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Is there a God? If there is a God, which religion is right? Which religion best defines my values? Is Monotheism the best option? Could one single being really have created everything that exists? Is this God all knowing, omnipotent, omnipresent, and loving? What if He’s as bad as the Atheists say He is? Do I truly agree with this God’s moral law, and if not, would it be best for me to restrict myself to it anyway?


Are alternative religions a more practical choice, with all the conflict between “The Big Three” religions? Perhaps Buddhism, there are no Gods, but do I entirely agree with the philosophy? Maybe Wicca, there are several Gods, but is deification of natural occurrences explained by most of modern science any more rational or practical? How can I be sure any religion at all is of any benefit to me?


In this year of 2014, the above are but a handful of questions which most individuals ask themselves before ascribing to an organized religion. The general motivation behind seeking answers to such unknown questions is an inherent blank spot in the human psyche. As inquisitive creatures by nature, we need to have an answer, whether the answer be true or not, whether we believe it or not. No question must ever be without answer.


In this day in age, perception of truth is more important than truth itself; and it is precisely, for this very reason, that The God Question is futile.


Politics and religion go together like balls and a nutsack, you simply cannot have one without the other. Many would argue that the sole purpose behind the creation of organized religion was political, while others might argue the reverse. Regardless of order or effect, the “Chicken or the Egg” question remains up for debate, however; the presence of a connection between religion and politics is undeniable.


It’s easy to get caught in the shit-kicking web of political and religious debate, whether it be friendly conversation, social media wars, or drunkard bar-fighting. As the saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.” Conflict is part of the natural order of the world, however; there is a crucial flaw in the arguments presented by most who engage in such controversial topics, and that is the separation of religion and politics.


In our Attention Deficit Disorder fueled world, whenever a religious or moral topic flashes before us, we knee-jerkingly respond in kind with our either agreeable, or disagreeable views on religion and morality; the same is true of our political and ideological views. We know that religion and politics go together, but when either subject come to the plate we keep them well separated, like macaroni and mashed potatoes.


Unfortunately, for the poor, fussy consumer, the reality is that there are no separate portions in this dish. In fact, there is no dish at all. With a sourly scrunched face, the common human drinks deep the magnificent Religipolie Smoothie, profoundly exclaiming delight in it’s flavor and how easily their taste buds can separate the ingredients, to such an extent that they deny it’s a smoothie at all. Everything has a place, and everything in it’s place.


No. There are no religions, there are no politics, there’s only the Smoothie. Religion is the recruiting tool for politics, and politics are what drive people to their religion. One may not have one without the other. They may comprise of different parts, but they form to make the same, single product. We’re expected to pick a product and stand by it till death. In the midst of all the strife in the name of which Smoothie is the best, does The God Question even retain relevance?


The times of ruminating the existence of the supernatural are ever dwindling, and those of preponderance and power in all the scattered fields of thought no longer even give a shit. It’s all about how many people agree, how many people will devote themselves. It’s about Earthly affairs, neither Heavenly nor Infernal. From the Vatican to Jerusalem to Mecca, to Buddha’s poopie-stained Chougu, the leading Religipolie distributors have long since abandoned the idea of pondering the validity of promise in their recipe books; it’s a shame that so few individuals follow suit. Pondering has turned to pandering, and no one seems to notice.


Pick a God, any God; it doesn’t matter if there’s no Gods, just pick a side and fight for it. Lean to your Left, lean to your Right, try to keep a balance in the middle, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t fall over! Grab a Religipolie Smoothie and share it with everyone, force feed it if you must! Live for it, and die for it! Anyone who disagrees is wrong, and it’s your duty as a Smoothian to set them straight!

There's been a lot of talk lately about furthering Satanism.  Many people seem to feel some need to give back to something that's completely indifferent to them.  It baffles me.  I use Satanism, it does not use me; but this is not the case for the motivated, fresh-cut Satanist.  They need to DO something.  It reminds me a lot of the famous JFK quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I know there's political motivation behind furthering Satanism, but this is not in regards to anything TST is doing, this is about the individual Satanist who simply wishes to spread the word of Satan.  "Doing the Devil's Work" so to speak.  I've pondered the motivation behind this for some time, and haven't been able to come to many conclusions.  It may be that our differences lay in what the Devil's Work actually entails.

For me, Doing the Devil's Work is using all the knowledge I've gained, in places the meek masses have been horrified to look, to further myself in their world, creating a most gratifying, beneficial personal world for myself.  Satanism has been the pen and paper with which I've been able to draw my own path, where others have just used a pre-made map.  It was the first, but most important tool I've used in building my castle in the sky.  

I cannot deny that Satanism has been the single most important driving force in what has shaped, and continues to shape my life, but do I owe it anything?  If I do owe it something, how would I go about reciprocation?  How do I reimburse an entire lifetime of new understandings and perseverance?  Being that the work itself was all done on my part, and Satan was simply the nudge, how much do I really owe?

My personal conclusion is that I don't owe Satan shit.  I do the Devil's Work every day, what's the most I could offer other than overtime?  

To the fresh-cut Satanist, I suppose handing out fliers for the business could be considered Doing the Devil's Work, but is that really what you want out of all Satanism has to offer?  An entry level job?


This word, "Equality" is being thrown around entirely too much these days.  It's being misused, misunderstood, and misrepresented to the point where it's almost completely lost it's true meaning.  I understand that the meaning of words change from time to time as the world evolves, but Equality is too valuable a word to surrender to politics so easily.

"We're all equal." we're constantly told.  "Everyone is equal".

No, we're not equal, and that's extremely important to understand and respect.  Our inequality is what makes us distinct from one another, it's what separates the worthy from the worthless, and the exceptional from the mediocre.  Inequality is the backbone of diversity, not it's detriment.  If we're all the fucking same, where's the damn diversity?

There's also this mantra of, "We shouldtreat everyone equally."

No, we should carefully evaluate the character of anyone we come into contact with, assess their value, then come to a rational and practical conclusion of how we should treat them.  There are too many variables with people to shell out equal treatment for all and expect any healthy outcome.

1+1 = 2.

Everyone + Me does not = you.

Satanism; being Satanic; being a Satanist; everyone on the intellectual spectrum has had their hand in one of these titles, and the topic has been discussed, scrutinized, misrepresented, misunderstood, and misused ad nauseum for the better part of the last sixty years or so. These terms have become so incredibly over-saturated that the prospect of a universally accepted definition is impossible to fathom.

Is Satanism open to definition and interpretation by just anyone, are all definitions subjective, will there ever be a “true” Satanism? There are many who would love to answer these questions for you, I’m not one of them. There are Satanic Churches, Temples, Houses, Covens, Blogs, Vlogs, and the ever popular Mom’s basement. I’ve been down many roads on the Left Hand Path, and the only truth I can offer of any substance is, there’s a lot of shit on the pavement; be careful where you walk.

Why bare any title at all; why don’t you just call yourself [insert your name]-ist? What makes Satanism, or being Satanic a more defining term, since it’s a term so loosely defined it could mean anything? Is it a Devil Complex; is it some kind of childish affinity to a fictional character or abstract idea? I could answer those questions; but like all other paradigms, mine is subjective. Allow me instead, to answer these questions with another; why should it matter to you?

What is it you seek, when you type “Satanism” into a search bar? Are you looking for some hidden truth behind pop-culture, are you trying to “sell your soul” for fame and power, or are you the more seasoned type, looking to ridicule the new wave of Satanists, who are little more than Atheists using Satan as a meme? Perhaps you’re looking for like-minded individuals to check for compatibility and form a bond, a friendship, or partnership of some kind. Whatever your reason might be, I personally don’t give a nutsack; please excuse the rhetorical questions.

There are, of course, those who seek to continually redefine Satanism; they’re the types who love to answer questions. Their goals are usually to formulate their own branch philosophy, and additionally, entice others to adhere to their repackaging. Often times, they’ll even replace the term “Satanist” with something else; Luciferian, Setian, etc., in an attempt to separate their “new” perspective from their base understanding of Satanism. If you’re one who enjoys chasing your own tail around and fighting over titles, by all means, take that path.

Disregard my title as a Satanist, disregard whatever denomination you think I might fall under, and I’ll show you an equal regard. There is no, “I” in “Team” and I’m certainly not playing for one. My standards are based in merit, not who wears the shiniest merit badge. My approach to truth is through conflict, not calm, friendly discussion. My morality is not codified by a collective, but a personally defined code of honor, developed over many years of breaking taboos and social norms. Define this approach objectively as you will, I’ve chosen to call it Satanic.

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