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"... That certain persons simply will not like you no matter what you do. Then that most nonaddicted adult civilians have already absorbed and accepted this fact, often rather early on"

There is an undercurrent in Satanism that utilizes the mantle primarily as a means to assert one's right to free expression. On a certain level of analysis this makes some amount of sense – especially to those who, due to some underlying emotional or mental-health issue or another, gravitate toward standing apart from the herd by proudly wearing what amounts to kick-me signs. These “Satanists” are in fact closet masochists utterly convinced that the world is so irredeemably prejudiced against them that they go out of their way to all but ensure their assumptions are validated – their victim-hood a foregone conclusion now with their baphomet on display in their at-will places of employment. Off-ies, as they are known in local parlance. Those insipid types who, while in school, not even the teachers could stand with their incessant tattling. Those who bring it upon themselves and lament loudly the intolerance of the world at every corner, failing to see that the problem might actually be them - oblivious to the smell of their own shit. To them, it is Satanism that offers a last and final bastion of acceptance, and it is they who cry the loudest when they learn it is the last place they should expect to find it.

Instigators. Shit disturbers. To them the pentagram serves only as a middle finger to all those who reject them on appearances alone: who would be provoked by something as “trivial” as wearing what amounts to a middle finger in the first place. The types who taunt police in full riot gear, and then complain to the media about being beaten with batons and tear-gassed. They are totally oblivious to the most elementary component of “Satanism” which lies in seeing the world as it is and not as it ought be – human nature as it is and not as it ought be. Failing to realize that this cynical world-view hinges not on correcting the world's wrongs or rebuking the sins of humanity, but rather in the wisdom and understanding of the stark and grim realities of the human animal.

They with their flamboyant insistence that one ought to be able to express themselves however they see fit without any consequences whatsoever. This is nothing short of neurotic and wildly mistaken! For certainly one is free to express themselves however they see fit. This is a given. One is mistaken to think for one instant that they may do so free of consequence. One is most definitely mistaken to think that they can force others to find their modes of expression unoffensive simply by claiming the oppressed minority card and such.

For example: you, personally, may have resolved in your own mind that Satan is not the Devil he is made out to be. You, personally, may not find the name offensive. It is the height of presumptuousness, however, to cry victim when others – the majority, actually – prompted by millennia of tradition, do take the name to connote something highly offensive. Satan is offensive. That is a large part of the appeal – the power of the name stems primarily from that reason alone.

Similar with what I am demonstrating with my usage of the word – another pejorative - “nigger”. I may have decided in my own mind that there should be nothing wrong with uttering that word. There may be a small minority of people who agree with me. It is just a word: like Satan. I may reason to myself that only fascistic tyrants who are interested in censorship would accuse me of meaning anything offensive by uttering it. Yet, for as readily as loser's club liberal type Satanists find the word nigger offensive, they do not see the irony. They are incapable of doing so. For as willing as these slow-witted social outcasts are to don the mantle and trappings of the bad guy (presumably to keep the bullies at bay), they are loathe to understand what this entails in practice; much less assume the role.

Sheep in wolves clothing.

To that point: it is only those who lack self awareness that insist that Satan be accepted. That Satanism should imply tolerance of some sort. No one's fooling anyone: this is not designed to be a sort of practice in pissing on people's boots while telling them it is raining. Were it tolerable or socially acceptable, Satanism would be the very last word anyone could use to describe it – whatever it is - by definition. The mantle is, at even its most sophomoric levels of applications, taking the offensive. Don't start crying foul or expecting sympathy now when it actually manages to offend!

Moving on: while it is so that men or women have the right to love whomever or whatever they so choose, it is equally so that men or women have the right to hate whomever or whatever they so choose – both for any reason at all and for no reason whatsoever.

One may present themselves to the world however they so choose, but must never make the mistake of insisting upon immunity from how the world responds. When you run with the bulls, sometimes you get the horns.  

The right to free expression and the sword of individual liberty cuts both ways.

Hate speech is free speech. Get over it.

Universe Feels Zero Connection To Guy Tripping On Mushrooms

“As far as I can tell, all the boundaries between myself and this guy remain completely intact, so I certainly wouldn’t say that he and I have become one with each other at all,” said the collection of all space and matter, which added that, if anything, it was feeling further removed from the man after he ate two grams of psilocybin mushrooms and spent the ensuing three hours just sitting on his basement couch, during which time he effectively did nothing to interact with the world or universe more broadly.


Having myself done and thoroughly enjoyed all manner of hallucinogens, I've never gone so far as to claim they provide any sort of cosmic insight or what have you. This puts me squarely at odds with most advocates.

This article made me chuckle; remembering the countless times I had to deal with the blithering inanities of those who had gone off the deep end - insisting they were "one with the universe" or some such non-sense - myself cheerfully deriding their delusions with sentiments eerily similar to those presented in the above article. 'made my day.

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