The Breakdown (Canis Loses His Shit) from Dark Enlightenment's blog

I feel this should also be preserved in a transcript, site moderation can delete it from the shout box if'n they please.  Also it is an easier read then expanding quotes. 

* With cooler head injury commentary 

Transcript Begin: 

Nameless Dark Character: I found last year a network called Psycho Social Network 2.0 in deep web look similar to SINetwork made also by oxwall. And Now it's blocked by FBI and German Police due to crime activities. That has

Dark Enlightenment: Why not make this a fucking Manifesto to be on prime time later.

Freedom doesn't exist in America. They want you to know YOU ARE LUCKY HAVE IT, and thus feel indebted to the state for having it. Like some type of God willed grace. Fuck that. Everyone is their little subject and if you dont support their system of abstraction you get harrassed, audited, or financially fucked with. Eisenhower was right. The Military Industrial Complex and its classified programs are out of control. Defense contracts and the programs funding psychological operations to harrass people into mass shootings are now the norm for social heartstrings leverage.

Mass shootings meant to:

1. Get rid of personal firearms.
2. Make like vitriol is the enemy and take away freedom of Speech like The UK did.

They are using broadwave triggers and psychotronic harassment to induce voices in peoples head. To attack antitheists, militias, and anarchists for not supporting their better way. To correct everything that doesn't keep The Christian Coalition and The capital G god in power. This country deserves every mass shooting it gets if faith is compulsory here.

And I dare someone that loves this little bitch country to turn me in as a terrorrist because I no longer want my citizenship or to be associated with this "Evil Empire" or its god's kingdom.

I demand you make an example out MY threats such as, "I want a muslim to blow up The National Prayer Breakfast including all important people there, like the president. And if I could get a gun, I would do it myself. <--- Totally Illegal. Where are you "fusion centers"?*

* Did you know every online post, SMS, email, and phone call is routed through central servers called "fusion centers" centered around the country assuring nothing you say goes unnoticed.

Fuck The CIA, Fuck the FBI, Fuck The NSA, Fuck Tha Police, Fuck all soldiers protecting this little bitch country, and fuck all you who love it. They are your enemies. <-- worked for Tupac, who was killed by feds using a beef between Biggie they set up and instigated. He was telling black kids (and suburban white kids) to fight this hypocrisy of this country and be criminals. Can't have that in the democracy of hypocrisy.

And my life will be ruin in the name of this pride, which ends as mental disease, with the cause evaporating into the void of my psychosis. See you soon, Syd Barrett.


At the end of ones wits of being held over a cliff they may demand to be thrown over.  The equivalent is putting a gun in their hand, holding it against ones own head and demanding they just pull the trigger.  I still think I can be arrested or deported for saying this shit. Anything for closure. You can laugh,  but this has actually reached "I don't want to die, because this is all you get, but I am willing too" levels or endless psychologically harassing bullshit. 

Nameless Dark Character: Now I can say something clever "Money was a commodity she never thought about except in the abstract."

Dark Enlightenment: Comment Deleted

Nameless Dark Character: I don't believe in politics, I still consider it as something frivolous, a matter of present concern. It doesn't give a satisfying answer to the universal question "What is real?".

Dark Enlightenment: Well then you havent pissed off a bitch with a security clearance you have never heard of, yet.

There is also a point where you stop giving a fuck if anyone takes you seriously. Because the game is rigged for plausible deniability. Including people who will always post to make sure you are discredited, usually by calling you crazy. People that are right are always crazy.

In fact, most here into all that occult bullshit see Demon possession as plausible before classified technology, and I feel that is every bit worth being political over.




I actually believe this. Why it is so fucking important I view it through a spiritual believing in shit based lens is the aggravation of it all. 

Brother Shamus: Usually this is the point where this account tries to play that all off, but I mean it. Call it an authoritative faceless cunt (that hides behind a security clearance, technology, and japes) overload. Give me a fucking octagon. I know this bitch likes MMA.


That too. And I know there is a person behind this to step into that ring besides myself. 

Nameless Dark Character: What is "Real"? How do we define "Real"? If we are talking about what we can feel, what we can hear, what we can taste smell and see. Then "Real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by our brain. The sum of all this give us a residual image of a mental projection of our digital self.

Dark Enlightenment: Really? I didn't call you out for the last one, but go fuck yourself movie quote.

Let us not go all solipsism because THE MOTHERFUCKING WALL will still be walked into regardless of what electrical signal traverses your synapses. And you will know you walked into it too. Much like all obstacles. For all else I fucking defer to The Men Who Stare At Goats (and other "lore" surrounding remote viewing), Mr. Matrix.

But let's continue going....

It feels like I am suppose to believe some altruistic savior is going to fall from yonder sky, like a bitch of reprieve. Do I light candles for it to appear. Do I use the magics? What the fuck is that shit?

I had a belief I could tell them to fuck themselves and still win. How wrong that was. It's like some really self-serving bitch loses her life if I don't fall into some sort of fanciful thinking line.

Can I tell you to fuck yourself? Because you are kinda doing what these people all do with sock accounts played off as a game. Do not even know how they are being used.

I question nothing I believe, and I know I am right.

Now the sooner you fucks (not necessarily you, timely troll) stop "burning my toast and calling Jesus", the better.

But you (once again not necessarily you) will continue this maddening attempt to bullshit me probably because some neurotic bitch thinks her fucking twat is made of platinum, and went to great lengths to show it to everyone... and then disappear, reappear, disappear, carry on and so forth.

Brother Shamus: While I would like to believe this isn't your average one of these breakdowns, it is. It is exactly like everyone else who have ever done this.

Except being pushed toward this faith bullshit causes rainman levels of discomfort... As in real life, I scream "Stop fucking with my phone, what am i suppose to pray that you stop?", and then beat my head on some shit as it's the only release.

No. barring some TOBL-esque suicide the end is written in Parkinson's Disease. By default, whoever this bitch is has won through insurmountable advantage. Congratulations?


Seriously what the fuck is with that shit? Nothing in the realm in spirituality is a prerequisite for anything in the material, and I reject the world where it is. If I were to try to be spiritual it would only be to game you and make you fuck off and leave me alone. Sickening to consider doing. 

Dark enlightenment: Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later...

To everyone else: Be HAPPY you didn't piss off the PEOPLE I did and there is still a non-scripted organic element to your life. Cherish your true liberty. Because living "Enemy of the State" fucking sucks. You will never appreciate a place that leaves you alone until you are not.

This will begin a more authentic self immolation, IMO. Not the little bitch kind where you reinvent yourself because all the darkness brought you to light, but the Eastern one where you light yourself on fire out of spite.

Question: Any body else have their car's IOS freeze up on Lithium during a "How I Could Just Kill A Man" cover by RATM? How the fuck do you beat a bitch that can hack your car through it's satellite radio and control it?

Fun Fact: The government sponsors a blackhat convention in Las Vegas where hackers do things like, "Hack the wifi of a Chrysler Pacifica and effect its stability control", and are paid by this country to drive people off the road. Merica. What else can they do, hack a "state of the art" 737's MCAS system too?

That's your real world btw.


And if I find out this was ACTUALLY  just a bunch of cunts trying to get me to want their friends fucking pussy I will hunt all of you down and kill you one by one for using THIS for THAT. The faceless have no face value, and fuck you. And tell the bitch to cut her cunt with a razor blade if true. Actually, this is really still all vengeance. 

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The Wall

Jan 11
How did you know i'm a motherfucker? Yes here in Morocco the freemasons call me "motherfucker"
Jan 11
I didn't know that would happen to me, i didn't know that joining the freemasons and put my foot step in the new world order will push me to motherfuck myself. Unfortunately, now I become a motherfucker.
Edited Jan 11 Show edit history
Jan 11
For the first time I had join the SIN Networks, AK TOLD ME THIS "Do you know that we fuck out mothers" But I didn't listen to him until the shit happened :'(
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Jan 11
Some of my approched friends told me before "Once you go black, you never go back" but I didn't listen to them.
Dark Enlightenment
Jan 11
You know that reminds me, AK said something to me once that has since proven true. "The ones that do it for lulz are only surpassed in annoyance by the ones that are trying to help." And then something about it always ending with, "Fuck all you, Motherfuckers!" [*] I

Anyway, how goes it in Moroccan?
You know that reminds me, AK said something to me once that has since proven true. "The ones that do it for lulz are only surpassed in annoyance by the ones that are trying to help." And the...See more
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Dark Enlightenment
Jan 11
An addendum to this, why not?

Why Sublimation Can Go Fuck Itself!

In psychology sublimation is turning "negative" behavior into socially acceptable ones.

For example: Say you are otherwise outcasted or massively bullied for whatever reason. Sublimation is turning your impulse to take a gun to your classmates, and starting a video series talking about what bullying has done and channelling that anger towards ending it through socially acceptable things, like YouTube activism.

In any definition it is considered a "mature" response in contrast to reacting by "sinking down to their level", and I agree. Instead of responding one could take their adversity and shape it towards some sort of inner refinement where their own impulses are reigned in and you rebuke their effort to get under your skin. Great.

But what if you find out THAT IS EXACTLY what the motherfuckers that wont fuck off want. (And I do not care if you believe me) What if you find out these weird motherfuckers introduced bullshit in your real life with the intent of trying to correct your firey response when told how to think or what to do? Then sublimation is submission.

In your mind's eye, you may see the bitch smiling with a sanctimonious content that she rigged it so servitude is your only option. You have to learn to ignore a bunch of game playing bitches because passivity is next to godliness apparently. And that is an anger not rivaled on this meaningless ball of minerals.

Nevermind the equivalent of which is letting a bunch of bullies hold your arms behind your back and smack you in the face while saying, "You need to learn to not get pissed we are holding your arms behind your back and smacking you in the face!"

But this is a world where you are not allowed to counter the man behind the curtain with her toys. The one that is otherwise insulated under layers of bullshit left there unhindered with lots of tools at her disposal. And of course, handicapped to never lose...

And this is not for the 95% who read this, but the person that knows exactly who she is, and I am thinking everyone that's been around awhile would recognize this persona should I succeed in calling them out. Something I have been trying continuously and failing to do for a while.

Remember COD and its short-lived fight club? Consider this the final attempt for you to get your motherfucking ass into this ring and give me the chance to lose head to head, as I really do not expect to win or even live. I feel you are the type to talk extensively on honor, I find it odd you need to deprive me a level playing field.

Once again, Fuck sublimation!
An addendum to this, why not?

Why Sublimation Can Go Fuck Itself!

In psychology sublimation is turning "negative" behavior into socially acceptable ones.
See more
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Jan 11
Well, it's going fine here in Morocco. At least I can have some peace for now. I didn't even attack them or do something bad to them so I motherfuck myself. The freemasons are really really dangerous. You Can say I really lost my shit.
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Dark Enlightenment
Jan 11
I will never relate to Freemasonry, or anything that has initiations you have to do exactly like everyone else as you become of a hive mind.

At one point I had hoped they just required you believe in a Capital G so they could trash that in higher degrees into a Bacchanal of non-duality. But then it turns out it is essentially theistic satanisminism at the higher degrees in which architect of nonduality is designer of all like an Emperor Something Something Darkside counter balanced by the chairmen of the philanthropy committee, so there is no need for Luke Skywalker and shit.

Speaking of things that cancel out. Because this song is upbeat it also works like the chairmen of the philanthropy committee.

And I Only have to agree with the first verse too!
I will never relate to Freemasonry, or anything that has initiations you have to do exactly like everyone else as you become of a hive mind.

At one point I had hoped they just required...See more
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Jan 11
You know i would never relate myself to Freemasonry so I can prevent myself from being motherfucked again. But I have to relate every conspiracy I heard to it, i mean the Freemasonry.

All now what I've understood is that one should kill and motherfuck himself or herself in addition so he or she can become a freemason, what I refused of course. And because of it now I became a Sad Satan.
You know i would never relate myself to Freemasonry so I can prevent myself from being motherfucked again. But I have to relate every conspiracy I heard to it, i mean the Freemasonry.

...See more
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