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I've noticed:

Me = ONE: I [English Me], Eins [German One], Yi [Chinese One], Ich [German I/Me], Ek [Sanskrit One], Ik [Dutch I/Me], Ichi [Japanese One], Me [Engish I/Me], Mere [Hindi Me], Moi [French Me], Moja [Swahili One], Mono [Greek], Mot [Vietnamese One], Muy [Khmer & Semelai One], Moa [Mon One], Misa [Mundari One], An [English singular article], Ana [Arabic Me].

You = Two: Thou [English You], Du [German You], Tu [Spanish You], Tum [Hindi You], Dva [Sanskrit Two], Yusa [Tsou Two], Duwa [Acehnese Two], Dua [Balinese, Batak, Toba, Malay, Sundanese Two], Due [Sasak Two], Duo [Mingangkabau Two], Thua [Tsat Two], Duaq [Dayak Two], Duo [Dusun Two], Uoua [Kiribati Two], Ua [Niuean & Tongan Two].

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