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Throughout the biological kingdom every organism is subject to genetic mutation and behavioral change brought on by environmental influence. A dynamic environmental situation prompting constant adaptation..

Since Homosapian left the nomadic life and formed agrarian then civilized society the environment has changed from hunting in the bush to surviving in the city.

With that transition into an artificial environment came behavior born of that environment.  Much like a coyote exhibits a certain behavior in the wild, their canid counterpart succumbing to urban sprawl, sees their behavior change along with the habitat. Successive generations born with "the city" in their genetic memory. 

With that as an example of the idea, this short essay attempts to argue that greater intelligence and a habitat built artificially is related to the ideas and behavior exhibited by organisms within the habitat, up to and including social decorum, religious predisposition, and legal code.  Certain concepts only arose for regulatory needs. Likewise the dissent and opposition is also natural and necessary. 

Where would our species be without the defiant few to stand in Iconoclam? Throughout history The Jesuses, The William Wallace's, Joan of Arcs, and Malcolm X's have made the more significant change.  

Are they naturally defiant? Can you find evidence in the human genome for predisposition to oppositional behavior?

Not entirely. 

What you get is a mix of heredity and environmental factors causing it. (Link below)

But it is another 1/10 abnormality prevalent in the behavior of the population, as is about the standard clip with such regulatory deviations, like homosexuality.

But why does it happen?

The behavior serves a direct beneficial need. In the case of homosexuality it arises most in overpopulated environments. (See every Ape cousin in captivity, like chimpanzees).

But what of other behavioral traits? Breeding provides progeny but ideas regulate the social code. 

To use another dog example; wolves are orderly creatures with a "lucifer principle" pecking order and instinctual decorum.  Except every so often, and through socially aggressive behavior, this is challenged. New alphas elected, formers deposed. And not always the biggest or strongest.

Almost every mammal exhibits this tendency. This power struggle and caste system. 

That same aggressive order defiant tendency is medicated and called a disease in our civilized society. An attempted sequestering of Iconoclasm to administratable form. In human environments these "pack laws" take on an abstract and artificial form, civilization. 

Control mechanisms like government and god are the Alphas in our society, and lacking defined cohesive packs, the casting is through  overreaching ideas that eventually get woven into genetics as much as the pack behavior of canines. Most are complacent in "doing what is expected", and the society actually rewards this obedience.

But what of the defiant? The martyrs? Those who reject the reward and thrive through social disruption? Those who exhibit aggression towards authority?

They are prospective alphas. They are leaders and crazy people. Those naturally wired to exhibit disruptive behavior and challenge for control, if only for themselves. They prevent stagnation and promote the species through adversarial means. They get crucified, disemboweled, burned at stake, or shot by Plymouth Rock. As society will always attempt to reign in such behavior. Even things such as criminal justice and phrases like "civic duty" and "social responsibility" are things corrected like Grady's daughters.

It is my belief If everyone was drugged to block that chemical inhibitor with another chemical like antidepressants you'd likely see an resistence to the drug become more prevalent, like you see with current behavior modifying drugs  

While this is mostly speculative, I'm reminded of Jeff Goldbloom's character in the cinematic version of Jurassic Park's explanation of chaos theory, "life will find a way". 


Interesting articles or books on behavior and/or genetics of animals. 

The Lucifer Principle

Genetics and Aggression

Genetics of Bee Behavior

Animal Behavior In Urban Ecosystems

The God Gene

Artist: Black Sabbath

Song: Symptom of the Universe

Lyricist: The Prince of Darkness


Mother moon she's calling me back to her silver womb
Father of creation takes me from my stolen tomb
Seven hundredth unicorn is waiting in the skies
A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies

Take my hand, my child of love come step inside my tears
Swim the magic ocean I've been crying all these years
With our love we'll ride away into eternal skies
A symptom of the universe, a love that never dies.

These are rather on point lyrics for a working class English catholic. 

These lyrics epitomize the essence of RHP attainment for me despite that take being consistently rejected by almost everyone. 

And in a way worth beating like a dead horse too. 

Abstraction: The quality of dealing with Ideas rather than events.  

In my opinion this is the line between "born v made".  The ability to have that quality.  In short: satanism precludes spiritual prediclection. The way of the godly and abstract serene is naturally rejected. 

In another one of my rejected opinions this is actually more accurately represented in the East in some might say an overly general way. 

In Hinduism you have a concept called Atman.

Ātman is a Sanskrit word that means inner self, spirit, or soul. In Hindu philosophy, especially in the Vedanta school of Hinduism, Ātman is the first principle: the true self of an individual beyond identification with phenomena, the essence of an individual.

In Buddhism you have the rejection of this called Anatta.

In Buddhism, the term anattā or anātman refers to the doctrine of "non-self" — that there is no unchanging, permanent self, soul, or essence in phenomena. It is one of the seven beneficial perceptions in Buddhism and one of the three marks of existence along with dukkha and anicca.

The first of these holds truth to concepts without proof. There is more to reality and self than what we can sense.  The second holds reality and form is only what we can sense and experience in our short impermenant lives    

And I believe this gets the ball rolling, and is more inherent to character of the individual than just rejection of transient status quo or imprinted philosophy.  As those in the anatta camp are more likely to be highly skeptical of those "spiritual pipe dreams" (faithful predisposition). This non-belief to the mystical translates into non-belief in authority or imposition. 

A practical example:

As Seen in a footprints poster.

Can the concept of God's whatever carrying you through your tough times do a damn thing for you? Can a belief in something abstract provide comfort to you?

Can The Symptom of the Universe and its sky unicorns do a goddamned thing for you?

Or do you need practical and observable materialistic solutions to bank any sort of hope? Does it need to be real and deal with what's real, what is phenomenal?

Can you light a few candles, chant some names and feel like cosmic forces will protect you?

Or does even the psychodrama fail to do you a damn bit of good without a consistent outcome you can affirm to experience?

Likewise can you accept that from any imposing authority figure?

If forced to be in the Atman camp under subserviernt circumstance, could you do it?

Or if ideological (or even real) inquistions forced you to kiss a papal robe would you take the metaphorical (or real) guillotine? .

Would an insolent fire burn within making you wary of such faulty epistemology? Could that trend towards self immolation in defiant protest of such an artificial authority?

At the heart of this (pun intended) is faith, or posessing an ability for its productive use in day to day peaceful attainment. 

If god is submission to ideas and protection through faith than the adversary must stand antithetical to these qualities, not appeal to divine protection, and naturally discard use for any "symptoms of the universe" in the process. 

Dr. Phil Analogy of the above: In the Satanic Bible if the first two books are like the first part of a sentence; than the second two books are the word "but" contradicting everything you said previously. 

Meet our independent agent. 

The agent ignores advice, indoctrinated social decorum, moral deterrents, and makes a series of incredibly irresponsible decisions that are bound to have repercussions.

The agent's decision to do so was determined by an amalgamation of circumstance and mental processes which sculpted the agent and the eventual choices made. 

As it is now recorded and viewed in retrospect everything The Agent did to this point can be attributed to something.  

The agents future is a bit more hazy. 

Consequences are assured by agents past negligence. Repercussions for selfish and irresponsible behavior and decisions are now going to result. 

While probability remains high for certain outcomes it is impossible to determine the results or the severity of actions to come with any degree of certainty because other agents exist and contribute to the outcome. 

Other agents will decide the appropriate course of action. The exact nature of repercussions is unknown. Except that there will be repercussions eventually.   

And the results that occur will likewise be an amalgamation of another agent's circumstance,  mental processes, and can absolutely determinined in retrospect. 


Where the cause is concerned could the agent have done anything different or was it as automated as a computer program choosing true/false logic gates? 

Where the effect is concerned could any of that alone absolutely determine its location and form?  

Is this just another battlefield for quantum and Newtonian physics? 

I don't care if this was originally posted by The Sun, is a recycled story, have bitched about it already years ago, or other, this needs to be addressed again.

People are without critical evaluation capability, that's all there is to it. How fucking lacking are they?  

Way beyond my conspiratard lacking. 


Fox News Quality? You bet. They even tagged it under 'science'. 
But before I really trash this, here are some facts you need to assist in that. 

Water Facts:

• If you took all the water on earth, that means all; ocean, fresh, frozen, and falling water, and liquified it on the surface; the sea level rises only 72 meters. That is 1/20th of mile. 236 feet. 

• The cubic volume of all that water is roughly 258,174,617  cubic miles.  A sphere about 790 miles in diameter if isolated from the rest of earth. 

• The cubic volume of all water on the moon Europa is 678,075,600 cubic miles or about 1090 miles in diameter.  Meaning there is almost 3 times as much water on Europa, and the oceans may be up to 30 times deeper than The Marianas Trench in places (at max speculated depth). 

Earth/Europa Facts:

Earth volume = 259,883,851,297 cubic miles

Earth diameter = 7917.6 mile

Earth Radius =  3958.8 miles

Surface area = 39,684 sq miles

Europa diameter = 1,939 miles

• Europa = Giant ice ball with enough Jupiter-related tidal friction to maintain internal liquid ocean and extreme cryovolcanism. Eruptions will eject liquid water 125 miles above the surface. That's half way to the ISS if applied to earth. 

The Mountain

Mt Ararat is a cinder cone volcanic mountain along the Turkey/Armenia border. It is very similar to Mt. Ranier (USA) and Mt. Fuji (Japan) in appearance, formation, and height.  Cone Volcanoes often have lore associated with them, but that is a different rant entirely. 

It rises out of The Armenian Highlands with a base elevation of 2,700 feet on it's North face and 4,600 on it's south face. 

[The alleged smoking gun on Mt. Ararat - Also known as a geological formation called an 'anticline']

Cited coordinates: 

Latitude: 39° 41' 59.99" N
Longitude: 44° 16' 60.00" E
Elevation: 2.8 miles above sea level (14,784)

[The location on Google Earth]

The Diatribe

Why this pisses me off every time Google decides to make me aware of it: there is not enough water on Earth to raise the sea level to even the base let alone above 14,000 feet. ANYWHERE ON THE MOUNTAIN Is preposterous. Even ANYWHERE NEAR that mountain is ridiculous. Even a spot down near 5000 feet of elevation is still a retarded suggestion. 

Using topographical data, and assuming all the possible water on earth was somehow in liquid form for just over a month, the closest place with the correct high water mark (of 240 feet) is at the periphery of an endorheic rift basin along the transformation fault boundary of the Anatolian and Arabian plates in Azerbaijan. (See San Andreas & Salton Sink for other example) 

Trying to confirm bias based on the words of writers over 3000 years ago makes you stupid, and that's all there is to it.  And if the these are "scientists", I am a demigod. 

 "Gee, this rock looks like something, I think." 

Does it register? Or does the bible in one hand completely cancel the part of the brain with logic?

This could've been the end, but I didn't want to stop there. So I went and took all the water from other objects.

Still, earth's volume with all Europa's water only equals 260,563,861,297. It increases the diameter of Earth by roughly 4.4 miles. 

Assuming equal spread across the surface (not factoring in land gradients) I arrive at 11,500 feet of additional elevation in water from Europa.

* I calculated this by adding the volume of Europa's water isolated to earth's total volume and figuring out the change in radius. Which was only 2.2 miles. 

So all the water on earth, and all of Europa's 40-100 mile deep oceans (containing almost 3x the amount of water on earth) will only raise the sea level to around 11,800 feet of elevation.  

I'm gonna need a bigger Europa. 

This is a bullshit recycled story reposted to oblivion and it is still fucking sad.  

Extra: How many Europas would you need to validate the movie Waterworld? 

Approximately 2.5.

I have a theory all the meaningful events of the western world can be drawn back to The Sahara and Arabian deserts turning from grassland to arid desert. The adaptation of Homo sapiens brought about both Sumer and Egypt in and around 3 serarate river valley's at the end of the long slow drying process. 

It is also worth noting that  until about 8000 BCE you still had ice taking away much of the living space.  And while the reach of human population was global (and had been for thousands of years) it was so sparse there was no need for civilation, even confined around the equator or livable spaces. It was still all green.  

And that is it.  

6000 BCE the places people all live look like this. Easy to stay apart from one another in our Africa-centric origins. 

Sahara Desert: 

The Arabian Pennisula had even more water in a massive criss-crossed river system. 

There was plenty to keep the human population sparsely populated. 

Then the earth titled and the season changed, and you get the rest from there. 

They (inhabitants within the drying up area) would have followed the green until they reached rivers or oceans. That is exactly what is appears happened.  

From there you can follow archeological evidence (mainly tools and trinkets) around the entire region as civilizations rise and fall. Get subjugated and freed. Write one text, then another to supersede it. 

You can follow the conquering civizations and their monuments of achievement or texts of conquest and still retract all civilation back to the first ones starting 5500 years ago with the onset of the copper age. Of course brought to you buy necessary cooperation. 

At this point one may bring up Chinese civilation, which arose in the middle of the bronze age 2200 BCE.  

The reason is still environmental. Albeit more localized. It is my stolen argument the Xia Dynasty's start in the Yellow River had more to do with protecting farmland from flooding.  This actually centers around Yu the Great who is fabelled to have organized flood mitigation and subsequently pushed into a leadership role as the environmental crises destroyed their food supply. They essentially rallied around central figures to save the farms in and along The Yellow River.  Go from there. Gunpowder and all.

The points being civilation took adversity beyond human doing to form. Whether it being too much water or not enough. 

And that's the complete history or the World according to me. 

Nobody is fucking special and everyone is  working together not to die in the grand scheme of things. It is also beco.ing clear all advancement is in resposnse to indifferent adversity, usually environmental or sociopolitical. 

 This took longer than I thought it would. 

There will be empires you never knew existed.

Here is a comprehensive list of ownership of lands between The Sinai Peninsula towards Egypt and The Tigres and Euphrates River Vallies over towards the Persian Gulf in the east with the desert in between. This makes Poland's history of occupation look like nothing.  And I even missed a few.  Very in depth considering how small of a geographical area it truly is.  For reference about the size of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. 

And begin in BCE. (25 years +/-)

Mesopotamia/River Valleys (East):

2900 - 2500 - Sumer
2500 - 2400 - Lagash
2400 - 2330 - Uma
2330 - 2150 - Akkad
2150 - 2000 - Ur (Sumer) 
2000 - 1890 - Old Assyria/Neo Sumer (split North/South)
1890 - 1780 - Small states/Babylon 
1780 - 1470 - Old Assyria/Babylonia
1470 - 1350 - Babylonia 
1350 - 1285 - Middle Assyria/Babylonia
1285 - 1205 - Middle Assyria 
1205 - 1190 - Babylonia
1190 - 1143 - Neo Assyria/ Elam
1143 - 1021 - Babylonia
1021 - 846 - Neo Assyria/ Babylonia 
846 - 819 - Neo Assyria 
819 - 808 - Neo Assyria/Babylonia
808 - 724 - Neo Assyria 
724 - 720 - Neo Assyria/Babylonia 
720 - 624 - Neo Assyria 
624 - 611 - Neo Assyria /Neo Babylonian  
611 - 539 - Neo Babylonian Empire
539 - 483 - Achaemenid Empire (Ancient Persia)
483 - Mesopotamian Revolt 
483 - 331 - Achaemenid Empire (Ancient Persia)
331 - 328 - Macedonia/Achaemenid Empire
328 - 324 - Macedonia
324 - 141 - Hellenistic Era (Ancient Greece) 
141 BCE  - 118 CE - Parthian 
118 - Rome 
118 - 225 - Parthian
225 - 634 - Sassanian Empire 
634 - 635 - Sassanian Empire/Rashidun Caliphate 
635 - 661 - Rashidun Caliphate 
661 - 748 - Umayyad Caliphate
748 - 1051 - Abbasid  Caliphate
1051 - 1118 - Seljuq Empire
1118 - 1261 - Abbasid  Caliphate
1261 - 1408 - Mongol Empire 
1405 - 1538 - Safavid Dynasty (Persia) 
1538 - 1621 - Ottoman Empire/Safavid Dynasty (Persia) (river valley split lenthwise)

1621 - 1639 - Safavid Dynasty (Persia)
1639 - 1721 - Ottoman Empire/Safavid Dynasty  (Persia)
1721 - 1749 - Ottoman Empire/Hotak Dynasty (Persia)
1749 - 1752 -  Ottoman Empire/Afsharid Dynasty (Persia)
1752 - 1785 -  Ottoman Empire/Afsharid Dynasty (Persia)/Kuwait
1785 - 1919 - Ottoman Empire/Qajar Dynasty (Persia)/Kuwait
1919 - 1926 -  Iraq (UK)/Qajar Dynasty (Persia) 

1926 - 1932 - Iraq (UK)/Iran (Formerly Persia)
1932 - 1941 - Iraq/Iran 
1941 - 1945 - Iraq (UK)/British Zone (UK) 
1945 - Present Iraq/Iran/Kuwait 

* Kuwait was a British protectorate during both world wars. 


The Holy Land (West): 

*The western portion can fit between San Antonio and Dallas, TX. 

1900 - 1470 - Canaan (nomadic former Akkadians) 
1470 - 1210 - New Kingdom (Egypt) 
1210 - 1021 - Phoenicia/12 Tribes (12 subdivided regions, their myth is the OG manifest destiny)
1021 - 796 - Phoenicia/Israel
796 - 783 - Neo Assyria
783 - 769 - Phoenicia/Israel
769 - 733 - Judah/Phoenicia/Israel
733 - 724 - Judah/Neo Assyria 
724 - 720 - Judah/Israel/ Neo Assyria  
720 - 699 - Judah/Neo Assyria 
699 - 624 - Neo Assyria 
624 - 611 - Judah/Neo Assyria 
611 - 608 - Judah/Israel/ Neo Babylonian Empire 
608 - 539 - Neo Babylonian Empire 
539 - 331 - Achaemenid Empire 
331 - 324 - Macedonia
324 - 137 - Hellenistic Era* (Ancient Greece) 
137 - 51 - Judea (Herodian Kingdom) 
51 BCE - 268 CE - Roman Empire
268 - 274 - Palmyrene Empire 
274 - 396 - Roman Empire 
396 - 489 - East Roman Empire 
489 - 616 - Byzantine Empire 
616 - 626 - Sassanian Empire 
626 - 635 - Byzantine Empire  
635 - 661 - Rashidun Caliphate 
661 - 748 - Umayyad Caliphate
748 - 970 - Abbasid  Caliphate
970 - 1076 - Fatimid Caliphate
1076 - 1099 - Seljuq Empire
1099 - 1174 - Jerusalem/Tripoli (France) 
1174 - 1188 - Jerusalem (France)/Ayyubid Sultanate 
1188 - 1191 - Ayyubid Sultanate 
1191 - 1251 - Jerusalem/Tripoli (France)/Ayyubid Sultanate 
1251 - 1291 - Jerusalem/Tripoli (France)/Mamluk Sultanate 
1291 - 1516 - Mamluk Sultanate 
1516 - 1919 - Ottoman Empire 
1919 - 1921- Egypt (UK)/Syria (France) 

1921 - 1945 - Egypt (UK)/Syria (France)/Trans-Jordan
1945 - 1949 - Egypt (UK)/Syria/Trans-Jordan/Lebanon
1949 - 1988 - Lebanon/Syria/Jordan/Israel
1988 - Present - Lebanon/Syria/Jordan/Israel/Palestine



Around 600 BCE you have Monotheism taking off.  The Achaemenid Empire (Ancient Persia) defeated the neo-Babylonian, and most of their narrative was influential in the western portion  of this region and underscored many ideas of Judaism via the ancient Persian Zoroastrianism. And everything influenced each-other in this confined region of the world. Amalgamation being the word. Save the Torah (oldest scrolls dated right around 1200 BCE), and most apocryphal, much of the OT text was written between 500-150 BCE. 

One of the oldest documented "hebrew" text is actually from the reign of King David. 10th century BCE and predates the Zoroastrianism idea. Showing that concepts in Judaism actually date back to at least the "Twelve tribes of Israel" (1210 BCE), which actually existed as a way to divide up territory gained back from Egypt after being subjects of The Pharoh. Initially serperate groups that later decided to call themselves "Hebrew" and unite as "Israel" around a mythical covenant with a monotheistic god and like narrative of Egypt oppression. They were Canaanites that were  made subjects to Egypt for long enough to almost forget. With some developing a new myth in the occupied interim. The origin of chosen therein. 

  The "Exodus" is likely (IMO) a colorful historical account of when both polytheistic Phoenicia and The "Twelve Tribes of Israel" gained autonomy from The New Kingdom of Egypt, which  for a few centuries extended north into the area where Israel exists today. At the time of "Moses", who is very likely a literary device of when negative sentiment against Egypt was HIGH.  There is truth to "Israelites" gaining fredom from Egypt. No walking the desert needed. Humorously around 1200 BCE historical accounts in Mesopotamia recorded a pandemic resembling influenza.  Desert locusts swarms were also recorded... All at the right time. Though, they may have just been beneficiary of Phonician conquest, as both civilizations came to be at the same time, and in the same dense region .  

What can you say, they wrote their history books different-y

Christianity and Islam:

Not much until 300 CE and Constantine. Then hundreds of years later after The Caliphate of Islam kicked Christians to the curb, Crusaders, mostly European, took back and lost the "Holy Land" (western portion) several times. 


I can't really understand why so many people follow him or regard his gibberish as holding anything of value. I can state the obvious or do heroin and channel my unconscious rambling in a ziggaraut as well.  Channel some anciety spirit and write a book on anti-gravity propulsion. Oh wait, wrong one.  That was the ancient aliens one.

Anyway I don't see the draw of his wife-beating faggot junkie ass.  He seems like the last person with a philosophy that can be used. 

So let's begin and go after "The Law".

First off, The Book of Law can go fuck itself and take it's pretension with it.

"Do what thou wilt" is fine. Could stop there, but this fluffy intrinsic twat has to go ruin it with some bullshit about love. What the fuck did that addled nymphomaniac faggot consider love anyway?

Was it love to beat his wife when he couldn't handle the burning hell of his mind, or was just strung out. May of well let the woman who repeatedly "gets hit with the basketball" write a book on trusting relationships.

So not really a figure worthy to speak there.

Plus, everything I have ever read on his relationships is some asshurt letter to his faggot boyfriend or him beating his various partners.

But what is "love under will", other than some BULLSHIT he added riding the white horse, and on a total dopey dopamine buzz.

Seriously? Possession. I think it's possession. I think it's control, or least something along those lines.  Perhaps security as a juxtaposition against the indifference and default hostility of the universe?

But my whole thing is why tie it to the rest of the will unless you FIRST disambiguate it as "love of self"? How does that last line tie to the first unless you want to cloud your practical with drifting pablum?

 Love of sex? Money? Hormones? There are much more animal reasons I thought he was all about that make this is as perplexing as him on his deathbed... allegedly.

MY reason for this is the circumstantial nature of the kind he meant.

Crowley was a fruitcake and his "love" was half "do what you want" and half be led by mystical bullshit.  Something broke along the way and he became a veiled born-again with his abyss and blah blah unification with godform blah blah. 

So let's get the full quote.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. Every man and every woman is a star."

This is a non quote.  Love is the law? THAT is god shit, strait up. Without disambiguation that is holy spirit Abstraction.  Something unnecessary added to an already salient quote. Is it my will or some fruity hormonal shit you gotta feels?

And how am I a star? I am stardust (made of) but I am not a necromancing numinous magi controlling the incompatible. Do I shine on too, Mr. Lennon? AND WHEN DO I GET SHOT? I could define/understand that.... unless I die. 

Still, I'm stuck at how doing what I want + the chemicals associated ties to this fruity bullshit.  How was a fruity little mystical think god twat ever considered a beast of anything?

But once more on love under will.

What the fuck is that? Getting what your dick or vag wants? I believe he was trying to say you should be "guided by love",  which leaves me thinking his entire philosophy was a justification to religiously fuck ALL THE TIME and do a shit ton of heroin. 

Unless he truly meant "essences of love", which once again leaves me to believe he didn't understand how the chemicals the brain releases relates to behaviors and desire. Or just wrote it for the sake of writing it. 

Which is also why he wrote like such a cryptic tool. Looking over many of MOST successful people in history I see their bios littered with merciless selfishishness and faux-philanthropic conscience leveraging.

So it's gotta be "love of self". If he had any insight, it is that.  Case and point: Jessie Helms. It also means Ayn Rand was better at his philosophy than he was.  And not NEARLY as pretentious.

Sorry, I just had a bad day and remembered I LOVE trashing fluffy intrinsic things other people get fuzzies from.. So in his spirit I was required to post it.


Screw Satanism, Antitheists are the ones who are born. 

Everything that drives your fire could be caused by compulsory non-answers. You may be a victim of your own genetic predisposition and push of others to see duality or superstition and not even know it. 

Antitheism is a non-dual mindset that leaves room at the end for character and integrity, and even a defacto "moral compass" of sorts. 

The Litmus Test:  Does considering matters of superstition as an option during adversity or to answer an unknown cause you a degree discomfort? Would optional application do nothing, and forced application cause distress? 

Only the antitheist can feel this pain. See Rainman being forced way out of comfort zone which cannot be controlled.  The circuit is shorted and no amount of flipping the switch will light the bulb. It never takes. 

A natural skepticism to what other people say or do.


If you needed money to stave off major adversity and couldn't find a source what would you find comfort in? What would reveal that light at the end of that tunnel.

A. A new source of cash flow achieved somehow, or failing that a plan to achieve said cash flow.

B. A prayer. A candle, And a hope something will fall from the sky and save you.

The antitheist cannot do both. A and only A. 

Only those prone to mysticism can use the latter. There is no "asking ____ and then doing the leg work".  It is a superfluous facet to consider your trajectory as rooted in divine purpose or determinism. 

Faithodrama, formerly known as psychodrama:

The antheist has no use for baseless faith. Not an interchangeable with 'trust' semantic conflation.To the point where Rainman (again) being denied Judge Wapner is a safe comparison. 

No, [Insert deity here] can't be proven to have done anything for you. 

Only your positivity can be proven.  You believed you had something helping you so much, that you made better decisions subconsciously and put yourself in a better situation without even realizing it.  Conversely if you are negative, you make self-saboteur decisions.  

The antitheist will ask short questions.

"Yes, but how will that get me money?", "Okay, so I pray and then what? How do I know it wasn't my actions?"

The antitheist will see worthlessness in something without visceral use or direct lines of cause and effect. 

The antitheist does not care they are missing an entire web of preconditioned mystic-compatible determinism. There is no world where your wants can enter a magical channel where they pull acausal strings and redict otherwise disconnected chains of cause and effect screaming in your direction.  It is amusing to consider at most.

The antitheist can't do circumstantial evidence and swallow species logic. The rock never keeps tigers away. They will see above coincidence as a humourous, and even an eyebrow raising likelihood of statistics, but write it off. 

The antitheist has no use for even the hodge-podge of "as above, so below", because it's all a mashing of noodles anyway. What seems like a connection to self or everything else is just perfectly normal ego, paranoia, and erroneous determination of significance. 

The antitheist knows shit happens. Good shit happens, bad shit happens. Both are proportional to what type of shit you are. Bad shit leads to worse shit, and increased likelihood of other shit.  But being one type of shit does not rule out the other type of shit happening.

Any "what is good vs what is bad" points of contention can be referred to The Genevese Family. Call it rooted in, "does this harm my environment?"  This would make something like ratting "good" in the land of litigious dictates "good" it is a notch to the "bad" end of your equilibrium and viability - because you are a filthy fucking rat. 

The antitheist does not see design in the hodge-podge. The gods, masters, and architects are ways of explaining away the quirks of our own emergent properties and assurance there will  be an equilibrium to arise even in our artificial creations. The design will always exist in a range of data and hindsight analysis.

Intelligent design is the median. The middle ground. The teetering point of stability between polar extremes. The bottom of the pendulum swing. Equilibrium. The point of symmetry. 


We presence this as a line drawn down the middle by our observation.  In western society the line down the center of our social stability is maintained by artificial systems (legal, banking) making orderly cooperative behavior to maintain that the middle ground of emergent priority. 
Even the artificial is as regulatory as the weather. As temperatures rise that middle ground changes, like sea levels. 

The antitheist sees a dynamic world in constant flux with the many different equilibriums both natural and artificial following an ebb/flow trajectory as sure as there is no absolute prediction of the future. Somewhere on the fringes of the ordered chaos you find the antitheist. 

But what of morals, character, integrity, and colloquial values...

Simply put If you are a jackass that fucks everyone over, and lives with anger and hatred, your "line down the center", your god, is likely going to be deeper into the shit. 

In a world where even the artificial is a parameter of your existence there is room to use various artificial systems and personal demeaner to place yourself in a 'less likely for adversity", but still fear the malignant cell. Rest assured there will still be apliication(s) of your personal ethics with real-world consequences eventually.

Your level will be found and you will deal with the limitations or opportunities allotted by your actions. 

And if some actions dig yourself down into a hole so deep you remove all escape options at least you won't be pained by delusions of purpose or destiny. You will be most concerned with useable ways to get out, if you can. 

And if in that hole you find yourself praying on your knees then maybe you were never a born antitheist anyway.

Use this again:

What a Satan Should Do, In my opinion.

As I don't feel like putting too much effort into this I will keep this one simple.

I have heard from several folks into the fruity shit that faith is the most important part of human life. 

Fuck the shit.  But maybe there is something true about that. Perhaps the LHP/RHP separation is whether or not It can work. 


In the world where there is an inverted Satan/Jesus thing going Satan is all fucked up.

Everything surrounding Satanism is all fucked up. From ritual to calling him father to all the spiritual belief put into it. 

Everything about that Satanism is Christianity by another name.

What it breaks down to is attainment and how one goes about that. The essence of right-hand religion is a presence of abstract notions that provide a meaningful form of satisfaction to the practitioner. 

The most face value RHP thing LaVey ever said was:

"If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained."

What the fuck is that shit if not RHP religious attainment? Those last two books were like adding a "but" to a statement, it invalidates everything previously said.

The most profane is the denial of the abstract as significant. In the organics of Satanism it arises as people born with "genetic mutations" to check and balance the species. 

They are few, but their purpose, their karma, is to be antithetical. They exist to prevent stagnation, be voices of dissent, players on the forgotten path, one that biologically is wired to reject a wandering status quo.

Evidence in double blind studies have shown that people without a VMAT2 (vesicular monoamine transporter) have very skeptical personalities and are innately turned off my herd behavior and religious thinking.

This seems on par, and actually sinks up more with what Satan should do regarding matter of faith.

Question. Discredit. Debunk. Deny. Provide alternate ideas. Satan is to lead people away from faith and undermine blind belief. To promote a stance of "Pics or get the fuck out" to matters of things not passing their standards.

** This is also political

My reason for this is simple. Of all the genetic mutations this one gives you a group not won over by the peace of extraneous godforms or commands of others.. A skeptical natural "against the grain" behavior is what truly makes it born.

My point being all you true believers doing rituals, even those that copout psychodramatically, are just deluded little white light sheep.

Antitheism and nothing else qualifies.

To make faith profane is the job of the devil.


And because no one will care enough to figure it out, the title is an anagram. 

Real Title: 

Antisocial Holidays and Why The Christmas Carol Would Fail: The Holiday Rant

When you are an unsavory prick with no human relationships left you may come to a crossroads surrounding Christmas.

Everyone, even those wearing black, trip over themselves in the 'spirit' of it all. At one point, so did I. A much more fun time as a child, but even then it was selfish. 

Regardless of what pity me sob story faggotry led to the dissolution of that sentiment it lives in a world untouched by everyone's favorite holiday pablum.

In the time honored classic, a jackass sadist not dissimilar from myself loses that Christmas  spirit that supposedly lives in us all with Jesus. 

So then supernatural spirits give him Christmas epiphanies and basically scares him into submission.

The psychological devices in the story are sound for you weird empathetic humans. Dude confronts past, is shown the present. The middle one is to develop empathy in seeing a heart breaking quasi paraplegic kid cut a pheasant. Then he sees his horrible, "No one will care if you die future!".

And Presto Change-o. On call, empathetic awakening in the spirit of season is borne like little Jeebis in the manger. 

The spiritual experience worked. One night of dreams and sleep paralysis and the dude is fixed like a GOP constituency. Obedient and ready to consume the holiday once again.

My problem with this has always been the inference that holiday spirit is something innate and not programmed by the human invention of an otherwise distracting holiday at a time when everything is dead and cold.

As early as there were cultures there were elaborate holiday celebrations of seasonal change. Now only themes of winter remain from the initial meme and then supplanted by Coca Cola Bottling Company and Amazon Prime. 

It is truly bizarre to see the droves flock about this holiday.

And the basis seems to be, like the 600 Club Fluff Boy says, a human need for others. Most of you likely really enjoy doing things for others. And gift giving. And probably holiday parties and all that "interaction" you folk like to do.

I can't help but be selfish and dead to it.  Especially using such sentiments to get this twat to play its "Jeebis loves you" games. To take a brick to that 'transbomination'. 

But I am trailing off now.

Back to the mean dude and the crippled midget. His problem was money wasn't enough. 

He is a factory owner. He was nothing to fear. People with healthy financial situations have achieved in this world and need not spoil what got them the meritocracy.

Futhermore this story was a deliberate attack on Jewish business owners and has subsequently whitewashed off its initial coveteth jew attacking roots.

Hitler even used common depictions of Scrooge to bash die juden. 

Das Juden!

Since that propaganda carol was released christians have been conditioned to attack people that don't celebrate their holiday or try to bring theirs down. Sometimes you gotta do what you slave job boss says if you want that job.

As scrooge has more money, and employs you, he is a better person than you. He matters more and if you want your crippled little broken child to say "God Bless Everyone",  you gotta be his little rule following bitch. 

Spirit is secondary to contractual obligation you owe your boss.

But to do what I said with the title. Scrooge had no character. He was frail. A true person of such wealth wouldnt given shit even after a few dreams because, like me, they too no longer see a society of people but exploitable little ants marching around consuming the sugar they are told.

Like they give a fuck about your crippled little bitch kid.  

Serious solipsism with that fucking story.


An unbearable cacophony of uncritical examination exhibited remains a demon not slain.

Let's begin.

"Ohio University Emeritus Professor William Romoser analyzed a number of photos from various Mars rovers and found insect-like and reptile-like forms in the images, appearing to verify that life exists on Mars. As scientists scramble to determine whether there is life on Mars, Ohio ..."

Full Story Formerly Here: Link  <--- Notice how the link is gone? 

More evidence NASA seeks to cover up and hide the truth from everyone! He was right, a trained doctor of entomology isn't stupid. There is nothing to suggest a mind trained to recognize patterns and shapes from photographic evidence, like an insect exoskeleton, is going to have a bias and mistake a blurry image.  There is not even a word for it.

I found even more evidence, and it something I must share. 

A. The best evidence yet. Clearly there are both turtles on Mars and clearly they have developed some form of fashion.  You see him attempting to blend in to an intentionallly set up decoy string of rocks that had to be placed.  This is likely how this creature evolved to defend against the "triaxle rovers" that wander the surface. 

B. The skeleton of a sea creature. Possibly resembling a coelacanth.  You'll notice the discolored soil looks almost saturated by water suggesting this is a tidepool of some sort

C. A flash-fossilized rabbit.

D. This is not an accidental point where i touched the image with the black marker tool. But a type of snorkel for a creature that buries itself in the ground by day and breaths through a tube constructed of martian bamboo* and tar from a naturally occurring petroleum pits

* Only grows in places inaccessible by all probes.

"A" is incontrovertible. The others just support it. I think NASA knows something about the fashionable space turtles and is deliberately keeping it hidden despite their own equipment capturing these living creatures on film. 

They know the atmosphere is breathable and there is life and subterranean rivers and oceans of creatures forced underground 3 billion years ago. They have evolved to live on little to no oxygen and/or can substitute nitrogen.

Just like the falsely discredited Top Secret Apollo 20 mission they have photographic evidence that there is a vast City of Glorious Intricacy established on the dark side of the moon complete with preserved hideous onion people. Seriously! Look up The Orange Mission Too. Onion people and space turtles.

The truth is no one. Trust out there. 

This is how bored I am.

Long ago on The Isle of Zorblin there were three ancient people.  They were; The Zorps, The Flingals, and The Cha'utts.

These three peoples had a long and complicated history of ideological bickering and warfare.

Originally they began as a colony of Zorps. All Zorps had the same ideology. An ideolgy born from previous ones. They were of one mind, like The Borg. But unlike The Borg they could change. Sorta.

For years it was a zorping utopia. All Zorp all the time. 

Then came the schism. Well, not really. A Zorp named Matron Flingal came along and decided to have a very minor difference with The High Council of The Zorps and split off in a damning written indictment.

Now The Zorps were split into Zorps and Flingals, a sect of the Zorp.  As different as the previous divergence between western and earstern orthodox zorps. It was a split of a split with many more to come, but not here and not on The Island of Zorblin. 

For many years thereafter it was Flingals pipe-bombing their brethren with a different name. A bitter hostile 'peace', with some military scattered skirmishes persisting without resolve. The War continues.

 Then a third group diverged from the original Zorps. A group of non-belief born within Zorp culture. Yet, due to the inquisitive and unforgiving nature of Zorp society they could not come forward as such. They called themselves Cha'utts, a word taken from the Zorp Holy Doctrine, The Mandatoria's, Book of Pain and Punishment.

The Cha'utts believed the doctrine was total control bullshit, but were still forced to keep it as unspoken as they could out of threat of reprisal, as the punishment for the crime of "unbelief" was death.

Many Cha'utts failed in this most basic demand.

The Zorp High Council was known to do random "prostration sweeps" to enforce prayer.  Homes would be picked at random and occupants tested for heresy. All Cha'utts would meet their end if their house was to be picked and random and The High Guard showed up to force them to pray.

The Sergeant of Arms would give the occupant 30 seconds to recite "The Protection Prayer" lest be decapitated by a sword.

Needless to say Cha'utts were naturally against that type of society and their days of the cloak and dagger would ultimately roast in the ideological fire. It continues on to this day.

Then one day an explorer came upon this lost island of pygmies. Did I forget to mention that they are pygmies? Because they are pygmies.

Anyway, the explorer couldn't believe it. He met the High Priest. He dined at the royal table. He learned of their society, their way and their warring. He learned of the schisms and subdivisions. He learned of their trajectory to that point.

As he learned he grew confused. There seemed to be something bugging him. 

"Can you repeat that?" He asked the high priest, because they all spoke the same language and could understand each-other.

Responded The High Priest, "Of course. We consider all Flingals the same as Cha'utts. They are evil. Sent by darkness to destroy us all."

The explorer grew even more confused. Perplexed even.  He then grew the nerve to voice his internal conundrum, "So you are basically saying, even though all Flingals are Zorps and Some Zorps are Cha'utts; all Flingals are definitely Cha'utts? That just seems false to me."

The End.

Yes, that bored. And you don't get your time back either. :P

Because it's ruining the flow of the game. I laugh when they say it would be non-invasive. 

Congratulations, you have removed the traditional from the sport.  And what is fucking is wrong with the fourth official is he fucking retarded or just a wanker, as is so often stated. 

You fucking take away one of ours and issue the simulation yellow card and then turn around and let Watford fucking trip over the air, only after he realized the ball was going over the touch line. 

I feel this can lead to underdog favoritism for say, lovable little foxes who are pushing their way into "The Big 6" (formerly 4), to get the benefit of continued decisions in their favor like a charge vs block on one's home court in basketball.

You will DEFINITELY see a trend towards either the underdog or that same tendency in basketball for referees to call in favor of the home crowd because they too enjoy making people cheer. There is a real susceptibility to unintentional nepotism like giving relegation-prone teams something to cheer about. 

Apart from that, VAR has been nothing but a an unholy mess of a controversy from FIFA's grand incorporation of replay. Several obvious calls have been messed already by this other official, who is obvious off drinking and seeing double on the replay screen, is fucking it up for everything.

I do not know why I click on these stories, but this is one of my favorite stories in which a Christian first then scientist second falsely conclude that there really is some rotting shell of a mythical boat perched high on a Turkish mountain holy to Armenia.  


The red words say so. As well as Babylonian and even Vedic text. So there MUST have been a massive flood.  Although the latter of those were transport barges. Sheep and beer in The Epic of Gilgamesh. 

Civilization formed around the Tigres and Euphrates long before traditional Mesopotamian Civilization.  12,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, the "Neolithic Revolution" led to to Normad->Agrarian shift first in present day Iraq, which was a hell of a lot greener in 10,000 BCE.  

A point-five variance in axial tilt is the culprit to that.

But what about Utnapishtim and his proto-merchant marine transport operation? And all other flood myths 

Science. Which takes over from here.

Story lineage is not what I am going after. The 5000 year flood plane that joins the Tigres and Euphrates, and flood event that caught Utnapishtim and his barge of goods is even irrelevant. It is the claim another boat came to rest thousands of feet above sea level.

Only surpassing that stupidity was Mad Max on Water and the map to dry land tattooed on some little girl. 

What I want to know is where all that fucking water came from! However many days of solid rain isn't even close.

In fact, with present day topography, if you took ALL the ice in the polar caps and melted it, and then took  all earth's underground oceans (which have 3 times as much water as the surface oceans), and then stole all the water in  Europa's 60-100 mile deep ocean, you would still only raise the ocean level 450 meters.

(It's easier to do volume math in metric)

1475 feet.  In that world Casa Grande, AZ is on the coast. 

Now what about Mt. Ararat?

If religious folk bothered to read something other than the bible they would learn of The Armenian Highlands, which is plateau region between 600 and 1500 meters of elevation (2000 - 5000 feet).  This is at the base of their alleged holy mountain.

They must ignore the Elephant of:

There is not enough water on earth and Europa combined to even reach the base of the mountain of its alleged resting spot.

It is no surprise local oratory legend incorporated a story to the Mt. Fuji or Mt. Ranier of the Turkish/Armenian border region.

The real thing to take from this is the tendency of human civilizations to ascribe religious significance to massive cone shaped volcanic mountains that loom over their existence.

Well, that is what I get for clicking an advertisement story and then caring enough to bitch about it. 
It seems everyone really does live in America. Coca Cola, Wonderbra, and our Right/Left political dynamic is inspirational to other countries. And Satirists are unsurprisingly usually lefties wherever you go. 

You can even play Mad Libs with it. 

In June 2015, the ruling of _________ Government launched a poster campaign during the intensifying ________ migrant crisis. Their billboard, among others, said "If you come to ________, you cannot take the _______' jobs away!".

In response, the (satirical political) Party and (another satirical political party) jointly called for an "anti-anti-immigration campaign" and collected more than tenfold of the expected amount from supporters to set up around 800 billboards with ironic and funny slogans in ________ and English as caricatures of the governments' messages, such as "Sorry about our ________" and "Feel free to come to ______ , we already work in ______!"

Dear God

Give me some business you faggot fucking bitch. Look, I am being a good little god bitch and deferring to magical pixie bullshit in a dumbshit gnostic way. But I need money so give me some business you bitch.  Faggot fucking god bitch. Give me work you fucking pussy ass bitch. I want money and i want money now. Don't care how, I want it now. Fucking bitch. Why aren't you giving me money bitch? Fuck you bitch, fuck you! I WANT MONEY NOW, YOU DREAM OF GENIE FAGGOT. 


*** not intended to be funny, and may be painful to read.  This is actually what I recently said (transcribed) when desperation left me with only abstract bullshit to help my situation. It was more indicative of the anger towards having no way to solve the problem, and a statement of all that mattered in that moment. 

How do people turn to any form of gnosis for help?  I get angry at the thought of having to use wishful thinking of any sort. 

The House of Representatives approved a far-reaching measure on Thursday to prevent the Department of Justice from interfering with state marijuana laws, including those allowing recreational use, cultivation and sales.

It is naive to proclaim it is NOT a matter of time for national legalization and those obligatory federal taxes that will follow,  but does it need to go any further than this?  Does big government need to step on the state's right to autonomy ? 

All states regulating themselves seems ideal.  Why does 'big brother' need to force ALL states into utopic leftist submission? Why can't that godforsaken fence when it is kicked the fuck over identify itself as kicked the fuck over?  The west coast states have Cannabis rights and all gender restrooms, while Oklahoma has God and Jesus bird licence plates. 

Yet, It is ok for a conservative to appeal to a large government when Planned Parenthood clinics are killing masses of dividing cells that deserve that chance to divide! You must acknowledge their theocracy or go burn eternally on a lake of magma. If not the government will make you.

Consistency must be limited to only the party line rhetoric and then lost somewhere on the Appalachian Trail.  

I also apologize for the rare occurrence where I discuss current sociopolitical events from a human perspective.

You are leaving an incredibly large swath of the population. All those employed by the federal government, from service personnel to DoD employees, it is still Illegal, still a schedule one narcotic.  

This is an instance I support national de-scheduling with states allowed to make their own regulatory laws like with alcohol after prohibition.  An example with alcohol would be California vs. North Carolina.  In California hard alcohol is available everywhere that can get a license, In North Carolina there are state controlled stores for all alcohol not beer and wine.   I remember the one I went to being called "ABC".

Perhaps the Bible Belt would likewise approve only state controlled cannabis outlets?

Anyways, this is my argument for the national legalization and disallowment of states to outright ban the sale of cannabis to those over 21, much in the same way The Supreme Court forever ruled on civil unions.

In 2013-2017 I worked on Camp Pendleton on an overnight shift.  It would seem every Friday and Saturday morning around 2 AM every MP in the area would code 3 their asses towards housing areas. 

I asked a Warrant Officer (DoD sponsor) I worked for what was happening. "At this time? Domestic altercation."

What wonders PTSD does.  What greater wonders alcohol and PTSD does.  Yet, over yonder you have study after study of the sedating psychological benefits of indica heavy strains, and the anti-depressant benefits of a sativa strain. Seems a perfect combination.

In my opinion, PTSD should be considered like a developed bipolar disorder, or at least some thing close. The highs and crashes are the same. The reckless mania and need for thrills crashes into an alcohol fueled brawls all too often.

My thoughts always were you can't expect a battle hardened  killer to fully reintegrate because nothing will ever be as awesome as it was.  From Vietnam to Enduring Freedom everyone ends up on a motorcycle for a reason.  Alcohol is probably not the best thing here. 

So why is alcohol promoted by culture while cannabis condemned? "Reefer Madness" retarded arguments were still being cited by former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions as recently as 2018. Plain to see, the death grip of the DRAGNET remains. Propaganda and "ALCOHOL IS NOT A DRUG!" 

Alcohol is ingrained into Americana and the hierophant smiles as the old ways are being upheld. You are to enjoy this wonderful intoxicant because it goes with Jesus and football on Sundays. Upholding tradition are the dying ones, the last batch of brass to oxidize. Reevaluation is a waiting game of generational turnover.  Also, there are those gentlemen in white suits wilting in that southern humidity to consider.

Lobbyists of both big alcohol and tobacco are facing a dwindling costumer base as beer becomes an artisan market and everything touching the cannabis trade turns to gold.  Another situation of generational turnover. 

I am picturing a willow shrouded porch, magnolia trees, and fat white coronaries in waiting fretting over the shrinking revenue while choking on cigars and sipping their mint juleps.  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil without the transsexual.  And this makes me see a faint light of the eventual exodus from the stranglehold of dated southern conservative values finally dying with their hosts.

And they even have a theme song!

***  Not to be mean, but I was inspired to write my own poem. I am also not a fan of poetry. 

Poetic Poetry and Possibly Pottery 

I hate poetry

it's fucking lame
haiku and simile 

one in the same
Quatrains and couplets
for liberal art fuckwits
Devices and meters
For cure fans and teachers
Some words are better
To wrap up together
It may take precision
To expand repetition
Rhythm intertwines
By syllable and line
Now butcher the verse
reword or reverse 
correct and reherse
a new butchered verse 

by syllable and line 
of rhythm intertwined
Expanded repetition
of careful precision
to wrap up together
the words that are better
The cure fans and teachers
Their devices and meters
Are liberal art fuckwits
with Quatrains and couplets 

Haiku or simile 

All fucking lame 
I still hate poetry 

All the same.

And nothing about pottery.

I don't care if I am being trolled into thislet's do this one again.

School 1: Retributive 

This one garners criticism for being a "dead end" while misunderstanding the method of attainment.  The bias shows when it's assumed this retributive nature is meant to lead to a symbolic mountain top of total self control and refinement. Or anywhere in particular at all. THERE ISN'T A FUCKING MOUNTAIN TOP! Not really trying to see the view because that is not really the point of the endless trek. Of fucking course it is a path of pain.  The liberation is an almost twisted cutter reflex where getting whipped like a disobedient dog IS the attainment you seek. Liberation through suffering,  in present time without regard to the attainment of orthodox serenity.  The road just keeps going in perpetuity, without need for any type of exoteric salvation. What triggers a response in this school is an asset because rational self interest is an invalid option, as it will likely be a concession. 

The misconception is you fight everything rather than picking your battles. It takes an attack on a personal standard in a way that treads on compulsory. (See Gadsen Flag). 


For all I shit talk her, my mother was awesome in her own regard.  In retrospect she would do things that I never paid attention to. 

My mother always said as a matter of principle if The Supreme Court ever overturned Roe V. Wade she would spend her life savings being the underground railroad of Canadian abortions.  It doesn't really consider anything other than retribution on whatever mandate taps your fight mechanism. 

You can hug the scorpion infested thorn covered mesquite tree for comfort on the endless path.

School 2: Passive

This treads closer to scientology than retributive satanism.  Essentially these things that trigger become like body thetans. Along with these urges to fight are the traumas that caused them. You must understand your satanic engrams and master your own mind. Overcome the traumas and CLEAR yourself of the tendencies that make you fight to begin with. Understand them and if they are self destructive try to overcome them! You can do it!

For what it is worth Hubbard COMPLETELY ripped this off.  And this concept is very Jungian in nature. Traumas in the shadow etc. Nothing new except hokie scifi.

Someone else with this view is Dr. Phil McGraw.  In one of his books he touches on many things that contribute to similar "personality defects", as that is how they are considered. Like traumatic events and key decisions or people that molded behavior and wrote your story. And of course, direct engagement with the trauma to rid its impact. Overcome it.  Like scientology, it is psychology without the medication.  Except with Dr. Phil.

Personal understanding and enlightenment await.  Passive resistance instead of war. 

This is great for those that are more wired towards reward or beneficial situations. It trangresses via "tuning it out" or "not sinking to their level". "Rising above it" to diffuse the opposition. 

These are the only two valid ones.  They differ on key elements oh so similar to others that have split before. The former can only lead to anything resembling the latter by proxy. Calluses grown from overuse. A strength gained but not the initial goal.

In a bullet point: The schools of Satanism are like C.G. Jung vs. Santino Corleone. Sometimes you get shot 47 times.

* better bullet point 

**  In the name of integrity, a guy that films his bathroom argued this as "The Adversary vs. The Buddha" many incarnations ago. Satanism existing on a spectrum of polar approaches. 

If you do the devil wrong-wise you are going to have a bad time.

Always learn to pizza before you french fry.

This is simple.  It is all real.  AND IT WANTS YOU DEAD!.

In the Nazi Germany there was a true occult society that totally influenced Himler, and subsequently some art school dropout faggot.

They believed in a magical force, which is actually like the one in the star wars pictures.  A "vril".

This is like a cosmic channel that exists in a realm of wind and ghosts, wait wrong culture, spirits and alien forefathers. We come from The Pleiades.  Our true form is Aryan. Don't listen to all the contrary genetic evidence, that is just what they want you to think.

Since the time they seeded our planet they have communicated through this "vril", I think, I am not actually sure, in any case this is the "divine channel", the bridge to the world of the extra-dimensional, hyper-dimensional, or possibly transgalactic.  A psychic channel and force of causal manipulation that one can harness, but also become susceptible to all people and entities that use that channel. 

Unfortunately, even the help of Nordic Aliens and occulty whatnot The Third Reich forces couldn't counter the audacity of Imperial Japan and horrible tactical planning of the art school dropout faggot.

But the force is totally real. If you do the devil, you do that channel, and you are going totally regret it until you are down on your knees praying for a zombie Jew's strength of eternal abstraction to save you. 

So even if you're a skeptic, if you dabble with the devil it will prove itself to be real and lead you right back to the comfort of superstitious explanations.  Not a very good way to turn people, but hey, the mystical forces want you back in line and the evil ones work for the good ones in concert. So really everything serves a movie like superhero agenda. Where a cosmic good is the true nature of everything and THEY WILL RETURN YOU IF YOU FUCK UP OR STRAY FROM THE MANDATED PATH.

I am seriously, I have awakened. It's all about the mystical ancient force of something that doesn't half to make sense anymore. The force is not to be played with.

With ABSOLUTE MORAL ethics (because an ancient good is for true) you can totally use this channel and the ethereal entities that inhabit this psychic whatever to manipulate the causal. They will inexplicably break that tree branch or otherwise change the timing of something using some acausal creature power. Outside our space/time, of course.

But if you are not as "pure of spirit" as King Arthur you will not be reborn to harness the power, also like King Arthur, and to a lesser extent The Lord of the Rings.

All hail the cosmic hyper-dimensional god channel!

"It doesn't need to add up" <- that should be its tagline.

* For disclaimer reasons Satanic International Network does not endorse or condone this sure-fire way to divine introspection and knowing oneself. 

If you are ever in the Sonoran Desert between July and October those crazy severe thunderstorms bear some fruits to truly enjoy the southwestern monsoon season. 

For a brief moment there will be a reason to live there. 

Pay attention after it rains for something that sounds out of a bayou swamp, needing only a banjo to complete the ambiance. 

They are your magical ticket to a holy or terrifying experience. 


• latex gloves
• a mirror like what you do blow off of.
• net or other trapping device.

Apply latex gloves and using the net, or other trapping device, catch one. On the upper part of the hind legs (most noticeably, though there are several locations) there is a gland.  Squeeze it to secrete the venom on the mirror. It has a yellowish milky white appearance. Then let the animal go, don't worry, it will be fine.

Let discharge thoroughly dry. 

The powder left will help you find your personal unfiltered meaning in life when vaporized. 

* Venom must completely dry to a crystaline form before being vaporized. Or just smoke it like you would DMT. 

Foreword: Though I try to be original with my Ironic prose this one is completely stolen.

As the neophyte walked in to the innocuous meeting room he wondered what he got himself into. Various images adorned the wall. Tupac Shakur circa 1992, Mohammed Ali in Zaire, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, and many other fixtures of African culture. Over on a counter were bottles of Alize, Remy Martin, and assorted high class liqueurs. Since this was California, to the left of that was Fransisco, their blunt roller.  'Hitting' on their system was "Aint Nothing But A G Thang". 

Strait out of 1995 Gardena, Carson, or even Hawthorne.

As soon as he could take it all in 'it' began.

A voice spoke.

"A'ight, y'all listen up. You know what time is it? As our brothers have since 1985 it time, y'all niggas shut the fuck up, time for initiation."  

The man speaking they called Cephus X, he was the leader of this particular lodge of The Venerable Transnubian Society.

Cephus X, spoke again.

Come forward our newest member.

"What yo name is?

"Leif Bumnqvist", answered The Neophyte.

"And, my nigga, do you like that name?"


"What name do you want, my nigga?"

"Tone Loki"

"A'ight, A'ight. That what you is now?"


"Naw, say that shit right. Like you my transnubian nigga." 

"Let's crack it" 

"I present to y'all Tone Loki. Now bump that shit."

A tone pitched voice comes on, "California Love..."

The gentlemen and their social club were a peculiar lot. As they would say, they were born that way. They didn't fit their environment and this outlet was the unleashing of an inner person they all knew they REALLY were.  Among their contemporaries they could kick back and truly enjoy what it meant to be all about T.V.T.S. (The Venerable Transnubian Society). In an instant Evansville, Indiana became 8-Mile. Morphed from the caged them into this vibrant player in the field of "Mac Daddy".

Like minds indeed. 

Dear RJ Reynolds,

Thank you, my dear North Carolina or Virginia friends, for maximizing my Nicotine intake and designing the cigarette to be both smoother and more addictive.

I am very sorry a federal judge has ordered you to risk losing customers.

You can't let them beat you!

"Cigarette companies control the impact and delivery of nicotine in many way, including designing filters and selecting the paper to maximize the ingestion of nicotine..."

That did NOTHING to make me resent you, RJ Reynolds, and I want you to know I gladly pay 240 dollars a month to 'kill myself' with your fine turkish/domestic blend of Tobacco.

You need to find more clever ways to market to children before the health culture gets to them.

Vaping is appealing to  youth. If you use foreign cartoons (Anime) to promote say a particular vape design they will more likely to choose harmless water vapor laced with delicious nicotine. You may also be able to bypass the efforts of Rob Reiner like fat asses, with their precious goo, have tried to force down this country's throat.

I choose to die my own way, and I want my Camel cigarettes there until the end.

Best Wishes,


A comment made me laugh. It inspired a blog.

"Maybe the fault lines will act up, then they will have be plenty of their own water." - CN

 There is an 80% chance of a MMI 10 magnitude earthquake hitting the greater Los Angeles area due to a rupture on the southern San Andreas fault in the next 30 years

MMI being the moment magnitude index, and measures shaking strength... For reference Northridge was MMI 9.   

Fuck Hollywood's representation, this is what will happen when it happens... 

The epicenter will be far out near the fault's turn to the west. The "big bend".  The closest major metro area is actually Palm Springs. The magnitude will be no higher than 8.1, as that is what is considered the strongest a lateral strike fault is capable of producing...  9.0 magnitude mega-thrust quakes are more a Seattle/Portland concern.

The strongest on record in Southern California is the 7.9 Fort Tejon quake, back when Fort Tejon was relevant. For argument sake we will use that.

What would a 7.9 earthquake with an epicenter 100+ miles from downtown LA do? 

First you must realize the epicenter means nothing. The shaking is caused by crust movement and if 200 miles of crust slips then the maximum intensity is felt all along that 200 miles... In the case of a San Andreas rupture the stress would be relieved northward, do the western half sliding past the eastern.  The projected slip for such an event would likely start out in the desert and follow along the Inland Empire, cut through Palmdale, and on towards Parkfield. You're within 40 miles of the strongest shaking everywhere in the LA area.

Pictured is a 7.8, so that only 100% stronger.

L.A. is perfect for this. It's a city built on liquefaction prone Jello. The LA basin actually assists in amplifying the shaking. And there will be much of it, and it will go on for what seems like ever. It will be in waves. It will build, peak  at 30 seconds, taper off, and then do it again only harder. The predicted shaking will last between 1 and 3 minutes depending on your location.

For perspective, the Loma Prieta 6.9 pancaked a viaduct in Oakland over 50 from it's strongest shaking. The San Andreas "Main Event" will be 31 times stronger than that..

Freeways will collapse, every remaining soft story apartment building in the LA Basin will be tested to it's breaking point, gas lines will rupture, and looting will be epic.

When all said and done it will likely be the worst natural disaster in American history.  Death tolls are expected to  be between one and ten thousand, and losses will be in the trillions.

Have fun LA.

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