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It's the veil of the temple. Visual purple. The temple, btw, is your skull. What fluctuates behind your eyes when you close them. Those iridescent blobs that take shape. Why you dream. That you have dreams at all. Between Yesod and Tiphareth - if you're into that stuff - it's easier to pack if you are.

 Satan (Devil. Left. Capricorn). Sin (Art. Middle. Sagittarius [think arrows - to miss the mark is what sin is by definition]). Death (Death. Right. Scorpio). 
They lead to the sun behind the veil of temple. You've been doing this your entire life. The scriptures aren't "wrong" they're just not being read right. With any luck it just might click on your death bed it's become so diluted. The mind is its own place. 

These people talk of the abyss, but I swear to you, they're not even close. They wouldn't know what to do with staring at it lucidly, because that's the edom spelled backwards of dreamless slumber. The inescapable re-occurring piss-bubble of incarnation. When you get to that level (which, btw, is right in front of you if you just take it like the tzaddi it is) then we'll talk. 

Of course this is madness. That doesn't make me wrong. 

From wikipedia:

"Fail-fast systems are usually designed to stop normal operation rather than attempt to continue a possibly flawed process."

I swear by this not only in my occupation but in real life, too. The unique characteristic of the systems I design is that they don't catch exceptions; they throw them. It's annoying, but there are reasons for this. One of them being that there is no "try" there is only do. I insist on this.

If a routine - be it interpersonal or systematic - is not going work / is not working you can't just sweep that under the carpet. You can't just build that sort of tolerance into the routine. I guess you "can" but, like, why? Especially when you can just be selective from the get-go. That's what fail fast *is* you run the inputs and if they don't generate the desired outputs, you bring the process to a complete and immediate halt unhesitatingly. IF THEN NO. Else is for the napkin spined. There is no "ELSE" it either works, or it doesn't. If it's going to crash, it needs to crash sooner rather than later. With the quickness and unerring severity commit to failure and ending. Fuck that nigger. The only other alternative is to commit to jumping through absurd hoops ad infinitum, and who in their right mind would sign up for that? Those chumps are going to have to commit to re-writing their code for, literally, ever. Maybe the princess wanted to be captured. She probably digs that stuff - and for no fault of your own. Maybe the process is more complicated that it needs to be by virtue of factors you didn't get to set. Maybe the problem has a certain inextricable gravity to it. A thing middle fingers were designed for. Worthy of a hell no.

There are people that will do the exact opposite. They build these systems and relationships almost exclusively around these exceptional cases. As if that "solves" or accomplishes anything. "fuck off" is not in their vocabulary. Centering their world around that is what defines them. Pandering to temperamentality; and for no good reason. They'd gladly base a solution around something that shouldn't even be there. Worthless problem solvers. 

I say let it (whatever it is) fail! Otherwise you're going to find yourself enslaved to an interpersonal system of accommodation of a process or person you never owed a single thing to in the first place. Never forget that most of your life you were strangers. Going back to that isn't the end of the world. au contraire. Sticking to it is just noise with zero by way of pay-off. Screw that, mon frere. Not to mention, how much by way of long-term problems you're going to have to account for if you allow the initial errors to propagate (and those fuckers, BTW are wildly unpredictable - in three words or less: smarter than you) What you allow, you encourage. That's a "no". That's a "we're not doing that". De-map that clueless and error-prone faggot as swift as a trodden serpent. Because we don't have time to burn. We're not given that. Our very existence ruined our mom's pussy. You at least owe her that much as not to waste your time pandering to retards who, like, just assume you'll deal with them and their issues. Absolutely not. You'll be 60 before you know it, and the only way you'll get there happily is if you learn to extricate the people and processes that are just untenable. Try everything once, but learn to fail fast. 

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