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I know we have a quote section but when I saw this I had to post it where it would be seen. Stephen Flowers is deeply respected in both the Pagan and Theistic LHP community. Many of us in the LHP knew that he was involved in such things but most of it keeped it quiet because we did not wish his reputation to be harmed. Unlike many authors in the occult who make outlandish claims or declare titles upon themselves, Stephen has let his heroic research and intense insight speak for him. 

He has changed his pen name several times because of the stigma of both the LHP and the Germanic systems he has mastered. As of yet he has been reserved about showing open affiliation with the LHP, but today he posted a question about the LHP and he commented the following quote. I asked for his permission to quote it here. This man is my hero.

" I asked the question because I have always considered myself to follow a LHP tradition with in the Germanic tradition, which is what I think the true and authentic Odian / Odinic path is. It's not a special form of Odinism, it is the real and authentic Odinism. The "spooky dark side" is PART of it, but only part. Odin is the Lord of Light, Brighten of Darkness. The LHP component is strongest in the heroism involved. We are charged to become special warriors in Midgard, to accomplish great things, to make Names for ourselves and be Remembered. The heroes in Valhalla have reached the level of Individual Identity which is recognizable and worthy of Remembering. That is what we seek to do. (Here I am speaking this those in this group, although my thoughts are well known to any one who asks. *Wodhanaz is our exemplary model of this path. We seek to do, in some small measure, what he does. But remember this: his work was only half way dedicated to his own development, the other half was in the service of making a better world."

-------Stephen Flowers

I have tried to coordinate this sort of thing but now Magus has agreed to pop in for it I will announce it. This Tuesday at 9pm and a few hours later at 2am Wednesday morning we will hold a general open discussion on the live chat and answer questions in real time.

The subject will be ritual in the LHP. Not instruction, just trying to clear up misconceptions people new to things like Satanism have. Anyone is welcome to jump on and contribute.

Often times people who have never met an actual LHP person or a Satanist have misconceptions based on movies or stories told by evangelists. Our goal is to paint a realistic picture of what actually happens. Many LHP methods are different but there are similarities.

The best example is a Laveyan ritual. Sometimes Laveyans use a nude female participant as an altar. Though this tradition is harmless and if you do not consider the human body evil then the tradition seems even beautiful. Outsiders will see a photograph of such rituals and insist that the woman is about to be sacrificed. The joke is that I know that Lilith Aquino was often an alter and I do not think anyone sacrificed her.

Misconceptions like this could easily be dispelled simply by speaking to a few people who have been to such rituals in real-time. Anyone who has attended any kind of LHP ritual qualifies to help us inform some of the new folks. I am hoping to not only attract some of the new folks who are not active and some of the lurkers as well.

If this gets some attendance other events of this sort will surely follow.

I have found that in light of past mistakes I seem to accept bad contracts, religions, roles, jobs, concepts, and even friendships only later to find out that something has slipped past my awareness that I never really wanted. Mostly this occurs because of the "boiled frog" effect, but it can also happen as a result of manipulation.

Most church-goers do not see the church as an engine made with the intention of accumulating financial resources and collecting governmental and social control. They see it as a thing that exist to help them improve themselves and their lot. The church employs a financial manager or an accountant at least and the minister spends a great deal of time explaining how people should behave and who they should vote for, but who evaluates the needs and progress of the church goers? Ask any minister or clergy how such information is obtained and you will get your answer.

If a person or thing has suggestions, advise, or any kind of plan or grievance for you, but show little or no concern for your well being or feelings then, in my opinion can quickly be disregarded. The problem is that many folks and organizations will keep their actual goals and intentions hidden while presenting a false front of faux agendas to placate those who would otherwise reject such goals.

The awareness of such realizations is often differed first by a disdain of selfishness, causing the victim to silence the opposition in their own head. If the victim does speak out or  question they are accused of being a bad person, or the victim is accused of painting an exaggerated narrative of extreme. Saying "I do not like this sort of treatment." is met with "Well, you just think I am a horrible monster." The same mechanic at play in a personal relationship comes into play in a larger scope in a religion. 

The fact is that if a religion, ideology or person is not acting or concerned with acting in your self interest then it can be avoided without guilt. If said entity acts against your self interests then it should be opposed or at least avoided. The only time the self should be ignored is to achieve a greater goal. Any other approach is not rational.

If you are prevented from or not given sufficient information to evaluate a person or organization in your life, then interaction should be suspended until such information can be obtained. Often the threat of abandonment or marooning is used by individuals and organizations bent on keeping it's victims submissive. I am reminded of tales of Scientologists who remained in the organization not because they believed the doctrine but because they feared being separated from family and friends. I am also reminded of the penalties of apostasy in Islamic countries.

A note on another method that individuals and organizations use to punish  those who begin to think for themselves and sometimes is used as a general control technique. This method is generally known as bull-baiting. The victim is accused or intentionally insulted and taunted until they become angry. The attacker, regardless of if it is a person or organization, can either strike back without looking like the bad guy or if the victim manages getting the upper hand, they then act as if they are the victim. 

Christians are famous for this tactic. For most of my life LHP folks and atheists have been maligned, shunned, and even in some cases killed (the case of Madeline Murray O'hare comes to mind.) Yet even the slightest valid point against the religion is spoken and they cry persecution. The same thing occurs with the cries of Islamophobia every time someone displays any kind of anger or offence at a terror attack.  

Frequent evaluation of ones affiliations and relationships does not prevent every instance of painful interaction and manipulation but it does seem to reduce instances of being used and victimized.

For those of you who have not seen Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece
2001: A Space Odyssey based on a novel of the same name by
Arthur C. Clarke I would recommend watching or reading the first scene at least. You are introduced to Moonwatcher a sickly weak but oddly bold and intelligent pre-human.

There is a watering hole and when Moonwatcher and his pack attempt to drink the larger and fiercer ape-men chase him off. He is hungry and thirsty in a time of drought.

The monolith appears and he alone has the curiosity and courage to get close and touch this unfamiliar and odd thing.

He forgets the watering hole for a moment and begins playing with the bones of a pig or ox that died in the drought. He suddenly realizes that the force that the bone has when hitting the other bones is significantly greater than that of his fist.

Calmly and quietly he approaches the larger ape-man who screams with terrifying ferocity and threatens to crush Moonwatcher. Without warning Moonwatcher brings the jawbone down on the larger apes skull crushing it.

I will stop there with the story because my point is here. Far too often white supremacy and for that matter black militantism or any other racially specific group seeks to be the larger ape-man.

I have always endeavored to be like Moonwatcher and, in fact the name I chose for this site is based on this. Instead of pounding ones chest and growling try examining the unfamiliar and the obscure.

The real master race is the intelligent and the creative, those who think outside the box. Demographics may be different for race and culture but in every group you have those who lead and those who follow.....and those other guys, who seem to be irrelevant and pointless just poking around in the bones and debris of that which has been discarded and ignored.

Nothing to see  here.

A decision was made by the supreme high absolute Leader of the Barefoot Illuminati that we go public on this day so here goes.

We are the Barefoot Illuminati and we in fact exist. Need proof? We will get to that. Just you sit your butt down and smell what I am cooking.

Our agenda is to promote the better ideas of the 50s 60s 70s and 80s. Groups that kinda sorta thought like us were the Beats, the Hippies, Punk Rockers and Pat Boone.

We promote such things as cartoons, solar power, snacks, relaxation, “alternative” hygiene concepts, bad fashion choices, and any harmless general fuckery that seems to piss off so many folks, like peace, love and freedom.

We tend to frown on things like genocide, murder, mixing religion and politics, super-foods, power lunches, dress codes, social caste systems, violence (unless it is dueling…with non-lethal weapons like bear mace and/or cattle prod fencing), bull cock or dog fighting (unless using biplanes, spaceships or genatalia) generally anything that bums us out.

Our members include celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, lawn maintenance people, tech support agents, corporate executives, school lunch workers, sex workers, and even….HIM. We are everywhere, get over it.

You need proof? HA!!! Okay, Marijuana legalization creeping across the country….You are welcome humanity. Sponge Bob Squarepants, look how many times feet are shown or mentioned…even though few sea animals and no sponges have feet!!!!! In fact look at all children’s programing. Feet everywhere. One minute little Petunia is just watching the Wiggles next thing you know “Mom, why don’t we just get electricity from the Sun instead of burning all that stinky oil?”



We  are everywhere! There is no escape!

We are coming for you! One minute you think you are fine, next: BAMMM!! The smell of B.O. and patchouli as you realize both an advanced dungeons and dragons campaign and a drum circle have broke out in YOUR front yard. Then you scream in terror as you realize that your wife is the DM. Scary huh? You go to get your dog to sick him on them then you see the feet on his color or the foot chew toy and realize that you have been betrayed. What next? Your goldfish? The flowers in your yard? YOUR PET ROCK? You call the cops, the dispatcher answers. “Hello I would like to report a a …..” The dispatcher interrupts you: “Hey man, you sound really stressed perhaps you need a FOOT rub.” OH MY GOD NOT THE POLICE TOO!!!! We are everywhere, there is nothing you can do.

Perhaps at this point you might ask “How can I join?” Well lil pal we have very strict requirements for membership:

1. Potential members must be living, perceived to be living or have been one of the two at one point.

2. Once in,  you must at least be able to tell yourself “I am in the Barefoot Illuminati." This can be difficult for our members who are houseplants and such.

3. You have to work for our agenda or at least try to. This one is actually the easiest as the Barefoot Illuminati isn’t too concerned about failure. We are the Whiley Coyote of conspiracies.

When you suspect someone of being another member of the Barefoot Illuminati simply say "Good luck on your footwork!” If they are not a member, they will be, because that is how new members are initiated. You can leave at any time but whenever you get told the initiating sentence again you will have to quit all over again. It even works when you say it in the mirror or to your reflection in a puddle of water or any other substance.

Okay now for the best part:


Now go and do whatever it is

Someone actually asked me recently how to get to the sites livechat. This can be accessed directly in the top bar by way of the link that says live chat. Attendance goes up and down. It can be dead and spring to life with 6 video chat participants but you can elect to do strictly voice or just do the text and it is probably the best way to get to know people on the site for a new person.

I have a similar tinychat room but I try to confine it mainly to theistic LHP discussion but I rarely kick anyone out. here is the link LHP Discussion
I plan to be setting up a regular scheduled chat here and we could even organize one on the main live chat for the site.

I have posted the Steam group and several other chat and social media communication methods are available in the section under this video on youtube. Just make sure you click the "show more"

My channel in and of itself is as follows: Bad Things
I plan to be setting up a hangout soon and if enough people participate I can get some more famous you tubers I know to show up.

Many of the people I know on the site do mmos. If you do and would like to do this with people from the site, this could be arranged.

Again if all that is too much trouble then at least try to comment on a forum or two. The LHP, or any esoteric practice for that matter can tend to isolate one. As cool as it seems to fly alone, everyone needs to occasionally interact with others now and then. 30 minutes of conversation does not mean you are a cult member and have surrendered your individuality to the group mind. Anonymity is not nearly as hard to protect as it seems. For once take a peek, you can lurk here forever, but until you find out you will never know.

Many time when I speak to new people they are confused as to where to find actual groups or information. Conventional religion is very easy to reach. They have huge buildings with parking lots and gift shops, they have tons of literature available in any place any printed matter is sold, there are videos and websites on every aspect of conventional religion from the most orthodox and austere to the most conspiratorial and even flighty.

Plug this into the fact that not only the LHP but the occult in general attracts people who march to their own drum thus tend not to be very social. This combined with the lack of acceptance we get from most (but not all) RHP groups means that most LHP people tend to be hiding in the shadows so to speak.

The problem is that without the spiritual, psychological, and other benefits of community most religions enjoy the deck is always stacked against us.

Even problems like aging and substance dependency are massively more complicated when you are in the LHP. Even death can be a problem as a solitary older LHP practitioner has to deal with things like having to sit through Amazing Grace at the funerals of fellow LHP people.

I have came up with a few suggestions to combat this without rejecting our individuality.

1. Minimize petty squabbles between traditions and systems. It seems that if two LHP people disagree on one thing but agree on twenty other things we seem to focus on whatever we disagree on. This is silly. It's the kind of stuff the mainstream religions do. Start a war because the other guy crosses himself left to right instead of right to left. We are better than that.

2. Orthodoxy and definitions. We get caught up in this "no true Scotsman" crap. Debating who is and who is not a true Satanist. In and of itself this is not a problem but again many folks take this crap way to seriously. It is hurting us.

3. Timidity. We have a live chat. You can speak face to face, voice only, or just by text but it does exist. Sometimes no one is on, if so then you can announce on the site or in other social media that you wish to chat. There are other types of social media and several affiliated with the site.

In addition to this I will soon be doing hangouts on my you tube channel.

You can also use the site to connect with others in your area. You would be surprised how much fun you can have doing this. Many of the folks you will meet will be surprisingly similar to yourself.

4. If you do not seek community for a theistic or spiritual practice you will still benefit from community. Atheists need friends too.

5. Co-op purchases. Many of the books, clothes, jewelry and such can get pricey. This could be deferred by co-op buying in bulk.

6. Post. Much of the community here lives in populated areas under at least partial freedom, but many also live in situations and communities where the options are much more limited. Sometimes even posting a self indulgent trivial post might be someones only way of getting even simple information.



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