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In this next track the good demon brings to light another element of creation containing variation, depth, or, measurement, that may also be considered as an additional dimension of existence. That of...


Like the Phoenix arisen from the ashes it came, as always, this primordial consciousness. No longer was there nothing, for a time there was...

Briefly, the reflective source. Reminiscent of the second of twelve labors to be performed by Heracles involving the Lernaean Hydra.

The primordial juggernaut forever spiraling through nothingness/somethingness; existence/non-existence.

Establishing a medium by which to experience via its heads of existence. The heads come and go, one may depart where two may grow.

The primordial is the body(of the Hydra)

We are the heads.

Ex nigrum holoserica mare silentium ego veni et ex unde ego revertetur noli timere eam erat origo de omnia quod erat habetis dilexit...

From the black velvet sea of silence I come, and from whence I return, but fear not, it is the source of all that was ever loved.

Only that which does not have a beginning does not have an end - that which is eternal. The continuous flow of nothingness into somethingness so elegant; pure magic the elegance fashions a hammer that smashes reason.

Don't Change

While this creation seems tantamount to an energetic electromagnetic  extravaganza; seductive in ways that transcend the corporeal - the incorporeal bitch; supernal feminine of a lesser density that my soul longs for.

The unadulterated feminine essence that completes me. Now I am a god and I shall proceed by forgetting all this, so that I may relive it, for all eternity.

Quis est hic diaboli, qui enim verus est magister...

Diabolus est dolo veritas est Divinus veritas super omnia verum est dominum

Devil Woman

(more passages from the vaults of antiquity)

Mechanically, the propagating aether lays down a medium/context, i.e. an expanding four dimensional construct in which the sephiroth undergo their development. Much in the same way an artist prepares a canvas followed by a work of art. The former is nearly instantaneous while the Latter is a building up anabolic process that is measured in eons.

Each sephirah, or period of cosmic development has a peculiarity, uniqueness, or quality that distinguishes it from the others so it is given a special name, and in this case there are ten particular phases of cosmic evolution, plus Da'ath makes it eleven.

- End -

As of late I prefer refer to these (concentric) spheres according to their number or simply, 'emanations' as the traditional naming of 'some' tend to make me cringe.

Fuck yesterday. OCD has me digging up old shit; proof reading and putting up to satisfy my compulsion. I distance myself for a day in disgust like Andrew Wyeth running away from his work so he wouldn't either fuck it up or be driven mad by it.

Followed by trying to use up perishable shit that my girlfriend buys and lays to waste in the fridge; the avocado was beginning to rot so threw that out but salvaged some of the other.

Some of the aforementioned made me feel a little ill when eventually followed by psychoactive so briefly retired to bed with the cat for a few; now a new day and feeling a bit better.

Was thinking about Cadillac Mountain for some reason, some friends recently ventured there with photos to show, so now I will go.

Dead east about eighty to a hundred miles in the vicinity of Bar Harbor, may have to zig zag a bit to avoid bodies of water.

Could have just went but had to write this as if to be stricken with some sort of sickness, and yeah, fuck yesterday.

Today is a new day with consciousness to be re-elevated twice more, modestly - going on 1:00 AM.

- Prologue -

This was written a few years ago when I was in the process of learning about and formulating this shit myself; quite honestly upon rereading, parts of it did make me cringe, although I suppose there is some good in it.

Psychoactives were used prior to writing much of the time and quite often I was out of my fucking mind; not much has changed.

- End Prologue -

General Mysticism :

Cast me to the Abyss; I will reemerge when the conditions are right, eternity is my savior, always.

There are several interpretations of the Abyss. It can be looked at as a separation or lacuna dividing reason and mysticism, or perhaps order from divine chaos. The title of Da'ath is Knowledge. This is an indication that there is a requirement of specific knowledge to bridge the gap between lower creation and upper divinity. The gap or lacuna that separates these is the Abyss. It conceals; separates. In any event the result is in most cases an untraversable obstacle where mundane methods of advancement, or rational thinking fail. Mysticism is a bridge to divine truth, reason is not, and only relates to finite sequences with limited scope.

The Tree Of Life :

In the Tree of Life the Abyss is known as Da'ath - the invisible sephirah. For those unfamiliar it is a two syllable word pronounced: Da ut, which will get you fairly close. The god name is Jehova Elohim(Ye ho va; El oh heem), archangel Uriel(Er eye al) and there are also associated winged serpents who may serve as guardians of the Abyss, e.g., HGA - Holy Guardians (Of The) Abyss.

Cosmology :

For a more visually engaging experience and understanding of the initial process pertaining to the creation of the Abyss, you may imagine the initial expansion of the primordial point(Kether) which occurred at luminal/superluminal speeds from the source; then slowing all throughout the formative processes of Yetzirah. The result being far greater distances that separate the initial cause from the following seven spheres and ultimately the current effects(us). Creation continues to expand into nothingness until bedtime as part of the eternal process.

- End -

Much of the time when I come here I ignore the writing and just listen to music so an effort is made to put up decent tracks with a little redundancy here and there appearing to be unavoidable.

These two tracks come to mind in reference to the 'Abyss' although that would be more akin to Deep Silents' little sister, and as for the latter, I can't imagine why.


To all it may concern.

- Prologue -

Having some fun on an earlier, different forum. Hijacked the associated thread but when the 'Witch' complained to the admin the entire thing was deleted.

Was encouraged to write an article for the blog mentioned below, but never did, because that's not how I roll.

Cactus Jack was a user of said forum and used to infect various threads with pages upon pages of nothing but music videos; at times accompanied with random gibberish.

- End Prologue -

(just to reiterate the following is a snippet from and in reference to the 'other' forum; not this one - just to be clear as if it isn't enough already)

I believe there is still some fun to be had here yet so I have decided to use this as my own personal music thread for a limited time only, or longer, i.e. the gift that keeps on giving! We just can't say for certain.

Hell, I'll even invite Cactus Jack over(can't say we ain't got Jack Shit! Hahaha!), so cheers! And here's to a successful campaign - Violet Stars' Blog Article Campaign Music Thread! Now there's a mouthful baby!

- resurrected from the netherworld of the deleted, for what it's worth, because I'm an...

Kabbalah which is the Jewish spelling, Qabalah the Hermetic, and Cabala the Christian or otherwise. I am only interested in the former two and have no discourse on the latter.

There are two distinct Tree of Life models : the Ari Tree, and the Gra Tree.

The Ari Tree is used both in the context of Jewish Kabbalah as well as Hermetic Qabalah. The former is named after rabbi Isaac Luria who developed it, and is more precisely referred to as the Lurianic Model. This would put the date of its' implementation at the 16th century CE or later.

The Gra Tree, or, Perfected Tree is apparently quite a bit older as there may have been mention of this in the Sepher Yetzirah. Which is one of the oldest known Kabbalistic texts in existence. With MSS dating back to the dawn of the current era, and goes back even further as prior to that there was an oral tradition.

The major difference between the two trees is that one is more symmetrical - hence the name Perfected Tree. The invisible sephirah, or Da'ath in the Perfected, or Gra Tree is non-existent, and the three sephiroth below it are shifted up rendering a perfect symmetry. Thus Da'ath is replace by the 6th.

Some models also just simply replace Da'ath with the 10th also rendering perfect symmetry and to signify the tree 'before the fall'. Although this does not conform well with the Hermetic axiom : As above so below. Where we would have the 9th Emanation(the Moon) below which doesn't make nearly as much sense.

The Gra Tree also renders two perfect hexagrams as opposed to the Lurianic model with two central sephiroth of each hexagram perfectly surrounded by six spheres. A further reiteration of the 'perfected' aspects of this model.

To illustrate the spiritual dynamics of the Tree Of Life, the ten holy sephiroth existing in the four Qabalistic worlds. A reflection is cast down as if to render a malevolent twin : the inverse tree; Qliphothic/Qlippothic, or, Tree Of Death.

The aforementioned duality synonymous with something along the lines of :


10 is a reflection of 01 in the middle sets the Sun. That which is below is that which is above, ineffable one, omnipresent divine fractal tapestries Ra-Horakhty the two horizons, we are legion.

If the cause never ceases to exist then neither shall its effects, whatever happens, will again, or would not have at all...

Eventually ALL finite things will end, but their RETURN is inevitable. The grains of sand that move through the hourglass of time are not infinite. Although they may appear ephemeral and isolated, indeed they are NOT in the EYES Of ETERNITY.

When, yet again, time has run its course and all the finite specks of creation find themselves at the BOTTOM of the hourglass, CHRONOS the finite linear aspect of the infinite one shall invert it, AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, FOR ALL ETERNITY. THIS IS THE RETURN, THE ETERNAL RETURN of EVERY single finite speck of individuality, OF EXISTENCE!

For eternity is a BEAST that will forever consume and renew ALL  of existence, ABSOLUTELY!

I don't know why I like it, I just do...

And what can be said of the mundane four dimensional beings born into this matrix; the difficulty, if not impossibility to fathom an existence in the absence of it.

Philosophical hypotheticals almost always formulated within the confines of it as some sort of inescapable reality, and what should one expect from a creature where it is all that was ever known.


I'm not sure if this is a reality shift, but I could of sworn 'dilemma' used to be spelled as 'dilemna'. Similar to the Latin origin of 'solemn' with the 'lemn' segment and sounding the same.

Forget about the fact that Interview With - A - Vampire is now Interview with - THE - Vampire, or that Dolly in Moonraker no longer has braces in any of the scenes...

When Einstein said that "reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one". It may not be as persistent(or stable), either now, or as he once thought.

I'm sure it's all a big misunderstanding. Via metaphor, my theory is that, long ago, it all started when three Billy Goats were wandering down the road when they came to a bridge. Under the bridge lived a troll. Unable to cross the bridge, the goats deleted their avatars and went looking for a boat. Unfortunately, the goats went searching on a day that the troll wanted to go sailing. I think that sums it up. 

And in the extended version the goats, being very determined and coming up empty on the boat, decided to build a raft. Although they were not expert raft builders and it fell apart in the middle of the Atlantic. Luckily for them though; relatively speaking, this occurred near a remote deserted island where they were able to dog-paddle to safety and live off coconuts for the next twenty five years. So rumor had it, until recently when their video footage was found :

Rumor also has it, and not included in the video footage was that on several occasions the goats claim that they observed the troll sailing by close enough so that they could observe him drinking pina coladas and listening to Warren Zevon and Christopher Cross as if to be taunted.

The troll denies any wrong doing however and states simply that he did not recognize the goats without their avatars, and remembered from the days of his youth when his parents had always told him to never talk to strangers, not to mention the fact that the faceless goats kind of creeped him out.

This ferocious clown by way of some bizarre and twisted reality, an exponential existential nightmare.

An infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere; a zero dimensional point of consciousness concurrently representing all space.

An internal expansion creating the illusion of that which is within to be that which is without, or...

A primordial dream.


I had another track in mind but it didn't work out that way.

The never ending cycle of creation and destruction conforms to a rhythm much akin to breathing. It is this rhythm that is also one of the Hermetic principles. In the microcosm this act is periodic, but is at the same time also sporadic - ergo the rhythmic aspect. In the macrocosm this is the divine song of creation; its' accompanying melody and of course harmony...

In the beginning Isis exhaled the breath of creation into existence, the aethereal medium, the propagating aether; the air of the universe - without which nothing else could be possible.

Every breath of this divine goddess is measured in eons, every outward flow is the beginning of a new universe; every inward flow, or return, is its' end.

The ebb and flow of all that is, was, and ever will be, and also that which is not. Glory to the queen of the universe, she that breathes life into that which is dead.

The trinity that is the inverted triad of the divine hexagram : Osiris the father, Isis the mother, and Horus the son.

The ritual of the mother of creation continued but the rabbit was late and I had to start without him.

More now than ever I see the beauty of creation. Infernal descendants of deepest darkest silence in all their wicked splendor that excite with their god given attributes; longed for in quiet mostly.

These erotic creatures of the night that rise forth from the darkness before me and about me...

So the prince endured; the seasons came and went in the absence of his one true love for this lifetime. Often he would conduct magic rituals in her memory, as this brought her spirit close to him, and he could feel her presence.

In days past when they were as one he would also perform rituals, and the princess was quite fond of this which he never quite fully understood, her being so very intelligent and quite well read; him being a beginning practitioner of the ineffable.

He could only surmise that the knowledge he had acquired through contemplation, and the uniqueness of his practice among other more mundane things was what she fancied. He always knew she was privy to his workings, but kept quiet about such things as he did enjoy her presence.

And in the end the princess was made into a star, however this was no ordinary star. Because of her unique color and brilliance the prince could easily locate her both morning and night.

He was saddened by this, and although he could never be with her, he could in times of sorrow, conjure her spirit forth from the heavens above...

Not even negative existence itself shall restrain thee, the thing that should not be, for it is, again, and again, and again, ad infinitum, for all eternity.

Relative to Earth. Given the precise location and thermodynamics of this colossal fireball suspended in the aether; its' most convenient stability. I can only conclude...

Emergence of the first reflected in the sixth, the beauty that is securely fixed, in that which follows...

Green goddess of beauty whose number is seven, and whose title is Victory.

- glittering splendor

So the term 'nothing' does not currently resolve to an absence of everything scenario, instead it refers an alternate, prior, and cyclic reality that transcends the conventional space/time continuum indefinitely.

A somewhat practical definition for this primordial nothingness would be that of an unquantifiable zero volume existence. A precursor to the four dimensional space/time medium; further isolating the primordial consciousness by stripping away its illusive properties.

While this is not absolute nothingness. It is a quantitative reduction that approaches it so as to isolate the true and core fundamentals of the eternal algorithm, rhythm...

Simplified; Frivolous creationary anecdotes and the like omitted. Paraphrased; gray/missing areas fortified/rendered via extrapolation.

1. Static, infinite, and eternal. Space and time are without beginning or end. A cosmological constant. The spacetime medium could be traversed indefinitely.

2. The Aethereal Expansion. Contrary to one. If the universe is expanding then it may be regressed, i.e. a beginning. Perhaps Einsteins' mental construct being of one with equations indicating two - the transition.

3. The Singularity. Hawking gave it a name(as opposed to nothing). Prior to two. What the universe is expanding from.

4. Hadit; Nuit. Hadit is three; Nuit is two. A single zero dimensional point that concurrently represents all space - The Great Beast.

5. Kether; Ain; Soph; Aur. Two, three, and four - Kabbalah.

- Welcome To Buckethead Land -

I'm gonna do this as a sort of test for some of the older blog segments that didn't seem to be quite up to snuff for the main board. Apparently I am an evolving critic of my own work. So maybe I can find a place for some of these earlier passages.

And although the prophet had known the creature its' entire life there came a moment in time that was experienced as a sudden rushing and flooding of feeling and emotion within the consciousness to the point of nearly debilitating.

The prophet for some reason felt great sorrow for the creature as if to understand its' true nature; it's existence and inevitable downfall although the knowledge contained within the prophet could also see the greater good, and reason for it.

Perhaps the prophet felt a sudden urge of guilt somehow for failing to acknowledge what appeared to be this poor and helpless creature of God, understanding and relating to it so many years ago. A sort of deficit indeed waiting to be released.

The prophet though felt good for realizing his shortcoming and making amends with the creature prior to its demise which has not yet come to pass.

It still remains unclear to the prophet though how much of all this the creature itself actually understood of what it witnessed and whether or not the circumstances themselves may have been inadvertently exaggerated by the prophet, and any other meaning unintentionally overlooked.

In the end the prophet felt good about what had transpired and that the entire revelation was more of a good thing in coming to terms regarding companionship with said creature of God.

It could also be noted that the creature and the prophet often making eye contact with one another, even somewhat prolonged at times as if to garner some sort of understanding by the two, to be experienced by each, in its own way, of course.



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