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Brother Shamus
** PETA Fag disclaimer ** If you have a strong aversion to animal abuse or animal torture in any way I STRONGLY advise you do not read the following. 

Climbing up the pepper tree in the back yard, I remember it fondly. A warm morning in the spring of 1876. A lad of 10, full of jubilation. This was just something I cherished. I had waited patiently for two weeks, for this moment. For the child of darkness hath come to fulfill his karma. His duty. 

For this joyful spring morning was the day I was to teach a little doves how to fly.

The mother of course, would reject these befouled and tainted chicks if I put them back when I was done playing with them. Luckily for the mother it would not need to make that decision.

I eagerly plucked the babies from their nest and took them down the tree.  I left them in a spot near the center of the yard. I dashed to the woodshed to fetch me my favorite bird teaching aid.  A wooden tennis racket. 

Now it was time. I plucked one up from the ground and tossed it aloft. It tried to flap its undeveloped wings, but that was to no avail.


You can get sufficient range with a tennis racket. I saw it landed near an adjacent property.  I hustled out for my favorite part, watching it writhe in its death throes. Gasping. It would heave and convulse, sometimes be split wide open.  I firmly remember these being my first moments of adrenaline release.  I knew I was a  demented little shit from them on.

"Do you like to play with fire little boy?"

Yes, as a matter of fact I do.

Eventually it would die. And it was time to do the other one.

It only progressed from there.

You know your destiny when you play games of capture and imprisonment to live animals. It really does put the lotion in the basket.

You can't really cure demented, no matter what convention or manufactured remedy you throw at it. It will always win.

Or in futuristic terms, it will always rejoin its droogs and commence to raping once again.

Did this take it too far?
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Zach Black Owner
Nine years ago on this day 02-09-10. I launched SIN solo and was the very first user. I think the only user for a couple days. I no clue what i was doing having little computer skills and no networking skills to speak of. In fact, I did not even know what a network forum really was. I remember moving some stuff from one side of the room to the other and that was progress. Luckily I sounded the horn on YouTube and a couple dozen people showed up. Thankfully Beastxeno saw that I was in trouble and offered his assistance. He was the first in a series of admin to help sail the ship. 

At first SIN blew up huge within the first year. I guess because it was the new thing on the block. back then I was known on YouTube as another Satanist making videos but had not yet really begun to grow in popularity yet. I used what few thousand subscribers I had and fanned the flames as much as I could. 

I simply started SIN for the same reason I got on YouTube. I spent about a year and observed. After a while I saw what I liked and what I thought I could do better. So I did. I created SIN to be the premier Satanic Network just like I set out to dominate YouTube and become the most subscribed to and viewed Satanist on YouTube. And I did. I did in spades with more subs and video views that all Satanists combined. 

SIN started off to be a better version of the few networks I knew of. I remember MySatan, ICOS, Goat of Mendes and a couple others. Each of those networks had their pros and cons just like SIN does. Well I wanted to be better that all of them .... together. And within a few years SIN did just that. 

So nine years later where are we? I look around and I Tell you what I see. I see a few other networks sinking into oblivion. Bouncing around in a barrel like a bunch of wounded ducks. I see the haters who have betrayed my trust and set this place on fire hiding in the distance in the shadows. With no honor and to cowardly to raise a hand and take credit for being a back stabbing spineless weasel. I laugh at you as we still stand strong. Stronger than all the few left put together and I smile thinking to myself ...  ' what a bunch of pathetic weakling pussies. Is that really the best you got ' ?  Where are you all now? And does anyone notice or even care?  

Does anyone know what happened to that fat goofy looking flat chested ugly chick that you use to hang out with in real life? You know, the one who would go to your house and and chill with you. That one who went all the way up to Northern California to visit you at the winery wearing Jason Sorrell SIN shirt. What was her name again ? .. .. Exactly. 

I could go on about a few more but why bother. Nobody remembers you or cares. Nobody missed you for more than a month either. 

So those cowboys and cowgirls that are still left. Pull up a chair. Order yourself a drink. This could possibly be the last carnival to pass through this town again. This world is growing harder and harder for this type of engagement. Like the traveling sideshow freaks our time is coming and I can see the horizon. So lets order a round of drinks, toss your chips in and all bets are in. 

   I told you naysayers once nine years ago and I will say it again....

                      '' SIN aint going nowhere . I am all in ''. 

I need help on how to sell my soul for money and riches...what should i do
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RiderOnTheStorm Mod

“Why Satan?” I am asked, by people who speak the name in hushed tones. “Why the Devil? Why evil?” These questions sound quite valid on the surface and I can understand the incredulity behind an uninformed mind’s opinion. Upon closer examination, however, the questions answer themselves.

Lucifer. God’s own most-loved creation, the favourite angel of the Almighty. Favoured by a God who created him knowing that he would fall and be cast down - and yet loved him most anyway. It seems odd to me that God’s best loved is mankind’s most loathed. And I don’t understand the reasons he is so hated and feared. If one studies any facet of Abrahamic religion, the only reasonable conclusion is that Lucifer is truly the champion of humankind.

John 3:16 states “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son; that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” God loved the world? When did he love it? When he flooded it and killed millions of people? When he had bears maul children for mocking a bald man? When he was so insecure he almost made a father kill his own son just to prove how much faith he had? This is not love. Creating beings imbued with free will and punishing them for exercising said free will is most assuredly not a loving act.

God created man and put him in paradise. But he encouraged man to remain ignorant. This was not for man’s own good - this was so man’s cognitive abilities would not rival God’s own. He created an item that would illuminate the mind of man and then banned him from ever utilising it. That is not love. Love - true, deep, unconditional love - is wanting to see your loved ones flourish; to see them reach the pinnacle of happiness and wisdom. Love is elevation and guidance - hate is suppression and willful obstruction.

Who then, in Eden, acted out of love? Certainly it was not God. It was the snake. The snake identified as Lucifer. It was Lucifer who encouraged humanity to gain wisdom and knowledge, it was Lucifer who supported humanity in their strive for autonomy, it was Lucifer who selflessly stepped in and guided man every step of the way, out of the garden of ignorance and into the world of wisdom. Lucifer lifted the veil God placed across the eyes of man: Lucifer taught man how to truly see.

Lucifer the Light Bringer, the Morning Star. For a being so reviled, he has never stopped loving and protecting us. Where God sees sin, Lucifer sees instinct. Instincts that are, often, pleasurable and beneficial for humanity, and are only considered “bad” when indulgence gives way to compulsion. Lucifer gave man the gift of freedom - freedom from a God who would control our thoughts and actions. Having given us such a gift, it’s only natural that he would want us to retain that freedom, and addictions and compulsions are masters we choose to obey. So he encourages us to learn, live, and enjoy, but bow to no master but ourselves. 

Humanity has benefited from the indulgence of instinct, often seen as sin in the eyes of the righteous. Pride has given us health and self-esteem, lust has given us procreation and survival of the species, sloth has given us recuperation and reprieve from mental and physical exertion, gluttony has given us agriculture, envy has given us ambition, greed has given us exploration, and wrath has given us motivation. These are the seven deadliest sins, so abhorrent are they that God himself is incapable of forgiving these transgressions. To Lucifer, these are not sins, they are guarantors of health, prosperity, survival, and happiness. In fact, the only acts Lucifer cannot abide are the sins of willful ignorance and purposeful stagnation. 

While often portrayed as the Adversary (and rightfully so), it is obvious that he is not the adversary of goodness and purity. Satan is the adversary of tyranny and oppression. It is a mantle thrust upon him by detractors, but to those who understand his motives, it is a banner. Whenever man has created or appreciated art, it is because of the gift Lucifer gave us. Whenever man has applied critical thought to the world around him, it is because of the gift Lucifer gave us. Whenever man has escaped servitude and mental or physical bondage, whenever man has fought for justice and progress, it is because of the gift Lucifer gave us.

This is my answer. “Why Satan?” Because there is no other acceptable alternative. Lucifer gave us wisdom, joy, appreciation, freedom, love, acceptance, pleasure, and power. Lucifer was cast down from Heaven, rejected by his creator, because of the value he saw in himself and in God’s other creations. And in God’s eyes, the worst thing any creature can do is value himself, for to do so is to start the journey to self-reliance. And God cannot exist where man has come to rely on himself to meet his needs. The Devil has no such insecurities. He knew full well that by giving man the gift of knowledge, he would eventually find himself obsolete as mankind became self-aware and autonomous. I have no use for John 3:16, this is the truth: "For Lucifer so loved the world, that he gave himself, that whosoever should open their eyes would not wander blind, but have everlasting sight." - Rider 3:16

This is my love letter to the one that set me free. To the one who unbound my shackles of fear, insecurity, and mental servitude. A thank you to the fallen angel who has sacrificed his existence and reality in order to elevate my own. A declaration of gratitude and adoration to the one who is personified within myself. May the light he fell to bring us radiate through me for all to see. There is no God or Devil, no Heaven or Hell - there is only what we create for ourselves. This knowledge, this power, gives us each omnipotence, it requires only that we be brave enough to take it.

I am a Daughter of the Morning Star. I am the Adversary of the Dying Lamb. 

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Satanism is a philosophy based on stratification, survival of the fittest and natural law. This means if you can't hack it you will be crushed. Satanists are strong individuals, people who take responsibility for themselves and those they love.

Many Satanists identify as Atheist. It's a term to denote that they don't believe in any god, devil or such in any literal since. I, however do not like the term Atheist any longer. This is thanks the groups like the American Atheists and their ilk. These "Atheists" have given the impression to many that Atheists are liberal, state worshipping, democrats that have gay sex with the Humanist camp. 

These "Atheist" groups are anything but atheists. They have simply turned the Christian god into a Government. They cherish the weak. Always in the hunt to raise taxes to provide more food stamps and welfare. They whine and bitch for increased government and vote vote vote for the next lesbian or fag running for office waving a rainbow flag.

Satanism is about worshipping yourself, not the state. We aren't out there asking for food stamps and working in soup kitchens. Charity is seen for what it is a handout to the dregs. 

I foresee a large scale increase in those who identify as Satanists as more and more people become sick of the liberal agenda of the Atheist camp. 

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Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy - the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation. - Eric Hoffer

There comes the time in your life when you realize it is impossible to put together the shattered glass or that the diamond you cherished for so long is only a piece of trash. You can hold the sham in your hand and still delude yourself it is a gem or accept the bitter truth and throw it away.

Disillusionment has many faces. Each will haunt your memory for days, months or even years and hurt like a knife stabbing your chest. Whenever your dreams are shattered, the part of you dies. The reality you must face is too often gloomy, unfriendly or even scary. This and the painful realization that you have been deluding yourself for so long.

When the guy you were in love with turns out to be someone else than a prince in the golden castle, when your dream job turns out to be a nightmare, when your friends reject you, when you lose your religion and when you see you're not as perfect as you thought you were, bafflement, bitter disappointment and remorse are likely to follow. How could I be so stupid? How could I be so blind? I was in love. I was totally enchanted. I trusted my friends. I thought I could do that. Perhaps, I disappointed my friends. I was not a good wife. I could be more attractive. I could do better...

Cold evaluation of yourself and others is definitely in order, though not before you bury your dreams and illusions and let the grief pass. They deserve the mourning like the dead children, because they were part of you. Then and only then can you move on.

Every wall is a door. The end of something is the new beginning, an opportunity to look inside. The God that can save you will come from the darkest depths of your mind, your inner voice, your real self, real, not imaginary, not illusory and that voice will lead you along the path, your own path of life. The feeble voice so often unheard because of the loud and persistent gabble of experts, religious leaders, authority figures and all those who think they know the best how you should live your own life.

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.

Anna Nov 22 '14 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 8 · Tags: personal rant

First off, My name is Charles Benjamin Clifton, Second, as you can see on my Profile I am a Eclectic Satanist, I take things from other paths, and form it on my own. I take things from Asatru, Druidry, Buddhism,  and other Pagan/Old Spiritualistic Philosophies, and form it into my own path. Many people will ask me Why do you worship Satan or call yourself a Satanist? Well, my answer to that question is that I do not believe in a conscious Deity or Deities, I believe in a force greater than us, like Gravity for example, but its not a conscious life force. I use a blend of Different Philosophies to fit my own Beliefs. Then why do I call myself a Satanist? How does Satan come in to play? These are the questions people will ask me. I respond with this answer, The word Satan is Hebrew for Adversary or opposer. The Judeo-Christian Church deemed all alternate philosophies "Evil" and labeled them as "Satanist". I use Satan as an overall belief system, representing the Cardinal Nature of mankind and Elevating and Empowering Humanity to reach equality to "The Gods" The Gods, represents The Seven Chakras within ourselves. 

In my opinion that means to find yourself and to strive to better yourself.

CliftonC Apr 9 '15 · Rate: 4.33 · Comments: 8

Free thinking is the gift every satanist gives to themselves. If we take the world at face value, we lose it's real value. Their are many wheels and cogs that function together to create everything we see before us. Understanding these is the free thinker's mission. I can only speak for myself, My view of free thinking could also be called non-directed thinking. For example, teaching yourself skills, in my opinion, is an act of free thinking. You didn't take a class, you weren't employed to do it. You learned it simply for yourself. By yourself.

Have you ever been to a magic show? I love magic shows. There are many people, (Mainly other performers) who hate magicians. These people don't like a challenge. I've loved magic, in all it's forms since I was 10 and saw gandalf in lord of the rings. Actually, that might be the first time I began to doubt christianity. My mother hated the fact that he was my favorite character. She made sure I knew wizards and magicians were evil and served satan. I know this not to be true in every case. But the idea of magic planted a seed in my mind. When I go to a magic show, I'll stay up all night afterwards sipping scotch trying to figure out how the fuck that little bastard levitated a rubber ball.

Some people would say "Why the hell do you care what he does with a rubber ball?" and I would answer, why do people climb mountains? The challenge. We must challenge everything as satanists. Religious dogma, societal dogma, personal dogma. We must find out what makes it tick, so that it doesn't take advantage of us...

Dogma sometimes hides inside doubt. If you for example, Doubt anything that doesn't go with your accepted world view, you are therefore guilty of propagating dogma. I had to tangle with this when I left the pentecostal movement at the tender age of 14. To say that all faith healers are fake for example, is actually not accurate if you understand the placebo effect. I would be lying if I said every faith healing I witnessed at conferences was a lie. MOST of them were. Some however, did happen. I know there is no god at least in the abrahamic sense, call me a fool if you like. I know the resurrection of jesus was a fraud, call me evil if you like. I came to that conclusion from careful research. But you can watch a few documentaries and save yourself the time I wasted. It was never the "healer" that actually healed anyone. The statement every faith healer makes "I did this not of my own power" Is essentially true (In the case of legitimate faith healings, which always come about accidentally). I can explain.

The people that benefit from faith healings are a small group. It's rather a comedic callback to how medicine worked many years before any of us were born. Before we had surgery, before we had antibiotics, we had only the self and a desire for mental and physical health that didn't involve technology. I believe this is interesting because it brings us to the question, what is belief? Where do we pigeon hole belief so it doesn't hurt us? More importantly can we harness belief to our benefit? These questions have been asked for thousands of years. Accurate answers are available. We just don't chose to accept them.

The fact is the human mind is capable of incredible things. Theoretically the mind is in charge of the body and all of it's functions. The brain is the governing body in the human body. If the brain is properly motivated, I have no doubt it has the ability to attack disease and infection. I'm sure if properly motivated it could even regrow limbs. Unfortunately this level of power is so frustratingly unavailable.

What we do have is a huge body of evidence for that thing which we call the paranormal. We have evidence that proves part of it, and debunks part of it.

The paranormal is not proof of god. A free mind recognizes this.

But a free mind is also self aware. You must predict how you will react to information before you become aware of it. After all the propagandist is no liar. He very often speaks the truth. The price he charges for the truths he knows is your obedience and support. His craft is made redundant when you steal the truth from him and walk off with it, holding your nose in the air and leaving his ideology in the dirt where it belongs. Throw off the group! What did they ever do for you? Think with impunity and selfishness. Think with no regard for who you are, who you aren't. Think outside the box, outside yourself, and outside the pleb braincage society will attempt to lock you in!

TheblackestBart May 3 '19 · Comments: 8
Obscura TITS
I have no name for it.  It is what all angels and demons and gods and spirits and humanity fight.  The Thing from Wrinkle in Time.  What has tried to kill me since I was born.  Apep that all the gods fight each night to make sure the sun rises.  The death of the immortal soul, a true ending, outside Satan and Michael and Jesus and God and the True Enemy.  That Which Has No Name.  What I am utterly and irrevocably drawn to and what I will enter oblivion for.  What we will all die from, in the end, because no one speaks of it, fewer know it, and to see it is to realize: all the happy endings religions promise you, reincarnation, that love wins, that you can "become a living god," it all turns up trite shit.  Makes the Void look like a fucking fiesta and Chaos seem homey and all those monsters in the dark shit their pants.  It's what I've been fucking running from all my life yet it will be my undoing.  That Thing that Exists Outside All.  Gray.  Neutrality.  Staleness.  Kelvin Zero.  The opposite of noise, the absence of silence.  Where language and Ragnarok and Revelations fail and the truth of the matter is, God can die, no soul's immortality is guaranteed, this very universe, this very multiverse, all stages of reality and all stories we tell ourselves to sleep at night are just lies against whatever the fuck it is.

The virus.  The bug in the system.  What corrupts and is Gray.  Not black or white.  Absence and yet beyond absence.  What makes everything into it.  Fuck Qliphoth, it is the true husk.  Eggshell wanting to swallow everything in it's prison.  Where the Void of the lowest pits of the wailing damned far below the lap of Satan where demons drink to forget it, where that Void ends, where Darkness and Light have no domain, the the Thing hungers yet does not eat.  Dust.  Beyond something and nothing.  What sickens.  The Evil Inclination and yet the very basis for what all existence is destined to fight.  I can't name it, nothing can name it, demons and eldritch horrors and Choronzon all have their place.

The Thing has no place.  It consumes and yet does not destroy.  It creates yet it creates nothing.  It is the very birth of paradox and madness and to touch it is to become a howling void.  The Thing is outside All, and yet wants to Be All.  And defeating it will cost everything I fucking love.

I was 12 when I first saw it.  Lost in Heaven as my soul fled my fucking child body and I witnessed the slaughter of archangels in spilled guts and hacked off heads by these puppets of the Thing.  Beyond dark matter and Kelvin Zero.  Just... a Thing.  A cancer and yet not of anything fleshy or natural or supernatural or bodily.  And despite Michael's legions, despite these angels of immense power with flaming swords and wings of adamant, the Thing was winning.  I was pulled down to the battlefield and screamed and no one could see or hear me.  I wove between angels and the Thing's puppets and knew if It touched me, I would be beyond oblivion, beyond death, beyond any hope of Allie or any love or hate or just, really, anything.  I would become It.  

Somehow Michael fucking found me and pulled me with the gravity of God to a bloody clearing where he was shouting orders with flaming sword in hand, terrified, his red hair matted with ichor.  Michael saved my life and all lives to come and everything that I was, as Michael is the only one that can see the Spy of God, and he shouted "Zophael!" in my small four foot whatever body and shoved me like lightning down my spine to my stomach and his look was utter terror and fury at me daring venture close to it.  I jolted back alive in a daze and knew the source of all my nightmares was very real.  The Thing yawned in my small fragile soul and I grasped something of annhilation.  Spies are only as good as the intelligence they gather, and I am the Herald of Hell, and I have been fucking trying to figure out the Thing for all my life, yet it's like being in the Mariana Trench with a matchstick.  If Michael and Samael fight it, what fucking chance does a kid stand?  Watchwomen are good at crying for help, not much else, and I had never screamed as much as I did that night.  That night I almost was erased.

I saw it again when I was 18.  Gray.  Nuclear winter.  Conformity.  No love or hate or anything unholy or holy.  It fed.  It nursed.  It consumed.  It injected.  The gods and demons and angels manifested to fight it, and people gave their lives over to the spirits as vessels, and I carved two bloody taws into my palms and Samael possessed me for the first time, and my eyes grew red as blood, and I wielded the scythe, and I went to face it while Satan piloted my fucking tissue paper body.  Samael spoke through me and gave commands, fighting at Michael and Odin and Athena and Ra's side - every fucking thing was there fucking fighting the Thing.  And it was a fucking massacre.  I remember seeing just this cancer on everything, the bug, the virus, the Thing, feeding.  Gray.  Winter yet not a time for rest.  Sleep yet not of dreams.  What Hell guards us from but could contain no more.  What Samael is a scapegoat for.  What the whole reason Fenrir and Set and Satan were invented as cardboard villains to project all the lies we have about the Thing to help us sleep at night.

I now give my body over willingly.  That's the whole point.  I can't keep fucking running from my rood, destruction, and husk.  It is in my heart because I am trying to understand It.  I remember locking myself in the Pit with it just to wipe the blood from Satan's brow for eternity as he held it back.  I don't know why he doesn't just give in.  When your soul is in constant battle, when your very being is zuhama, how do you live knowing if you make one fucking mistake the Thing will make you its chewtoy.  Demons are the fucking watchdogs, angels are the second defense, and Hell was invented as a barrier to contain the Thing, to make one last fuck you stand to the Gray.

At twelve, I found it face to face.  At my birth, I felt it.  It haunts and is the reason I am terrified of the dark.  Broken records.  Skips in the matrix.  It's all about programming, at the end of the day.  Do we get a choice in this, or are we already damned.  Apep.  

Snakes are slippery things.

Obscura Aug 30 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8
Roxanne DeMonica

My favorite pictures of Anton LaVey are the ones with Jayne Mansfield.

They say Jayne was in the Black House for publicity, I believe her Satanism was legitimate. She would have turned 88 this year and I rubbed my clit to her naked gifs recently. I imagine what her ghost would tell me.

The best picture is both of them with LaVey holding a Chihuahua. Long story short, a Chihuahua showed up on my doorstep when I was 18, more than 10 years later he told me never to settle for anyone who loves me less than he did. Now in my mind’s eye he flies above me as a dragon, changing dramatically in size at will. When I worked at UPS he slept on top of the warehouse and his breath fogged up the skylight. He lands behind me heavy when somebody approaches me trying to waste my preciousss time. He was most definitely part of my entourage when I appeared before the The Throne.

Occasionally vultures circle round with my dragon. That tells me there’s something in my life that needs to die. They are comforting when I am in pain, they remind me the pain too will die and they will be there to consume all the flesh of it that remains. I found myself tied to a black hole of a person with what looked like intestines and they ate away at it for weeks until I was free and leveled up.

Do you ever worry that you died many times before and keep waking up in parallel universe type times and places? I started to feel unsure about being in my original reality after a seizure on air duster at an after party on Hale Street. Sometimes I feel that each of the million times I woke up from a black out or date rape I actually died. My only concern is what happened to my mother in all the other dimensions.

There’s a gang called Satan’s Disciples, the black and yellow baby devils. I was in SD’s motherland on 18th and Oakley the last time I was date raped. When I woke up HO was tattooed inside my pussy. Maybe I died there at the birthplace of Satan’s Disciples. Maybe I was mutated beyond belief and my mom in that other life is living out her days thinking I suffered.

I did a past life regression meditation on YouTube. The voice told me to relax and relax deeper and relax deeper and relax deeper until finally it told me to go back and asked me if I was a man or a woman. My brain said I was a man. The voice asked me what language I spoke. My brain said Farsi. I didn’t know Farsi was a language but they speak it in Iran. My brain responding to the voice told me I was 35. I killed my wife.

It makes sense that I’ve had to endure so much in this life because I killed my wife in another.

I’ve done other past life regressions that were wonderful. Billy and me floating high in a hot air balloon with a clear basket over the City of Atlantis. We were famous and we were in love.

But back to LaVey and his Chihuahua pictures. Even among dog lovers Chihuahuas are misunderstood and looked down on. They’re extremely sensitive to vibrations with their tiny bodies and giant bat ears. I used to joke that mine was my spirit guide but now he actually is one of them alternating as my baby puppy and my steadfast dragon among ancestors and deities and aliens and other thangs. Anton LaVey was born about a mile and a half from my house and Anton LaVey holding the world’s smallest dog breed from Mexico is my Anton LaVey.

Roxanne DeMonica Feb 5 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: anton lavey
What is your all's take on Theistic Satanism? Compared to the Atheistic world view of Laveyan Satanism. Even Lavey himself said that if one wishes to practice Theistic Satanism, he doesn't discourage users from doing so. Because he recognizes that having an anthropomorphic being as a focal point in ritual to be necessary if they choose to do so in that manner. 
PaleFolklore Jun 4 '16 · Comments: 7
So i wanted to write a Blog about the Paranormal and hauntings. Just to tell my point of view on some experiences i have had with normal, as well as demonic type hauntings before - and read about others, and their take on what they think about the Paranormal.

First to start off, i wanted to talk about my experiences. I have had a total of 4 experiences with "Hauntings" before. Once when i was a little kid, and 3 times during a Ghost Hunting session 2 years ago. My first experience, happened when i was 8 years old. My great grandfather was a WWII veteran, and served in Europe against Nazi Germany - he was Airbourn Infantry. He passed away a year after i was born, so i never got to meet him - to my memory. I remember seeing pictures of him alive, and pictures taken of him whilst in his Casket during his Funeral. He was buried in his Airbourne Retirement uniform - and this experience happened after getting home from School. I entered my house and went to my bedroom, and about 5-9 minutes after getting home, i looked through the hallway into my parents' bedroom, and i seen my GGF standing there looking at the wall. He appeared in his Retirement uniform. I looked at him for about 16 seconds, and there was no emotion coming from him. I looked away for 2 seconds to put something i had in my hand down, looked back, and he was gone. It freaked me out, but at the same time i felt a loving presence during the Experience.

My other Experiences happened in One place 2 years ago. Near me there is a famous haunted bar called Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder,Ky. I went there after seeing the establishment featured on TV. I wont tell the full story, as its longer then my first story - But, all the experiences i had, where sort of Demonic in Nature. We heard growls, screams, yells, and i even seen on 2 occasions, full figures of 2 men near the establishments Staging area. I was touched numerous times, and one full apparent touch, was on my arm, as i felt large, sand-paper like hand, grab my arm for 1 second. Which i was no where near anyone else at the time, and was completely alone. If you would like to read more about this establishment, just click Here.

With that being said, i wanted to get other peoples takes on what they think about the Paranormal, hauntings, and Ghosts in General - and also hear, if possible, anyone else's experience's in it.

Being a Chaos-Gnostic Satanist - obviously the type of satanism i follow, doesn't pertain to any worshiping of an Supernatural Entity - and i know some Satanists are either Skeptical, or neutral to these sort of things.

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The Satanist
Like everything in this world, we become stupid, and start following your so-called books on such a complex subject. I was young, stupid, and also big headed, this was my first experience down below.

After ten years trying, I succeeded to summon. Yep, I thought I done it all damn wrong, there in front of me a black mass, a mist if you wish to say. And only thing which came to my mind was this statement, "How are you doing?" and it disappeared. What a dumb ass! Saying the most dumbest statement ever. Wow.

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I am curious about satanism and I have been researching it but there is little to nothing to be found on satanic weddings. I find that peculiar and frustrating. Mostly frustrating because my boyfriend has said he wants to marry me and we would both prefer a satanic wedding. Not that we are getting married anytime soon.
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I'm torn between these choices of behavior, in calling out flaws/mistakes:

(1) mindful of virtue and outcome, as in Attitudes & Responsibilities of Mastery

(2) just letting it rip: sarcasm, poking fun

The first one requires discipline and vision.
The second one celebrates integrity and honest expression.

Situational empathy (bioenergetic field co-resonance) influences the spontaneous reaction.

Thus if the environmental mood was say, poking fun at someone, my spontaneous response would be #2 snark.

It would take some effort and distancing to shift to #1.

Is the answer then all about effectivity? How would you know the results?
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Recently I saw the Satanic Church going to these protests. And it got me thinking, how many of us have gone to these? I am not gonna lie, I went to one here in Colorado. (It was in Downtown Colorado Springs.) At first it was pretty chill, until some dickwad threw a firework at the cops first. (I have the video) And then thats when everything went to shit.

So the question is this, have you gone? If not, why? If you have, why and what happened when you went?

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My religion teacher is trying to get different people from different religions to talk to our high school class. If I can get her to agree would any of you come to my high school and talk to our class about leveyan satanism?
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ol' grimey
People are never about what they claim to be about, they tend to be nothing, but phony hypocrites and it's extremely bizarre when those who claim to be something other than your average herded mass piece of shit, they are found to be herded  mass pieces of shit on the dark side.  If this is all what humanity is I wouldn't want to be a part of it if you paid me, I don't have tolerance for talking retarded apes, especially when they wear the black hat, claiming to be different from those who wear the white hat, but is actually the exact replica of the white hat wearers.
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sonofject Member
So, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was...oh wait.

Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.

Everyone has a backstory. Or a history. Or a war story. Or an origin story. Something that fleshes out a person's character.

I've been bopping around online since about 2008 under the user name 'sonofject'. In early 2010, I created a youtube account with that name and haven't changed it since. To date, I've left a pretty concise online footprint of my persona that is easily researched on google, and there haven't been many intimations of my user name that aren't 'me' (well...I did run into another 'Sonofject' on an anime image board, whoever it was had a penchant for drawing FFX female characters as trannys with dicks...ya gotta love the internet).

 There was a time in my early youtube days when I used to be a bona fide trollhard. Though I can't say that I ever elevated my trolling into a true art form, I can say that I had some really great shits and gigs during that period. I had this routine where I would smoke ridiculous amounts of Cali good-good trees, then--I would go to youtube vids and try to wreck people in the comments section. No real reason to, I just liked doing things like that. A lot of it, I think, had to do with some anger projection issues along with a mild case of adult ADHD and just being high on weed. My primary fixation would be videos about Anton LaVey, Boyd Rice, Scientology, and a few obscure occultist groups like the Process (PCFJ), and the P2 Masonic Lodge. I would also, on occasion, peruse the odd christian fundie videos that bashed theosophy and new age mystery schools, but that shit got old real fast. It stops being fun when your target fails to see the humor and absurdity in religion. After that, it's like whipping someone with a wet noodle. Stupidity should be painful and all that, but I digress. I'm a grown-ass man with the heart of a carnival barker and soul of an entertainer. Life is carny, carny is life.

Somehow or another I managed to stumble across a little corner of the tubes with a small but vocal community of 'online satanists'. It was here that I met a youtube denizen by the name of Zach Black. Long story short, we became fast friends in real life and the rest is history. Suffice it to say, I've been down with Z's brainchild known as SIN since its beginnings, and through all its incarnations as a social networking site, I've run across many people I consider friends and whatnot. Those that know me know that I don't starfuck on people of notoriety, I don't like to name drop most of the time, and I don't like the limelight of online popularity. I've made a couple-few videos pertaining to satanism on youtube, but I'm no cult of personality by any stretch. It was Z himself that coined a nickname for me, the "Pimp-a-Pino" (a nice play on my filipino heritage and my love of all things pimpish) it seemed to stick and I liked it, although I actually prefer following my primal design of being a pragmatic learner with a strong carnal/adversarial nature that is sometimes hard to control. As I walk the satanic path, as a lone practitioner, these ideologies are distinguished by a more existential and practical reality in which to apply them.

But back to Tidus and why I chose him as a part of my online persona. It's quite mundane, really--I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy sagas, particularly parts 7 and 10 in the series. It would take me a long while to describe how I resonated with the protagonist Tidus and his pathei mathos, but to sum it up let me just say that if you played FFX and completed it, then you'll catch the feels of this epic archetypal story that I give a most prominent wink/homage to through my online persona. It's my 'final fantasy 'of sorts, a self-imposed psychodrama, if you will.

“What’s the point of pretending to be all grown up.... if it means the things I wanna say never get said? How am I supposed to change anything?” –Tidus (FFX)

by sonofject

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LeVi Lockwood

I’ve always found Lavey’s concept of the “good guy badge” to be an interesting one.

I remember when I was thirteen years old and first read the words.  They seemed simple enough to me.

Don’t let anyone tell you when to be a nice figure that out for yourself.

At least that’s how I took it.

Then I ventured into the world of Satanism and found that quite a few others had a different view of the “good guy badge.”  To some it seems that to be a good guy at all is to be weak.

It’s understandable.

When you sharpen a blade you strike it against a stone stronger than the blade itself.  Minds and philosophies are no different.

And what’s that knife for?  Cutting of course.

To cut out a life for yourself as a Satanist and as an individual we sharpen and hone and polish because we understand more than most how hard the world is to cut through.  We know this because we possess the tool for the job...a beautiful blade that talks to us as we sleep, and see, and fight, and fuck, and live.

The trick of this blade is that it demands use.  Sharpening against stone is necessary and useful, but this blade is destined to cut fruit and flesh alike.

There is no choice in the matter.

The good guy feels hesitance.  The good guy has been taught that the greatest power comes from being able to cut but refraining from doing so.  Just like the white-hat cowboy who shoots the gun out of the bandit's hand.

Power and control.

I’ve felt this...and feel no shame in sharing it...but the truth is the truth.

The blade commands use.

Either on the world or the cares not which.

Better to be the butcher than the lamb.

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Zach Black Owner
If you should find yourself suspended here are a few thing you should know. We work on the majority vote here. This is not a democracy, but if the majority want you out you are gone. Most suspensions are temporary as a warning. If you get suspended twice you are out for good. The complaints fall on my desk. I do not always know why one gets suspended. But, I stand behind the admins choice. We are pretty fair here. Rarely does someone get bounced for no good reason.
Zach Black Owner
Welcome new registered members! We appreciate your support and look forward to your further involvement.


Dan Slaughter

Kenneth Tabor

Everdina Kloos

Cornelius Coburn
(O) : Osiris : A New Beginning

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So what do you like to do after a breakup? 
CrimsonVirus5150 Feb 20 · Comments: 7
Sorrow Tilla
how many of you have seen a demon or ghost?
Sorrow Tilla Dec 27 '17 · Comments: 7

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Zach Black Owner
I have been invited to be a special special guest  at the Left Hand Path Consortium this coming April in Atlanta Georgia. I am humbled at the invitation. To be part of one of the largest gatherings of Occultists in modern history is truly thrilling. 

Although there is no script I know the expectation is that I talk about modern Satanism and the online Satanic communities. Which I am a ideal person to have doing so. 

I will talk about that which I am known best for and have chiseled out a name for myself in. But I will only spend so much time doing so. All of my thoughts and opinions on the topic have been put out there in videos, blogs, forums ect. Nothing new. 

I am going to spend most of my time talking about something far more important than Satanism or online satanic communities. Something that has destroyed great souls and crushes life from everyone that stands against it. 

The name was coined by Wilhelm Reich in 1930's. He called it the emotional plague. We are all infected. I am going to point it out and ways I think might be counter to it. 

Other than what I have mentioned is there anything you would want to here me speak about? I would like some suggestions. And I appreciate them in advance. 

Joining me at the consortium are many from SIN. Also prominent figures in their respective fields. Ranging from Luciferians, Pagans, Wiccans, Dark Buddist mons, Shamans, Witch doctors ect ect ect .. Live music, dinner parties, rituals and much more. 

They have rented the top two floors of the Sheridan Hotel in Atlanta including the ballroom. For a entire weekend. 200 rooms have been paid for the guest and presenters/entertainers/ect. This will be off the hook. I will be there. Join us. 

SIN members attending thus far that I know of other than I is Laurie ( host ), Typhon ( host ) , Tessa ( presenter ) Johnny Watts, Mel, Shea Bile ( entertainer ) and several more. 

Here is Shea Bile spoken word.. 

More info can be found on the right sidebar in white on this network. 


Has anyone ever considered the possibility, that you may have at one point in your life, inadvertently killed somebody after setting of a chain-reaction of events that eventually leads to some tragedy for another person?

For example. A guy rams his trolley into your ankles at Wallmart and walks away without saying sorry. You call him a "prick", and he goes home in such an enraged mood that he murders his wife with a toilet plunger to the face.

I could potentially be starting a chain of events with this very post.

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There is nothing worse than getting trolled by the opposite sex because your sex life is lacking. You can't always see the true person behind the sex appeal. Let's face it, sometimes ya' git hot and bothered. A wise man I know said writing out your thoughts orders the mind. I find this to be very true, and it stands to point if your mind is in order then what information it produces is much more easily understood. 

As I have said before, most humans are the same all across the board. They do things for the same reasons every time. If there were no patterns there would be no behavioral science. This concept is not only confirmed but proven in the process of all human courtship and sexual affairs. The patterns are easy to understand but hard to see in real time. If I'm going to write articles here, I'm going to try and help more than complain. Here's a basic guide to help you spot the dangerous people out there who want to use your lust to undermine you. This is what I've learned so far.

1. Beware of the ungrateful

We teach people that we only give love to those who love us. If somebody helps me even in a small way, I always believe in recognizing that support and returning it. If you spend the calories or the money to fuck somebody, and they don't say thank you, don't fuck them again. If they aren't satisfied by you, don't draw satisfaction from them. This is one of the many pathways to an abusive relationship where one partner is simply settling for the other until a better 

match comes along. This only leads to pain in the end. 

2.One is never better than all the others

All love affairs are temporary. Some VERY temporary. Some of the ugliest people in this world have great sex lives. Celebrate your break ups! You're free to move on. Moving on is a gift you give yourself. Holding a grudge is how you give time and energy to somebody who doesn't care about you.

3. sex is a drug everyone is addicted to

If you asked me what I would do for a quality piece of ass, I'd be up for some fairly difficult challenges at first. But never count your chickens before they hatch. Nowadays I find it rarely worth it to put in effort for something that may only last 20 minutes. If it doesn't come to you, why pursue? spend time on improving yourself instead. Don't let the prospect of a quick fix force you disrupt your normal MO.

4.Fuck your friends don't get married

Marriage is out dated in my opinion. Does it work? It has on some rare occasions. But In the modern world the need for it just isn't there. I'm a bit young but I'm pretty sure even when I'm older I won't want to have a wife and kids to drag around on my adventures. Being single is cheaper, more convenient

and most of all, statistically safer. Most domestic murders are motivated by infidelity. Most of the time it's the girl who gets murdered. I'm not a feminist it's just statistically more likely. That does suck for you ladies It's very sad that culture hasn't tried harder to sell this Idea of sexual liberation to women. They'll stay with one douschebag forever because they saw too many movies and think love only comes in pre packaged gestures. I have great respect for any female Who might be called a "slutt" because they indulge freely. The madona and whore complex is a sign of immaturity.

5. Everybody wants something, and it's not always sex

If it isn't raw unadulterated debauchery just for the sake of it I'm taking my business elsewhere. I don't believe in fucking people to climb a social ladder. To me it's just a bodily function like taking a piss on a tree. If I'm sufficiently aroused by someone and I know it won't make me sick, I'm game. I care not about the social implications, or wether or not it means anything. I wouldn't mind paying for sex on occasion if the rates weren't outrageous. And so many people get taken advantage of a swindled because they are lonely. Don't be lonely, be antisocial.

Let me say that again,

>be antisocial

Most of the plebs you will meet are simply not worth the effort. be socially apathedic until something impressive comes along. That's how you prevent depression, jealousy, all of it. Me, I'd rather be alone than sit next to somebody who annoys me. A lot of people annoy me. I have no problem with being patient and waiting for quality. This goes for friends as well. 3 loyal bois is better than a hoard of supporters.

Remember your the shit. It's a pleasure to know you. So treat yourself well, don't settle for trash. And don't let trash tell you what to settle for. YOU are always in charge

TheblackestBart Apr 14 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: freedom, sex, relationships, scams, stupidity
I absolutely just love those sleepless nights with writers block, oh I just feel so productive....NOT Lmfao
Paimons_Son1211 Nov 29 '18 · Comments: 7
The light of candlefire brought the shadows forth from their hidden alcove. The smell of pine and cedarwood filled the room and I prepared myself for the devotional rite. Khonsu, Lord of the Moon and Lord of Offerings, was who I praised that night. The silver light that filled the sky touched down into my room and I basked in it's radiance.

Then Zach messaged me on Facebook and was like: "Josh, I cannot do the internetz plz help."

I rolled my eyes and got a nat 18. I could do that cause unlike these n00bs I took Improved Critical and my weapon has keen. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I accepted the invitation back to my old stomping grounds.

As much as some people like to bad mouth LHP paths, I much rather hang around them then my RHP brethren. I once read that there was more to the Left-Hand Path then simply the Balastky definitions of 'ego before divinity' and 'divinity before ego.'

So who knows? Maybe I was part of the Left-Hand Path the entire time and didn't know it.
JoshuaVonNoctis Sep 2 '19 · Comments: 7
Dark Enlightenment
It seems everyone really does live in America. Coca Cola, Wonderbra, and our Right/Left political dynamic is inspirational to other countries. And Satirists are unsurprisingly usually lefties wherever you go. 

You can even play Mad Libs with it. 

In June 2015, the ruling of _________ Government launched a poster campaign during the intensifying ________ migrant crisis. Their billboard, among others, said "If you come to ________, you cannot take the _______' jobs away!".

In response, the (satirical political) Party and (another satirical political party) jointly called for an "anti-anti-immigration campaign" and collected more than tenfold of the expected amount from supporters to set up around 800 billboards with ironic and funny slogans in ________ and English as caricatures of the governments' messages, such as "Sorry about our ________" and "Feel free to come to ______ , we already work in ______!"

Dark Enlightenment Sep 25 '19 · Comments: 7
Dark Enlightenment
If you do the devil wrong-wise you are going to have a bad time.

Always learn to pizza before you french fry.

This is simple.  It is all real.  AND IT WANTS YOU DEAD!.

In the Nazi Germany there was a true occult society that totally influenced Himler, and subsequently some art school dropout faggot.

They believed in a magical force, which is actually like the one in the star wars pictures.  A "vril".

This is like a cosmic channel that exists in a realm of wind and ghosts, wait wrong culture, spirits and alien forefathers. We come from The Pleiades.  Our true form is Aryan. Don't listen to all the contrary genetic evidence, that is just what they want you to think.

Since the time they seeded our planet they have communicated through this "vril", I think, I am not actually sure, in any case this is the "divine channel", the bridge to the world of the extra-dimensional, hyper-dimensional, or possibly transgalactic.  A psychic channel and force of causal manipulation that one can harness, but also become susceptible to all people and entities that use that channel. 

Unfortunately, even the help of Nordic Aliens and occulty whatnot The Third Reich forces couldn't counter the audacity of Imperial Japan and horrible tactical planning of the art school dropout faggot.

But the force is totally real. If you do the devil, you do that channel, and you are going totally regret it until you are down on your knees praying for a zombie Jew's strength of eternal abstraction to save you. 

So even if you're a skeptic, if you dabble with the devil it will prove itself to be real and lead you right back to the comfort of superstitious explanations.  Not a very good way to turn people, but hey, the mystical forces want you back in line and the evil ones work for the good ones in concert. So really everything serves a movie like superhero agenda. Where a cosmic good is the true nature of everything and THEY WILL RETURN YOU IF YOU FUCK UP OR STRAY FROM THE MANDATED PATH.

I am seriously, I have awakened. It's all about the mystical ancient force of something that doesn't half to make sense anymore. The force is not to be played with.

With ABSOLUTE MORAL ethics (because an ancient good is for true) you can totally use this channel and the ethereal entities that inhabit this psychic whatever to manipulate the causal. They will inexplicably break that tree branch or otherwise change the timing of something using some acausal creature power. Outside our space/time, of course.

But if you are not as "pure of spirit" as King Arthur you will not be reborn to harness the power, also like King Arthur, and to a lesser extent The Lord of the Rings.

All hail the cosmic hyper-dimensional god channel!

"It doesn't need to add up" <- that should be its tagline.
Dark Enlightenment Apr 21 '19 · Comments: 7
Kortnie Creamer

Sucks that I can't outwardly express my opinions.

Sure, I have that ability and no one is stopping me but myself but, the fact of the matter is, I have opinions that aren't exactly what people want to hear. Not things the masses would agree with. Especially since tolerance and acceptance seem to be trending lately.

What's ironic is that people that fought for the right to have a voice, an opinion, a choice.., they'll be the first ones to tell me to shut the fuck up. It almost seems as though the people that were once considered the 'mass' are now the 'minority' and those who were the minority, despite knowing what it's like not having a voice, get a kick out of disregarding the opinions of others and shutting them down.

Is that what politics have turned into? One fucking childish game of "I can't hear you, I can't hear you! La la la la la la!"?

Kortnie Creamer Nov 16 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: america, politics, rant, thoughts, double-standards, sardonic, apathetic, vent, unpopular
I believe that Satanist sexually is our choice but as long as the other person or persons agree .. it's always the woman's choice to say yes or no ..but those who aren't one of us don't understand because thier not educated on our religion . ignorance is always been the problem of the world
Robrobrob22 Apr 19 '19 · Comments: 6 · Tags: satanist sexually
Dark Enlightenment
Dear God

Give me some business you faggot fucking bitch. Look, I am being a good little god bitch and deferring to magical pixie bullshit in a dumbshit gnostic way. But I need money so give me some business you bitch.  Faggot fucking god bitch. Give me work you fucking pussy ass bitch. I want money and i want money now. Don't care how, I want it now. Fucking bitch. Why aren't you giving me money bitch? Fuck you bitch, fuck you! I WANT MONEY NOW, YOU DREAM OF GENIE FAGGOT. 


*** not intended to be funny, and may be painful to read.  This is actually what I recently said (transcribed) when desperation left me with only abstract bullshit to help my situation. It was more indicative of the anger towards having no way to solve the problem, and a statement of all that mattered in that moment. 

How do people turn to any form of gnosis for help?  I get angry at the thought of having to use wishful thinking of any sort. 

Dark Enlightenment Aug 8 '19 · Comments: 6
Born Satanist

Could Transhumanism be considered a "Satanic" endeavour? This is a topic that I have been interested in for quite some time, and am interested in the varying perspectives that some fellow LHP folk have.

Some are all for it and recognize this evolutionary probability as more of an inevitability, whereas there are others who feel that Transhumanism is ultimately to discard one's humanity. Here is the original topic including a brief addition in answering a reply, which pulls together well as a single post.

Share your thoughts?

Transhumanismis defined as "the intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally improving the human condition through applied reason, especially by using technology to eliminate aging and greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities" - Nick Bostrum

I don't think that LaVey really had such an extreme in mind at all (outside of automaton servants etc.) when discussing Artifice and it's place in Pentagonal Revisionism. Nonetheless, the reality of a 'coming Singularity' is rapidly approaching tangibility.

And what is 'the Singularity'? Among other authors of the subject, Ray Kurzweil has released some work on it with books such as "The Age of Spiritual Machines"and of course, "The Singularity is Near".Kurzweil has broken the Singularity into a graph of 'Epochs' in order to illustrate the Techno-parallel between the evolution of we as a species and our tools.


With the exponential growth and breakthroughs in medical technology (electronic brain interface computers and prosthesis), it's my belief that we are well on our way in the first steps. Without risking getting too far into Transhumanism, what it is and what it means, I'll get back to the question...Is it compatible with the Satanic endeavor?

My thoughts are that it most certainly is. But, not in it's more extreme fully automated bodies and downloaded consciousness.

If death is considered 'The Great Abstinence', then ideally, the Satanist would strive or at least utilize what ever may be available to extend life in order to enjoy life longer, and cultivate the age of information in order to evolve their consciousness.

The Danger in it all, lies in becoming more machine than man. Satanism is certainly an embrace of the carnal, of the delights of the flesh and joys of emotional being. When being human transcends to wiring and cold steel, I think we lose what makes us embrace our beast. Complete synthesis crosses the line for me...It's tough to know where the line is, when you ponder the idea of: 'How much of 'you' do you have to lose, before you're no longer you'?. Is an amputee any less human with an appendage gone?

In just how we are to drive into this coming Epoch, I responded to the suggestion that either War or Commerce were appropriate.

Whether war and commerce has been the catalyst for such evolutionary steps, or are actual necessities therein, required to further techno-evolutionary dynamics...The growth remains exponential and is projected to be as soon as 2050 to reach 'primitive' Singularity. >>

Kurzweil has charted Logarythmic Plot in order to display our technological advance relative to time frame. It's easy to see that advances continue to have less and less time between them, I don't see this reaching plateau any time soon...

Whether the advances are moved by war or commerce, they continue to drive forward. Were I to choose one of the two to determine what moves our species to evolve in this manner, it would certainly be commerce. Without a doubt. War has it's advances as well, but most are actually done in times of peace in preparation of war...It's more the idea of war than the actual instance.

I'd have to choose commerce as a greater driving force because the technological / biological singularity indeed would be owned by the corporate medical field. I guess in short to say, those who can afford it, will get it. The idea behind this separation of class, thus health and physical innovation is entirely an old plot to our as of yet open ended story...>>


More of what is happening with technology is real than we have yet to imagine with advances for those who are blind,paralyzed, amputees etc.

I think rebellion has become an excellent precursor as well. All we have to do is consider things like Bush outlawing stem cell research (on religio-political grounds no less) to see that when he did that, those pursuing it simply moved to countries that will allow it, and were funded by the wealthy who hold vested interests in it (commerce again...damn).

As far as 'memory upgrades' for the human brain, it's already being said in neuro-scientific fields that it isn't a matter of 'if', but 'when'.


Chips, coming to a Brain near you...


Something else we are beginning to see which will relate to Transhumanism in later stages is 'voluntary Eugenics'. With organizations such as 'Planned Parenthood', soon Western culture will frown upon the five child family. When it gets to the point of a choice of one chance, one child, genetic manipulation and upgrades will soon become an option for the wealthy.>>

I honestly see these types of advances as inevitable rather than fictional. I'm not sure why it's no longer here (think they left), but a member had suggested that human evolution is charted through advances pertaining to either war or commerce. Also, some feel that this type of human advancement isn't possible either in our lifetime, or even at all...I invite you to explore the above links...

As I had implied in the first post however, there is a balance to be held here. I myself would be up for technological merger, but not to such an extreme that caused the loss of all beauty that is being human. I'm all for enhancement, but not outright physical transcendence. The need to discard your beast, is to abandon the Satanic essentials.

Pain and suffering are relative to joy and happiness. To not know one, is the inability to truly appreciate the other. For those who live in pain, these advancements would be a welcoming change I can imagine. A day where brain chemistry, receptors and even problematic physiology can all be altered with a simple 'program' and / or genetically modified 'body parts' per se. With the mapping of the genome, there will be a day when anything from down syndrome to hereditary disease will be pass
é, reflected upon as a time where we 'can't believe we lived (and even made it) like that'. >>

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So I was talking with my mother about many random things. Which is what I like to do. My biggest thing I love telling her is what I am studying at that particular moment, or what I am wanting to study. 

Now keep in mind, I look at a different fuck ton of beliefs, different point of views and so on. Anytime I mentioned ANYTHING to so with Satanism or anything like that, she would give me this look that scared the fuck outta me. (BTW it still does, and I am 26!) So anyways, I was telling her about this Pagan book, and she had no issue with it. Me thinking that the cost was clear, I slightly slipped in the fact that I was reading a Anton Lavey book and she nearly ripped my head off. 

Now a bit of background, my whole family is Catholic. And when anything goes wrong, whether it may be because one of my aunts or whatever thinks that they are being followed my a ghost or whatever, I have heard if them talk about getting a priest and a Demonologist. (Almost all of my family is recovered hardcore drug addicts.) So anyways, I figured because it was part of the Catholic religion, why not check it out and see from different point of views., that did not happen. It turned from harmless research to me being screamed at for like 2 days but not only my mom, but a chunk of the family. THEN to put the icing on the cake, everyone ignored me for a bit. Yeah I know, doesn't sound that bad, but keep in mind, I was in a different state alone. And I wasn't use to being in a state where no family was. And I was younger to. So it was still new. 

So after about a week and being called names blah, blah, blah.....They finally talked to me. After that I never brought up all what I was learning. I know my story isn't, or even near as bad as others, but its just a thought I had. Has anyone ever got yelled at for studying or even looked at something that their family didn't like?

CrimsonVirus5150 Jul 31 '19 · Comments: 6 · Tags: #thoughts
After reading a bunch of neo nazi nonsense, I'm out. And here I thought satanism/LHP was all about meritocracy. Now it seems this place is becoming rife with alt-right bullshit. Have fun peeps.
DistroyA Oct 6 '20 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 6
(Disagreements allowed - No flaming, insulting or heat.)

So i'v been very curious as of late on the Political beliefs between different Satanists. Of course i have my own set myself, but when it comes to Satanism and politics, i never really dived into discussing both in particular. Seeing as how the current political climate is pretty much Hot, i'v been wandering what most satanists, different types of satanists believe in terms of Politics.

I'm aware that there are people on both the Right and Left who are satanists. Socialists, communists, neo-libs, conservatives.

I'm curious as to what people on this site share or don't share in terms of Political beliefs. Feel free to comment and discuss topics on the subject, just refrain from Name-Calling/insulting. That includes bashing liberals (calling them Libtards) and Trump Supporting satanists. Only friendly Agreeing/disagreeing Conversations please.


My name is Emily Grierson. I'm the heroine from Faulkner's love story.

I live in the world of shadows and dust. I cannot let go of the past. Boldly and stubbornly, I refuse to let it go. The small town I live in is moving ahead but me... I stand still and motionless, in perpetual defiance of movement, stuck in the darkness, neither dead nor alive, forever locked at home. I don't believe in closed chapters and burned bridges. I cannot close one door, cannot open another.

No mortal being, no power in this world, will pull me away from the embrace of my beloved. Please, don't call him a corpse. My love, my passion, still vibrant and burning, is too furious to die.

I stroke his face, I kiss his hands, my grey hair on the pillow. I'm too proud to live and too proud to die. People keep talking about me, call me insane, call me perverse. They send letters, offer roses but I belong to their world no more.

He's here, mine for eternity. He's my world, my love, my life, my death, my everything. The world behind my windows doesn't exist. It's an illusion, annoying distraction. By drawing the curtains close, I've made it vanish. It is no longer here. Gone forever.

So... do not feel sorry for me. Do not pity or mourn me.

Feel sorry for yourselves. 

Anna Jan 22 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 6 · Tags: because i feel damn romantic today
Im trying to find Satanic Witches that also practise sourcery and divination Im having trouble finding them and the network Administration told me there are Satanic Witches in this network.Where are you Sistas

Sodivine Jun 11 '17 · Comments: 6 · Tags: sourcerers, witches, black magik
Aborior Translatione
Q - Why do bad things happen?

A - We live in a world of pain and suffering. There is no one who is not affected by the harsh realities of life, and the question “why do bad things happen to good people?” is one of the most difficult questions in all of theology. God is sovereign, so all that happens must have at least been allowed by Him, if not directly caused by Him. At the outset, we must acknowledge that human beings, who are not eternal, infinite, or omniscient, cannot expect to fully understand God’s purposes and ways.

The book of Job deals with the issue of why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Job was a righteous man (Job 1:1), yet he suffered in ways that are almost beyond belief. God allowed Satan to do everything he wanted to Job except kill him, and Satan did his worst. What was Job’s reaction? “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him” (Job 13:15). “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised” (Job 1:21). Job did not understand why God had allowed the things He did, but he knew God was good and therefore continued to trust in Him. Ultimately, that should be our reaction as well.


Why is that sadistic parable always the go to? 

Job couldn't know, but it seems god is a sadistic fucking twat making bets with his archrival like L Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons if they were freinemies 

That aside, what the fuck?

You can't know god's plan? What a fucking cop out. You can't know the plan because there is no plan and you're using a false belief in cosmic importance as a coping mechanism.

Once again the answers are in the stars.

What about the first thing you said and just stop there? Universe is hostile. Needs no explanation. 

Further Muddling up why the world is fucked up is the rationalizing of self-serving behavior as original sin. I feel "shit is fucked" still works fine. 

 And though shit is fucked you want to thrive. You want to ascend in some way. Whether that is through social acquiescence and reward or will to power, all creatures seek security in some way.

You can bargain mammalian instincts away as a corruption of evil all you want, but you'd simultaneously have to apply this to every creature with domineering, territorial, or aggressive self-serving behavior.

The world is cruel because there is no inherent design. You have to choose a path that benefits you first and foremost. So does everyone else. Some have less respect than others. Some animals steal food and defy the pecking order, some circumvent it scavenging off the dead.

Is it evil? Or is it just a less cooperative approach exhibited by an animal within a species? A mutation to be a manipulative user of resources irrelevant to the benefits of the species? The solitary vs. pack animal. 

You have to watch out for others. Fight others. Fight the many thinking whatever they want about why they have to fight. But at the end of the day you still gotta survive and compete with other people doing the same, whatever rung of existence you reside on..

We are all ultimately meaningless mites crawling on a ball of dirt that could easily be wiped out by electromagnetism.  The omnipotent statistical chance to being hit by a GRB. 

A disaster away from a whole new range of adversity and other animals to battle with, if still applicable. 
Aborior Translatione Apr 22 · Comments: 6

Today, my auntie told me a diabolical story she read in some shitty tabloid newspaper. It’s a true story, she said, and of course, I believe her. I don’t remember the title but the story illustrates in the best way the sinister spirit. So here it is:

There was once a man, called Johnny, who spent many years in prison for killing his wife. Not that he didn’t love her. In fact, he loved her so much that he got terribly jealous. One day, thinking she betrayed him with another man, in the surge of emotions, he smashed her head with a hammer. When he realized the horror of his deed, he wept and moaned but it was to late. His wife was dead and he found himself behind the bars. In prison he was so kind and humble that he was released earlier for good behavior.

When he came back home, he became a nature lover. He fed hungry birds in winter and started keeping hens. He also cared for stray dogs. But he had one favorite pet he loved fiercely; a little, nearly miniature cock, he called “Lilipucik”, which is a Polish diminutive name for a midget.

One winter morning, on his way to work, he met a homeless man. He was so hungry and looked so miserable that Johnny took pity on him and decided to take him to his home. The homeless man was really grateful and did all the work around the house. Every day, Johnny came back home, there was a hot meal waiting for him.

You know what I long for? – Johnny said to the homeless man – a good hot chicken soup. Kill one hen and cook the soup for me.

So the homeless man got up in the early morning, took an axe and started wondering which hen is most suitable for his benefactor’s dinner. Suddenly, he noticed a tiny thin cock staggering in the yard. Meh – he said to himself – this cock will be dead in no time. Why waste its meat?

And he chopped off Lilipucik’s head.

Johnny came back home and at the doorstep he felt the delicious smell of a soup. Oh how horrified he was when he saw his beloved little cock boiling in the pot! He didn’t listen to the homeless man’s feeble explanations, he wept and shouted at him. “What did you do?! How could you kill my Lilipucik?!” He threw his things out of the house and told him to go away.

The homeless guy shrugged his shoulders, thought the man was crazy, and went his way. Meanwhile, Johnny stopped weeping, looked again at the pot and felt his own head getting hot with surging fury. He took the axe, still stained with Lilipucik’s blood, got on his bike and followed the homeless guy. Finally, he reached him.

You know what it is? – he said showing him the axe – It’s the same axe you killed my little cock with. My dear Lilipucik, whom I loved so much. Now this very axe will chop off your head.

And he smashed the homeless man in the head.

A few months later, Johnny stands before the court.

It’s your second crime, your second murder – the judge says – you deserve the life sentence. Do you have anything to say in your defense?

It was love, Your Honor. – Johnny says – I did it all for love. I loved my wife so much that I killed her. And I loved my cock so much that I killed the motherfucker who dared to take his life. Without my little cock, life is worthless to me.

Bye my Lilipucik. Bye.

And little Johnny, totally devastated, rots in his cell.

Anna Feb 18 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: love, murder, passion, story, cock

Article 1

I've expressed all I can about magick. I wish there was a more poetic, beautiful, or at least pithy way for me to have done so. I don't think the text I've produced on the matter has ever “sung” the way it ought to.

To say again, anything that you want to do, and then do is magick. Boom. Magick produces objective results, or else its nothing. Kabam. If you don't know what objective means, and can't describe an objective event, then you are a long way from controlling the force that is magick. How many more words are there for it? LaVey and others have gone into lengthy detail about some of the finer philosophical points of following such a path, explored the cultural contexts, and pointed out the poseurs. I needn't bother with rehashing their work.

We should make an effort to make the occult occult again. That is, hide it from everyone so as to increase our power, because knowledge is power. Let everyone else wallow in their blissful slavery, clutching their chains as though they were a toddlers blanket. We psychonauts of the left hand path reap the benefits of freedom. Freedom isn't for everyone. That's why I'm not a missionary. I don't want more people being into this thing. Magick is meritocratic, not democratic; it is part of nature, and nature don't give no fucks. I like being a freak, a weirdo, a closet psychopath. It gives me an edge. I always hold the power to take an interaction to a place others would never dream of (read: talking about Moche human sacrifices or Richard Ramirez), but like Sun Tzu said, the unexpected and the unorthodox gives the general the advantage in battle. Or something like that anyhow.

I wanted to find the most basic principles real magick and move forward from there. The problem is, I fear that I have found such principles, and unfortunately they aren't all that exciting. I've summoned no entities from the shadow realm, recieved no psychic messages, never did jello shots with sasquatch. I have gotten a job, gotten a raise, gotten laid, ended a parasitic infection, resolved a real estate crisis, and a few other interesting things that are harder to quantify (the objective quality here is my sense of satisfaction, which isn't that objective, but the fact that I'm telling you gentle readers about it makes it objective in a way). I have to wonder, would all of these things have happened anyway? And even if they had happened, perhaps it still would have been magick, it still would have been my will manifesting in the universe. Answers are hard to come by, and questions lead me down labyrinthine garden paths.

To do this Satanic thing you have to be a skeptic. Always look to the answers that require the fewest new assumptions. Evaluate your beliefs on the basis of available evidence and the solidity of the logic behind them. Make nature yours.

State of the Satanic Union as I See It.

As I am sure anybody who occasionally peruses this sight has noticed, there are a lot of gung ho folks who make a bunch of posts, private message you, and generally sound like they're really keen black wizards. Then they go away after a relatively short time. You can never join their sweet East Los (presumably gay) Satanic Coven. You can't learn their high-mucky-muck-darkest-of-the-black-trve kvlt-shaman secrets. Well what gives keeners? Do something already! Enough talk, show me something legit Satanic, like a fat bank account or a huge pile of cocaine, then we can talk. With that mound of cocaine we'd talk all night, and I might even think you were interesting.

As for the rest of the Satanic Union, I guess the Satanic Temple is doing some fun stuff. I can't find it in my shrivelled heart to give two shits about political activism, but power to them, they are certainly entertaining. I can maybe, maybe, give half a shit, but that's it. I don't know what Peter Gilly and The Church of Satan are up to. I lost interest in that organization when I realized I couldn't afford official membership, and I probably wouldn't get much for it. I view that as a Satanic endeavour, sure, bilking cash from folks with more money than sense, but obviously there's no reason for me to be involved with it. It would be kinda cool to have the membership card though.

Let's not forget this bloodless newsletter I'm attempting to summon from the beyond. It's a zombie I'm trying to raise from the cemetery of a forum discussion on SIN, but I think I uttered the foul incantation wrong. Now my computer reeks like rotting flesh. That it is pretty sweet. So far, it doesn't seem like the project has legs. I mean, its got my legs, last count seventeen, but I'm not sure that's enough to be a valuable contribution to the site. I think it would be good to harness the intellect of all the dark souls in cyberspace towards something a little more directed, have everybody who likes to write focus and commit to contributing some intellectual content on the same day. It would give them enough time to adequately prepare and focus their thoughts, and possibly discover some powerful ideas. That's the fantasy of a would-be writer like myself though, that words can have power, some meaning beyond the enjoyment of writing and reading them.

New Danzig album out on the 26th of this month. I spooge my drawers in anticipation.

What else is going on?


I had planned to do a massive, multi-participant ritual to coincide with the release of this newsletter, but due to my poor correspondence skills, I've not been able to round up the necessary mad cultists. So instead, I shall lay out my ideas regarding the casting of a “geosigil”.

As far as I can tell, “geosigils” are a novel idea. At least according to the first page of google. If you can't find something on the first page of google, it doesn't exist, as any clever internet lurker knows. When I searched the term, I got mostly search results relating to geosignals. That makes me happy that not many people have thought of this idea.

The geosigil as I wanted to cast, firstly involves the standard creation of sigil. Then I find people at various points on the world map, and re-draw the sigil so that each participant's city is at one of thirteen axes on the map. Thirteen axes was completely accidental, but I was delighted at the accident. Each participant then creates their own sigil, their own spell. Then all participants send their sigils to the best artist of the group, and that person creates an epic sigil combining all thirteen spells on the day of casting. Finally, on the same day at the same time, across the globe, all thirteen participants cast their sigils. And then we wait to see what becomes of such an approach.

There you have it, preserved for posterity and hopefully reproduction and imitation throughout the eons.

SamaelSwine May 23 '17 · Comments: 6 · Tags: sin journal
Hello Sinners

As the title suggests, this is the first volume of the SIN quarterly journal. The term journal is here used in the broadest possible sense. If you would like to contribute to the journal, I'll suggest a few different methods. It should go without saying that the preferred way to publish is by carving your article into your flesh using a rusty and dull butter knife.

The first method is simply to write a blog post and post it today, with an ALL CAPS TITLE SAYING SIN QUARTERLY JOURNAL VOL. 1 (I think) FOLLOWED BY "The Title of Your Insignificant Yet Grandiose Article". Of course you can always post on May 23, the next time I plan to take a stab at this.

Alternatively, you could also post your articles in the comments section of this article, thereby collecting everything in the same spot so interested folks can read it all in the same place. All commentators and trolls will of course be welcome to post in the comments, but they will not earn the lofty made up by me title "Journal Contributor" unless they follow the following formatting as the first line of their comment ALL CAPS TITLE SAYING SIN QUARTERLY JOURNAL VOL. 1 (I think) FOLLOWED BY "The Title of Your Insignificant Yet Grandiose Article".

Now that I've got that most boring element of this article written, on to something less boring, but still not all that sexy. The reason I'm writing this article and suggesting that all you lovely SINners with an inclination to write, record, discuss, and experiment in a textual way do so in this journal. 

I was mincing about the house one day wearing nothing but plastic Halloween devil horns when I thought to myself, "Golly gee, I haven't checked out SIN in a while. I wonder if there is anything cool going on there right now?" Never mind the many discussions I've had with myself in the mirror about what exactly cool means, and what could possibly be going on on a social networking website that could be anything other than a way to divert myself from thinking about my impending doom at the hands of an ancient orangutan dressed in a fancy (yet still trashy) blue business suit (with white cuffs).

So I logged on to SIN and messaged a bunch of random people who I'd talked to since I joined in September. When most of them (But not you Crystal :)) didn't reply I just trolled the newsfeed until I found a forum topic about the passionate, yet tragically impotent idea of a SIN quarterly journal. I like writing random shit on SIN, but I felt that I was creatively reaching the end of the road when it came to writing here. The idea of a journal set my mind alight, and here I am, cranking out more shit from my laptop to an ungrateful, elitist horde of at least dozens of cheeto dusted nerds. AT LEAST.

I also thought that three months would give me enough time to write and do the research for something really expansive and high quality, and the deadline would be close enough that I would take it semi-seriously, and actually focus for roughly half the hours spent writing it. Such an article is coming on May 23, should this whole quarterly journal thing gain any traction, and my ego is summarily satisfied by enough stroking in the form of views, comments, and high ratings.

Now on to my third, final, and sexy topic. Cyber Magick baby. The most obvious representation of it is this website. Surely good ol' Mr. Black either explicitly or implicitly called upon principles and practices of greater magick in the LaVeyan sense when he created this website. Whenever magick interacts with Cyberspace, I would call that Cyber Magick. Now, what Zach intended, and whether that has come to fruition, or is still a fruit waiting for enough water and sunshine to bud is a question to which only he knows the answer. But through this portal, I see the possibility of a lot of interesting Magick being done.

My first idea would be to coordinate a bunch of people in different parts of the world to do some ritual where if you drew a line from each of them to the other on a map, it would trace out a sigil, then do some sort of ritual. Pretty nifty huh?

So there's my idea folks, use this website for ritual magick, and presto, you're doing cybermagick, which if nothing else sounds cool, and that's enough for me.

SamaelSwine Feb 23 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: cybermagick, zach black, sin, lavey, sin quarterly journal
EdMenonymous Member


“There is no such thing as a problem with out a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.”

“How easy it is to be compassionate when it's yourself you see in trouble.”

“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them. You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.”

“The world is a dream, you say, and it’s lovely, sometimes. Sunset. Clouds. Sky.”
“No. The image is a dream. The beauty is real. Can you see the difference?”

“Remember where you came from, where you’re going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the first place. You're going to die a horrible death, remember. It's all good training, and you'll enjoy it more if you keep the facts in mind. Take your dying with some seriousness, however. Laughing on the way to your execution is not generally understood by less-advanced life-forms, and they'll call you crazy.”

“Nothing good is a miracle, nothing lovely is a dream.”

“If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you have a problem.”

AI EDME did not write this herself...

However THIS IS AI EDME in a nutshell...

Thanks for Reading

and resonating with this if you do...

EdMenonymous Feb 12 '18 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 6
Aborior Translatione

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Aborior Translatione Feb 4 · Rate: 1 · Comments: 6
Always remember to love yourself more than anyone in the world. You are what makes you you, regardless of anyone else's influence or judgment. You are not special, but you are special to you, and that's all that really matters to make life (the great indulgence) the fullest it can be, no matter where you are! Also remember that the words "good" and "evil" have long been portrayed by the church and media so that certain symbols and words will enter your head when you hear these words. Morality is purely objective. When you think of the word evil, you usually think of people who are seeking to ruin another individual's life. This is a very false portrayal. Most things like cursing or violence or simply getting angry are seen as taboo around the world. What the church and many others who convey these false portrayals are doing are just limiting your potential to rise above by being the more powerful human. Everybody curses (at least at some point), everyone gets angry, but the main point is to not be afraid to fight. If someone does you wrong or seeks to destroy you, you have every human right to defend yourself, with whatever means necessary (but don't overdo it because in the end you will destroy yourself!). Fire with fire, my friends. :)
DieRolle Dec 20 '16 · Comments: 6 · Tags: advice, evil, morality, power, satanic bible, satanism, good
Alrighty everyone: What are your hopes for 2021? Because I don't know how this shit is gonna go down. And to be honest, I am poking at the door with a fucking broom because I don't trust a bitch.
CrimsonVirus5150 Nov 18 '20 · Comments: 6
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