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I have been a Satanist for a very long time and I have walked the left hand path for a very long time and I have learned alot walking on the left hand path for a long time and I have evolved over the years and Satanism has made me a different person because the left hand path makes you different when you walk it and I see the world and everything different then I did before because the left hand path made me different because I am evolved. it amazes me when I look at the world when I see it through my eyes because I see it different because before I didn't never see it like I do now because before I only just begun to walk the left hand path but when a person walks the left hand path for a long time like me you see things different because the left hand path enlightens you. I have been enlightened for a long time now and I know everything and how everthing works and all about people and sociaty and corporations and everything because the left hand path enlightens you about thinsg like that and eveything. Satanism is a awesom religion and Satan enlightens us and makes us like gods like he did with me and you can to become like me and other to be enlightened and know everything about everything when you walk the left hand path for a long time. The other day I was pondering on some important ideas that I was thinking about for a while now and I was thinking about these things and contemplating a while and when I ponder on these thoughts I can understand all sorts of things about them and the philosophy was there for me to see and when I was thinking about the phislophy I was enteirng a weird hyptnotic state and all these ideads flooded my mind and everything I do this all these understandings flood my mind like that because all the wisdom overwhelems me sometimes its hard to deal with being enlightened but its a curse you have to deal with when you are a Satanist and walk the left hand path because the left hand path makes you wise and you understand all these things you didn't now about before and you evolve into a more enlghtened being and you will be amazed at what Satanism can do for you in all areas of your life like that. People who aren't Satanists don't understand the power of Satanism they talk about stuff about it because they are ignorant and they don't have the things a Satanist has that the left hand path gives to us thats why we are different from the non-Satanist because Satanism makes us different from them because they don't walk the left hand path because they are scared to walk the left hand path like we do because we're not scare and we know the many things that being a Satanist can benefit us.

Hail Satan!

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Jul 13
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By Triplesix007
Added Jul 12


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