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Not everyone dreams. Or they, like, know they dream but just don't remember them -  is how they usually describe it. For the longest time I could not wrap my head around that. I dream at least three dreams a night. I always have, and I remember them pretty vividly. Without fail it's these intricate plot twists, characters with full fledged personas that don't even resemble or even act like anyone I've ever met before, sometimes involves people I know. It's interesting, but to me. I know that someone talking to you about a dream they had is the most boring thing to listen to ever, so I almost never do that on that principle. 

Occasionally, though, I'll have an interesting dream that either involves someone I know, or is, for whatever reason, interesting enough to talk about. So, I bring it up. Invariably as I'm walking them through this plot-line - getting into it like a story about something cool that actually happened to me, there will always - always-always - be a point or a scene that just as I'm about to get to, I have to pause and think to myself nah, nah. Just No. We're going to leave that part about where I started fucking their sister or whatever out of the story. There's always something along those lines that - and I don't care who it is - even if they know it's just a dream and dreams are just weird like that - I'm just not going to repeat to anyone. Never mind write it down on paper for someone stumble across who knows when. Absolutely not. 

With that in mind, I wonder, are anyone's dream journals 100% accurate, really? Because I know full-well some of the most profoundly insightful yet disturbing stuff my psyche comes up with is not going on record ever - and that stuff is probably the most important. 

And that's exactly why I don't do it. Keep a dream journal, that is.

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