone: What are your hopes for 2021? Because I don't know how this shit is gonna go down. And to be honest, I am poking at the door with a fucking broom because I don't trust a bitch.
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“If you speak your truth, you’ll find your tribe.”

The shadows of the night revealed themselves as the full moon brought them forth. The blades of grass were swept back by the icy wind that danced it’s way around the forest. As the bards sung their songs in starlit bars and the drunken whores made their way to steal from oblivious men, I stayed at home, content with my books and hotchocolate.

Tribalism. The beliefs and acts of a tribe of people, gathered together for a purpose. The philosophy behind a group’s existence.

Subcultures formed out of a collective interest in a subject. Music, art, guns, sex, religion. All tastes belonging to humankind, displayed in the dark, so the purifying light of the sun cannot see them do it.

In this strange world I now found myself in, with people screaming and scared to leave their homes, I wonder about my place in it all. All roads are suppose to lead to Rome, with Rome being the revelation of one’s life, one’s purpose.

I ponder and wonder about the road I walk. This path of midnight under a full moon and a black sky. Echoes of wisdom past whisper around me, but I shrug them off. Words and phrases I’ve heard a thousand times, as if they were to be repeated until I could recite them by heart.

The dark storm that surrounded the land ate at my heart, little by little, until I saw that beast and dispelled it.

Chaos only brings about change. Isfet, the manifestation of evil, would only bring about the end.

I had been around evil before. Sadistic members of our society cast from the heavens to placate the drug of moral superiority of justice and righteousness. Soon, however, the drug took it’s hold on the most high and false fears became real and so did the screams.

The innocent people of the world turned into ghouls and monsters overnight and the crusades began. Monsters lurked in every corner. No stone was left unturned and the world turned into a schizophrenic’s paradise.

Wisdom once again returned to my ears, to echo long forgotten memories of the past. I shook my head, not wanting to relive what now seemed to be an alternate history.

But I found no solace in denial and the words of wisdom spoke and I found myself whisked away, infatuated with the siren of memory and her entrancing song.

“The gods make us go through hardships to prove, not only to them, but to ourselves that we are strong enough to handle them.”

Sliding into despair and self-deceiving malice would not be productive, I told myself. Accepting the wisdom of words told me a long time ago, I resumed my mental wandering, my attemptto understand the universe.

“If you speak your truth, you’ll find your tribe.”

Tribe. A group of people intrinsically linked to you, through blood or bond.

And so, in my mental wanderings, I asked myself: “Where is my tribe?”

I realized that I hadn’t spoken my truth. Everytime I tried to do so in the past, I stumbled, unsure of myself and the fear of friends fading if they knew the truth. Thus my fear of loneliness became manifest and the cycle of fear began again.

And so, howling like the wolf lost in the forest, I spoke to the void that I felt inside my heart for so long:

“The Truth: The dark night that I have found myself wandering in is not what is really there. The moon was hidden by the clouds and I was too afraid to notice. The night is where I call home. Visited by people serving gods not my own, people who think they are monsters of the night, those attracted to dark beauty and gothic revelations. The gods are ever present. Sitting under moonlight, lyres playing song of long lost romance and heroic legends. Heka exist, as it is has always been. Technology is used to perform heka by calling forth from the soul and manifesting it onto the physical plane.

Does anyone else share this same truth? Or something similar?

Tribe: Finding the Soul


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I'm justin justin btw
Zach Black Owner
Welcome new member Monachella!

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In the year 1990, a comet flew across the sky... The trail of fire following it was hissing the names of all those loved by the Morningstar.
In January 1990, the Satanic Trident hailed for all men to honor and remember the rebirth of the Morningstar.

On December 17th, 1990; Zenarith L. Morningstar was born, from Imp to Man... In his childhood, much of his Dark Destiny was forgotten. He knew he had the Gift of Magick but he did not know where he had inherited it from.

In the year of 2018, Zenarith met his Father Lucifer and through the struggles of his Future he would be known as Zenarith "Lucifer" Morningstar... The Second Star of the Morning.

Hail be it Satan!
Hail Satan!
Ave Satanas!

Dark Enlightenment

Meet our independent agent. 

The agent ignores advice, indoctrinated social decorum, moral deterrents, and makes a series of incredibly irresponsible decisions that are bound to have repercussions.

The agent's decision to do so was determined by an amalgamation of circumstance and mental processes which sculpted the agent and the eventual choices made. 

As it is now recorded and viewed in retrospect everything The Agent did to this point can be attributed to something.  

The agents future is a bit more hazy. 

Consequences are assured by agents past negligence. Repercussions for selfish and irresponsible behavior and decisions are now going to result. 

While probability remains high for certain outcomes it is impossible to determine the results or the severity of actions to come with any degree of certainty because other agents exist and contribute to the outcome. 

Other agents will decide the appropriate course of action. The exact nature of repercussions is unknown. Except that there will be repercussions eventually.   

And the results that occur will likewise be an amalgamation of another agent's circumstance,  mental processes, and can absolutely determinined in retrospect. 


Where the cause is concerned could the agent have done anything different or was it as automated as a computer program choosing true/false logic gates? 

Where the effect is concerned could any of that alone absolutely determine its location and form?  

Is this just another battlefield for quantum and Newtonian physics? 

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Zach Black Owner
One of the best interviews I have done in years. It is 50 minutes long all off the cuff in one take. Tops range form Satanism, Music, art Magic the occult and a lot more. There is a good amount of extra clips from other Satanists and other news clips about other organizations. Its close to a interview / semi documentary with all the extra clips. Well worth the watch from a historical and sociological reflection of the last 20 years of Satanism and Satanic influences in the media. This is taken from Mouthing off a UK based magazine who feature underground and counterculture artists.

After reading a bunch of neo nazi nonsense, I'm out. And here I thought satanism/LHP was all about meritocracy. Now it seems this place is becoming rife with alt-right bullshit. Have fun peeps.
DistroyA Oct 6 · Comments: 3
It's been a few years since I did anything with my profile or even so much as a blog post. Seeing as my sleeping schedule has been disrupted, I thought I'd spill my thoughts on what I've been up to for the last 3 years since my last blog post.

Within the last year or 2, I've been streaming on Twitch, mainly of Quake Champions. Even made affiliate status, and got a nice little community going (granted, I've pilfered some from other communities I'm part of). As for the Quake gameplay, I'm aiming to partake in the tournaments that occur. Having to unlearn some bad habits I've picked up during my time with the game. But I'm definitely gonna get higher in the rankings. And even if I don't, all I care about is enjoying myself. After all, enjoying oneself is a part of living a vital existence.

In regards to the occult, I've not really delved much into that side of me to be honest, although my interest is piquing again.

Anyway, that's the update. Will be back again, but probably more regular than I have been.

Ok so I having an issue, I keep having people coming up to me asking me to perform hexas, curses ect. I have tried explaining the differences and its always the same thing, "Well I thought it was all the same!"

Of course, at to which point just head palm myself. Because I gotta pay rent. Anyways no matter what I say, its not seeping into their brains. Anyone got an idea of how to explain the difference of all 3 to these dumbasses?

CrimsonVirus5150 Sep 10 · Comments: 11
Err.... Ok so how many of you have been asked if you could hex or curse someone? AND did you do it, but at a cost or for free? I got asked if I would curse someone, and in honesty.... I really didn't know what to say or do. 
CrimsonVirus5150 Aug 31 · Comments: 10
Zach Black Owner
I have been traveling up around Seattle area with the new GF. Here are dome videos of our adventures.

Ok please bare with me when I type this. I am not sure how to word it right. 

But how did you know when you were a Satanist? Like... What happened that made you be like, "Huh... This is what I am.... Damn it feels good to be free." Oh whatever it is you said when you "Woke up".

CrimsonVirus5150 Aug 27 · Comments: 1 · Tags: #waking up, #satanicthought
I decided on taking myself and my girlfriend to live in the city of New York. I am already making some connections that may aid the transition. My main point is I don't know what to expect, but I think that will be beneficial. I plan on recording this trip in its own journal, from the departure to the rises and pitfalls that will accompany our first few months surviving. We will have a minimal amount to begin with but the challenge will reward our continued integrity.

If you're a traveler too, or you've undergone a brand new move similar to this, please share it along with everything you've learned and advice you would give to others.

Until next time,

Brother Shamus

I am a typical "Goldwater Moderate".  I grew up in wacky do-your-own thing libertarian Arizona and the moderate politics of the state rubbed off.   While I'm still not a fan of Trump's further right policies, I will say this: 

This country needs a Trump reelection.  Not because he's right for the job; because he's right for the people, ALL OF THEM, even those that hate him. 

Imagine that. Against all odds "The Great Silent Majority" (I swear another presidential incumbent called upon that) sweeps him into a second term.  "Sacrafice". And wouldn't you know it registration is the highest it's ever been.  Record breaking. Texas, Ohio, Georgia... You name it. The silent majority is getting ready. 

Which way will they go? 

Down 8 in the polls currently, but he was down 12 last time.

Who remembers this:

Seems like ancient history with the lemmings all hopping on Team Pelosi and taking their spite out on the democratic process.  Never has any sitting president been so opposed in their office by vindictive politicians with the only priority getting back at them for taking away their hope to follow up the hope.  

It was supposed to go, "First a black President, then a woman president", and Country Club Old Money took it from them, rode a bull economy, and did a fairly descent job to those paying attention. He even managed to pull off many of his campaign promises.  And his supporters quite liked him telling China to f* off and picking tariff tiffs with the Canadians.  

And whether or not you support it, THOSE are the things he's done with his presidency.  

But that's not important, because this is the snowflake twitter generation. Hashtag simple. Basic. 

The anger exhibited by a college aged millenials is like watching Hitler youth salute their master. Only it's a fist, a fuck the police, and a want so bad to say they were part of some social movement of change they don't see the s*** peddled to get their attention and support.   Snakes of implanted beliefs, and a spin to provoke the wishy washy herd minded idealism that elected Hitler chancellor and instilled revolucion in Latin America. 

And while that goes both ways, politically, The right has never been the side to violently protest, at least post 1900.  

Socio-political change comes from the left. 

But lately... 

It's hysteria. It's media driven. It's Facebook driven. It's another social meme that disposes hate with hate.  A herd with a herd. 

But it's ok because it's only hate of fascists.  And people that don't share your progressive ideology so much  that the judeochristian mindset of "You must think like me" takes hold and perspective flies out a morally righteous window.

With The NAACP, college tuition, and droves of people lining up to help the upstanding black kid succeed he only loses if he aspires to be a balla', and that's only when the line of work catches up.  

Yes black lives matter and moreso on a sliding scale of how disadvantaged they are.  

What if I was to say, "George Floyd deserved it, as would my white *** if I did the same thing"? 

This is crocodile tear hysteria, one so pressurized and ready to burst you can get reported to the fingermen of social justice if you dare say, "Maybe the cop wasn't racist and the guy was just an intoxicated jack*** that didnt want to go to jail?"

But what of the racists? These horrid folk that impede your progressive ideologies? 

What? The ones not on hillbilly heroin knocking back confederate recipe moonshine? The stupid impressionable DOC kids? There is an increasingly disparaging list of stereotypes of those classied as "White Supremacists", such as breeding like Clevon in the movie Idiocracy. 

Heritage *and* congenital defects not Hate! 

Not really the greatest threat to you or anyone... at most just more victims or rampant ignorant belief. 

They can fly their rebel flag and you can wipe your tears with a rainbow one. 

They have a right to exist so long as they don't advocate violence (legally). And run the risk of losing everything if they do. This country can have people that think things you don't like and you just have to deal with it.  They can think as xenophobic as they want. They can hate whomever they want. They can fly a Nazi flag alongside the antifa ones protesting them and no-one can stop each-other.  

And that's why a Trump reelection is a good thing. 

We, as a country (planet), need that riot. The country needs the angry riot of twice disenfranchised youth taking to streets in violent protest like someone else's ideology is the most destructive thing in their lives.  The mass the overflowing vitriol has created needs to implode. Whether a Trump reelection or Derek Chauvin being acquitted (very unlikely).

The breakdown of society will happen through rampant slave morality. A society of Zarthustras Apes, the alleged Ubermencsh sparypainting ACAB on banks, or donning the combat boots of a Leftover Crack fan and taking back the suburbs like a progressive liberal punk rocker. 

It's like the hippies with Facebook instead of LSD.

And if you know of things that happened before 1990, you'd know how the election is gonna play out. Happy trails smiling all the way to 1972. 

And this is good for everyone prone to viral outrage and resulting slave ideologies.  It just looks like the left is gonna be the ones to break it open and (hopefully) bring about the armageddon of moral indignation.  

But only if Trump wins.

Just get the pseudo-civil war over with...

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Able to wait for past tense

Heartache as days give away 

Like wrapped gifts

Putting time into grips

Relatively lacks sense

Still I'm holding on with grasped fists

Act as if going on is easy

Believe me, I plead for you to still have a reason to need me; even

After you've weathered all seasons

Trying to be on time like I'm late for a meeting. Hearts bleeding 

As everyday that pass by

I pray that I remain in your light

If you can stand and stay for the night

That you see me again,

It's a means to an end

I'm restless, rustling as leaves in the wind

As it blows by, I hope I can show time 

It's no lie, this lone mind won't always be froze right? Hourglass is closed tight

Sand steady falling. No longer hopeless

In moments notice I'll be steady ready

For my calling. I'm all in.

You can see I've been writing a lot

Now I'm writing to the sound of a clock

Tic-tock as ink drops like the tears from my rage that can finally escape with every turn of the page as the hands of time turn like the world through the days.

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While I'm not in the business of mincing my beliefs down into microscopic classifications for the sake of labeling myself, I do still read into the existing subsets of Satanism to better understand where my beliefs and practices fit into the grand scheme of things. I'm not searching for a single hook on which to hang my hat, but instead I'm examining all schools of Satanic thought to see what similarities they share with my own beliefs. I'll collect those parallel aspects in the entry below, and update it as necessary. -K45


Esoteric Satanism

"When we refer to ourselves as esoteric Satanists, what we are saying is that the kind of Satanism we practice differs substantially in style and content from not just the major Western religions like Christianity, but from ‘orthodox’ Satanism as well. Most Satanists are strictly rationalist. The Satanic Temple’s humanist Satanism, for instance, rejects anything that could be considered “superstitious”, this includes divinatory (or ‘fortune-telling’) practices like tarot, astrology, palm-reading, scrying, or pendulum-reading, as well as any sort of magickal practice whatsoever. Furthermore, they also reject any interpretation of Satan that isn’t strictly rhetorical, including not just a traditionally theistic Satan, but also any metaphysical Satan such as Satan-as-Void, Satan-as-Dao, or Satan-as-Spiritual-Self. As esotericists, most of us practice some kind of divination and almost all of us practice magick. I would argue that in this way esoteric Satanism is necessarily non-rational. 

Most esoteric Satanists do not have a strictly rhetorical understanding of Satan. We believe that Satan is ‘out there’ in reality.We are substantially different from theistic Satanists in that we do not believe that Satan is a deity, like a bat flying around in the ether. Rather, in most (but not all) cases, Satan is a metaphysical principle equated more closely with darkness, void, magick, or something that mediates between being and nothingness. However the individual esotericist or coven of esotericists decides to cash this out, it will not involve conceptualizing Satan as a literal entity even if we concede that Satan does in fact exist on some level." 

-Evyn Aytch, Satanhaus

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Msg me 
Deleted user Aug 9 · Tags: sisy
This is my first post here, and I joined about a month and a half ago. I've been dealing with a lot of personal shit (ie: anxiety, ex-girlfriend, work, etc.) and I've been slowly coming back into a decent head space.
I don't think I follow any one specific form of Satanism, but I know I take aspects of LaVeyan, Luciferian, and the 7 Tenets of TST, and apply it to my own form, per se. I am sort of a lone wolf. 

I came here to meet new people, and to learn the different points of view and possibly adopt some for myself, all-the-while making new friends (which is definitely something I need right now).

Thank you for allowing me to enter a safe place to be myself and be free of judgment.

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Greetings fam, how was your 4th of July?
So back when I was in school, I used to get fucked with a lot because of how different I was. I mean I look like any high school metal head. Except my hair was never black, only red. Yeah I wore tripp pants every now and then but that was mainly during colder months.

Well anyways, I was sitting in class with a friend practicing Arabic. I really wanted to use my multi-language skill at that time to get a scholarship. And here's the thing, I was one of the school's heavy weight power lifters, (I used to do squat, bench, and dead lift 220 lbs). And I was sitting there, going over flash cards with a friend when a bunch of this 80-90 lbs females with enormous bows, bit ass obnoxious crosses, (I lived in Texas) and everyone except maybe 5-7 of us in the school were not Baptists. 

Now with the swing of an arm I could have easily hurt these females. Because I also played softball. About 4-5 of them started dumping water on me, and beating the shit out of me with these fucking bibles. Now as this is going threw my head, I could 2 things:

First: Just fucking loose it. Every one wants to call me the "Red Diablos" Fine. I will show them Red Diablos. 

Second: Let them, because I know the type of damage I could easily so on their very tiny bodies if I just swung my arms and hit them to the point of knocking them out with one hit.

OR.... Or the third option: Grabbing the leaders wrist, I squeezed her wrist making her fall to her knees. In a calm but firm voice I reminded them that at that time I was Catholic. And that I was practicing a language to go to a better school than the stupid fucking Christian College that the high school wanted me to go to. And that next time they hit me or even so much came near me, that I was going to make the Satan himself proud with what I was going to do with their bodies and souls. Needless to say, they never ever did that again.

I ended up moving schools because we moved back to Colorado. Now being back in Colorado Springs, I didn't really run into that problem again. And thats when I realized that so many tiny towns, and small communities really make it difficult for most people when they are trying to not only find out who they are, but what they are. 

Am I saying all tiny communities are like this? No, no I am not. But what I am saying is this: people suck and they are quick to blame anything on Satan, or another language that is just being used to open new doors into one's life.

CrimsonVirus5150 Jun 24 · Comments: 1
Dark Enlightenment

I don't care if this was originally posted by The Sun, is a recycled story, have bitched about it already years ago, or other, this needs to be addressed again.

People are without critical evaluation capability, that's all there is to it. How fucking lacking are they?  

Way beyond my conspiratard lacking.

Fox News Quality? You bet. They even tagged it under 'science'. 
But before I really trash this, here are some facts you need to assist in that. 

Water Facts:

• If you took all the water on earth, that means all; ocean, fresh, frozen, and falling water, and liquified it on the surface; the sea level rises only 72 meters. That is 1/20th of mile. 236 feet. 

• The cubic volume of all that water is roughly 258,174,617  cubic miles.  A sphere about 790 miles in diameter if isolated from the rest of earth. 

• The cubic volume of all water on the moon Europa is 678,075,600 cubic miles or about 1090 miles in diameter.  Meaning there is almost 3 times as much water on Europa, and the oceans may be up to 30 times deeper than The Marianas Trench in places (at max speculated depth). 

Earth/Europa Facts:

Earth volume = 259,883,851,297 cubic miles

Earth diameter = 7917.6 mile

Earth Radius =  3958.8 miles

Surface area = 39,684 sq miles

Europa diameter = 1,939 miles

• Europa = Giant ice ball with enough Jupiter-related tidal friction to maintain internal liquid ocean and extreme cryovolcanism. Eruptions will eject liquid water 125 miles above the surface. That's half way to the ISS if applied to earth. 

The Mountain

Mt Ararat is a cinder cone volcanic mountain along the Turkey/Armenia border. It is very similar to Mt. Ranier (USA) and Mt. Fuji (Japan) in appearance, formation, and height.  Cone Volcanoes often have lore associated with them, but that is a different rant entirely. 

It rises out of The Armenian Highlands with a base elevation of 2,700 feet on it's North face and 4,600 on it's south face. 

[The alleged smoking gun on Mt. Ararat - Also known as a geological formation called an 'anticline']

Cited coordinates: 

Latitude: 39° 41' 59.99" N
Longitude: 44° 16' 60.00" E
Elevation: 2.8 miles above sea level (14,784)

[The location on Google Earth]

The Diatribe

Why this pisses me off every time Google decides to make me aware of it: there is not enough water on Earth to raise the sea level to even the base let alone above 14,000 feet. ANYWHERE ON THE MOUNTAIN Is preposterous. Even ANYWHERE NEAR that mountain is ridiculous. Even a spot down near 5000 feet of elevation is still a retarded suggestion. 

Using topographical data, and assuming all the possible water on earth was somehow in liquid form for just over a month, the closest place with the correct high water mark (of 240 feet) is at the periphery of an endorheic rift basin along the transformation fault boundary of the Anatolian and Arabian plates in Azerbaijan. (See San Andreas & Salton Sink for other example) 

Trying to confirm bias based on the words of writers over 3000 years ago makes you stupid, and that's all there is to it.  And if the these are "scientists", I am a demigod. 

 "Gee, this rock looks like something, I think." 

Does it register? Or does the bible in one hand completely cancel the part of the brain with logic?

This could've been the end, but I didn't want to stop there. So I went and took all the water from other objects.

Still, earth's volume with all Europa's water only equals 260,563,861,297. It increases the diameter of Earth by roughly 4.4 miles. 

Assuming equal spread across the surface (not factoring in land gradients) I arrive at 11,500 feet of additional elevation in water from Europa.

* I calculated this by adding the volume of Europa's water isolated to earth's total volume and figuring out the change in radius. Which was only 2.2 miles. 

So all the water on earth, and all of Europa's 40-100 mile deep oceans (containing almost 3x the amount of water on earth) will only raise the sea level to around 11,800 feet of elevation.  

I'm gonna need a bigger Europa. 

This is a bullshit recycled story reposted to oblivion and it is still fucking sad.  

Extra: How many Europas would you need to validate the movie Waterworld? 

Approximately 2.5.

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the far left is the most racist thing to exist in the modern age. This is Easy to explain. The left, in the entire short span of their history have promoted racism as an end to it's means. But this problem goes much farther than just divide and counquer. We also need to understand who is being divided, and who is being conquered. It's used differently in every scenario where it comes into play, because communism(all far left is communism) itself is a multi national movement and must be presented differently. Comunism operates on a philosophy called group think. Step one is identify a group that has less power/representation in the target nation. Step two, target these groups and tell them they are being oporessed and should fight back against whoever currently holds power in the target nation.
step 3 is the scariest:
Replace current government with a leftist government, and execute all the revolutionaries and rule with an iron fist. sounds like real freindly people.

In the US, current target of leftist propaganda is POC and women. 

The deep want to "put those naughty boys in their place" comes actually from primal motherhood instincts, and has much more little to do with how men treat women later in adulthood. That's why, a man can be kind and respectful to a woman, and still get constantly shit tested and bullied by a leftist woman. It's a primal urge for dominance and not cooperation, that's achieved through teaching them to view masculine men as dangerous threatening and stupid little boys.

The appeal to POC is much simpler and easier to understand. "see that whitey with all that money and power?!". After this remind the target about the rocky history of POC with whites ommiting every positive aspect of it. It takes a very smart and humble person to resist this. Building up a false sense of persecution with the media and constantly pushing racism is how you do this. Whites are made to look nerdy and backwards, and untrustworthy to POC in movies and TV. It's truly terrifying and racist to a degree I thought was impossible until I read it. I bet all the white girls dumping their boyfreinds right now are netflix customers all. The simple question is does right wing politics present a viable answer to this? the answer is a resounding NO.

The traditionalist right wing narrative applys to a more simple time. That's the short answer. It's not equipped to deal with, nor defeat the communist menace. So far the most they have done is made themselves look like racist idiots.

The answer lies in appealing to people's better nature. That, and selling the product of a clean, safe, fun, and sane way of life with few rules and more room to grow. The idea of personal freedom of thought and speech is always the best way to counter communist propaganda. The reader will likely go in search of answer and realize capitalism, and communism, are pure lunacy.


I encourage to do your own fear mongering. they do it, why not you? everyone that unsubscribes to the radical left and goes somewhere else is a victory. Tell them "look at scandinavia, they made good changes without all this thought policing!" because although worldwar 2 certainly helped their mental clarity these countries made these changes because of the horrors happening right next door in the soviet union. people were defecting and telling horror stories. It isn't all that hard to figure out.

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Recently I saw the Satanic Church going to these protests. And it got me thinking, how many of us have gone to these? I am not gonna lie, I went to one here in Colorado. (It was in Downtown Colorado Springs.) At first it was pretty chill, until some dickwad threw a firework at the cops first. (I have the video) And then thats when everything went to shit.

So the question is this, have you gone? If not, why? If you have, why and what happened when you went?

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Ok to the question to everyone is this: Who is ready for the second wave of virus outbreaks? I get the protesting and all of that. But what I am also very concerned for is the virus. 
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Hello SIN. It's been awhile since I've posted, I know. I thought some of my earlier posts were lacking in quality, So I took a much needed hiatus. But now I'm back. I wanted to wait until I had something to say, and I do. For those of us that grew up before social media and saw it rise to become what it is, we knew a very different world. A world where what you said or how you looked didn't matter as much as what you did. Before I was labeled, marked, and cut out as a "troll" or as a person to be ignored and hated and put on that list, I had a good time. I had such a good time in fact, I think it deserves to be recorded somewhere. I was supposed to be a nice kid from church camp and marry a fat girl and raise brats. I rebelled, fought, and spat and kicked, and never accepted the omega position in life. I used tricks, violence, lies, manipulation and everything else. I've had a small total of 12 girlfreinds in my life, I've been in 8 bands, lived in 4 states and 3 countries, and the internet couldn't do a damn thing about it. I was even popular at times, and admired. None of this was supposed to happen had certain powers in my life got their way. 

In life, I always went with 2 main principles. number 1 is if people do it to you, do it back harder. Number 2 was me and mine first. To say I've never cared what people thought of me is not exactly accurate. I did for a time. I maintained a persona, but I didn't like being fake 100 percent of the time. As a known cheat and liar, I actually developed a very clear appreciation for the truth. Indeed one might say, being born into and participating in a world of disgusting lies and fraud, I very much strived for something real in life.


You see, I knew I was at a disadvantage from the beginning. I knew I would always be fighting uphill and nothing was ever going to be easy. Before there was facebook, or twitter, and before everyone got tracked and recorded, I was the greatest dork in disguise of all time.

The social order we have now is based on an internet social credit system. I have heard people say that social credit is coming, but I disagree. It's been here for years now. I know this because I used to play the character of a popular/good looking person and fooled just about everyone. I went from bottom of the barrel nerd, to smashing the whole highland highschool cheerleading team in 2 months just by wearing some clothes and playing guitar in a band called the amityville horror. Had I attempted this just 5 years later I would've been exposed and ridiculed. But that's not what happened. I got to enjoy every piece of life for awhile. I dare say for awhile I felt accepted and happy. If you are seething with rage right now, good. 

Even before the internet, before I knew the things I know now, I knew I was destined for obscurity and an uninteresting life. I felt it and resented it with every part of who I am. I vowed at an early age to hack life, get what I want, get it as cheap as possible, and to never stop. I've held true to that.

Even after the internet pigeonholed me, I still continue to enjoy life. I still have a social life, and even a sex life. All things I was supposed to never have or experience. So how do you do this you might ask? It isn't easy, but heres a short guide for others looking to escape the nerd box and really live:

1. people are stupid. popular people are really stupid, so donate alot of time to learning how to impersonate an idiot. Nobody likes a know it all, as a matter of fact most people hate it when you know anything.

2. Never share your true feelings, and lie about absolutely everything until you're with people you trust. Even then guard your heart. The more truth people know about you is more ammo for them to attack you with.

3. Learn to be selfish, and have no empathy unless it benefits you or your loved ones.

4. decide who your loved ones are in life and stick to them like glue. Real freinds are a treasure that is priceless, and you will need help to survive in this world.

5. Never fear a quick death. dying fast in a dangerous place with your heart racing is better than slowly wasting in a hospital bed. You're going to be forgotten anyway, but also remember to sell your one life dearly, because it's the only thing that will ever truly be yours. 

If you found any part of this offensive, good. Fuck you, I've had a great life and you can't do anything about it. I already won. I already have the memories. I defeated the christians, the feminists, the idiot herd, my own family. None of them were able to force me down into the place they wanted me. I win. I'm going to keep winning. And you can too.

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Zach Black Owner

Do you ever wounder what people think of you as a ' Satanist' ? If you answer yes to any of these questions I can tell you 100 % positively what others think of you in the occult community..... AND IN ONE WORD!!

1, Are you a SJW Alt -Left liberal political activist trying to use Satanic aesthetics to push a political agenda and shock media to draw attention to yourself and said agenda? Yes??

2. Do you belong to a growing number who call themselves ' Satanists ' who's majority has no interest or knowledge of the dark arts, Satanism or even adhere to the fundamental basics of Satanism as defined by Anton LaVey in the Satanic Bible?? Yes!!

3. Do people when looking at you think that gay pride parade made a wrong turn and ended up in hot topic? Yes!!!!

IN ONE WORD ! ( see video )

Born Satanist

Could Transhumanism be considered a "Satanic" endeavour? This is a topic that I have been interested in for quite some time, and am interested in the varying perspectives that some fellow LHP folk have.

Some are all for it and recognize this evolutionary probability as more of an inevitability, whereas there are others who feel that Transhumanism is ultimately to discard one's humanity. Here is the original topic including a brief addition in answering a reply, which pulls together well as a single post.

Share your thoughts?

Transhumanismis defined as "the intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally improving the human condition through applied reason, especially by using technology to eliminate aging and greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities" - Nick Bostrum

I don't think that LaVey really had such an extreme in mind at all (outside of automaton servants etc.) when discussing Artifice and it's place in Pentagonal Revisionism. Nonetheless, the reality of a 'coming Singularity' is rapidly approaching tangibility.

And what is 'the Singularity'? Among other authors of the subject, Ray Kurzweil has released some work on it with books such as "The Age of Spiritual Machines"and of course, "The Singularity is Near".Kurzweil has broken the Singularity into a graph of 'Epochs' in order to illustrate the Techno-parallel between the evolution of we as a species and our tools.


With the exponential growth and breakthroughs in medical technology (electronic brain interface computers and prosthesis), it's my belief that we are well on our way in the first steps. Without risking getting too far into Transhumanism, what it is and what it means, I'll get back to the question...Is it compatible with the Satanic endeavor?

My thoughts are that it most certainly is. But, not in it's more extreme fully automated bodies and downloaded consciousness.

If death is considered 'The Great Abstinence', then ideally, the Satanist would strive or at least utilize what ever may be available to extend life in order to enjoy life longer, and cultivate the age of information in order to evolve their consciousness.

The Danger in it all, lies in becoming more machine than man. Satanism is certainly an embrace of the carnal, of the delights of the flesh and joys of emotional being. When being human transcends to wiring and cold steel, I think we lose what makes us embrace our beast. Complete synthesis crosses the line for me...It's tough to know where the line is, when you ponder the idea of: 'How much of 'you' do you have to lose, before you're no longer you'?. Is an amputee any less human with an appendage gone?

In just how we are to drive into this coming Epoch, I responded to the suggestion that either War or Commerce were appropriate.

Whether war and commerce has been the catalyst for such evolutionary steps, or are actual necessities therein, required to further techno-evolutionary dynamics...The growth remains exponential and is projected to be as soon as 2050 to reach 'primitive' Singularity. >>

Kurzweil has charted Logarythmic Plot in order to display our technological advance relative to time frame. It's easy to see that advances continue to have less and less time between them, I don't see this reaching plateau any time soon...

Whether the advances are moved by war or commerce, they continue to drive forward. Were I to choose one of the two to determine what moves our species to evolve in this manner, it would certainly be commerce. Without a doubt. War has it's advances as well, but most are actually done in times of peace in preparation of war...It's more the idea of war than the actual instance.

I'd have to choose commerce as a greater driving force because the technological / biological singularity indeed would be owned by the corporate medical field. I guess in short to say, those who can afford it, will get it. The idea behind this separation of class, thus health and physical innovation is entirely an old plot to our as of yet open ended story...>>


More of what is happening with technology is real than we have yet to imagine with advances for those who are blind,paralyzed, amputees etc.

I think rebellion has become an excellent precursor as well. All we have to do is consider things like Bush outlawing stem cell research (on religio-political grounds no less) to see that when he did that, those pursuing it simply moved to countries that will allow it, and were funded by the wealthy who hold vested interests in it (commerce again...damn).

As far as 'memory upgrades' for the human brain, it's already being said in neuro-scientific fields that it isn't a matter of 'if', but 'when'.


Chips, coming to a Brain near you...


Something else we are beginning to see which will relate to Transhumanism in later stages is 'voluntary Eugenics'. With organizations such as 'Planned Parenthood', soon Western culture will frown upon the five child family. When it gets to the point of a choice of one chance, one child, genetic manipulation and upgrades will soon become an option for the wealthy.>>

I honestly see these types of advances as inevitable rather than fictional. I'm not sure why it's no longer here (think they left), but a member had suggested that human evolution is charted through advances pertaining to either war or commerce. Also, some feel that this type of human advancement isn't possible either in our lifetime, or even at all...I invite you to explore the above links...

As I had implied in the first post however, there is a balance to be held here. I myself would be up for technological merger, but not to such an extreme that caused the loss of all beauty that is being human. I'm all for enhancement, but not outright physical transcendence. The need to discard your beast, is to abandon the Satanic essentials.

Pain and suffering are relative to joy and happiness. To not know one, is the inability to truly appreciate the other. For those who live in pain, these advancements would be a welcoming change I can imagine. A day where brain chemistry, receptors and even problematic physiology can all be altered with a simple 'program' and / or genetically modified 'body parts' per se. With the mapping of the genome, there will be a day when anything from down syndrome to hereditary disease will be pass
é, reflected upon as a time where we 'can't believe we lived (and even made it) like that'. >>

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Dark Enlightenment

I have a theory all the meaningful events of the western world can be drawn back to The Sahara and Arabian deserts turning from grassland to arid desert. The adaptation of Homo sapiens brought about both Sumer and Egypt in and around 3 serarate river valley's at the end of the long slow drying process. 

It is also worth noting that  until about 8000 BCE you still had ice taking away much of the living space.  And while the reach of human population was global (and had been for thousands of years) it was so sparse there was no need for civilation, even confined around the equator or livable spaces. It was still all green.  

And that is it.  

6000 BCE the places people all live look like this. Easy to stay apart from one another in our Africa-centric origins. 

Sahara Desert: 

The Arabian Pennisula had even more water in a massive criss-crossed river system. 

There was plenty to keep the human population sparsely populated. 

Then the earth titled and the season changed, and you get the rest from there. 

They (inhabitants within the drying up area) would have followed the green until they reached rivers or oceans. That is exactly what is appears happened.  

From there you can follow archeological evidence (mainly tools and trinkets) around the entire region as civilizations rise and fall. Get subjugated and freed. Write one text, then another to supersede it. 

You can follow the conquering civizations and their monuments of achievement or texts of conquest and still retract all civilation back to the first ones starting 5500 years ago with the onset of the copper age. Of course brought to you buy necessary cooperation. 

At this point one may bring up Chinese civilation, which arose in the middle of the bronze age 2200 BCE.  

The reason is still environmental. Albeit more localized. It is my stolen argument the Xia Dynasty's start in the Yellow River had more to do with protecting farmland from flooding.  This actually centers around Yu the Great who is fabelled to have organized flood mitigation and subsequently pushed into a leadership role as the environmental crises destroyed their food supply. They essentially rallied around central figures to save the farms in and along The Yellow River.  Go from there. Gunpowder and all.

The points being civilation took adversity beyond human doing to form. Whether it being too much water or not enough. 

And that's the complete history or the World according to me. 

Nobody is fucking special and everyone is  working together not to die in the grand scheme of things. It is also clear all advancement is in resposnse to indifferent adversity, usually environmental or sociopolitical. 

Dark Enlightenment May 19 · Rate: 5
Dark Enlightenment
 This took longer than I thought it would. 

There will be empires you never knew existed.

Here is a comprehensive list of ownership of lands between The Sinai Peninsula towards Egypt and The Tigres and Euphrates River Vallies over towards the Persian Gulf in the east with the desert in between. This makes Poland's history of occupation look like nothing.  And I even missed a few.  Very in depth considering how small of a geographical area it truly is.  For reference about the size of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. 

And begin in BCE. (25 years +/-)

Mesopotamia/River Valleys (East):

2900 - 2500 - Sumer
2500 - 2400 - Lagash
2400 - 2330 - Uma
2330 - 2150 - Akkad
2150 - 2000 - Ur (Sumer) 
2000 - 1890 - Old Assyria/Neo Sumer (split North/South)
1890 - 1780 - Small states/Babylon 
1780 - 1470 - Old Assyria/Babylonia
1470 - 1350 - Babylonia 
1350 - 1285 - Middle Assyria/Babylonia
1285 - 1205 - Middle Assyria 
1205 - 1190 - Babylonia
1190 - 1143 - Neo Assyria/ Elam
1143 - 1021 - Babylonia
1021 - 846 - Neo Assyria/ Babylonia 
846 - 819 - Neo Assyria 
819 - 808 - Neo Assyria/Babylonia
808 - 724 - Neo Assyria 
724 - 720 - Neo Assyria/Babylonia 
720 - 624 - Neo Assyria 
624 - 611 - Neo Assyria /Neo Babylonian  
611 - 539 - Neo Babylonian Empire
539 - 483 - Achaemenid Empire (Ancient Persia)
483 - Mesopotamian Revolt 
483 - 331 - Achaemenid Empire (Ancient Persia)
331 - 328 - Macedonia/Achaemenid Empire
328 - 324 - Macedonia
324 - 141 - Hellenistic Era (Ancient Greece) 
141 BCE  - 118 CE - Parthian 
118 - Rome 
118 - 225 - Parthian
225 - 634 - Sassanian Empire 
634 - 635 - Sassanian Empire/Rashidun Caliphate 
635 - 661 - Rashidun Caliphate 
661 - 748 - Umayyad Caliphate
748 - 1051 - Abbasid  Caliphate
1051 - 1118 - Seljuq Empire
1118 - 1261 - Abbasid  Caliphate
1261 - 1408 - Mongol Empire 
1405 - 1538 - Safavid Dynasty (Persia) 
1538 - 1621 - Ottoman Empire/Safavid Dynasty (Persia) (river valley split lenthwise)

1621 - 1639 - Safavid Dynasty (Persia)
1639 - 1721 - Ottoman Empire/Safavid Dynasty  (Persia)
1721 - 1749 - Ottoman Empire/Hotak Dynasty (Persia)
1749 - 1752 -  Ottoman Empire/Afsharid Dynasty (Persia)
1752 - 1785 -  Ottoman Empire/Afsharid Dynasty (Persia)/Kuwait
1785 - 1919 - Ottoman Empire/Qajar Dynasty (Persia)/Kuwait
1919 - 1926 -  Iraq (UK)/Qajar Dynasty (Persia) 

1926 - 1932 - Iraq (UK)/Iran (Formerly Persia)
1932 - 1941 - Iraq/Iran 
1941 - 1945 - Iraq (UK)/British Zone (UK) 
1945 - Present Iraq/Iran/Kuwait 

* Kuwait was a British protectorate during both world wars. 


The Holy Land (West): 

*The western portion can fit between San Antonio and Dallas, TX. 

1900 - 1470 - Canaan (nomadic former Akkadians) 
1470 - 1210 - New Kingdom (Egypt) 
1210 - 1021 - Phoenicia/12 Tribes (12 subdivided regions, their myth is the OG manifest destiny)
1021 - 796 - Phoenicia/Israel
796 - 783 - Neo Assyria
783 - 769 - Phoenicia/Israel
769 - 733 - Judah/Phoenicia/Israel
733 - 724 - Judah/Neo Assyria 
724 - 720 - Judah/Israel/ Neo Assyria  
720 - 699 - Judah/Neo Assyria 
699 - 624 - Neo Assyria 
624 - 611 - Judah/Neo Assyria 
611 - 608 - Judah/Israel/ Neo Babylonian Empire 
608 - 539 - Neo Babylonian Empire 
539 - 331 - Achaemenid Empire 
331 - 324 - Macedonia
324 - 137 - Hellenistic Era* (Ancient Greece) 
137 - 51 - Judea (Herodian Kingdom) 
51 BCE - 268 CE - Roman Empire
268 - 274 - Palmyrene Empire 
274 - 396 - Roman Empire 
396 - 489 - East Roman Empire 
489 - 616 - Byzantine Empire 
616 - 626 - Sassanian Empire 
626 - 635 - Byzantine Empire  
635 - 661 - Rashidun Caliphate 
661 - 748 - Umayyad Caliphate
748 - 970 - Abbasid  Caliphate
970 - 1076 - Fatimid Caliphate
1076 - 1099 - Seljuq Empire
1099 - 1174 - Jerusalem/Tripoli (France) 
1174 - 1188 - Jerusalem (France)/Ayyubid Sultanate 
1188 - 1191 - Ayyubid Sultanate 
1191 - 1251 - Jerusalem/Tripoli (France)/Ayyubid Sultanate 
1251 - 1291 - Jerusalem/Tripoli (France)/Mamluk Sultanate 
1291 - 1516 - Mamluk Sultanate 
1516 - 1919 - Ottoman Empire 
1919 - 1921- Egypt (UK)/Syria (France) 

1921 - 1945 - Egypt (UK)/Syria (France)/Trans-Jordan
1945 - 1949 - Egypt (UK)/Syria/Trans-Jordan/Lebanon
1949 - 1988 - Lebanon/Syria/Jordan/Israel
1988 - Present - Lebanon/Syria/Jordan/Israel/Palestine



Around 600 BCE you have Monotheism taking off.  The Achaemenid Empire (Ancient Persia) defeated the neo-Babylonian, and most of their narrative was influential in the western portion  of this region and underscored many ideas of Judaism via the ancient Persian Zoroastrianism. And everything influenced each-other in this confined region of the world. Amalgamation being the word. Save the Torah (oldest scrolls dated right around 1200 BCE), and most apocryphal, much of the OT text was written between 500-150 BCE. 

One of the oldest documented "hebrew" text is actually from the reign of King David. 10th century BCE and predates the Zoroastrianism idea. Showing that concepts in Judaism actually date back to at least the "Twelve tribes of Israel" (1210 BCE), which actually existed as a way to divide up territory gained back from Egypt after being subjects of The Pharoh. Initially serperate groups that later decided to call themselves "Hebrew" and unite as "Israel" around a mythical covenant with a monotheistic god and like narrative of Egypt oppression. They were Canaanites that were  made subjects to Egypt for long enough to almost forget. With some developing a new myth in the occupied interim. The origin of chosen therein. 

  The "Exodus" is likely (IMO) a colorful historical account of when both polytheistic Phoenicia and The "Twelve Tribes of Israel" gained autonomy from The New Kingdom of Egypt, which  for a few centuries extended north into the area where Israel exists today. At the time of "Moses", who is very likely a literary device of when negative sentiment against Egypt was HIGH.  There is truth to "Israelites" gaining fredom from Egypt. No walking the desert needed. Humorously around 1200 BCE historical accounts in Mesopotamia recorded a pandemic resembling influenza.  Desert locusts swarms were also recorded... All at the right time. Though, they may have just been beneficiary of Phonician conquest, as both civilizations came to be at the same time, and in the same dense region .  

What can you say, they wrote their history books different-y

Christianity and Islam:

Not much until 300 CE and Constantine. Then hundreds of years later after The Caliphate of Islam kicked Christians to the curb, Crusaders, mostly European, took back and lost the "Holy Land" (western portion) several times. 

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Dark Enlightenment

I can't really understand why so many people follow him or regard his gibberish as holding anything of value. I can state the obvious or do heroin and channel my unconscious rambling in a ziggaraut as well.  Channel some anciety spirit and write a book on anti-gravity propulsion. Oh wait, wrong one.  That was the ancient aliens one.

Anyway I don't see the draw of his wife-beating faggot junkie ass.  He seems like the last person with a philosophy that can be used. 

So let's begin and go after "The Law".

First off, The Book of Law can go fuck itself and take it's pretension with it.

"Do what thou wilt" is fine. Could stop there, but this fluffy intrinsic twat has to go ruin it with some bullshit about love. What the fuck did that addled nymphomaniac faggot consider love anyway?

Was it love to beat his wife when he couldn't handle the burning hell of his mind, or was just strung out. May of well let the woman who repeatedly "gets hit with the basketball" write a book on trusting relationships.

So not really a figure worthy to speak there.

Plus, everything I have ever read on his relationships is some asshurt letter to his faggot boyfriend or him beating his various partners.

But what is "love under will", other than some BULLSHIT he added riding the white horse, and on a total dopey dopamine buzz.

Seriously? Possession. I think it's possession. I think it's control, or least something along those lines.  Perhaps security as a juxtaposition against the indifference and default hostility of the universe?

But my whole thing is why tie it to the rest of the will unless you FIRST disambiguate it as "love of self"? How does that last line tie to the first unless you want to cloud your practical with drifting pablum?

 Love of sex? Money? Hormones? There are much more animal reasons I thought he was all about that make this is as perplexing as him on his deathbed... allegedly.

MY reason for this is the circumstantial nature of the kind he meant.

Crowley was a fruitcake and his "love" was half "do what you want" and half be led by mystical bullshit.  Something broke along the way and he became a veiled born-again with his abyss and blah blah unification with godform blah blah. 

So let's get the full quote.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. Every man and every woman is a star."

This is a non quote.  Love is the law? THAT is god shit, strait up. Without disambiguation that is holy spirit Abstraction.  Something unnecessary added to an already salient quote. Is it my will or some fruity hormonal shit you gotta feels?

And how am I a star? I am stardust (made of) but I am not a necromancing numinous magi controlling the incompatible. Do I shine on too, Mr. Lennon? AND WHEN DO I GET SHOT? I could define/understand that.... unless I die. 

Still, I'm stuck at how doing what I want + the chemicals associated ties to this fruity bullshit.  How was a fruity little mystical think god twat ever considered a beast of anything?

But once more on love under will.

What the fuck is that? Getting what your dick or vag wants? I believe he was trying to say you should be "guided by love",  which leaves me thinking his entire philosophy was a justification to religiously fuck ALL THE TIME and do a shit ton of heroin. 

Unless he truly meant "essences of love", which once again leaves me to believe he didn't understand how the chemicals the brain releases relates to behaviors and desire. Or just wrote it for the sake of writing it. 

Which is also why he wrote like such a cryptic tool. Looking over many of MOST successful people in history I see their bios littered with merciless selfishishness and faux-philanthropic conscience leveraging.

So it's gotta be "love of self". If he had any insight, it is that.  Case and point: Jessie Helms. It also means Ayn Rand was better at his philosophy than he was.  And not NEARLY as pretentious.

Sorry, I just had a bad day and remembered I LOVE trashing fluffy intrinsic things other people get fuzzies from.. So in his spirit I was required to post it.

Dark Enlightenment May 15 · Comments: 24
Zach Black Owner
I got caught up in a few things and had a sickness scare so I have not been on here for a solid 4 days or so.. But I am back. No Corona just a mild case of the shingles.. 

Chicken pox be like '' What up nigga remember me Mr. C to the P? I did not kill you last time but left form scars on your face to remember me by. Well, now that you are middle aged bitch let me introduce you to my big brotha Shingles!

Hey everyone, I figured it be a good idea to check up on everyone. How you doing? How's the hold on everything treating you? Please tell me you did not hit up your ex. Found any new type of tasty snacks or meals?
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It has long been tradition starting with ' High Priest ' LaVey and the ' Church ' of Satan to hang religious titles on everything they can. Words like Church, temple , synagogue , priest, reverend, pope etc should not be used to describe anything within Satanism. This not only is confusing and retarded but show an incredible lack on insight and imagination on the part of the people who carry these titles. Often these title are used to cover up ones lack of merit and accomplishments hiding behind a prefix hoping to command respect without giving you reason why. Ironically these titles used often in this manner are the same titles created by the institutions they claim to despise. Fuck all that .....
Dark Enlightenment

Screw Satanism, Antitheists are the ones who are born. 

Everything that drives your fire could be caused by compulsory non-answers. You may be a victim of your own genetic predisposition and push of others to see duality or superstition and not even know it. 

Antitheism is a non-dual mindset that leaves room at the end for character and integrity, and even a defacto "moral compass" of sorts. 

The Litmus Test:  Does considering matters of superstition as an option during adversity or to answer an unknown cause you a degree discomfort? Would optional application do nothing, and forced application cause distress? 

Only the antitheist can feel this pain. See Rainman being forced way out of comfort zone which cannot be controlled.  The circuit is shorted and no amount of flipping the switch will light the bulb. It never takes. 

A natural skepticism to what other people say or do.


If you needed money to stave off major adversity and couldn't find a source what would you find comfort in? What would reveal that light at the end of that tunnel.

A. A new source of cash flow achieved somehow, or failing that a plan to achieve said cash flow.

B. A prayer. A candle, And a hope something will fall from the sky and save you.

The antitheist cannot do both. A and only A. 

Only those prone to mysticism can use the latter. There is no "asking ____ and then doing the leg work".  It is a superfluous facet to consider your trajectory as rooted in divine purpose or determinism. 

Faithodrama, formerly known as psychodrama:

The antheist has no use for baseless faith. Not an interchangeable with 'trust' semantic conflation.To the point where Rainman (again) being denied Judge Wapner is a safe comparison. 

No, [Insert deity here] can't be proven to have done anything for you. 

Only your positivity can be proven.  You believed you had something helping you so much, that you made better decisions subconsciously and put yourself in a better situation without even realizing it.  Conversely if you are negative, you make self-saboteur decisions.  

The antitheist will ask short questions.

"Yes, but how will that get me money?", "Okay, so I pray and then what? How do I know it wasn't my actions?"

The antitheist will see worthlessness in something without visceral use or direct lines of cause and effect. 

The antitheist does not care they are missing an entire web of preconditioned mystic-compatible determinism. There is no world where your wants can enter a magical channel where they pull acausal strings and redict otherwise disconnected chains of cause and effect screaming in your direction.  It is amusing to consider at most.

The antitheist can't do circumstantial evidence and swallow species logic. The rock never keeps tigers away. They will see above coincidence as a humourous, and even an eyebrow raising likelihood of statistics, but write it off. 

The antitheist has no use for even the hodge-podge of "as above, so below", because it's all a mashing of noodles anyway. What seems like a connection to self or everything else is just perfectly normal ego, paranoia, and erroneous determination of significance. 

The antitheist knows shit happens. Good shit happens, bad shit happens. Both are proportional to what type of shit you are. Bad shit leads to worse shit, and increased likelihood of other shit.  But being one type of shit does not rule out the other type of shit happening.

Any "what is good vs what is bad" points of contention can be referred to The Genevese Family. Call it rooted in, "does this harm my environment?"  This would make something like ratting "good" in the land of litigious dictates "good" it is a notch to the "bad" end of your equilibrium and viability - because you are a filthy fucking rat. 

The antitheist does not see design in the hodge-podge. The gods, masters, and architects are ways of explaining away the quirks of our own emergent properties and assurance there will  be an equilibrium to arise even in our artificial creations. The design will always exist in a range of data and hindsight analysis.

Intelligent design is the median. The middle ground. The teetering point of stability between polar extremes. The bottom of the pendulum swing. Equilibrium. The point of symmetry. 


We presence this as a line drawn down the middle by our observation.  In western society the line down the center of our social stability is maintained by artificial systems (legal, banking) making orderly cooperative behavior to maintain that the middle ground of emergent priority. 
Even the artificial is as regulatory as the weather. As temperatures rise that middle ground changes, like sea levels. 

The antitheist sees a dynamic world in constant flux with the many different equilibriums both natural and artificial following an ebb/flow trajectory as sure as there is no absolute prediction of the future. Somewhere on the fringes of the ordered chaos you find the antitheist. 

But what of morals, character, integrity, and colloquial values...

Simply put If you are a jackass that fucks everyone over, and lives with anger and hatred, your "line down the center", your god, is likely going to be deeper into the shit. 

In a world where even the artificial is a parameter of your existence there is room to use various artificial systems and personal demeaner to place yourself in a 'less likely for adversity", but still fear the malignant cell. Rest assured there will still be apliication(s) of your personal ethics with real-world consequences eventually.

Your level will be found and you will deal with the limitations or opportunities allotted by your actions. 

And if some actions dig yourself down into a hole so deep you remove all escape options at least you won't be pained by delusions of purpose or destiny. You will be most concerned with useable ways to get out, if you can. 

And if in that hole you find yourself praying on your knees then maybe you were never a born antitheist anyway.

Use this again:

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This is something that was never put into policy ( my fault ) but something that needs to mainly so I can enforce it without having to drop a page of explanation following.

Posting in forums and blogs 

There are exceptions but generally speaking  - 

If you post in the forum or blogs including replies and comments your posts needs to be a complete sentence with decent grammar, spelling a punctuation. 

Also if using a link in a post you need to take the time to either make a hyper link or embed the video. Please do not just cut and paste the url. Take the extra few seconds and use the boxes above the comment box to insert link into or the embed code. 

EXAMPLE ( taken form a post ) 

 If you are going to to make a post it has to be more than a url. You can embed YouTube videos and many other types. This is preferred mainly because it looks better. But, if for some reason you can not figure out how to embed YouTube videos using the buttons above this text, you can also create a hyper link again using the buttons above this text. If you still can not figure this out you might need to freshen up on your forum skills.
 Posts should really be more than a link or a sentence anyways. Things you post in the forums and blogs are listed on the front page and if the front page is filled with links and short sentences it looks like shit. Thanks. 
Example - 
Preferred  a) 
I been listening to Danzig's album Lucifuge . It rocks. 

This is acceptable unless it is done all the time by multiple people 
B)  I been listening to Danzig's album Lucifuge.

This is what I really do not want to see 

c)  Danzig Lucifuge rocks!              or

Thanks for helping keeping the bar up and the sites appearance decent. If it starts to fall to low people checking out the network are not gonna want to post here or we will attract the types of people we do not want posting here. I get lazy to sometimes but as summer rolls around especially there is a influx of new users I want to encourage people to stay or register and participate. 

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There are some perks that I must say I will take full advantage of. And no no its not the hippy teenage girls it is the free drugs and beer. Yep. I wish I woulda started doing this a long time ago but it never occurred to me that I could pull it off. 

I was looking to get some psychedelics mainly LSD or DMT. Well I only know were to get mushrooms. I am fucking super Mario shroomed out. So, I was told buy some teenage kids on Reddit to jam down to Ocean Beach where the hippies and traveling beatnik folks hang out and I will find some. Well, I do not really like asking strangers for drugs especially hippies who I do not know for a drug I have no real way of testing until they are long gone. But the teenagers swore I would not need to ask that they would recognize me as ' 30 hits guy' . Well I was skeptical but occasionally someone does recognize me on the street so I figured fuck it. But, I wanted to make sure . 

So I had a couple shirts made for the 10th anniversary of the video and I decided to wear one to the beach. I had only wore one once and that was new years eve to the pub . I did get to drink most of the night for free so I went for it,.

Now, it is hard to describe the foolishness you feel walking around with your face on your shirt. It is embarrassing. Because even if people do not get the reference even kids look at you like you are retarded for having your face on your shirt. So I felt like a tool but as I walked down to the board walk I decided to sit down and watch the sunset. Sure as shit those teenagers were right. Within 5 minutes a few younger hippies walked up and asked me if that was really me and I confirmed. After answering a few questions about the video they were asking me if I would trip with them rigth there right now. 

I explained to them I was looking for a to go order and had this much money . They came back with a older hippie who said if I take drop acid with him right now for every hit I do he will give me three to go. now... this was tempting . But I passed. He ended up giving me a few and selling me a bunch at like half of what they go for so I was happy. 

If anyone is in the mode for some LSD or DMT in the San Diego area ( DE) I am your huckleberry. 

Zach Black Owner

ASU frat boys wont take my grilled cheese

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Something I coined the diabolical infestation. This video is shockingly accurate about many things..


The beginnings of what we call corporate PR are shrouded in mystery and espionage, but for the aspiring Satanist self server, it holds a lot of important knowledge that should not be ignored. The thing they never tell the consumer is how to spot out a shit product. The system is very simple and relatively easy to recognize. If I'm forced to live in a world of hoarders and materialists, I will parrot their behavior in a way that benefits me, and not the system.

Shit product:

1. it is not actually created to solve a problem or have a function. This is your day to day collectables, things that seem to clutter up the world, your pet rocks, actions figures, legos. Although fun and enjoyable, buying large amounts of these things is sometimes not an investment. If you do indulge, make sure to hoard only the nicknacks that appreciate in value. 

2.something that is inherently deadly. These are your drugs, your boose, junk food, etc. As a victim of this particular public programming I have a strange theory about ways to counter it. If you love being drunk for example, or tripping balls, it pays to be homebody. Also simply limiting your consumption in different ways, and applying a balance of good healthy consumption can cancel out the effects. for example, a healthy weed habit will seriously curtail heart problems and cancer, but you didn't hear that from me. 

You see, the place where I deviate from many commentators and draw the ire of others is that I know what good products are, some people just think they are a waste of money. In a place where there is a history of marketing competition many advances have been made that go completely under the radar. If you're gunna hoard things hoard good products:

1. Tools/gadgets. I think it's important to own as many tools as possible. if your going to collect anything, collect gadgets. Any work you can do yourself is an asset to you as a person, so not only should you collect tools, you should learn their uses with diligence

2. books/information. Hoarding information is both a dangerous and powerful thing. Most people don't hoard unsettling/controversial information. However, I believe reading this stuff is a good way to develop a balanced and advanced personality. When treading in uncertain waters, dont be afraid to bring freinds. 

4. food/clean water + non stock investment portfolio: pretty self explaining. Everyone laughs at preppers until theres a market crash or a hurricane. Suddenly Billy Bob's no trespassing sign takes on a whole new meaning and then you get to look like the idiot for not hanging out with him a few times so he lets you in the compound. Remember, the system is just as flimsy as it looks. 

You'll notice I barely mentioned public relations/pleb programming in this article. Trying to find somebody to blame/repeating propaganda is part of the problem. Whoever "they" are, they are complete narcissists and want you to think about them all the time. This is just a basic guide on what to put your energy/time towards. 

the benefits of rejecting contemporary thinking are vast and plentiful. I will say time again, just because you don't believe x, doesn't mean you have to believe Y. The more you know, the less you will understand. The more you understand how much you don't know, is the true path to knowledge and wisdom. The more actual knowledge you attain, the simpler it is to solve problems and live better. 

Alright so a bit of a vent. At college I wear dark sunglasses all day because I do not know what it is, but the lights there just give me a screaming headache like no other. And of course I wear my pentagram. This girl is now convinced that I am gonna shoot up the college. Oh yeah, I am so threatening with a mouth food stuffed, (it was one of those breakfast sandwich) an orange soda running to Algebra class! 

What is the dumbest thing someone has said to you? What was the dumbest thing done just because of your looks? Cause no the damn security is always standing near me. I just wanted to go to damn class!

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New shirts . All around 20 bucks both men and women sizes and multiple colors. 

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My name is Zenarith Morningstar and I follow the Right Hand Path Theistic Satanist.
I am fully aware of the Devil(s) under the Earth, walking the Earth and above the Earth.
I am from Nova Scotia, Canada; and I am reaching out to other Canadians to Join together and form a Canadian Theistic Satanism Group.

I have already set up the Group Page through this Social Network, if you are interested in Joining and/or helping to Moderate it, feel free to leave a Comment Below.

Hail Satan!
Ave Satanas!

Deleted user Feb 17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: canada, group, satanism, satanist, theistic, canadian
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