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As I have stated before there is going to be a Pagan Pride Festival this month in Houston. Usually this sort of affair is dominated by the white light crowd. Last year it was held at a restaurant and my group was forced to sit in coodie town along with our comrades from the local Asatru groups with our big pewter Baphomet statue we had purchased from one of the attending vendors.

This year will be different. To combat experiences like that and general LHP and Crowley-phobia the OTO will not only attend in masse but also will have a booth.

It would be really nice if not only Thelema and Asatru were represented but also Luciferians, Satanists, Demonalotors and other less pc groups were also represented.

For too long the white lighters and the RHP have dominated the occult turning it into a simplistic sophomoric affair all the while maligning the LHP. I don't want to eliminate them but we do have the right to exist even if the polliana princess buttercup crowd does not like it.

I can remember the old days( I swear no tales of walking 20 miles to school whole fighting grizzly bears an hunting mastodons.) when Satanist met one another by bookstores, newspaper editorials, existing organizations or plain chance.

Today we have social media, but it is a young medium and few have any idea of how to use it.

I have several friends who will not use this or that format as if this were the yahoo groups days when all one needed was one social media platform.

Today we have the giant monster platforms like facebook that everyone exept for one or two people use on Earth (I know both of them...Don't ask.) There are widely used but specific platforms like reddit, and specialized ones for special interests like this one.

Not only are there several platforms but there are also several different ways to use them all and different features. Almost everyone uses one of the many chat clients and watches media on them. Some people for example use a platform like facebook chiefly as a way to find people selling things and sell things they have.

When it comes to the LHP, we have an odd relationship with social media. We were some of the first to use most platforms. This might be because it allows us to meet like minded people without risk. The problem is that the whole LHP seems to have gone quiet in recent years or at least mostly.

On social media there are problems that are rarely discussed but everyone deals with.

The first is what I like to call the "Lonely Hearts Club" The LHP causes one to truncate interactions with the world at large for fear of conflicts concerning ones religious choices. This means that the average LHP person can be a bit on the easy side to seduce, both romantically and amicably. Those who one meets often later are found not to have the temperament for the LHP or no interest in doing any real spiritual work. This would not be a problem had not the premise of the initial contact been to find someone of a LHP temperament or do ritual work with. If one is not careful one can become bogged down in unproductive, banal, and superficial contacts until there is no difference between the local Baptist congregation and your life.

The second problem is another type of impersonator. They can run from someone just looking to cause trouble, promote some lame political or social agenda, the police or government, to Christian organizations looking to either destroy the organization or convert it's members.

There is also the garden variety poser. Not really as much of a threat, just someone who likes graveyards, horror movies, or dressing in black. I tend to tolerate them because some actually get serious about the LHP at one point.

I am sure everyone on the site knows how to create sock accounts and defend ones identity online. After all no one wants grandma to know about your affiliation with The Temple of Set.

Anonymity seems to also protect folks who just want to hurt, tear down or exploit others. The internet is not a completely safe place.

I could list all the different platforms or the ones I use but that would be exhaustive. I just encourage all LHP people to get out there and see what is available, when you find a good venue come back and tell the rest of us. That is all.


I was reluctant to return to this site. Imagine having to explain something over and over again and having the people you explain it to ignore it. The ignorance does not come from unfamiliarity, it comes from a need to inflict damage (aka trolling) or it comes from a lack of effort in understanding. I have seen someone here use the fact that I have claimed more than one religion to be some kind of conspiracy. I will try to clear this up again.

First, the concept of religious exclusivity is only found in a few cultures on this planet. Many cultures on this planet find it normal to have at least three. Modern examples of countries where this has been the case for quite a while include Japan, Mexico, and India.

Secondly there are also examples of cultures that did this in antiquity. Such examples include Ancient Sumeria and Hellenistic Greece.

Before I go any further please google the above examples if you have any doubt.

Third, most religions if not all are hybrids of multiple religions. There are some that are quite honest about this fact. Examples include: Zen Buddhism, Lamic Buddhism, Gnosticism, Sikhism, Bahai Faith, Most but not all Pagan beliefs (both meso and neo), most of Hinduism, The entire New Age, Thelema, Satanism, and Luciferianism.

Please google if you have any doubts.

Okay now to explain the rest. Satan and Lucifer are considered the same by most Abrahamic beliefs. Some Luciferians and Demonalotors will argue they are in fact different and though I respect their opinions, I see them as the same. Both represent a Promethean figure. Though there is a mountain of material that Crowley wrote that invoked, referred to, and explored the concepts of both names, the Promethean character is the living embodiment of Thelema. As you can see there is no conflict with being all three at the same time. Discordianism is somewhere between a joke religion, a philosophy, and an aesthetic and therefore it is not in conflict with the first three.

The main argument I will put forth is that I choose to identify as all four. No shell game, no smoke and mirrors, just my choice. To say that any of this is dishonest or wrong is like saying there is a wrong answer to a question like "What is your favorite color?"

I am not sure what I did to this person but I do not expect him to listen. This is an appeal to the other people on the site. In the LHP people will constantly criticize you and undermine  everything you do. People will tell you what your intentions and beliefs are whenever it is convenient without any regard to your actual intentions and beliefs. Look at the propaganda concerning the LHP that Christianity has put on Youtube. You are the only person that you will have to deal with from now till the day you die. If you let others write your narrative or assign intention to you then life will continue to kick you around until you tell the control freaks and the small minds in your life that only you should speak for you.
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