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Never thought I would make a go fund me for anything. But this came up and I have to do it. Please take the time to read. Anything helps. And if you can not I understand. I can not the entire amount. Which is why I am turning to fund raising. 

Here is the go fund me link . 

go fund me link

Here is what happened. 

On 01/08/16 I was involved in a auto accident. More specifically I was cut off when the other car clipped the front of the car and I hit a curb then ran into a ditch.  I was coming home from work around midnight. The other drive never stop they just drove off. I was not able to get a license number. 

Herein is the problem. The car I was driving that night was my mothers. She is 67 and in a wheel chair. The car is set up with hand controls for someone who can not use their feet. The car is a 96 Monte Carlo. It’s worth about half of the estimated repairs. But, because of her disability she MUST have a 2 door sedan with bench seats ( not bucket ) . Very few models after 2000 offer this option, which is why this car has had two engines and two transmissions. She needs either this car or one very similar, and there are few left on the road today. 

The damages to the car are extensive but fixable. The car needs three rims, 4 tires, a new CV axle ( drive axle ) , one control arm, driver side strut assembly, broken door window and some damage to the bumper and front end. . We are not looking to fix the cosmetic damages. We just need the car to run. 

She only had state liability on the car, so insurance is not going to help. Both are credits are poor, so we can not get a loan to fix it. Otherwise I would just apply for a credit card and pay for it that way. Finding a used car that is a two door sedan with buckets seats is going to be tough. I have looked. And similar Monte Carlos they are asking about 3,000 for. So we are stuck fixing this one or spending about the same to get another used one IF we can find one. 

Although the accident was not my fault I still am responsible for fixing this. I was the one behind the wheel. Which , ironically I rarely drive the car. It is hard to drive because it is set up for someone who uses hand controls. And although I could pay for the repair if they were to set me up on a payment plan , they will not. Not even with a high interest. I just do not have that type of money in my savings. I can invest about 500 of my own money. Which I am. I am hoping to be able to use that money to fix the window and the front end damage, which is not critical for the car to run.  The main issue is the money needs to be raised now before they start charging us to store it at the shop. 

Thank you all. I really appreciate it. And I know my mother does to. 


The car is sitting at Perfection auto body. They have done affordable work before on a different vehicle, I trust that they are honest. 

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