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While it is certainly a matter of debate as to how intuition works if even such a thing exists, it is clear that some people are quite - even painfully - intuitive and yet despite this have absolutely no idea what to do with such a "sixth-sense". Be it in a relationship concerning family or business or romance it will come up in conversation "I have a funny feeling about such-and-such or so-and-so what do you think?" The answer is always "trust your intuition". Funnily enough, this often leads to the follow up question "so you think I should say something about it?". Absolutely not! I always reply. Consider Cassandra whose prophecies, for however accurate, just went ignored and disbelieved. Or, if Greek mythology isn't quite your thing, then just sus it out. Either way, saying anything at all about these sorts of things leads absolutely nowhere.

See, people - even people close to you - will lie even when confronted with irrefutable evidence; and for a whole ton of reasons that, because you aren't a mind-reader, you are simply not privy to and cannot judge. Their intent may not even be malicious. It may simply be to avoid unnecessary complications, spare feelings, save face, have cake and eat it too, etc. If you think about it, this perfectly normal human characteristic is a large part of why we have a legal system in the first place. People will plead not-guilty even while watching themselves on camera doing that which they are charged with if the charge is even remotely significant or inconvenient. They are definitely going to do likewise when confronted with something like a hunch or intuition - accuracy be damned. Confronting someone with these intuitions is, at best, an attempt to gain reassurance that your intuition is incorrect - your discomfort unfounded - that you are not alone. Unfortunately, one's intuition is very seldom incorrect. In the worst cases one is often found to be right for the wrong reasons. More importantly, to mention anything about it simply tips your cards for the world to see. It serves only to alert the suspected to the need for them to be more careful while simultaneously giving them all the reason to gaslight you. This is the opposite of what you want.  

Nowhere in the phrase "trust your intuition" is it implied that one should therefor make it open for analysis, discussion, and negotiation - that would be absurd. And yet that's exactly what people do! Nonsense. I say trust it like you would any other sense, and act upon it as confidently as you would a traffic signal. To continue the analogy, you don't normally say to your passenger "I'm going to go because the light is green, what do you think?" - that'd be weird___ really weird. You're the one driving and the light won't stay green forever. If you trust your eyesight, you just go without giving the slightest thought to the possibility of them questioning you for doing so - undoubtedly they see it too. 

There's nothing to discuss. 

It's in discussing it that makes for all sorts of unnecessary headaches and aggravations. And for why? I suspect it is because one's intuitions are seldom pleasant, difficult to prove, and almost never confirmed immediately - there is a certain comfort to be gained in offering them up to be invalidated by reason - a comfort that comes all too often at the cost of one's own self-certainty and sanity.

Intuition is not there for discussion and analysis, for surely that is the road to madness - Cassandra's fallacy was in saying anything at all. These things are trans-rational, even irrational, but none-the-less as immediate and close to you as your own solitary pulse and instincts; existing only to be acted upon without word or hesitation.

Know, dare, will, and - most emphatically of all - keep silent. In the end, it is you alone you have to answer for, and if you can't trust your own judgment all the autonomy or companionship in the world won't compensate for such a crippling deficiency. 

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